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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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august nineteenth w. . this is news live from berlin argentina the senate votes against the legalizing abortion the result comes after a marathon to bring thousands cheer the news while others launching angry protests in a country already severely divided over the issue. also coming up israel launches deadly air strikes against gaza three palestinians are killed including
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a pregnant woman and a child israel says it was in retaliation for rockets and mortars fired from gaza plus bellaver is detained several journalists among them d.w. correspondent paul you. critics call it and the attack on free speech so what's behind the media crackdown. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program argentina's senate has rejected a bill to legalize abortion by a margin of thirty eight to thirty one the bill would have allowed abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy the issue has proved deeply divisive in argentina it's the homeland of pope francis and the roman catholic church campaign strongly against the proposed law. the marathon session in the argentinean cement
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ended shortly before three am as the news broke opponents of the bill erupted in celebration abortion remains essentially illegal if we came from the country and we here's protect the rights of the unborn child i find god and the senate has. already. printed the decision thousands of pro-choice demonstrators had gathered outside the senate building and the cold and rain the majority of them came here to protest that abortions must be regulated they find any alternative just too unbearable. i suppose there in the senate they are the ones responsible for all those women who have died during an illegal abortion they are murderers. a slim majority of argentinian senators eventually rejected the bill that would have legalized abortion. the decision came after heavy pressure from the argentinian catholic church which lobbied hard against the bill. however the recent polls
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suggest that most times back legalizing abortion the vote left many frustrated and disappointed leading to violent protests in some areas. joins now here in studio by his very own martin gak and our ethics correspondent on your also from argentina of course we know that the divide is really deep in the country and we've seen that play out in the political sphere now where do you see that divide breaking down i mean is this on religious grounds is this on ethical grounds or is that on political grounds there seems to be an agreement across the board which is the. this is not really a single right so a single individual's rights question that's the way that say the american debate would because that is to say that a woman's right and then we have this other thing that the woman has a right over around sort of questions of her own body this is really the entire debate both through lifton's the right has been. just as the right of the fetus even to lift against the right of the mother so competing rights i think this
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actually very interesting and it's something that we should look with you know with some care because it's quite noble the issue is that most certainly not only the got the lake church but the churches are very very strong and have complained very very strongly in argentina but at the very same time i mean done to abortion and the broad choice and the pro-choice camp are actually overlapping in the front political field so for instance the government which is a center right government has had many figures within its different sort of spaces which have actually express themselves in favor of choice whereas you have people standing on the lift that are traditionally one would think progressives who have it's really first entered themselves in favor off in favor of the banner and the interesting thing is that you know the majority of argentineans actually support legalized abortion right very much so so i think the question that is sexual origin here is that this has not been just a matter of legalizing abortion and this has been a matter of how to deal with something that is already taking place that is to say
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abortions are already occurring people are already getting abortions and many of these people are having essentially death search have to see mr very very very serious medical conditions those medical conditions innovation to the fact that what they're doing is being criminalized by the justice system means that argentina at this point has not found any kind of affective way to deal with the reality that it's already on the ground ok so martin where do we go from here and is there room for both sides to find some sort of common ground i very much think so i mean it was really a remarkable debate i would encourage people to go out and look at it i think that what will happen are two things first of all the question now is on the table and will be had and will be farther developed there are things that next year this can be brought back into the legislative system so that goes to say that in a combat ain inability to presidential campaign year i think that this will become once again a major topic gak our ethics correspondent thank you so much my pleasure.
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the gaza health ministry says that israeli airstrikes have killed a pregnant woman and her young daughter in the gaza strip one hoss fighter was also killed the israeli army launched the attacks after hamas militants fired more than one hundred eighty rockets into israel injuring at least four israelis the security situation in the region has been tense since march when palestinians began staging weekly protest along the gaza israeli border israel has warned hamas against further escalation. and the exchange of fire in gaza comes at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult for gazans to live their daily lives that's because president trump has slashed u.s. funding for the united nations agency responsible for some five million refugees there he questions its value after the state department agency known as u.n. are needed reforms our reporter tanya kramer went to gaza where some agency
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employees are on strike. the sit in congress headquarters in gaza city a few employees have even started a hunger strike all of them fear for their jobs among them as psychologists who are shot she will have to work part time for the next six months only a kid to do have a shot at drug storing us out in the street i'm thirty eight years old my husband doesn't work i have full clinics but we don't have any other source of in a town or where should i apply for his job i want to get them back most of the anger is directed at the agency one hundred and thirteen people will lose their jobs with unemployment at more than forty percent in gaza work with the agency had been highly sought after the funding crisis is starting to bite after the u.s. slashed its support for on route back in january there is a ninety million dollars shortfall in its emergency fund which supports food distribution mental health and cash for work programs we're trying the best we can
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to prioritize the food distribution and that means we have to borrow some money and do less of the other two programs a number of our staff staff roughly a thousand staff are affected by this some of them will continue full time their job some of them will have to move to part time so that we can fit into the budget the food distribution and how must control gaza the crisis over the agency which provides services normally supplied by state comes amid attempts political situation a ceasefire between hamas and israel remains elusive. people here are very that the cuts in u.s. funding are only the beginning of a wider come pain to take the refugee issue off the agenda israel and the us accuse the un organization of the pet rating the refugee problem but people here say that without the little support they get the situation would be even worse. at the distribution center at the sheltie refugee camp people come for their basic ita.
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with the gaza strip suit by israel and egypt over eighty percent of the population are dependent on aid one way or in the other. every three months or even mohamed in the picks up his family's ration of oil lentils floor and other items he's a tailor but hardly finds work was a little options he has reduced its own stuff so what will happen to people like me if i cut even slightly it will hurt. today i'm getting seven backs but if they cut it by heart the quantity will not be enough. it will never be enough the food. like for him and his fellow two million gazans remains deeply uncertain. now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world aid
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workers say that dozens have been killed or wounded after an airstrike hit a bus in northern yemen most of the victims are children and the saudi led coalition said that it was targeting rebel missile facilities in retaliation for a rocket attack on wednesday. a powerful aftershock has struck the indonesian province of lombok a six point two magnitude tremor it is the strongest of hundreds of aftershocks that have hit the area since the deadly quake on sunday officials say that the death toll from sunday's quake has now risen to two hundred fifty nine tens of thousands of lives and moscow says that it is considering how to retaliate against fresh sanctions from washington the u.s. state department announced the punitive measures in connection with the poisoning of former double agent sergei scribble and his daughter in britain the u.s. and the u.k. say that russia was responsible that is something that the kremlin denies.
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authorities in bella bruce have arrested a number of journalists on suspicion of illegally accessing information from the country's state run news agency among those detained it's paul you look because ski a correspondent for the russian service his apartment in minsk was searched for two hours by police who has logged in official complaint of protest with the ambassador of belarus and berlin his arrest followed police raids on some of the country's largest independent media outlets local rights groups say that the the detentions are part of a government drive to muzzle the press we're joined now by may have who is an editor of russia service he's been following the story for us welcome to you and i'd just like to ask you because the belorussian authorities they have not spelled out why our colleague and several other journalists were taken into custody so what more can you tell us what do you gather from the situation. well star they
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actually did the starting point was the fact that someone must have illegally read news from the paid segment of a state news agency and this was the starting point of the crackdown more than ten journalists now from five different belorussian media outlets have been either questioned searched or detained or all together in the recent three days and stealing these news doesn't make any sense we're told this is what the journalist in minsk was talking to told me they say the pay will only last fifteen minutes and then the complete news feed is available for everyone but the investigators came yesterday took our man public opata bykofsky his wife later told us that they took all gadgets they only could even from their daughter so today the crackdown continued the chief editor of one of the bill russian outlets bell upon was detained altogether six persons are now in custody ok so i think it's fair to say
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that this was basically a sweep here of all of these journalists what do you make of the timing why now. nobody really knows why but there might be some good explanation if this wave of detentions doesn't make sense from criminal point of view because it may be just a you know you know normal fee it makes a lot of sense from a political point of view because next year there might be prescheduled presidential elections and look i think he's obviously preparing for them now he already ordered that all the media in belarus that somehow get financial backing from the state now have by law to keep luck to pick up topics given by the state so and by organizing the crypt on the calculation might be that the independent journalist will be made a b.d. and as long as these cases open well we thank you so much for joining us to tell us about the situation there in belarus and also to remind everyone you know our colleagues currently in detention there may help bush have we know that you've worked with him and you know him personally so we thank you so much for joining us
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to tell us a little bit more. on now to tennis news the big names encountered few problems in the second round of the toronto masters top seed rafael nidal overcame both rain delay and france's. two book his place in the next round meanwhile second seed alexander's ever of remains on course to defend his title alexander's ref's he seems to be enjoying the hard courts of north america fresh from defending his washington title the germans were too good to repeat the trick and from so. very very seeded second here and they had a few problems getting pos bradley klon is booming groundstrokes too much for the american. last year's various beat roger federer in the final here and now he's safely through to this year's third rounds seven.
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hundred sixty four. and with that you're up to date now on t.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us and don't forget we'll have more news at the top of the hour on the great. letter we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship.


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