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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin more migrants arriving in spain after being turned away by italy and malta will join migrants already living in spain and struggling to survive we visited an encampment where shacks regularly go up in flames also coming up. at least twenty nine children dad after their school bus was hit by an air strike in yemen there's been strong condemnation but the saudi led coalition says it was targeting rebels in a justified operation. his hunger strike now pression jail continues all the
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sun soft is said to be close to death but the french president will be discussing his fate with russia's vladimir putin today. and the biggest strike in ryanair is history leaves four hundred flights grounded during the peak of the holiday season more than seventy thousand travelers are affected. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us we begin this program in spain where rescue ship with eighty seven migrants on board has docked after being turned away by italy in malta a spanish aid group picked up the migrants off the coast of libya now for those onboard the most hazardous part of their journey may be over but as our correspondent found out a migrants life in spain is often precarious. nothing is left of the d.b.
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is hot it caught fire during the night just living. in twenty fourteen city became to spain from ivory coast to find work he ended up in this slum near the town of. along with up to a thousand others fires occur frequently due to the flammable building materials gas canisters and forty degrees celsius heat. you know. many of you. know or good looking for. dream of a better life in europe has become a nightmare he has no residence permit and now he has no home. he can only work illegally on one of the many fruit and vegetable plantations you don't have no right to walk you you know you don't have no money. to
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see a doctor you need to. you know you don't have. his friend. is in the same position except he's a newcomer in spain having recently arrived from senegal he lives in this hut he says the roots taken by refugees to europe are always changing currently entering europe via the western mediterranean seems to be the safest. a route from libya to italy has lots of problems it's almost like a war you can get killed so now many of us are coming to spain through morocco. spain's new government is taking a lenient stance with migrants but the right wing conservative opposition is in disagreement and the spaniards are worried. because how many immigrants could cause us problems that's just how it is. spain is
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a country with high unemployment. there's just not enough jobs for so many people. other spaniards see things differently. but volunteers for an aid organization and supports migrants like any way he can. he helps vegetables and takes care of the red tape and tony and sees the refugees as an economic factor the plantations in the region couldn't get by without them. thanks to these people many others are getting rich at the immigrants live off what little money they can earn so they're cheaper labor. and they're not going to want to provide they have to put up with everything and never complain.
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once people to know what's really happening in europe but he's not ready to give up on his dream of a better life. a move. now i'm living. my family. to help myself. you know. what my future. eventually once he saved enough money. intends to return to ivory coast my son needs me he says all of africa needs us but that's in the future right now he's got to figure out where he can sleep tonight. ok let's get more on the story now with a journalist i may have a last question he joins us from a part of a drop in the least of problems i'm a good morning to you how is spain coping with the increasing number of migrants arriving in the country. well the numbers are indeed very high so far the rescue
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teams have rescued nearly twenty thousand people and now the weather is good only two hundred people arriving daily. and. the self is close to collapse according to police and social services officials the government has pledged more resources to deal with the influx but the interest on the prime minister insist there is no migration crisis in the european union and in spain believes it can manage of course we don't of the european union ok now spain might be taking this open borders approach but there's a very different sentiment in italy and malta which turned that vessel on our report around didn't allow it to land why is spain taking the approach that it is. well a better chance of the prime minister. rescuing people from deceives
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a matter of human rights. the government hasn't changed. the polytheists the refugee policies or their immigration laws. those who can apply for asylum they will be welcome but those who are mere. economic migrants will be sent back to their countries of course for spain it's much easier than germany or france because migrants are very likely to keep on travelling north they were brought in one to stay in the spain so for. spain is a quite different approach but there are signs of accept that spain is a cell the border of the european union and he's. just asking the european union for some feedback and some resources in order to deal with with with you see two
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asian at the moment public opinion on all this government have a majority. backing it for its approach. well. as we heard in the report. it is true that for example a new leader of the people's party by look at other people's bodies the main opposition party is already saying that is spain cannot host all the migrants that are i mean that we cannot keep papers to a million people so there is no doubt surging movement in people's attitudes to immigration but this funny society braces itself for being very tolerant and open minded but of course the big influx could just if this dollar and is rather fragile and maybe we can just seen some. jews.
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especially society in the coming months if it does influx is getting really really shihri as. we will have to wait and wait jaime thanks very much for that jaime of alaska's for us and. lisa thanks very much. to yemen now where a spokesman for the saudi led coalition says thursday's airstrike that had a boss carrying children was quote a legitimate military action it is not clear how many children died exactly in the attack the international red cross a hospital supports a northern yemen receive the bodies of twenty nine children but others and adults as well may have died. this is yemen doctors desperately fighting for the lives of children the school bus hit by an aerial strike. why witnesses
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say that they were on their way to a school summer camp. the devastation of the blasts showing just how powerful the strike was about that about. the attack happened in the middle of the market and was aimed at the bus full of children. and i'm and our shops were open and people were going about their daily lives put on money and those who died were just locals kids and shop owner sharon out who's responsible the saudi arabian led coalition the coalition has been fighting hooty rebels on behalf of the yemeni government since two thousand and fifteen in a deadly proxy war the rebels are being backed by iran both saudi and iran to fight for power and influence not yemen but across the middle east this conflict has been unrelenting for civilians who are often caught in the middle even rights organizations say yemen has become the world's largest humanitarian crisis and peace is no way in sight that according to the united nations over ten thousand people have already died with over two million people displaced. last week the u.n.
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announced that new peace talks will be held between those involved in the conflict these are likely to begin before september meanwhile the fighting continues. now for a look at some of the other stories in the news today. emergency services have rescued some seven hundred fifty people from a number of campsites in southern france after flash flooding caused rivers to burst their banks hundreds of children at a summer camp in the garden region among those evacuated one german man is reported missing. bolivia's president if omar all us has an auger raided a new government headquarters and look pas or all us open the people's great house project to replace an older clonie a building he said represented a colonial state and not libya's indigenous population but he's facing criticism for some of the residences luxury topics. u.s. authorities say a fifty one year old man has been arrested on suspicion of setting the massive holy
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fire in southern california is orange county forest clark faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted and will be formally charged later today the holy fire has displaced twenty thousand people. moscow says it is considering retaliated against the new sanctions from washington state department announced the punitive measures in connection with the poisoning of former double agent sergei screwball and his daughter yulia and britain the u.s. and britain say russia was responsible the kremlin denies any responsibility. and we're staying in russia now to look at the case of the jailed ukrainian filmmaker increment critic or like sense of he's been on a hunger strike for three months now and in a russian prison and is said to be gravely ill french president emmanuel mccall is set to discuss his case today with russian president vladimir putin in two thousand and fifteen cents off was sentenced to twenty years in
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a siberian penal colony on charges he planned terrorist attacks on the crimean peninsula russia you would call the next card the end two thousand and fourteen cents of calls the charges against him and dozens of other ukrainian prisoners political social media posed by sons also family and lawyer quote the film mayor as saying quote the end is near. let's get more now about all expense off and his imprisonment in russia from ukraine's capital kiev i'm joined by correspondent david stern and from moscow by your shadow good morning to both of you yuri if we could start with you what about sense of health there are conflicting reports that he could be close to death. well the last time or likes insults lawyer. met him was and tuesday this week mr dean says w russian service as insults that was in a good group but his physical condition was a very bad. place near to the north pole here and russia is currently imprisoned it
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has been extremely hot brian forty degrees celsius and that heat has been very bad for us and so it's condition in fact it has significantly worse and his condition has grown to a halt the disease has gotten worse and now he also has kidney and to live a problems he uses a mix of drugs just to maintain consciousness ok david what are you hearing in ukraine what a sense of family for example saying about his condition. well in ukraine we just recently the latest bit of news is that ukrainian human rights on the mint has published photos she's such a receipt from the russians showing a one but still standing since all the standing in the photo now we can't confirm the accuracy of these photos but obviously this gives some people hope that his condition may not be that bad on the other hand as we've heard from you and from yuri there is great fears that his that his condition is much worse that he could
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be very close to the end and of course in ukraine does cause a great deal of concern he is a symbol of the ongoing fight against russian backed separatists in the country's east as well as the annexation of crimea which ukraine and frankly the majority of countries in the world have not. recognized so there is a great deal of concern here about what the condition actually is ok david nelson self-serving is this twenty year sentence or what the kremlin says were arson attacks in crimea crimea a sense also as his imprisonment is politically motivated is he a political threat to the kremlin. well it's difficult to say i mean it's obvious the kremlin views it that that way but the view here in kiev is no that he poses absolutely no threat he's a crimean who kept his ukrainian citizenship as i said he's been
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a very outspoken critic. of the annexation what he seems to be is one of many people who the kremlin feel is a threat a sense of a hunger strike is to release is to try to force russians to release him and sixty four other people who he says and the ukrainians say have been jailed simply for objecting to russia's actions in ukraine. back to moscow this been a lot of high profile file support for send solves calls french president mccraw and as we've been reporting today will be talking with them celebrities like johnny depp steven king the writer will international pressure have any bearing in this case. well look for the crown this in self case is absolutely clear here is the treatment he has a serious criminal in russia president who has repeatedly stressed in the past that he believed in the independence of russian courts and the rule of law in russia and
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as president he was unable to do anything if someone was guilty of a crime in russia there are a lot of petitions all scheme for pardon that are not conceived at all left without any decision less than the one percent of petitions are actually concede that the clemency commission bryan in the country is a very bureaucratic and that means they usually find a formal reason to refuse almost every police. some experts believe that for vladimir putin this insults case is just a normal priority after the world cup as cynical as it sounds the most important thing was that that sense of didn't die during the world cup itself that would have been a disaster for putin nevertheless the fact that there is public solidarity with all the accents of all over the world is of course very important ok we might know more today after the talks of course about the fate of all of sense of shadow in moscow
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thanks very much david stern in kiev thanks hughes well officials in bell are us a journalist detained on suspicion of hacking the computer systems of the state run news agency will be freed today one of them is devious correspondent paul york because police also searched homes in the premises of a privately owned online news service. yet another search this time at the independent belorussian and russian language news organization t u t dot be why it's accused of tapping into the fee based state run news agency without authorization. among those arrested as. a correspondent for deutsche of ela during a raid of his flat police confiscated computers tablets telephones and memory sticks by cost he was working as a media analyst and had commented on recent searches of independent news organizations. his wife told he suspected of having unauthorized
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access to information. authorities say their investigation is still underway they say the state run news agency has been unlawfully accessed more than fifteen thousand times in the past two years. according to the owner of the t u t dot b.-y. website this could all be a pretext. but. it is clear that was our income we could surely afford to pay for a subscription to the news agency but many questions remain unanswered namely why the arrests and how searches were carried out at all the organization for security and cooperation in europe has condemned the belorussian authorities actions as excessive action needs to be on the pre bellerose has been under the authoritarian leadership of alexander lukashenko for twenty four years the opposition is severely restricted on a list of one hundred eighty countries reporters without borders puts belarus near
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the bottom in terms of press freedom at least one hundred journalists were arrested in the past year alone dozens were convicted if the six recently arrested reporters are found guilty they could face up to two years imprisonment. we have some sports now and tour de france winner thomas received a hero's welcome when he returned to cardiff wales thursday a sea of supporters lining the streets near the city's castle was thomas in the winner's yellow jersey did a victory lap for thousands of fans a ceremony to recognize as a chinese achievement follows he's the first welshman to win the tour de france a thirty two year old. himself still has state of disbelief. mind blowing expect this. to know what to expect the reception resistance say and just to see that the pride in people's eyes is a rite of passage in a passion and the people of not. just mine go you know kind of expected from my family my wife obviously well mates and. people i've never met you know the little
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things that. brought their bikes and. so i'm doing. ok we're together hard business now europe's biggest budget carrier and thousands of passengers bracing for mass disruptions today that's right on friday ryan as pilots across europe begin to coordinate it's twenty four austrac germany will be worst hit by the industrial action with two hundred fifty flight cancellations at ten am ports the irish no frills allen said it would be scrapping some four hundred out of two thousand four hundred european flights scheduled for today as pilots in ireland germany belgium sweden and the netherlands walked off the job more than seventy thousand passengers will be affected by the strikes the island has offered customers refunds or the option of rerouting their journey. well that's see how this all works out in real life. as one of ryan as european
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bases last what's the situation there right now. well the situation is pretty calm right now even though we had a little bit of a morning rush right now but people coming in shaking in boarding their planes what we do not have here today is a ton of people looking desperately for their flights and being worried about their vacations because as you just pointed out ryan air has informed to passengers over the last couple of days if their flight was affected here by this strike so the situation here very much is ok for customers however it is obviously not ok for ryan speak of problems on the horizon i'm going to talk about that in a moment with you but let's first have a look at the report that we had low cost airlines are popular because people love a bargain but since she started their success story some twenty years ago there's also been a flipside not only stuff but the cost of cheap travel very often passengers also
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have their flights delayed flights delayed or cancelled due to tired scheduling and a lack of flexibility in the airlines business model. these passengers have to trek across open tarmac to get to the airplane but they don't mind by flying a low cost carrier they can save money but often a flight with ryan air easy jet and others can cause worse inconveniences than that in many cases flights face delays or simply counseled almost every budget passenger knows the problems regardless of strikes consolations out on the raw is this year britain's easy jet comes with more than one thousand two hundred flights in june last year the figure was two hundred thirteen irish competitor ryan air cold of one thousand one hundred flights this june compared to only forty one during the same period last year. airlines blame the weather or understaffed air traffic control
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but it's a fact that cramming as many flights as possible into a day is part of their business model it's one way low cost carriers keep costs down experts say the budget airlines have overreached themselves with their super tight schedules a single flight delay can stop or a whole timetable and even if the plane shows up luggage doesn't always arrive with it in europe eight budget items pay a one thousand passengers are reported missing each year passengers have no choice but to accept that a bargain flight comes with a certain degree of uncertainty it's a price many are still willing to pay. should board laws will ryanair and other budget airlines actually have to rethink their business models which relies on squeezing employees very. i think they do get out absolutely we've seen that over and over again of course ryan air being the most affected airline because they're basically the king and the budget six month
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they kind of invented it and they put the price pressure on ninety year old flights to london fifteen year. flights to venice some people expect these days that you can fly to your vacation destination for about the same price as you going to pay for your first cocktail on the beach that is obviously not a sustainable model and if people are only willing to shell out that kind of money of course you cannot pay your pilots and your crew a decent price so this has run its course and over the long run i think this is not going to work out anymore. last heart of the. thank you very much. and here's an interesting question how much influence does a company on how its products are used gun makers for example constantly face that question but now a german drug company physician years as a similar problem it says the u.s. state of nebraska illegally obtained two of its drugs to kill
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a man by lethal injection the company fears reputational damage if its health care products are used to kill a human being so now the news is taking the state of nebraska to court to stop an execution. executions by lethal injection in the u.s. carried out in chambers like this for years some twenty european and american companies have refused to sell drugs to prisons for use in executions now nebraska state has managed to obtain a muscle relaxant and a chemical which stops the heart germany's for seniors carvey says it is the source of the drugs it's asked a federal judge to block the state from using them in an execution planned for next tuesday. it says while for seniors cubbie takes no position on capital punishment we strongly object to the use of products for this purpose products were developed and are approved solely for patient care and we expressly restrict the sale of our
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products for use in lethal injection procedures. for seniors cubbie says the drugs comes including potassium chloride could only have been contravening distribution contract and therefore improperly or illegally the state of nebraska has so far not disclosed the source. that's all your business and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you head to the. fierce critic of the kremlin and said to be close to death on hunger strike in a russian jail france's president manuel caused you to raise the case with russia's vladimir putin today. that's it you're up to date to see what's in the news from. the top off the hour thinking very much for joining us here on the.
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