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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is. the survivors in the. bus filled with schoolchildren at least twenty nine children are dead after the bus was hit by a strike. there has been strong condemnation but the saudi led coalition says it was targeting rebels also coming argentina's senate votes against legalizing abortion after a fifteen hour debate thousands cheer the news others launch angry protests.
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divided over the right to terminate a pregnancy and the organization. slamming the detention of several including. the quote excessive. it's good to have you with us tonight the red cross says that fifty people most of them children under the age of fifteen have been killed in an airstrike that hit a bus in northern yemen the children were traveling through a crowded market in rebel held. it's thought that they were on their way to summer school the saudi led coalition that launched the attack said that they were targeting positions and that it was quote a legitimate military action. for these latest civilian.
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and for more on this air strike i'm joined now by give steinberg he's a middle east analyst from the german institute for international affairs and security affairs good was good to see you again these are dramatic pictures the story is dramatic survivor saying that the rockets intended target was the bus that was filled with school children i mean are these children paying the price of a proxy war yes they are and it's not the first time that the saudis have hit civilian targets in recent months and years they have funerals markets and now a school bus it's nothing it's nothing new i believe the saudis that they wanted to hit rebel positions but i don't don't really understand why they hit a school bus in a market area how can that be explained i mean we can't fathom that they would actually target a bus knowing that children are on board so what are we talking about bad equipment
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or you know in inept people who were operating the targeting devices i mean what work to be behind it i believe it's it's in that people. doing the targeting might be inept pilots the saudis have no no experience in waltham the last war. was in one nine hundred thirty four in yemen it's the first war that they are fighting for four decades of nearly three generations and it is quite obvious that even the force that is still working is not really up to this to this job and that that is why we have seen so many civilian casualties is especially in recent months and part of the reason is that most military targets now better better hated than in the past i mean are we talking about a war crime here if you never think it's alleged that civilian targets children
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were targeted and is it going to make a difference i mean are there any consequences no there won't be any consequence. as why because saudi arabia is a relatively important country and it has got next to unconditional support by the trump an administration we have seen that in recent days in their conflict with with canada this strike bonet have any consequences and i personally do not believe that it's a what was because i do not believe that the saudi government its military. and the pilots wanted to have children the militarization of this proxy war through that huge arms still from the us to saudi last year what impact is that having on this proxy war are we seeing right now the fact that these types of accidents can happen even with more like this happen. it's very modern very lethal equipment
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american equipment that is used by non american pilots that's part of the reason why we see with the recipe for disaster that it is a recipe for disaster and saudi arabia. might be an important ally but still what i do what i don't don't really understand is why the united states is supporting this country unconditionally the united states would have the opportunity to end this war within one or two weeks by giving up maintenance supplies targeting they help with the targeting i hope they didn't have a hand in this action and even with aerial refueling and all these these kinds of things the saudis are not able to lead this war without the americans and that is why the american government is partly responsible for what is happening there right you know steinberg with germany to do for international insecurities fears you know as always we appreciate your analysis and your insights thank you. well the united
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nations mideast envoy says that he is deeply armed about the latest escalation of hostilities in the gaza strip between israel and hamas three palestinians died in exchange of mortars and airstrikes wednesday night into thursday over a dozen more palestinians were reportedly injured in continuing clashes today despite international attempts to mediate the funeral for two of the victims a pregnant woman and her one year old daughter was held in gaza this afternoon authorities say a hamas fighter was also killed in the last hour palestinian officials say that they've agreed to a new truths with israel but there have been other agreements in recent weeks that as you may recall were later ignored. argentina's senate has rejected a bill to legalize abortion by a majority by a margin of thirty eight to thirty one now the bill would have allowed abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy the issue has proved deeply divisive in
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argentina it's the homeland of pope francis and the roman catholic church campaigned strongly against the proposed law. the marathon session in the argentinean sint ended shortly before three am as the news broke opponents of the bill erupted in celebration abortion remains essentially illegal yet we came from the country and we have to protect the rights of the unborn child i thank god and the senate says. printed the decision thousands of pro-choice demonstrate his had gathered outside the senate building and the cold and rain the majority of them came in to protest that abortions must be regulated by find any alternative just to unbearable. i was there in the senate they're the ones responsible for all those women who have died during an illegal abortion they are murderers. a slim majority of ashington ian senators eventually
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rejected the bill that would have legalized abortion. the decision came out the heavy pressure from the out johnson in catholic church which lobbied hard against the bill. now at the recent polls suggest that most times back legalizing abortion the votes left many frustrated and disappointed beatings and violent protests in some areas. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a powerful aftershock it struck the indonesian province of one book these six point two magnitude tremor is the strongest of hundreds of aftershocks that have hit the area since the deadly quake on sunday officials say the death toll from sunday's quake has now risen to three hundred nineteen to thousands remain homeless a senior's involved we know opposition figure has appeared in court hues of inciting public violence and publicizing unofficial or fake presidential election results to beat had unsuccessfully tried to seek asylum in neighboring zambia the
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un has expressed its great concern it reports that zambia have forcibly returned beauty in defiance of a court order. the united states aims to create a new space by the year two thousand and twenty it would form the six branch of the armed services vice president mike pence said that the force is needed to ensure america's dominance in space amid heightened competition and threats from china and russia the plan still requires the agreement of congress and it needs a budget. moscow says that it is considering how to retaliate against fresh sanctions from washington the u.s. state department announced punitive measures in connection with the poisoning of former double agent sergei scruple and his daughter yulia in britain the u.s. and the u.k. say that russia was responsible the kremlin denies that. it's like the organization for security and cooperation in europe has criticized the belorussian authorities
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a detention of several journalists calling it excessive bellerose has confirmed that it is holding six journalists including paul you from the w's russians are. yet another search this time at the independent belorussian and russian language news organization t u t dot b. why it's accused of tapping into the fee based state run news agency without authorization among those arrested as. a correspondent for deutsche of ella during a raid of his flat police confiscated computers tablets telephones and memory sticks by cost he was working as a media analyst and had commented on recent searches of independent news organizations. his wife told i.t.v. he suspected of having unauthorized access to information. authorities say their investigation is still underway they say the state run news agency has been unlawfully accessed more than fifteen thousand times in the past two years.
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according to the owner of the t u t dot b.-y. website this could all be a pretext. but. it is clear that was our income we could surely afford to pay for a subscription to the news agency. but many questions remain unanswered namely why the arrests and how searches were carried out at all the organization for security and cooperation in europe has condemned the belorussian authorities actions as excessive. sneezing in the valorous has been under the authority or indeed or shape of alexander lukashenko for twenty four years the opposition is severely restricted on a list of one hundred eighty countries reporters without borders puts a ballot near the bottom in terms of press freedom at least one hundred journalists were arrested in the past year alone dozens were convicted if the six recently arrested reporters are found guilty they could face up to two years imprisonment.
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well the case of a jailed ukrainian film director all legs in solve will be part of the talks on friday between french president and russian leader vladimir putin and that's from a source in mr office the crimea born since all has been on a hunger strike in a russian prison since may and he is said to be gravely ill since op was sentenced in twenty fifteen by a russian court to twenty years in a penal colony for planning terrorist attacks on the crimean peninsula russia annexed crimea in two thousand and fourteen cents off calls the charges against him and sixty four other ukrainian prisoners political social media posed by since all this family and lawyer quote the filmmaker is saying the end is near. some huge football transfer from your league club to chelsea have signed goalkeeper . atlantico bilbao for eighteen million euros makes the twenty three year old the
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most expensive goalkeeper in the history of the sport made fifty three appearances in spain's the league for bilbao and have signed a seven year contract with chelsea. in terms of the price is just the price. i'm going to be myself the same way i've always been that i will do my best for the club without thinking about the label of the world's most expensive keep at it. place who has joined real madrid a real madrid. closing his chapter at the london club helped third place finish. one of the best clubs in the world took notice joining the spanish side fulfills a childhood dream for the twenty six year old. plenty of fans present. the welcoming ceremony.
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received a hero's welcome when he returned to cardiff wales on thursday a sea of supporters lined the streets near the city's castle. did his victory with thousands. of congratulating thomas' and she'd been following the first. just to see that the people. the people. expected from. the people of.
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argues remind of the top stories that we're following for you the red cross says fifty people including twenty nine children have been killed by a coalition air strike in rebel held northern. hit a bus reportedly taking children on a field trip led coalition said the did had been targeting. thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more world news. i'm not proud of and they will not succeed in dividing us so that i will not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters.
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