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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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first of. all with some more potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion. that brings any parallel. really super reconcilable. comedy good. rock n roll. all these nineteen on w. hi everyone and welcome to a new episode of you max before we get started let's have a look at some magical moments of today show. house of illusions rigged to
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a museum dedicated to the out of cars every. moment of fame and everyone can be a pop star at a karaoke event in berlin. place of origin visit a scottish collar paisley which is the namesake for the famous design. one would think of magic we think of people like david copperfield are heavier dini who put on spectacular spot modern magic essentially got its start in a small town in france thanks to one man. he paved the way to the kind of magic we know today and the french town of la this whole museum dedicated to him your next reporter meghan he traveled there on a discovery tour. these dragons are just one surprise awaiting visitors at the house of magic in france they're part of an entire museum dedicated to the art of conjuring. this place is
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a must for anyone fascinated with magic or optical who flew from dragons. magic shows to a room filled with optical illusions this museum has been called a temple to the magic arts go inside and out for. inside the house of magic it's filled with illusions and nothing here is as it really seen. magicians like match you my lady are also on hand to engage visitors in a bit of fun and mystery for third tricks speed imprecision is key here. i tried to find out the secret to this comic card but in the young i still had no idea of how it was done. but it is.
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only six official. and i think we live in a society that is very rational. magic is the last bastion of mystery and secrets that exist if you know allows people to hold on to some mystery that is absent in society. this man is widely considered the father of modern magic. he was born in the wiring eighteen zero five and later moved to paris where he began his for reign magic by opening a theater his allusions soon became a hit with the public and the whole deal with. a watchmaker and thanks to science he completely redesigned illusions but he primarily modified magic seems. cinema. whole group before him there were sorcerers who tried to scare the audience. with. you know we were down dressed in a farm suit he had piano accompaniment for his magic tricks. and he created the
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image of the gentleman magician. influenced countless magicians after him the most famous of them was american illusionist harry houdini who even adopted and modified dan's name. magic of course is all about optical illusions and tricking the eye in here in the house of magic there is a whole room dedicated to this subject. unlike in other museums the house of magic invites visitors to interact with the exhibitions and go on a sort of magical mystery tour. there is also a magic show which takes place at least four times a day. thanks
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. thanks see. it's surprising and it forces us to cross-check things will get the show is a. pretty good combination of. the must be some clever tricks that are very good. noise in the our valley it's also home to a while chateau once the residence of french kings the town has around forty six thousand residents so it relies heavily on tourism to survive but do the visitors really learn anything about magic during their visits i think you get there well it . just. from looking at the illusion with the bottles in the year old bills inside it really impressed me because you see an empty bottle but then all of a sudden it's there with the money and you can see how the magician is really use
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optical illusions to trick us. examples of how magicians have tricked their audiences through the ages are located throughout the museum but visitors won't find any answers as to how it's done. so my visit to the house of magic is coming to an end i must honestly say i know none the wiser but it has paid my interest in magic until the next time it is barred from war. and the dragons roar on luring visitors into their mysterious world. just like magic age old lettuce from an empress have suddenly appeared that and more coming up in today's express. some one thousand letters sent to germany's last attempt to victoria are on public display for the first time near berlin. the personal letters were discovered a few weeks ago in the new colonists where they had been stored car noticed in
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a closet for over a century. members of the extended royal family wrote them to august of victoria between eight hundred eighty three hundred eighteen eighty nine the still unopened on reloads are now part of the current exhibition the new palace in one thousand nine hundred between the monarchy and the weimar republic. for several years now on the first sunday in august the townspeople of video in southern italy have been recreating classical italian paintings on stage. the theme for this summer's tap lows focuses on the drama of migration. the paintings were done by a tell your masters in the fifteenth sixteenth and seventeenth century. cattle in switzerland's high alpine meadows are being supplied with water by helicopter as
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this year's dry spell continues more and more springs in the swiss alps are running dry the farmers don't pay for this with military flights they count as training exercises for the pilots for centuries swiss cows have spent their summers on mountain passion tours one cow normally drinks from fifty to one hundred liters of water per day. and russian sub of yet make translates roughly to restricted area with special legal status well the perfect name for a dutch avella program which is said to rising international politics and the russian language program we meet the likes of vladimir putin and donald trump as animated characters let's have a closer look. an alternative take on geopolitics donald trump and kim jong on. three of various global leaders starring in the enemy. nick.
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what also sets the three d. show apart is that it's created in the unity game development environment. the animated characters are played by real life actors filmed with motion capture should. become. passengers our aircraft is heading towards a promising future when we reach cruising altitude we'll serve them they just. enjoy your flight. but. the program is produced for g.w. in the capital it's been broadcast since november twenty seventeen with a new episode appearing every week and all new production technique makes it all possible. because our most. things. to be able to develop things as fast as we can and there is so
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really and i said all. the time pressure is intense each episode script is developed over the course of the week then it's straight into the recording studio . not everyone wants to be filmed during their work for the satirical show some of the voice artists have russian clients too and they fear a backlash for being critical of the kremlin. this group has both speaking and singing parts. meanwhile five three d. artists compose new backdrops and props for the latest videos this time they need to add a bomb it might also be overwriting of hats. objects are added or changed by drag and drop with the unity game development engine which has previously. used to program hip games like super mario run angry birds and monument valley. it was the lefty and creative producer who came up with the idea of using the game platform as a three d. studio he prefers to remain anonymous. we create twelve minutes
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of free. every week. without unity and it would be impossible even for a big studio. the developers of zappa vagueness also draw inspiration from well known music videos and movies here vladimir putin wraps along the coast in similar style to despots. and the terminator seems to have had a russian grandmother. in. motion capture is used to film the movements this special suit has forty two markers to capture all the actors movements and gestures. two dozen cameras are used to create a full picture. that makes it possible to reposition the resulting figures later. it's not unusual challenge for the actors. it's usually different from being on stage in the theater so you put on the suit and i become one with the rope for
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example the trumpets putting on a really rough voice. hey you. all. think myself larger but my body more massive so basically this is the pure arts of acting . comes through. a dedicated expert oversees the facial gestures he uses his fingers to position the mouth and set the right expression at the end all the individual parts are put together part of one scene i ran there about twenty five different cameras from different angles and. there are cuts in the best way to show the action and to show details to show that hall. the speedy rendering process is a huge advantage success and both t.v. and social media suggest a promising future for the satire with millions of facebook you tube views. the
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show is broadcast on a range of channels around the world. you can also see it in russia the use russian language program. and very close still on office here in berlin is the motto of a place that's very popular especially on weekends i like to go there on sundays because there is something very special happening besides the huge fee market and extraordinary karaoke show no matter whether family or friends everyone i have taken there so far was more than surprised the event has been taking place there regularly for ten years now the tech spoke with residents and tourists the event draw such huge crowds that some bands would get jealous. on sunny summer sundays thousands of people flock to the amphitheater interludes market for the legendary karaoke event some are there simply to watch or to dance while others actually take the stage because there are no off just stuff you know there's always
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something unexpected but you never know what's going to come out of some stranger's mouth so it's always interesting on this point the response like oh surely someone from. joe had she been who hails from ireland started organizing karaoke events here ten years ago he decides who gets to have his or her moment in the limelight. the waiting list for the want to be pop stars is long. the thing is that once you feel that this is a little station you know the freeway you know family or you. might you from strasbourg has been in berlin for five weeks he's tried to get on stage every single week he's going home tomorrow so today's his last chance. finally his persistence pays off. tonight here my. dad. yes. yes
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a little bit more than before but it's not one and as i said that's what i like of . you. he gets off to a good start but radiohead creep is not so easy to sing. han . this is kind of his on his part but it's not a singing competition you know. it's a lot cooler when someone has charisma. but just can't say much for.
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you. i wanted. her to keep her here. one moment of fame and plenty of emotion every sunday at berlin's moer park. it's time now for a new episode of our serious you know next to lax which takes us to iceland this time around the country is known for its breathtaking landscape with many volcanoes and thermal springs we were invited it's to a house there they have a quick was once just an old concrete bungalow but a make over turned it into a really modern home. hello welcome to my house. please comment. on it going to start just bungalow in
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a suburb of the icelandic capital reykjavik is a modern concrete looking villa with a previous life. like almost all the houses here it was built in the one nine hundred sixty s. ana and her husband have modernized the bungalow and renovated it and keeping with its surroundings. i am told to stay here and all the lights and the nature to be in contact with the nature here it's very much a balance between inside and outside smriti you feel very. good connection and relaxed. the idea for the conversion came about in twenty fifty at first are not only wanted to redesign the kitchen and dining room. but that led to a total conversion. now the response of room for ana and her husband and their daughter who often visits. the first one we started really to break things down
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it's like a journey you don't know where to where you're going because you never thought it there was so much. that turned out to be have to say that because it was all this more and more and more. but it was also a sign to the left. hardly anything remains of the old house this special furnishing was the idea of a construction worker during the renovation he had cut one piece out of. the bathroom wall to make a window and and from this piece he cut this out and got their death toll make this a laugh and listen this is really the only piece from the old house that reminds me of his that he's left. the spacious open living space with many small cozy corners is a new feature. that includes a t.v.
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corner in the heart of the house. and office space in the rear. there is a room with a fireplace on the lower level. of the furnishings are a mix of souvenirs and functional furniture when it comes to interior design on a place is great importance on quality and continuity i think it's good to keep some old. pieces also yes for sort of the past for the memories of the past you have. not as bungalow has three hundred forty five square metres of indoor living space. remodeling instead of building a new prove the right decision in addition there is the newly designed outdoor area with the typical icelandic thermal bath. i was happy with my house before and so i've looked just wanted to have
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a new way yeah i think you'll see the. around the house what you can and then you break down the facts and make them as you want to have. the best of both a mix of old and new classical and modern the bungalow is now exactly the home on a good us daughter always one. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail the interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on homesick aeration. we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribed and don't miss out. on you tube. tastes differ especially when it comes to clothing my grandma always said most trends are back in fashion again some time she was absolutely right remember the
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paisley pattern for example is one of the oldest fabric designs and it was invented more than two thousand years ago and persia but it got its name a lot later in scotland guess where and the tunnel the same name paisley the city is located sixty kilometers west from the scottish capital edinburgh and it's the next stop and i was serious regional success stories. welcome to the scottish town of paisley near glasgow paisley was a hobby of the textile industry back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. the town helped to make the pattern of the same name famous and you'll come across it here where ever you go. to. paisley originated in persia over two thousand years ago the pattern spread across
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asia sweeping through india before arriving in europe in the fifteenth century and eventually making its way to paisley scotland. is so unique it never gives a shit to the shoe and it is whereon all over the wilds. the pay sleep pattern is seemingly indestructible and it looks particularly funky on shoes. it's once again in demand in the fashion world. top designer just sounder is using it. the italian from gucci likes to use paisley for their ties and it's even a popular look for house pets to. a permanent exhibition in paisley explains how the famous pattern got its name and what it meant for the scottish textile industry priceless sample books are kept
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here including design templates for scarves and weaving fabrics. actual presence here were created in pairs the self but the they're obviously inspired by the indian prototype from the customer shawl but these are from. her. in the nineteenth century paisley scarves were popular in chile scotland queen victoria ordered them by the dozen and introduced them to british society and the patterns changed over time and there has always been much speculation about their symbolic meaning. it was supposed to be. the tree of life. various other meanings like that but. when it was used on the paisley shawl in the nineteenth century it was simply
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a decorative device. hippies embraced the paisley pattern during the flower power movement of the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's. the beatles for it as did the indian musician ravi shankar and some. indian lifestyle was in at the time and the paisley motif symbolized at. the end. you're guaranteed to find a paisley scarf here in these two old weaver how's that it's called the smart shot qantas. has built about eight hundred forty seven hundred forty and they have laid hundreds of population there's less about seventeen thousand one hundred fourteen thousand but involved in the living industry. the whole family of readers would have lived and slept in a room like this one. reading the scarves that found favor throughout nineteenth
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century europe. many visitors like to take home a scarf as a souvenir adorned with the famous pattern that has lasted for over two thousand years. while our current draw will not last that long but you still have a chance to take pride we would like to know is there something that has made your hometown a region famous the world over to find out more just go to a web page t w dot com c'est lifestyle and when you write into you will automatically enter our draw to win an exclusive your next watch so good luck with that and i hope you can join us again tomorrow for the next episode of your max under them thanks for watching bye bye . next time on your own max concert was you know the only woman who ever left become so is also a successful artist herself. she's featured in
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a new limited edition book showing previously unpublished drawings and illustrations you know is ninety six years old and lives in paris and new york to visit with folks once you know next time you're on the.
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smooth. read the real talent resides. i come to india at last the people in fast moving the field in the future but it's not just democracy. maybe that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can see. the toast in the
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machine the book is fried chicken but in the form of the one i remember thinking at the time feast of blood in global conflict what happens if people come together and unite for a cold front. but i do the news that often confronts deckard situations more conflict between does something still i see despotic my child to confront because he does on policies and development to put a spotlight on the issues that matter most congo to security pressure washing night . a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be accountable solutions my name is on the top and i work at the dell field. the first. place to. play climate change is affecting us
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all. rising sea levels and a magic level join the line through our streets. and change grounds. through entire communities. the future good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport can help all the line find out what you can do today at redraw the lines on all.
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this is news coming to you live from berlin argentina votes against legalizing abortion the result not a tongue debate thousands cheer the news while other angry protests in a country already intensely divided over the issue. he's really just dead strikes against.


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