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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin clashes erupt in bucharest as ex-pats romanians return home to demand that the government resign they say they were forced out of their own country by corruption and police use rubber bullets and tear gas against the demonstrators injuring hundreds we'll go live to the romanian capital also coming up turkey's currency in freefall as trade tensions mount between washington and ankara the leader of plunges to record lows after donald
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trump ramps up tariffs the turkish president says his country would emerge victorious in an economic war. plus a taking charge of one of germany's most storied soccer clubs that can go down five hundred return barossa dortmund to the top of the bundesliga. welcome to the program i marion i haven't seen. hundreds of people have been injured in clashes between police and anti-government protesters in romania tens of thousands rallied in the capital bucharest and in other cities to demand the resignation of the government they blame the ruling social democrats for endemic corruption and low wages thousands of here is remaining ex-pats also joined the protesters ranks base a corruption and poor financial prospects forced them to leave their country.
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i'm not violence in the romanian capital. leaving hundreds injured. book arrest police fired water cannon and tear gas at protesters after some tried to force their way through to government buildings. it had started as a peaceful day of demonstrations the crowd swelled by thousands of romanian ex-pats . they'd return to voice anger of what they say has forced them to leave the country low wages a lack of opportunity and above all government corruption. but what i'd like to change first the corrupted leaders in romania then the living standard a decent one. right age and it was better than this that the government must grant us the possibility to be a normal country i came from bilbao in spain just for this protest of romanians
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living abroad we're fed up we must be united victory for romania what happened to romania. protesters are demanding that the ruling social democratic party resign and all diaspora is joining the fight around four million romanians work abroad as rent a fifth of the population many are now hoping to force change in one of europe's most corruption plate countries. let's get the latest now from bucharest and for that we're joined by journalist diana ross so dana has there been any official reaction to last night's violence on the part of authorities. yes first of all what that you are hearing the name arias would be a rival of the president or say as i am larry but our very eyes remember. me on the reaction was that of the president of my new.
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york as he asserted. for me and i guess i'm not doing the crackdown the government did that night. things are getting beaten here there are. other. people that one of. our i don't know well who can see pressure is mounting once again after last night's violence the main issue among the demonstrators has been corruption in the government just what to do the protesters want done for this problem to be tackled. one there and nice about them most of them are. people that are convicted for.
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are here that's what we're hearing. all right dana let's talk about the protesters who have been coming out we understand that a thousands of them live abroad they live and work in other countries yet they came back to romania to a participate in the demonstrations but just how much pressure could remain ex-pats put on the government. why i have to say they are right they are and why. thank you and are mounting against me behind me somebody start. some sort of violent incident so they are fine and parts of. economy and they are spending tens of billions of dollars you're. writing an economy and. our identity looks like things are getting somewhat
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tense where you are let's leave it there for the moment journalist and others who are reporting for us from bucharest do stay safe diana. thank you. well now to some of the other stories making news around the world and a california jury has found chemical giant one some two are liable in a lawsuit filed by a man who alleged the company's a weed killers gave him cancer the jury order the company to pay the man two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages monsanto a unit of german chemical giant buyer faces thousands of similar lawsuits across the united states. police in the united states say a suicidal airline employee stole a passenger plane and then crashed it into an island near seattle two army jets pursue the plane but were unable to stop it from coming down there were no
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passengers on board the aircraft when it crashed and sparked a fire. the u.s. space agency nasa has postponed until sunday the launch of the first base craft in history to fly towards the sun the parkers solar probe had been due to lift off from cape canaveral in florida between three and four in the morning local time but engineers stopped the launch at the last minute after detecting a technical problem. now u.s. president donald trump has stepped up his pressure on turkey with new tariffs sending that country's currency into freefall washington is doubling tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum imports apparently over ankara's arrest of an american christian pastor on terrorism charges the leader is nosedive so european markets tumble turkish president of type air to one is calling it an economic war and he promises that turkey will emerge victorious. president tried to
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reassure a nervous public saying his government had the situation under control he promised turkey would ward off what he called an attack from abroad and called for an international struggle. if anyone has dollars euros or gold under their pillows they should go exchange it for turkish lira is it our banks this is a national domestic battle this will be my people's response to those who have waged an economic war against us. president trying to impose sanctions on turkey because of its refusal to allow an american pastor andrew brunson to return to the u.s. try and strengthen the sanctions in a twitter announcement which adds insult to injury in turkey's growing economic crisis. turkey accuses brunson of espionage and terrorist activity despite sustained economic growth the lira has lost more than a third of its value the turkish population is bearing the brunt. of course where
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frayed our income has less worth and prices are rising for food too that's worrying . the turkish finance minister promised state influence on the central bank would be diminished in a bid to win back investor confidence but it's unclear whether this will have a calming effect on the markets. well for more we're joined from istanbul by correspondent dorian jones so dorian the turkish foreign minister saying he is vowing retaliation against the u.s. tariffs what's likely to follow from a move like this. or tell you can do very little economically to retaliate against the united states but it can hurt washington strategically or u.s. forces working with a searing kurdish militia just across the turkish border turkey considers that militia or a terrorist organization so it could run part pressure on that militia and the u.s. forces there on top of that washington has been pushing. very hard to comply with
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its new iranian sanctions on current major trading partner with iran is seen as key to washington and the success of putting pressure on iran for now and they will not comply with those sanctions is very unlikely in the present environment it will change that stance. well during meanwhile the turkish financer has been trying to reassure the public but the reality is that the currency has been taking for months and the country has seen inflation at nearly sixteen percent and now these american tariffs what's the impact on ordinary turks i think for the moment it is complete shock they've seen their currency literally implode in front of them beyond that i think that there will be concerns of that if this route of the currency continues you could put pressure on turkish banks the today there is meant to be an emergency meeting between turkey first who provides a really bold and banks to discuss the car currency crisis but beyond that the fact
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that turkey imports nearly all of its energy and much of many important imports there will be the expectation of a huge wave of inflation hitting turkey in the coming weeks and months on top of that many big companies have borrowed large amounts of money in foreign currency loans fears about the future of those companies will be increasingly the focus of attention and with that the fear of growing unemployment tough times ahead for turkey whatever happens. well tough times ahead as you say it's important to mention though that the latest u.s. tariffs were imposed specifically in response to turkey's prolonged detention of america of an american pastor would to the government consider releasing this man as a way out of its economic crisis with this passenger brunson has become basically the center of a battle of wills between the turkish and u.s. presidents both men bleich betray themselves with strong men and i think medieval will be prepared to back down even though old one is aware of the incredible costs
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of costing he's a country but he's presenting this is basically a battle for the future of democracy he says that this current sea route is an attempt to remove him from power and he's vowed to resist this with our present rhetoric it makes it very difficult for him to step back reports say the americans have given turkey a deadline of this wednesday to return brunson with the expectation of further sanctions if they do not comply the stakes are very high in the coming days and pressure on the press focused president to back down will grow. all right our correspondent dorian jones reporting from istanbul thank you some sports news now and tennis greek teenagers stefanos city boss has continued his fine run at the toronto masters by beating the defending champion alexander's very of it's a fast wearing pink battled back from a set five two down to turn the tables on the german players there as the nineteen year old had upset over a joke of it in the last round he saved two match points against
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a frustrated vera of to take the clash into the decider and city pass completed his huge win after is there a double fault. to the german bundesliga now and a big overhaul of dortmund the club went through two coaches last season and lost two of its top players after just barely qualifying for the champions league it hopes that some of its new faces will restore its former glory. the new man at the helm. after a three year hiatus he's back in the bundesliga he had successful stints in berlin and the league's other brush and lap. dog would have tossed him with the newest facelift. when your posts along when we passed each other will say good ball to our team mates and then the coach says yeah it was good but not great it could be better he's such
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a perfectionist and i think he's just what we need. far from the favorite fast attacking football none of his boring passing the ball around the key for him is that his team know the basics that's why during pre-season he's often had his side training twice a day considerably more often than peter bush last summer. it's important that i get to know every single player. not just as a person but on the pitch to change that's important and the reason why we practice is often as possible sometimes even twice a day. and poor put time to. the club of show their ambition by signing acts of it so who had strong performances for belgium at the world cup that has been dorman's biggest of seven newcomers so far. but for a team in transition it won't be easy to start the season and the fust leg. and
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you're up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour omarion evanston from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. what keeps us in shape what makes us see. my name is dr carlson the time i talk to a takeaway from. them at work. and i discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay choose and let's all try to stay. calm d.w. .


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