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tv   Doc Film - Song from the Forest  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 9:15pm-10:00pm CEST

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the votes left many frustrated and disappointed they think the violent protests in some areas. you're up to date with the w. news i'll be back in the top of the hour with more world news followed by in the day we're going to have an in-depth look after that vote in argentina on abortion or to see that. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state. on t.w. dot com.
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so. thank you. thirty seven you when i used a recording of dave in one spot just completely quiet for you see things you know animals come up to you few other counties but they're the ones that encounter you you don't encounter then you're already they've seen lots of encounters with animals including with a gorilla and gorilla davy this was a into column a bit of know if humans will that is cool it just sat there for twenty twenty five feet away from me for half an hour for that any interaction like a one company fucking up to sell it in trailing it was like well undergrowth and
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the ring in there i was and i was scared i would have run away but i had all my microphones around everything and feeling like you're not supposed to run away i probably would have. sustained over half an hour without any kind of reaction. got up and you want to see the strange so. i remember him coming back out of things about the person a long period of time by a car. i saw it change and i mean it was obsessive and love for me was or was interesting we all share the place i could tell you problems. i didn't know it would be endured there's a whole lot. of moves us
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a friend. i just feel sorry. i don't know very close to him and it's funny no matter how long where we don't see each other it's mediately always the same feeling we're right back where we were you know we don't there's no really of coins required ever in our friendship so. he was not like all of us there was we didn't quite know where we belong yet and we were not. you know we're kind of outsiders and always will be not trusting economic system the political system the social system even the infrastructure seeing how ridiculously greedy and self-centered people with power are being young and not wanting people telling you what to do not wanting parental authorities or
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police authorities or governments or. borders or territories or nationalism are you know. i'd like to run on. my favorite broadmead as well. that's a tough situation a most. remarkable example of not being in touch with the world was when i was on the force was for like three months when i came out i didn't have a radio back then but one of the back i was working for the project here brought a boom box and i had the radio on he was sitting in front of my house which which was up in the new bit in and twiddling the knobs and it just happened to stop at the at the b.b.c. and it was like you know in english and so i certainly heard it was the end of a news report and the sentence i heard was mr korb rich off was the president of the former soviet union and you know i didn't hear him know that there was
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a former soviet union i got into the force there was still the soviet union times when he said what when and then he twirled the knobs again and nobody would go. back to back with then i thought they were in the news program was over with something else like outlook or some stupid program like that in the. us so i didn't know i didn't hear from like another hour and then i and then i didn't refer to because it was something that happened already was a while ago so that was unlike any news item about it. became clear to me that you know the soviet union didn't exist. and yeah i mean i have come on the book a committee end up going out more i didn't why didn't the convention and the guy yeah i don't know mind young woman is it the number of police activity it will cost and elected in a close even to makati back to mckinney and why only the one to bump up money and to behold i acted like a gamble talking about the bubble will find. me
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out they got. the idea right i didn't do but go. on and. about the number. where we aim to. be i've been down when i got to. them by my long long run and i got a good song about. the agony and i'm not i'm not only by moving. i didn't listen they didn't see nothing it's that gavel that eleven pm comes yeah that was a little funny. but
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. now. seven. flood the public w. l w w w a. guy. who looks a little. bummed out for. the cambium some little bits of music you hear the top in his abode the people who are limitless excitement because bernanke thing is a big word better troll than that i love. the whole thing. now knows how much longer this kind of life of a man must feel privileged to have been living in
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a lived but better part of my life in this world to. help this is not the end of it. huh. oh i. remember we. had to go. to food. or record a lot of flute music there were a few players we headed to ridgeway and. one by one they died and there's no more
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food it is really beautiful day here at night. that's how they play it would be like. two in the morning get up and just wander around the camp or the village playing. distance when it sounds like a woman in comes near by and it goes in distance again do that for a couple hours or two hours every day i used to be like that was great. sound not to be. a very contemplative music really helps me just right recent as i just like to sit and think to it in and think about different things to. when i'm playing this music and i sometimes i'm just listening to it so this is so very beautiful. and i love i
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love listening and barca have their style a full of feeling and this is the. european. felicity in the renaissance. this period in their pin history when. europe was kind of waking up to the war of the world it was as beautiful music being composed in this deep faith and in god and. as a kind of a remote time in for the bike it was like a whole remote world also kind of a. time. and i think it's you know the bottom also seeking in a way serenity and a spiritual serenity in other things and i do get that from the forests or anything and i get that when i hear them by the music as well. because there's something special that happens when they perform in these it's a communal thing. it's their role so together that they can create this beautiful
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thing which is creating the spirit of. the rehearsals except that they've always sung together. since the whole community is five years of. the life gives you a sense of not just serenity but a loss is this transcendence succeeding with others. of you being a father to. thank . you. and you can figure it.
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out. so we. are. moving in a. good. who has a new form of comedy. because. it is the standard. you're here now than it was for. about hundred or one hundred. going to going to. fly. fifty eight
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cameras. when i. was. about enough. i grew up to give a. little. bit but it's a. few that i did but that he has a. few little you know if you get it for good would you put on it for me it's not the same coming into the force and i don't like to go off in the cabin because i just wanted to punch what just breaks my heart feel. it's the below down by effervescent guns and wire snares and they just now they're just wiping out
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enemies. it's become an existential threat to the ground because. they need in abundance of wildlife for the hunting method to be viable feel i've been warning them doubly ws for a few years now at this place is being depleted and they have it. was far as i'm concerned responded at all adequately. i mean w w f can't comes here with good intentions but you've got to watch yourself or your own good intentions. it's the black as a culture that allows the government to have us to to habituate guerrillas and all that it without the black if they stop working tomorrow there would be no more guerilla get you a shit would be finished definitely there'd have to be given something in return at least give them a good conservation i mean it is their land it's wrong to think that this is some virgin untouched wilderness and you know untouched and touched by humans. so when
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mike fay vision it's just wild nature snow in this forest has been shaped by the bucket for generations you know that they have shaped this place that the ecology here in alabama by their hunting in they're exploiting it i mean they've affected how it is now they've managed it in america as much as a farmer manages his craw for something like that they have managed this environment so it is their environment folks. the. the.
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day. or the moment on. fire.
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if. i yeah. yeah. i was a. bad mood. and you know i mean i'm with down langkow my mom was done i'll call my dad.
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yeah i knew god so i knew kind of going in i'm going to come with the news i've got a good daddy if i'm with as i did on that done then. well the. idea that like to do on the seed i thought. oh my father certainly thought my my interest in music was a waste of time. because you know his his idea of previews it was like you know as well as you know the kind of stuff they claim an elevator that's kind of easy like this and. i was interested in classical music since i was a child and i wanted to be
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a composer and still i wish i had the the real talent or genius to be a composer because that's still what i would like to be more than anything but. i like to not differ but still connected with music i like you know the fact that i made so many records of such beautiful these with just sort of disappear you know and. then you can still hear the music but i mean i got some great performances when the biker just doing it for themselves in the role so into it. it was for us to. my parents of course were who are opposed to me having any clue that he thought i didn't have that kind of support behind doing music. for. when my father was dying as a couple months there's a looking after him died in our arms all my brothers came on the day he died the
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morning he died those were all around his bed. and so i you know it was a. nice bit of closure for me because my towards the end my father was accepting my my life and africa. and it was finally like you know he had accepted. the stuff that has little to show you. a. lot of things that i know. i think i'm not you know you nicely and the you have a lot of those are not. and had to. be.
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evil i guess i'll go along. in that you games in my new book behind you know i. like the one that will. matter. i'm only going to. go with mom i knew about i don't. know something i'll read or yeah i'll get one part long on.
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thank you.
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for some of it was a bad day for three months old and a good stream. and so i. held them in my arms all night and day was having like just diarrhea and just i'd been credible a high fever of terrifying and i was putting one cloth on his head and join in fooldom dan rooney and three times he stopped breathing. intimate a lot of promises and then and told one shell and the world to see just how to keep breathing and and by i just said i'd show him lots of ground lots of places this
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trip now going to america is a bit in il fulfilling that promise lank if with and was in an alley on this as a local thing in less than your own i love that interests are over there with a prima donna wherever you are. or your control body will control every underground walk to receive more group or more door who are stronger if you're white by the ocean on them or to you when fish and or when the like a little dog the is through there you'll be in the womb with an army and you know i'm woman or keith's.
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the little man.
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there's only one her. brother.
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so little one that one in a. little. while but. when their love life. reward. you want to. live in the end of the deal when you're done you get to.
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be. the book over the one i want on them and then when they laugh over your bill we're going to ask how that will break. their nuts our little girl this woman the word. of the judge a million love movie. or warlock we know about the enemy in a way telamon on these old one i'm jealous will call up new film work done bending . over my demand and it will be implemented in a way the end of a long and i won't go on to become a big guy at the moment i'm otoh it will die of a mystery much to do with i want him i am i meant to blow nobel committee in town so for monday by john and do a bit to get more one on one of the coming up on the wall a bit to get what they wanted them to name the old way.
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this is just part of a sci fi part of it's broken off. unless it's the longest seed power in the world the species it comes with. and each one has one of those just going to run for will see its way across the sea but sometimes you get them really long and. leave this for them as well and they use it musically and now they don't use this for anything out right now i love the seeds. it's fantastic to have somebody here in mind for him to see this and have this kind of experience in him but also it must be some mind blowing for him to see this for all the senate he's not press for the cold exist he's more impressed by like people people. behavior like we saw some guy down the street and he was like on the corner there and he's like commies here and it was like doing a kind of dancing where you know you have. one arm and down the other and but he
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was also like a little crazy because he was also going into the garbage can the trash can and stuff but i mean he was doing and so somebody was really fascinating watching the guy. so much noise from the traffic. you know there's nice things to but it
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is it is a strange world when you're away from and then you come back you realize how strange and artificial it all is everything is marching in this kind of fake a colony everybody doing these tasks that really have no intrinsic importance to their lives you know it's just something they do to to to make a living it's not really connected to life. like it's not quite real or something. or you know part of me is here but part is as not is not here it's like i'm a holograph or something. and not a real person in the space. in
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two thousand and six i got sick and i thought it was malaria you know then it turned out i had typhoid that's what it was i came back to the states anyhow for a break. and then went to the national institutes of health and they did diagnosis and then they found antibodies for hepatitis in the place that i have reproduced the seven times do you something that you can only get if you have an idea every second as a comparison i don't have that as being. you know i don't want to do interferon if i'm leading an active life still and there's no guarantee that it doesn't it's going to do anything on its own like they say you can cure me it's not going to make my hepatitis in the act of what i thought the hepatitis b. was an act you know for one it's all there other options we couldn't really say you know exist you know them with the do you think i mean you know you read about it but i just it sounds really scary it confounds to some extent the effects of
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hepatitis b. so in people who call in fact and it becomes a lot more complicated in terms of the potential effects an exacerbation of you know chronic liver disease perhaps an acceleration of the of the changes in the liver that lead to. cirrhosis and the potential perhaps from the a cancer. the . blue. light therefore. let the same color the same thing i love the love that will. come with all my whole. lives.
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like i say i love all that. i love i yeah. ok. let live. live.
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and let alone from the. moment a long. good doctors call that. a long name colin. i want to tell you that this is one of my. colleagues that i have that you want to see him caucus was it was meet insanity and watching my son playing yeah it's going to need some it's you know it's something i always wanted never really thought was was going to ever happen but you know you made big brother going to
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meet your kids right they met it difficult it might have been how you did go in there you know he certainly did. like to visit you over there sometimes. to talk to you better before i don't know i'm trying to encourage too much because i don't want to you know if something happens and i would feel responsible so it's like i'd leave it up to the person to if you want something happens well like if you've got some disease or you've had so many things that they've actually thought you were like a science experiments and the basic your to washington they give you all kinds of you because you have it help you this is your idea and this look anytime someone tells you they want to study you can tell you that i know the doctor told me he said just let me don't tell him i told you just tell you this in confidence but there are furry interested in your liver.
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there's a man with a minimum. and no more bob would to my long run number have room for a bible to buy the holy bible. and so you see i do you do for me i'm fine living. and dead to me that i'm. all member of them you know i'm in the moon i will never give men jews just toughen men to my me no nothing on me.
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will move to no one and the men they don't like only a minute. on the monday. and in the. limo bubble one knows. someone being the one was owned by. have made the love we have that is sad song of let is it one to love me as a song i mean i was so long. as you know when i was so damn that song i remember you can let my funny money. man back you look more morning i'm up for one more time with fortune one more no one. will know when they do move money. to listen for when though when i'm in a new town and the way i was really. going to let my straw men to now come. to me.
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i woke up at four o'clock in the morning sleep because i have this big pit partly because of. the school because i you know last year i made a huge debt to supply all the kids with. bills for school notebooks and. hens and little blackboards and i paid the school insurance and i still have that's from outside or made any money from says that the pay back those debts in my debts keep creeping up because you know every day. i have to get things from the mauritanian shop and it was a period. for like two months and i didn't make it there wasn't even i didn't even make you know a dollar to know tourists or the torso came they didn't stop by us i couldn't sell a single cd of nothing you know let me go back and i'm going to have very little. you know very little cash and then i'm going to have these people coming bothering me thinking i'm long haul you know you know i hate when i say look i don't like the
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left you know the thing of course i have money and i'm loaded you know because i'm a white person and i just can't buy from america really where you can use i'm going to get for like a week and have people coming from my juror people below just coming and coming not believing anything i say and thinking i'm holding out on them that i. have the stuff but. i mean i can deal with that but what's for me is depressing is the fact that. i don't see dead any kind of. source for financial help that's my biggest it's really makes me depressed because. now i'm beginning to think that i can't count how can i carry on living there. you know in my village. and the stuff i don't know how i can.
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help i was. nope i was out one hundred ten. not on monday i'm up on one and the lead not the money on the lead vocal no one on the undead and the look on the one are. not dead then they added them up i walk out one hundred.
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years. and you think fine beethoven and. his works and that goddess fortuna. the maestro and finish. beethoven first john twenty team and.
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his reputation murderer. arsonist. tyrant. the roman emperor nero. to be just get bad press. renowned historians are reexamining his case rethinking he wrote his history been unfair to the infamous emperor starts aug fourteenth on d. w. . he's. it's. just brand understandable come off an icon of the fashion. look what do we really know about the man behind the dark sheets and what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer is someone special stuff as starts september ninth w.
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this is the one i go from berlin tonight the survivors telling what they saw in yemen when a walking in a bus filled with schoolchildren at least twenty nine children are dead after the boston they were traveling in was hit by the saudi led air strike in northern yemen there's a stronger condemnation july but the saudi led coalition says it was targeting rebels also coming.


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