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rethinking the road as used to be known for her to be introduced him her starts aug fourteenth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin turkey's currency in freefall amid a diplomatic spat between washington and ancora the leader of plunges to record lows after donald trump gramps up tariffs on turkish imports of turkish president russia type their one is defiant saying that his country but emerge victorious in an economic war and also coming up thousands of tourists are left to going nowhere
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as ryanair pilots walk off the job at europe's biggest budget airline and former tour de france winner john already spends the night behind bars on suspicion of assaulting a sex worker but german cyclist was arrested at a luxury hotel in frankfurt this just days after appearing in a spanish court charged with breaking and entering. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has stepped up his political pressure on turkey with new tariffs sending that country's currency into freefall in a tweet early on friday trump said the following i just authorized a doubling of tariffs on steel and aluminum with respect to turkey as their currency the turkish lira slides rapidly downward against our very strong. dollar
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our relations with turkey are not good at this time. and talks tariffs that increase there it appears to be over on gross refusal to release an american christian pastor who was charged with terrorism offenses the leader is nosedive so european markets tumble. and turkey's president wretch of type and one has responded to the lyrics freefall addressing supporters at a party rally he was defiant and he made calls for a national struggle. going on. oh if there is anyone who has dollars euros own gold under their pillows. they should go exchange it for turkish lira is at our banks. this is a national domestic bottle well this will be my people's response to those who have waged an economic war against us. so it's a good of get coverage now of this we have team coverage in fact in istanbul dorian
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jones is standing by and in washington we have stefan demon's welcome to you both and dorian i'd like to begin with you because we just heard the turkish president saying that his country is in an economic war is it. well listening to the president he says it has nothing to do with financial economic reasons why the currency is on the pressure this is the result of unnamed western powers trying to remove him from power he said they tried to do this two years ago with a military coup they failed now they are trying to use the currency rate. as a new way of removing him from power and he said that this is a new war of liberation to defend the country calling on people to defend the lira by selling there are foreign currency for investors they say this is simply about financial imbalances that have to be addressed in the message from the want is causing panic among investors and seeing the resulting plummeting lira and with the
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message now from trump ramping up sanctions this fall only. narrative that this is a political conspiracy and what's the view from the united states on that stefan because you know the u.s. president donald trump he says that he wants to double steel and aluminum tariffs on turkish imports why is he going after turkey and why now. well the timing is great for president trump of the turkish lira is in freefall that last forty percent of the year towards the dollar in this year alone and it makes sense for donald trump to come to life on this right now for two reasons at least one is the case of pastor andrew bronson. there was a turkish delegation led by the deputy foreign minister turkish deputy foreign minister just this week on wednesday in washington to talk about this washington had warned before that the imprisonment or detained detention of mr branson is not acceptable those talks on wednesday went nowhere so trump and the white house
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ministration is. squeezing it a little bit here trying to. make the turks understand that if they don't cough rating and sticking to their reportedly weren't they had given to the u.s. to free branson that they have to face the consequences tariffs is one tool to do this and as the u.s. president on time tries to squeeze president wanted to doing what he wants during i'd like to turn back to you because we heard erica won you know blaming the turkish economy's woes on the west but the turkish currency has been taking for months we have to mention i mean investors really concerned because inflation is at nearly sixteen percent of the central bank is reluctant to raise rates in response which is something that you would normally see a central bank do what is anyone's way forward here. well you're right i mean basically this is what has it been saying it's a slow motion train crash has been waiting to happen for a long time the trigger is tensions with the u.s.
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but underlying it all these financial environment says inflation is double digit it is key it can expect to get a lot higher because of the massive growth in spending that turd one is currently engaged in a policy that he reiterated he will continue to do and there and vesta said until interest rates go up this common currency crisis will continue but one of make if he doesn't believe interest rate increasing interest rate now works in dealing with inflation this impasse means the currency rout is set to continue. ok and dramatic movements today we have to mention dorian johns with the latest from istanbul stefan simons with the view from washington thank you so much to both of you. and covering those dramatic movements in the market christof koch we're standing by that is right sara and stocks have been retreating on a broad basis around the globe duties rising tensions between the u.s. and turkey with euro zone banks are suffering in particular over their exposure to turkey turkey is president ever wants has long been able to point towards the
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country's booming economy when justifying his policies but it looks like this boom might be coming to an end turkey's economic boom was fueled by government spending but the upswing has come to an end a president who won the fault lies with western countries who she says are waging an economic war against. relations with the us or especially. that's why he's determined to forge better economic ties with countries such as china or russia. what's riding to the problem is that even many turks are fleeing the lira for the relative safety of dollars or euros. despite one's desperate plea for them to exchange other currencies into lira to try and stabilize the national currency
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markets are losing patience and that's taking its toll the lira has been sliding since the beginning of the year losing thirty nine percent of its value since january that stoking inflation which recently hit sixteen percent and the crisis also reveals turkey's underlying shortcomings. it's the lack of production nothing else these things wouldn't work without imports we need to carefully discuss an agricultural policy that not paved the way for exporting goods we can't do anything with industry or industries not well developed . this type of fluctuation caused this crisis in countries without a solid economy i lived in europe i didn't see anything like this i lived in germany for twelve years. as turkey people try to come to grips with the crisis the government has no easy options when it comes to regaining the confidence of
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financial markets. well for the latest on the turkish drama let's bring in the doubles financial correspondent conor bosun in frankfurt the turkish lira is not one of the world's leading currencies why is its nosedive stooping so many investors today. investors are afraid that european banks might be drawn into this you know banks in spain france italy have given out loans in turkey worth up to one hundred thirty five billion euros the exposure of german banks in turkey is twenty one billion and with the ongoing depreciation of the turkish currency of course concerns are rising that those loans might not be paid back today the turkish lost more than twelve percent. euro and in comparison to the u.s. dollar lost more than thirteen percent in the course of this trading day things look even worse temporarily now the turkish finance minister tried to calm down
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markets this afternoon with little effect it seems. yes with little effect you know the turkish finance minister who's also the son in law of the president is the other one he didn't really say anything new he talked about how the country wanted to cooperate with international stakeholders he said that the central bank should stay independent you know at the same time his father in law mr one the president talked about how turkey was at an economic war and he also wanted citizens of turkey to convert their dollar and euro holdings into turkey turkish lira in order to help the country. and the people on the markets do not really believe that the government wants to cooperate capital controls is something they reckon with and also of course people are talking that the international monetary fund might have to step in there. markets are rattled by
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a nosedive by the turkish lira reporting from frankfurt thank you. now at the peak of the holiday season ryanair pilots already got the pressure on their employer pilots in germany sweden ireland belgium and the netherlands went on a twenty four hour strike on five forcing europe's biggest budget airline to axe about one sixth of the scheduled flights that day after ryan as recognized unions for the first time in its thirty year history it has been unable to quell rising protests over slow progress in negotiating collective labor agreements. it's the biggest industrial action ever to hit europe's biggest budget airline the effect is visible here at frankfurt han airport where check in desks are understaffed and passengers nowhere to be seen many planes won't be flying today pilots union representatives in frankfurt say their message is ryanair must change. almost any
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note about defeating ryanair it's about sending a signal that they have to stop trying to defeat their own employees. some passengers were forced to spend the night at berlin the shona felt airport many don't know when they will be able to fly out but some are showing sympathy for the pilots demands. and it's unfair that the pilots have to pull the short straw just because passengers want to fly cheaply. and this is something fuel from the shirts and i think it's a potential safety risk if employees don't stay at home when they're ill because they're on a freelance basis and wouldn't get paid so i do think it's justified. ryanair pilots are striking across europe for twenty four hours as they demand higher salaries and better working conditions that's led to the cancellation of four hundred out of twenty four hundred scheduled flights affecting more than seventy thousand passengers. and it's back to sarah with more was no thank you so much christopher and we're actually going to head to bella bruce now because authorities
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there have freed a d.-w. correspondent who was detained on suspicion of gaining unauthorized access to the computer systems of the state run news agency paul you know. russia service was one of a number of journalists taken into custody this week in what critics say was a crackdown on press freedom his apartment was also searched other journalists have now also been freed but the editor of a popular news site has reportedly been charged with criminal negligence. when out of the case of jailed ukrainian filmmaker and kremlin critic oleg stencils he said to be near death in a hunger strike in a russian president french president among you will mock him discussed his fate with vladimir putin on the phone today putin is said to have promised to respond to proposals earlier moscow released photos of stunts off suggesting that he is fine but social media posed by sense of family quote the filmmaker as saying quote the end is near in twenty fifteen a russian court sentenced and soft to twenty years
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for planning terrorist attacks on the crimean peninsula charges he calls political . a ship with eighty seven refugees on board has docked in spain after being turned away by italy and malta a spanish aid group picked up the migrants off the coast of libya for those onboard the most hazardous part of their journey is over but as our correspondent reports from the town of letting a refugee is life in spain is often for cario. nothing is left of i posted it is what it called fudging the nine. in twenty fourteen city became to spain from ivory coast to find work he ended up in this slum near the town of libya on the loose along with up to one thousand dollars fine as occur frequently due to the flammable building materials gas canisters and forty degree celsius heat.
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you know. many of you. are looking for. dream of a better life in europe has become a nightmare he has no residence comment and now he has no harm. he can only work illegally on one of the many fruit and vegetable plantations. you know you don't. see that. you know. his friend. is in the same position except he's a newcomer in spain having recently arrived from senegal. he lives in this hot. he says the routes taken by refugees to europe are always changing currently
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entering european the western mediterranean seems to be the safest. route from libya to italy has lots of problems it's almost like a war you can get killed so now many of us are coming to spain through morocco. but spain's new government is taking a lenient stance with migrants but the conservative opposition is in disagreement and the spaniards are worried. because how many immigrants to cause us problems that's just how it is. spain is a country with high unemployment. there's just not enough jobs for so many people but. the spaniards see things differently until you know how bad volunteers for an aid organization and supports migrants like abu anyway he can. he helps vegetables and takes care of red tape
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until new sees the refugees as an economic factor the plantations in the region couldn't get by without them. thanks to these people many others are getting rich. at the emigrants live off what little money they can earn so they're cheap labor. there and i think one of the problems they have to put up with everything and never complain. i do see debate wants people to know what's really happening in new york. but he's not ready to give up on his dream of a better life. now i'm living it sometimes gets my family. to help myself. you know. what my future it would be to go. eventually
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once he saved enough money to be intends to return to ivory coast my son needs me he says all of africa needs us but that's in the future right now he's got to figure out where he can sleep tonight. at a quick check now some other stories making news around the world in canada four people have been killed in a shooting in the eastern city of fredericton two of them were police officers police have confirmed that they have one suspect in custody and have now lifted the lockdown the circumstances of the shooting are not yet known. zimbabwe's main opposition party the movement for democratic change has filed a legal challenge to the recent election results the constitutional court appeal for will delay the presidential inauguration originally planned for this sunday and d.c. leader nelson chamisa seen here in file footage has called the vote outcome fraudulent illegal and illegitimate. aid agencies are warning of the potentially catastrophic
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effect of a heat wave on north korean crops they say the full boat loan food security crisis is threatening the isolated country the population already faces flood shortages and international sanctions and the reports suggest malnutrition among children now boasts that. and u.s. authorities say that a fifty one year old man has been arrested on suspicion of setting a massive fire known as the holy fire in southern california's orange county forest clark faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted and will be formally charged later today the fire has displaced some twenty thousand people. in southern france about sixteen hundred people have been evacuated to escape flash floods caused by heavy rain the hardest hit region is guard where helicopters helped take seven hundred fifty people to safety here's more. flash floods reduced
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campsites to mud baths. to something it became so it was here so the ripple swept right through. rescue workers were supported by helicopters and evacuating compass in southern france. search teams including divers combed waters for german man who still reported missing it's feared he may have been swept away in his caravan the man who was accompanying children at a campsite in the god of the region which was hardest hit by the flooding. more than one hundred children were evacuated from the site. it started raining when suddenly a flash flood came down from the hills everything's flooded a catastrophe the rubble several people were hospitalized with hypothermia and minor injuries. no one has their suitcases we just have what we're wearing but the main thing is we're ok. with the storms and heavy rains that caused the torrents
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erupted after weeks of blazing temperatures. german cycling great jaan awake has been arrested in frankfurt on suspicion of assaulting a sex worker it comes less than a week after the former tour de france winner appeared in court on the spanish island of majorca he was charged with breaking and entering the home of his neighbor the german actor and director. psyching cycling achievement award back in two thousand and twelve when he was found guilty of doping it was set to be released from police custody on friday evening. let's get more on this i'm joined by cries harrington from our sports desk is with us here in the studio he was really the goals and while cycling listen he i mean what has been going wrong lately and especially this this latest episode in frankfurt yeah well you know this is the second arrest in
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a month you know and it's all tied into his substance abuse issues with alcohol and other drugs you know a matter of fact in this recent episode the police said that he was held he was arrested and held in a cell because he was in such a drunken and high state it was for his own safety you know and as you mentioned he was released later you know today which should be now possibly you know but the sad part about this story is he was in private for one reason to get rehab to get help because this incident that happened is pay when he broke into the act or to his home he you know let the public know that he listed have an issue with alcohol i haven't you know i'm a strange for my family i'm going to fight for to get help he made his stop off in this luxury hotel and we all know that how this ended and as it stands right now it's unclear if he will be charged with attempted murder or assault but it does look like there are charges coming down the road really serious really really scary that you know it's a long way from his glory days back in one thousand nine hundred seventy when he
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won the tour de france so i mean how did this happen what has been the progression in the past years you know in terms of his yeah you mentioned you know ninety seven he was one the tour de france only twenty three years old the youngest the first german to do so fourth youngest in the history of the tour he was the sportsman of the year so he was you know living high you know in his heyday in terms of cycling but you know the issues with substance abuse first showed his head in two thousand and two he was tested positive for ecstasy in two thousand and six he was caught up in the whole doping scandal in the tour we all know lance armstrong infamously you know tied into this doping situation as well you know so this is when his doping. started he was banned in two thousand and six retired in two thousand and seven you know and then clearly he has some issues with anger management because it showed his head you know early on with this month with the now again with this assault on this this worker you know at the hotel so it just looks like the substance abuse
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issue just caused him to spiral out of control this is what we're watching and as you mentioned he was in frankfurt to get help for that so obviously this this is not gone according to plan so what is next for him you know he's going to have to find someone they will support him because been estranged from his family you know he made a point to that he hasn't seen his children you know since easter you know so that's something that he was trying to do any any sense of the present knowledge the fact that not seen this family you know took its toll on him and he used that to justify some of his erratic behavior you know but hopefully he does have someone in his corner still that can help pull him out of the gutter because that's where he seems to be right now but i'm pulling for him a dramatic fall from grace and you know we always want to be a bit helpful about the future so we appreciate that message because harrington from our sports desk thank you. it's well now if you ride a bicycle in berlin you might be in for a surprise cycle lanes in the german capital usually run straight along the side of
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the road but a newly created bike lane is testing even experienced cyclists as our correspondent found out. the lens on a quest to make the german capital more bike friendly but this new bike lane seems to have missed them a moment. because. i have never seen a bike lane like this. it's really difficult to stay in the way but it's also funny . didn't you lane has left local residents in a bit of a spin. when i came here i couldn't believe how precisely the line had been painted. just. tell us who this is a joke but it looks totally absurd it's not really usable either for cyclists or
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pedestrians. apparently the bike lane is the result of a communication problem with the contractor who painted the lane then it's paid for you from the pro cycling group fox and shot found out says bin laden has a lot to learn from other european cities like the meeting in cities that are just beginning to improve cycling like paris madrid or barcelona they're spending huge amounts of money and redesigning their infrastructure that's yet to happen in berlin so berlin doesn't already know other cities are going to overtake it with. four guns. according to a bill and city council member does exact lines will be repainted this time st. how could you make a bike lane like that i just have a quick reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you turkey's currency the lira has crashed to record lows after donald trump announced a doubling of tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum tensions between washington and
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uncle have escalated over the arrest of an american pastor by turkey and thousands of tourists across europe have been left going nowhere after pilots of budget airline ryan air launched a twenty four hour strike it's the biggest industrial action in the company's history economists at the peak summer holiday period it is august. don't forget you can always get interviews on the go just download our app from google play or from the opposite store it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can use that you have to send us photos and videos. and with that you are up to date i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great day. madre
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costs like we take football personally. but the club is my son's. family. it's where you feel at home where you run it's gathering times of trouble. come. to. me.
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on a d.w.i. . god helped me to get from morocco to spain has now i'm living here. eventually i'll go to work to get some money to send to my family i think my future will be better. dreams. he's been living in spain illegally for years he talks about how spanish society is changing as more migrants arrive. in sixty minutes. more. gemini with t.w. any time any place. video.
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