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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2018 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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violence against children. this is d.w. news from very early in the u.s. for members charlottesville want to get to the violence in the fudgie a city shocked the world tributes to the young woman who was killed a correspondence meets a mother who says she'll carry on the struggle against white supremacy and also coming up. a u.s.
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court awards of millions of dollars after jury says i'm one son so we gave him counsel with other lawsuits filed to go find out what this means for monsanto for its german owner. the leaders of spain and germany reach an agreement on migration with madrid promising to take back migrants leave for germany but critics say do little to stop the flow of. you money thank you for joining us the u.s. city of charlottesville virginia is preparing to mock one year since violence surrounding white supremacist rally is deadly commemoration police officers were also killed in a helicopter crash during the clashes more than one thousand police are stationed around charlottesville ahead of the remembrance events tomorrow. well correspondent
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alexandra phenomena is in charlottesville where she met hi is mother how the high you know always had that sparkle in her eyes susan bro tells me when we meet in charlottesville carrying on her daughter's fight for social justice she says helps her to cope with the grief when i first held the urn with her ashes. and i realize that aren't in my arms was about the same weight of the same size as she was the day she was born that was hard. hier believed in standing up to discrimination so when far right nationalists came to town she joined her black friends to protest in the august last year wide supremacist neo nazis and members of old tried groups from across the country cupboard to challenge the bill from the now infamous unite the right rally clashes
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soon broke out between the group and counter-demonstrators. was. the violence alternate in that two highlands. this is the place where it happened right here a car driven by a white supremacist smashed into a group of counter protesters killing heather higher and injuring many others hires this sparked outrage across the country which was employed fired by president strums saying we are to clearly condemn white nationalists and neo nazis for the violence of charlottesville for many here this was the moment they decided to stand up against hatred bigotry and racism an outpouring of public support has encouraged activists like delay instrument the roots of racism run deep here she says pointing to the state confederate general robert e. lee still standing proud as just one example but for too long people of shannon's
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build didn't want to confront the issue schmidt tells me they wanted their peace and quiet white supremacy is part of the everyday fabric. of our political life our economic life the way policing is conducted against black people and you know so there's much more discussion of this you know even among people especially white people who were previously very kind of self-satisfied and thought that everything was fine. and see any verse three approaches still ancient and other local activists told a panel discussion to promote the importance of remaining vigilant. this is. if you eat beef can. simply ignoring the problem basically to make it go away. by a charade in washington who's covering this story for us now joins me my it's good to see you so sunday marks the first anniversary of the clashes but who are really
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seeing demonstrations by so-called anti fascist groups but how is charlottesville preparing to mark this day. well earlier this week i spoke with charlottesville activists who said the city has been very tense all week it's a very small town and he said about a thousand police both at the national and at the state level have descended upon this small town and shut off one of the main areas and it is actually the same area where this attack happened last year we also know that earlier today there was a memorial service as we saw in the report and there was also just a church service for anyone who wanted to come together and come together in solidarity and it was called i look at my nose this terms of is called the hope that summons us or just for the community to come together and prepare themselves later today we also know that there's going to be a group of students from the university of virginia which is also in charlottesville who will be occupying the area of the university that the white
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supremacist march originally kicked off from last year as a way to they say reclaim their space and take it back from these white supremacists so my are you st charles who people are bracing themselves but in washington on sunday we're expecting demonstrations from white nationalists an extremist groups as well as a counter demonstration how prepared are the police to do with a potential clash. the police have said their biggest priority for these protests happening will be to keep people apart they definitely do not want a repeat of what happened last year and really no one wants a repeat of what happened last year so they said their goal is to keep people apart and they will also be scanning the crowds for weapons that means full on guns anyone carrying guns will not be permitted to even if they have a permit to do so and anything that might be a weapons is a lead pipe or an umbrella but it is
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a big question how they are going to keep these crowds apart because everyone is going to be converging on the main square on the same main square and we are expecting some very large crowds at least from the counter protesters side it's still unclear how large the white supremacist crowd will be. joining us from washington thank you a jury in the u.s. state of california has found one son two guilty of causing terminal cancer in a plaintiff who was exposed to it. they ordered the chemicals giant which is now owned by germany's bya to pay millions in damages quote authorities in some francisco fast tracked the case because the man is dying. shortly after the verdict was handed down joy is written on dwayne johnson's face monsanto must now pay around two hundred ninety million dollars in damages johnson blames the companies we killers like round up for causing his cancer they contain the chemical glyphosate after i learned about roundup in. reaping i'm glad to be here to be able
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to go with a cause is way bigger than me and during his career as a groundskeeper johnson used large quantities of the herbicide very schools but in two thousand and fourteen he was diagnosed with lymph node cancer the verdict was unanimous. did monsanto failed to adequately warn of the potential risks answer yes. was the lack of sufficient warnings a substantial factor in causing harm to mr johnson answer yes monsanto says its products are safe it has promised to appeal the verdict. frankly that shockley that's not who we are and that's not what we did and that will certainly be a very very closely closely argued point of appeal monsanto was recently acquired by german chemical giant bio for fifty four billion euros buyer says hundreds of
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scientific studies show glad to say it does not cause cancer experts continue to debate the issue the world health organization says the chemical is possibly carcinogenic more than five thousand other americans are currently suing monsanto in connection to the use of life a state doing johnson's victory may just be the first for the plaintiffs now. as i look at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of mainly r.-o. protest has rallied in tel aviv against a new law the declares israel the nation state of the jewish people critics say the legislation marginalizes the country's non jewish citizens including its arab minority israel's prime minister said it's necessary to fend off palestinian challenges to jewish self-determination. turkish president. has escalated the united states over ankara as detention of an american clergyman and one has told supporters he won't be brought into line by threats the turkish
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lira has hit record lows of to washington announced hike steel and me i'm terry of imports. in manny's capital bamako opposition supporters are urging voters to be vigilant to doing sunday's presidential runoff vote they accuse the government of electoral fraud in the first round last month the incumbent is expected to win a second round the election has been my. by threats of violence and security will be tightened. german chancellor angela merkel is in spain where she has agreed and new approach on migration of prime minister. the two leaders were holding informal talks and growing migrant as their. spanish prime minister pedro sanchez welcomed his german counterpart to southern spain for informal talks a new deal took in fact spain will take back migrants already registered there to
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reach germany. although the number of such cases is low it's an important agreement for america. this is. a commitment to help another country struggling with an issue. just as germany is committed to helping spain for example with morocco. your daughter who from almost every day migrants arrive on spanish shores from morocco close to twenty four thousand have arrived this year migrants are now entering spain and italy. calls for a common response from the e.u. . the solidarity of the whole european union in dealing with the challenge of migration. but the spanish and german leaders will present their common vision on migration at an e.u.
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summit next month. in romania thousands of protesters on the streets in many parts of the country protesting against the government for a second day in the capital bucharest huge crowds gathered in victory square to demonstrate against corruption low wages and lack of opportunities in the south east european country protesters say they are not intimidated by the violence of friday in which around four hundred fifty protesters were injured. the final to make day of the european the flasks championship proved successful for a host nation germany the team secured two more gold medals of billions in the stadium and here's a roundup of some of the main events starting with the women's long jump. like them iyabo pulled off the most important job of her sporting career the twenty four year old leapt six point seven five metres in her third attempt that was good enough for gold ahead of rather a you crazed marina back. fellow german mctavish
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bilko in the high jump of it had some spring in his legs with the bar set at two point three five metres the twenty six year old became european champion with the flawless attempt his victory is germany's first european title in the high jump since nine hundred eighty two and a historic achievement for great britain deena asher smith already had gold in the one hundred meters in hand and ashley smith dominated the two hundred meters as well wrapping up a european sprint double her outstanding time of twenty one point eight nine seconds also set a new british record. of french football champions precision kick off their title defense against come out on sunday with german coach thomas to her in charge p.s.g. will be able to call on the world's most expensive plan naima as they aim for a repeat not to mention teenage sensation and world cup win at killie end up and
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despite all that talent the former top one coach feels he has signed over a long way from reaching their full potential. there is still a lot to do for our structure and the game for our for our intensity in the game and for us for that to be we have to improve is that it starts now but we we have to focus on an every single day we have to use time because there is so little time it's not then we like ready to go and we see what's coming we still have a lot to do. nobel prize winning author v.s. naipaul has died in a statement his wife said he passed away peacefully at home in london was born in trinidad in one thousand fifty two to parents of indian origin he published his first novel in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven then went on to write dozens of books many of which dealt with colonialism and its legacy he was knighted by
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queen elizabeth in one nine hundred ninety and awarded the nobel prize for literature in two thousand and one he was eighty five. you're watching the news live from berlin you can log on to a website called news and information thank you for. bringing. the link to it. discussion. of easy to our website d w to. join us on facebook. for cause.


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