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he's grecians. his brand. karl lagerfeld. look what do we really believe about the man behind the torch. what motivates him how does he think the private moments of the life of the great designer is going to. start september. come to your max fish and make you happy that's one of the questions we're answering on our show today but let's first have a quick look at what else is coming up. a remarkable woman french artist was easy
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no one has published a new book with travel scripts it's. pop music hero british singer recounts things back with a new album. precious time pieces visit classic to increase in germany which is famous for its watchmaking tradition. to shop for clothes is a lot of fun but this fashion really make you happy we wanted to find out more and learn to copenhagen on the one hand because the biggest fashion week in all the new world is currently in full swing there and that's because according to the word happiness report the danes are always among the happiest people in the world's the so-called scandal have something to do with it let's find out. this year's copenhagen fashion week is a showcase of what's come to be known as scandi style thirty three designers from
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around scandinavia are presenting their creations for next summer in the audience is danish fashion reporter cilla henning she knows her way around europe scout walks and can tell us what's unique about fashion from the north to navan passion you can eat where it doesn't it's not so complicated you can mix it in different ways and if. it's like it's good every day you can use it if not why only cup hockey on the weekend but not to use it with a pike around even to be able to even want to do that to have a really kind of easy going and laid back attitude towards fashion so scandinavian style is comfortable and stylish these principles have guided designers at labels like ghani or some soon sound soon as well as newer competitors. and launch. a young fashion capital city that said that we still have a really good approach to having it's been made in all to me it's like being a personal style everybody is kind about finding your own personality in your style
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and i think that kind of give us a lot we don't just want to be you know the girl with the bat we want to be the one who i trust the things in our own direction wardell way. the danes like to be cosy and comfortable or as they say the humans world happiness report often places the danes ahead or just behind the norwegians and finns as the world's happiest people just danish fashion reflects that just scandinavian fashion make people happy people don't seem stressed out much behind the scenes here at the fashion week whether for the label blushes opening show or at the whole swathe or table not even when things have fallen behind schedule. then my stress if you let stress take over nothing good can come of it anyway that's why it's so important for us to keep calm. and achieve our goals. the designers are often inspired by street style so alongside more natural tones lots of vibrant hues seen
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on the streets of europe's northernmost cities were on the catwalk at copenhagen fashion week it's a concept that resonates with customers. personally and makes me very happy it's a way for people to express themselves and also for me so it makes me having to see all these different clothes and different styles that they put out there i just enjoy dressing up really nice i just think it makes me feel good when i look good as i think fashion makes. because it's about colors it's expression on people you know the what you wear is the kind of making a sick no and i think it has a huge impact on how we approach and look at people it makes you happy because it's a way to express yourself and a week to show the world who you are and there's no wrong way doing it it's
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just showing your personal style i think a question can also. it can also make you feel a lot of other things because it's also an art form i think but for me definitely it can create some kind of happiness. so what makes the scandinavian designer so successful does being in a good mood help you be more creative. in from blanche says it does. to me inspiration is everywhere but i think i work best when i'm happy and i work best when i'm out long people i work best in the friendly happy environment and with people i love and trust because i put my work my marks down and i open my senses and to me that's the best way to be creative when you. and positivity are very important to us both in the way we live and how we create our collections.
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but there's more to it than that according to me a couple gor a designer at samson and samson. were definitely sign for people to being able to move around to bicycle to work. to make their life easier and maybe in that way make them happy about that this time in the end. everyone here seems to agree fashion can make you happy a simple message that will hopefully make its way from copenhagen fashion week to the rest of the world. where here in berlin at the moment is very clear clothes that are as areas possible it is just unbelievably warm in the german capital but also elsewhere in europe more now in today's express. as temperatures hit over forty degrees celsius in the shade in rome city
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authorities are offering free mineral water to tourists and residents. between eleven in the morning and four in the afternoon bottles of being distributed at venues like the coliseum for people who are doing whatever they can to escape this school in temperatures the heat wave originated in the sahara desert in northern africa and swept across italy and other countries in europe. marching once again along the beaches of saving in the netherlands of the structure of the beasts. they're made of light p.v.c. tubing and powered only by the wind. so it's something special. when using. the part of a project by seventy year old dutch artist taheri and since he developed his creatures around twenty five years ago. now they've drawn the attention of nasa scientists who have invited you on some to take part in a think tank on a possible mission to venus.
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on wednesday the musical titanic began a two week run at hamburg state opera house it tells the individual stories of some of the people on board the ship that sank in the atlantic on its maiden voyage and nine hundred twelve of the production from london will support german some titles on its only stop in germany the musical by author peter stone and composer more yesterday premiered for the first time in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven on new york's famous prague. and now we continue with a very impressive woman falls was she became known as the companion of the famous painter puppet because so that's an onus of the fact that she's an outstanding artist you know all right even today at the age of ninety six she still has studios in new york and paris and went out with her and she showed us around and talked to
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us about all types. francoise gilo is ninety six years old. and she looks back on a long productive and rewarding career in which she created over five thousand drawings and sixteen hundred paintings some of my. three of her travel sketchbooks have just been published in a limited edition volume. so with a mixture of words and oranges mixed together. the images are in studies for later paintings for the works in her own rights. they capture the experiences she low one trips to venice india and senegal. when i was a young it's
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a long time ago i used to go in the subway and make the point of people in the subway. and then you know of it is a notebook in my pocket and not not do anything for me it just was. it's interesting to know that it knows of a face or something but that doesn't mean i'm going to do a kid that usually under completely i go away from nato. because. it's interesting but that's that may be for i felt i felt for me. geo on the coast as a shaded from the sun by public because so for ten years she was the partner muse of one of the twentieth century's most famous painters and had two children with him. it didn't end well for the spanish master she low left him alleging
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infidelities and abuse. because i didn't take it very well. francoise you know painted before she met the castle and continued afterwards for the rest of her life for her that creation was a form of self affirmation. her works reflect the spirit of a century they're neither radically abstract nor comfortably figurative but emphasize color space and rhythm she love followed her own path. then thing is it is essentially they would not then they would not be that that's what i can say. does it does nothing to do with where my bending is good
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old bad though successful whatever then thing is a kind of need like somebody needs to eat the brain. smother madelaine was a watercolor painter her father a successful business man. in one nine hundred forty one while studying law in paris france was secretly took drawing and painting lessons. two years later she decided to become an artist and her family broke off all contact with her. and i've been painting since i don't know when and when men will not allowed to do the same. as an leave it was a. silly little things for young girls or something like that but in the twenty first century there were men. taken the power to bend themselves the man would all not the same way but
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with their own their own power so to speak. france was. a woman who many has always been determined to pursue her own idea of art. the next artist has also worked hard for success i'm talking about rick astley thanks to his hits like a never gonna give you up together for ever the british musician rose to world fame and the eighties and became a millionaire in his early twenty's so he treated himself to a long a hiatus of about twenty five years but the break is over and now he has released his second album after a comeback it's called beautiful life have a listen. rick astley has released a new album. in
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the summer of one thousand nine hundred seven the singer first caught supposed to fame his hit never going to give you up top chops in twenty five countries. actually was just twenty one back then it was a taboo in time in his career. back in the day when you're an actual pop star i think it's it's very hard to just go and do that because that you have to go into that like with a security person and then it becomes a bit of a mass you know it's not like a real life. ask me scored several hits with this debut album although some critics complain that the sound was tepid in an exciting for millions of fans forty's records.
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and the singers first success wasn't a one off follow up albums also climb the child's. soul with. the one nine hundred eighty s. flashed past a purchased superstar within the space of just six years he sold forty million albums worldwide. i. box by the mid ninety's the demands of being a star began to tell and astley started thinking about quitting the business. the problem with fame if you can call it a problem is that you don't get to turn it off even if you're on holiday on a beach. even if you're trying to teach your daughter to swim in a swimming pool you don't get to turn off. the dropped off the radar stuck to his
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career at the age of twenty seven to spend more time with his family for over two decades he kept a low profile that mean twenty sixteen the former star celebrated a successful comeback we do concerts you know with soaring in september october november in europe and then we then we go to the u.k. and. you can go on stage sing old songs sing some new songs now. and then go for breakfast the next. you know it's like having a normal life with the singer songwriter still likes to keep things as low key as possible even as he and his band lay the groundwork for a second career in the industry.
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and the title of rick astley his new album reflects his approach perfectly it's called beautiful. i'm now it's time again to get creative and you can join in at home in your max d.i.y. serious we have some inspiration coming up for you we show you how to brighten up your home in no time and with just a few things today oh expert explains how to build a really i catch in shelf we show you why it's perfect for the summertime and for popsicle loveless. popsicles. afterwards. they are handy for all
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kinds of things such as these honeycomb shelves here's what. you need at least one hundred and twenty popsicle sticks. in. one large piece of paper. and he said if you can use decorative painters tape. a pen. and a compass. let's get started first i have to go this is an easy way. to draw a circle on the paper the radius should be the same length as your popsicle stick minus eleven centimeters. find where two points of the circles are eleven centimeters apart and draw a line across repeat five times and you have a hexagon. x. six popsicle sticks and alternating pattern along these lines and fix the three part in ones with tape. gently move the three sticks to decide to apply
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a drop of glue to each end of the bottom three sticks done carefully press them back on. continue gluing and sticking in the same pattern until your shelf has to decide that. i have twenty popsicle sticks on each side. to make sure the ends are exactly on top of each other. once you're done you can remove to tape and let the glue dry for about an hour. and just like that you have an inexpensive and quickly built shelf. i have so many parts of the coast to be able to do these shelves just kidding it's easy to buy them online in bulk when you've had enough of these shelves you can spec them on top of each other and turn them into a candle holder this is what it looks like. and
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if you want to get inspired some more and want to see that video again or other interesting d.i.y. projects just go to our you tube channel d.w. interior design and there you'll find plenty of creative ideas for your home and there's also much more to discover and now we continue with another had a craft but a much more mechanical in today's episode of always serious regional success stories we're heading to a place that is a longstanding watchmaking to dish and the time of lawsuit is located at thirty kilometers south of dressed in the eastern german state of sets and it is home to many watch manufacturers the town's third describes itself as the city of watches made piece from there can cost as much as a car yet the watches are in good mamba fast the world over. time is of the essence in the tiny town of glass who to the or mountain region. is
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the center of the eastern germany's watchmaking industry timepieces have been made here since the mid nineteenth century. but like wearing a watch just to keep up the tradition for cell phone doesn't work and i want to give a dog is good for our part feels good to have a watch but to motivate every woman i like telling time with a real watch. eleven watchmaking firms are based in gloucester town many of them have customers all over the world like no not. for the glass who don't already know which has six. it employees at its headquarters here in. the sense of the all my were putting in the balance wheel now the balance is the heart of the watch and it's something very special when you can see the heart of a watch starting to be in the distance and. depending on the model it can take between a few hours and several weeks to assemble
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a watch despite the popularity of quartz timepieces mechanical watches and clocks are becoming trendy again and watch makers like us a cutout love this intricate work. you have to be very patient and you have to be willing to keep learning new things and you need to love what we do here. does this quest for perfection. the imperfect in. that quest began here over one hundred seventy years ago with precision pocket watches. watch production continue during the communist era in east germany today class who to oregon now is constantly developing new models and makes all its own parts. the watches sell for up to several hundred thousand euros one of the more unusual models is this watch for world travelers. on the main
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priority was to make it easy to read the two time zones can be read simultaneously and you can set the time zones by turning the crown here on the bottom right and then setting the i.r. to airport code of the country you're traveling to by foot as they should have landed in the theater. to watch museum in glass or to is a big draw for history buffs. the first watch factory was founded here in eight hundred forty five by ferdinand and. an astronomical clock which was going to. we did in one thousand nine hundred five is a unique specimen is because i'm seeing people to house with even one will tie even though there are more than seven thousand eight hundred parts all told behind the seventeen clock faces in fifty two for the. frontiers of thought to be just three or five editions of this clock worldwide and in terms of
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precision perfection our clock is probably unique. my heart and i shall knows the story behind each time including those from the communist era in one thousand nine hundred fifty one all the companies were nationalized and merged into the classroom to watch enterprises or g.-u. be the q.b. had those i think of course the g.u.b.b. had to operate according to a different philosophy for away from luxury watches and instead produced watches that were long lasting robust precise and affordable fuel fost. the legendary east germany much was a men's wristwatch with an automatic winding mechanism that was called see much a committee itself known for its emotive practically every day we can visitors who are still wearing those watches from the one nine hundred sixty s. seventy's or eighty's. safety of zero seven zero. entrenched in the state capital of saxony the big watchmaking firms like glass who told come up to market
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boutiques nowadays the brand is exported around the world especially to asia where watches from this tiny town in germany are more popular than ever. well tonsilitis also if it comes to our current drawl so take your time and join in matching to ours serious regional success stories you can win our own your next watch this time are out all you have to do it just go to our web page e.w. dot com c'est lifestyle and tell us what makes your hometown a region famous and if you do your name will be entered into our draw so good luck i'll keep my fingers crossed we can. tinubu tomorrow with an hour that create a fight on social much more so don't miss the upcoming episode of your next under them and so watching zero by. next time i'm your man richard two cool and is very individual take on famous landmarks
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the bridges artist doesn't need a lot of extra equipment just some black paper and a scalpel he usually publishes his pieces only on instagram now for the first time his work is also on display offline using black cutouts to make the world more colorful next time on. the. move.
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kickoff line we take football. club is not. it's a family. it's where you feel at home where you run together in times of trouble and global speech comes.
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down. to thirty minutes on w i. if you would like to find his want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a planet for you soon. so nothing is just the children who have already been this all a n.i.c.u. and those that will follow are part of a new kind of says. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from minds. his reputation her. arsonist. tyrant. the roman
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emperor nero. did he just get bad press. remount historians are reexamining this case rethinking the rochas history been unfair to the infamous confer starts aug fourteenth on d. w. . d. some argue five keys to safer food. keep clean to prevent contamination. draw and cook foods to avoid cross contamination. thoroughly to kill microorganisms. keep food safe temperatures. to prevent bacterial growth.
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use safe water and safe roma tiriel to avoid kentucky. food producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by plying the five keys to sea for food use them you also have a role to play. saudi led coalition airstrikes on thursday had hit a school bus in a market in northern yemen dozens have been killed many of them children the western backed alliance fighting against to the rebels city carried out a legitimate attack and accused of using children as human shields. palestinian officials say.


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