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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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the change just in the last month record heat recall lowering the map of england from summer green to summer brail scientists now say a more extreme form of climate change could be taking place tonight as europe cooks america burns and all still you draw up a warning that our green hells could tip into a hot house i'm bring gulf in berlin this is the day for. the worst drought in new south wales seems the knotting sixty five drought it is a shocking drought no i don't think it's normal on a p.c. it's definitely about the global warming. across the world the problem is that if we are looking for evidence of a ticking point has tipped into a new states we'll see that evidence once this happens and we. are going to beyond
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that if you look at a period of thirty years on the increase in the frequency of extreme phenomena is connected to climate change the kid needs your medication again so we're starting to see some telltale signs will be getting zapped and we need to take this really seriously. also coming up remembering europe's first armed conflict of the twenty first century the war between russia and georgia ten years ago left an unresolved border running right through people's law better shots and we'll. see if you cross the line they can seize you fine young person. then a home from around the mills across they take them to. the moving boundary line has swallowed some of india's property in the past now he's determined to stand his ground. we
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begin the day with severe weather across the globe and they warning that climate change could be more unpredictable and inhospitable than we have been led to believe climate scientists say that they have identified tipping points which if crossed could send weather patterns spiralling into irreversible directions now this scenario is called the hot house earth and if it were to come true scientists say unprecedented flooding and droughts would leave many parts of the planet in habitable now that dire warning was met today with the worried observations made by a man with a truly unique perspective the german astronaut alexander garrett who's known as astro alex and he is commanding the international space station and he shared photos today that show what impact our extreme weather is having on the planet now
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these were photos that you see right here that he took in two thousand and fourteen over germany and the drought and the heat wave of this summer mean that this is what germany looks like tonight from outer space alex was also struck by australia and the west coast of the u.s. these photos of course show clear skies over most of all straw in the rain over down under which they badly need and we've got this incredible image that he took showing the wildfires you can literally see the plumes of smoke there over california fires that now cover the same surface area as the city of los angeles a blaze visible beyond earth's atmosphere tonight our coverage continues now back on earth with australians praying and hoping for rain. it's been more than fifty years since the state of new south wales in australia has
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seen a drought like this farmers pray for rain as their crops and livestock die some are forced to shoot starving cattle well others face the prospect of having to simply abandon their land. on the other side of the world a similar story the french of those mountains are simply too dry about half of this farmer's corn crop has already died in the us record temperatures are fueling the worst wildfire in california history the twin blazes dubbed the mendo seen a complex have exploded to cover an area the size of los angeles in less than two weeks. scenes like this are likely to become the new normal according to an international research team's latest study they call the trend hot house earth. that's when the climate is much warmer today three to four degrees. four to five
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degrees warmer than in the previous. international climate targets aim to limit the earth's warming to two degrees celsius but scientists now think even that is too high setting in motion processes which could create a domino effect such as glacial melting researchers argue that without putting in place specific human made climate protections the seas could rise by up to sixty metres so how to curb greenhouse gas emissions scientists say we need to cut industrial carbon travel less by plane and car and eat less meat they say already the earth is on the brink of irreversible warming with severe effects like those in australia the government there has announced a multi-million dollar relief package for farmers but with dry conditions forecast to continue that may not be enough. yes severe weather around the world to talk about that i'm joined now by lutes by sure he is
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a climate policy analyst with the environment and development in geo german watch which is good to have you on the show you know people around the world are asking droughts wildfires heat waves are all of these connected in some way and are they all connected by climate change is hard to say for an individual extreme weather event and it's connected to another individual event it's also hard to say if an individual event this was caused by climate change but what they all do have in common what's true for droughts what's true for extreme rain and what's true for the intensity of hurricanes all of that's becoming more likely so the connection here is that manmade climate change the global climate crisis is making these events happening more often and often also in a more extreme way what about this new study warning of a hot house earth now i was reading the paper today and this is climate change but it's like it's the end of the real scary version of climate change isn't
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it yes what those scientists look at is what happens if we don't manage to stop global warming at one point we get to tipping points it's like in a domino game you have a domino effect you tip over certain changes in the earth system and then global warming just reinforces itself and gets warmer and warmer and it's hard to stop it and it could lead up to five degrees of global warming it could lead up to ten meters of sea level rise up to sixty meters if you look over several centuries and those would be absolutely catastrophic effects even much worse than what we're experiencing now but climate scientists are not saying that we have reached a tipping point now and they're saying that there is still time to reduce c o two emissions and keep the temperature increase below two degrees celsius is that correct that's correct they're saying but reidy dangerously close to those first tipping points and once you took over the first domino. so you can get you know a spiraling effect and they say that first tipping point is between one and two
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degrees somewhere so we have to reduce emissions now to make sure we avoid this is the paris climate remit is it enough considering what we're hearing now about hot hells earth the paris climate agreement says limit global warming well below two degrees and aim for one point five one point five would probably avoid the tipping over these dominoes the problem is not the goal of the paris agreement the problem is governments are not doing enough to implement it so you're saying if the if everything that we see in the paris climate if it were to be abided by and it's here to then we wouldn't have to worry about hot hells earth then we they we could avoid catastrophic loss there was we would be able to say that with certainty. ok so that's the long term in the short term what can people do i mean if you're saying state actors should do more and keep their word but what about non-state actors and just what people in general what can they do you can use energy more and
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more efficiently you can save energy you can. use more efficient appliances you can avoid taking a car or taking a plane all of that helps but at the end of the day we're all citizens in a democratic system and we have to demand that our political decision makers take action because it requires some political decisions to reduce emissions from its very short looked to climate policy analysts with the german watch here in berlin but this could have yours really appreciate your insights and i thank you thanks. i . well now to another story where some people are rejecting scientific findings but not when it comes to climate change in italy the new government is making good on campaign pledges by anti establishment parties to reverse vaccination valls under the previous government parents had to provide proof that their children or vaccinate. it against ten diseases in order to enroll them in
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school well that legislation was passed in response to a sharp spike in measles cases in italy in the past few years when now while makers debate roback parents no longer have to submit a doctor's note for enrollment in the coming school year. of the government's move is causing a stir online many social media users in italy are concerned like this ph d. student who tweets that she finds it odd that in two thousand and eighty the italian government opposes compulsory vaccination of school age children while favoring compulsory hanging of crucifixes in public schools kids will thus be at risk from perfectly preventable diseases but at least they'll be able to implore god's help i guess she writes berlusconi's opposition boards italia party chimed in as well they took to twitter to spread the message that every year two point five million people are saved by vaccination followed by an appeal to prime
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minister calling a new form of ignorance should in danger our health now concern is also coming from outside italy one englishman tweeted this this is truly nosey the price of such ignorance will be death but not the deaths of those propagating superstitious nonsense but the deaths of innocent kids exposed to deadly diseases as a consequence an american infectious disease expert warned of tourists about going to italy with the country quote in the midst of a huge measles outbreak while the government is making it easier to avoid vaccination and the world health organization reacted by tweeting this simple statement vaccines prevent deadly diseases. it is that simple over more on this story we want to bring in a couple of people tonight's joy. the list phillip willing joins me from rome and dr c.
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hard to doctor and immunization specialist from the world health organisation in europe joins us from copenhagen to both of you welcome to the day philip with me start with you give us some of the political background here i mean how did this anti-vaccination push how did it end up on the political agenda to begin with in italy. well i think the five star movement has played a key role in this that a senior partners in the coalition government and their tickly subject to influence and that by internet they you know for organized political activity on internet and they believe they now bottom up. approach to politics and they also represent a strong streak in italian political life and skepticism of authority and skepticism of that expertise and so i think
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a lot of these elements that fed into the move by the government to change the ruler on that vaccination. remains to be seen how it works out the government certainly says that the idea is. that they should promote chess collapse to keighley vision and make it simpler for parents and to get children into school that's the basic sort of positive side change trying to do let me pull in dr siddartha and dr this you know from the outside this sounds very worrying if they are able judum it medical reason to not require these vaccinations for children before they enroll in school. their. position paper into. publishing twenty seventeen actually recommended children should be checked for
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vaccination history. and to make sure. it's. not. found to be not vaccinated then measures need to be taken by the local government so. this is an opportunity to remember not only to look for. that simple mental. action has been proven to be an effective strategy in several countries or even coverage. i mean i think most people would agree with that but unfortunately we're seeing a case where the italian government does not agree with it and what about the danger to the general public if parents are not vaccinating their children. it's
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a very valid question to the i think you three un i think that people all of us know that needles is very infectious it spreads like an wildfire where they're fine either i'm vaccinate their children though those who don't get any vaccine or under vaccinated children who hasn't been vetted received all the recommended to those it will hit them if finds places where the measles vaccination is incomplete we have doctors we see cases of measles we see such cases happening in particularly under vaccinated population of one hundred population we also have seen deaths and there. with the best part for us to remember is these deaths are preventable these cases are preventable we have a vaccine which is effective and we have to make sure that the community gets
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a ninety five percent of the community are protected by this vaccine and feel let me just ask you before we run out of time i mean how is this going down with the public is there much opposition to this plan. well as you mentioned as a very heated debate and did it sometimes violent reasoned debate. and social media but there is also position that nine regional governments have said they oppose this plan and they let it drop their own rules if the government goes ahead with it paid teaches it met with the. health minister saying that they also are responsible for the safety of that pupils and they're extremely worried about this change and there's a meeting case of a family in the north of italy going to court because the child was kept away from school because she had low unity and there was
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a chicken pox outbreak in the school as a she was denied education because people had not had the jab and we will certainly be following this story philip will end in rome and dr siddartha daughter with the world health organisation in copenhagen to both of you gentlemen thank you. now to another story involving parents and children knowing what a mole and children separated from their parents at the u.s. border have been flown home and reunited with their forty families they were rejected under president almost trumps zero tolerance immigration policy where despite the dangers of the uncertainty many guatemalans continue to try to reach the border with the u.s. in our next report we follow a guatemalan woman and her child trying to get to the united states with hope of entering. miriam and karyn don't have much luggage they have little apart from
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their children they don't know what to expect but are well aware of all the possible perils. so much of that effort i'm putting her in danger in so many ways her health her life. so much could happen on the journey. where she could be raped or something could happen to her in that way and. i'm risking a lot. not only my life but hers to you but. this is the first talk meal that merriman phyla to be eaten since they left on generous miriam decided to escape after injuring her partner's abuse for too long she spent the little money they had as they were crossing guatemala. many more. years we escaped from having them if he had known he would never have let us go. he'd
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have done everything to stop us. but it was unbearable. that one of the violence was having a clear impact on the little one. and also let me look at the scene look at them but that's why i am risking everything now that the u.s. armed forces. i saw no one else that is. said miriam also has an eight year old son whom she left behind. she doesn't know what the she'll ever see him again. felt that he received. what is going. it's very difficult to make such decisions. but no woman deserves to go through got it about. put up the obvious to everyone i have to be strong and fight for a better future for both my children. ok even if it hurts is that why it's hard but i have to fight i don't see. it all going to check.
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the fight for a better future is what motivates hundreds of thousands to embark on this perilous journey through central america every year they have dreams of a better life in the u.s. a life without violence a life with work. try to get on freight trains in mexico then they travel thousands of kilometers. miriam and file it collects money in order to buy a warm breakfast before the train arrives if they manage to get on they'll have to survive without food miriam is worried that she might be separated from violet at the u.s. border like sounds of other parents and children. she thinks u.s. president donald trump is unfair. our children are very precious to him and then someone comes and says only because
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he has power in his country. but he's going to separate me from my daughter. and he has no right. to. finally the train arrives. this is the area where people get on the train and train that i don't doubt fifteen mph one step aside can mean the difference between living and dying. now miriam will hand over her daughter temporarily. marry a man who just gets on the train and so compact with violet. they
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will soon disappear from view bound for the u.s. full of fears and hopes at the same time. well ten years ago europe's first war of the twenty first century broke out between russia and georgia and today georgia's president laid a wreath at the memorial to the several hundreds killed in the conflict ten years on people along with. certainty for sure went to a closer look in the georgian town of. landfalls on the fault lines of a frozen conflict some maps show the boundary line to the russian backed breakaway region of south a set running straight through his farm. signs in the distance read state border
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a line most of the international community doesn't recognize he says russian border guards patrol the end of his cornfield. if you cross the line they can seize you find your person. for animals across they take them. they walk around. with dogs with weapons and. in a certain psychological state all the time. during the war several bombs fell on land his eighty four year old mother vonetta says she lost one of her three sons. that night i sometimes. because i'm afraid for my son but. seemed afraid that they will come back.
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in august two thousand and eight tensions between russia and georgia escalated into a war over the breakaway regions of south. georgia moved to take control of. russia responded with tanks and air strikes it said it was defending russian citizens in the region. today there are russian bases in both breakaways including . the mission. and it patrols the de facto border. relatively close to a. common agreement on. this
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is a state border while for georgia this is a temporary occupation but for the people who live here this is. the border simply. in the past now he's determined to stand his ground this farm has been in his family for generations. for the younger generation living on the border the war is a distant memory but with the conflict. the threat of tensions boiling over again is an ever present reality.
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and. there's something mysterious going on in the french city over the last. hour euro max reporter megan live visited the house of magic. a tribute to the late magician roberto di. and a museum full of surprises. the world is not. only. the business on field.
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the cut i have very good cause to put it into active exercises. are you talking about the d w dot com slash dungeon and i'm on facebook in the uk still. to learn german for free with w. hi everyone and welcome to a new episode of you max before we get started let's have a look at some magical moments of today show. house of illusions with to a museum dedicated to the art of cars every. moment of fame and everyone can be a pop star.


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