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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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thirty two to paris of indian origin he published his first novel in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven and then went on to write dozens of books many of which dealt with colonialism and its legacy he was knighted by queen elizabeth in one thousand nine hundred and awarded the nobel prize for literature in two thousand and one he was. he watching the news live from by i mean you can log onto a website called for around the clock news and information thank you for watching. good job it is. your link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussion from the news of easy to our website d.w. dot com so much for joining us on facebook at g.w. for god. time for an upgrade.
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our furniture that grows all by. us with. your design highlights you can make yourself. through this tips and tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with t w interior design channel on you to. look at the. trading in tesla stock was halted tuesday following a tweet by its brash c.e.o. elon musk announcing plans to take the electric car make a private it will be the largest leveraged buyout in history he said he'd secured funding to buy the company up at four hundred twenty dollars a share giving it a price. tagg of seventy two billion but he didn't say where the funding would
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actually come from shortly after his tweet must published a letter to tesla employees on the company's blog where he said that going private would be the best path forward and would allow tesla to operate at its best free from distraction and short term thinking going private would also be one way to avoid close scrutiny by the public market must pass feuded publicly with regulators critics short sellers and reporters the company is still trying to overcome production challenges which have held up its new model three sit down on which tesla's profitability rests in the meantime the u.s. securities and exchange commission is looking into musts claim he secured funding as well as why the announcement was made via twitter and not fire a regulator refiling as is standard the f.c.c. also wants to ensure investor protection rules have been met.
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friday saw the biggest wave of industrial action ever to hit europe's biggest budget airline as ryanair pilots walked out on a twenty four hour strike at frankfurt on airport check in desks were unstaffed and passengers nowhere to be seen pilots' unions representatives say the message is that ryanair must change. all the days not about defeating ryanair it's about sending a clear sign that defeating their own employees has to end. some passengers at berlin shona failed airport were forced to spend the night there many didn't know when they'd finally be able to fly out but some are still sympathetic to the pilot's demands of the abyss and it's a bit unfair the pilots draw the short straw just because people want to fly on the cheap. i think it's a safety risk if someone's employed as a so-called freelance pilot then perhaps doesn't stay home when they're sick so i think it's justified. pilots in belgium ireland and sweden also
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walked out on friday in the airlines first coordinated europe wide strike a total of four hundred flights were canceled disruption of european airports was at the minimum though with passengers informed in advance of the cancellations. the u.s. reinstated economic sanctions against iran beginning tuesday a few weeks after u.s. president donald trump a taken america out of the multi-nation nuclear deal with the country the sanctions prevent the iranian government from buying dollars they also target the auto and aeronautical sectors as well as iranian exports a loan not explicitly targeted german companies exported goods worth three billion euros to iran last year and fear for their business. the e.u. has offered to support them but trump says any company dealing with iran will not be allowed to do business in the us car make a dime or became one of the first to suspend trade with iran. trade tensions
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between the us and china also ratcheted up this week washington says that beginning august twenty third it will levy further penalty tariffs of twenty five percent on an expanded range of chinese imports the french tariffs will affect a total of sixteen billion dollars worth of product primarily industrial products like metals chemicals and electronics it's the second wave of tariff the u.s. has levied against china so far. despite global trade disputes germany's foreign trade continues to expand its statistics office says that exports in june rose seven point eight percent compared to june last year and most of the demand for german goods came from european countries june imports grew even faster than exports coming in ten percent higher than in june twenty seventh seen the biggest rise in imports since records began in one nine hundred fifty s. the country was beginning its recovery from the second world war with current trade turbulence german industry is cautious about the outlook.
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the dust has yet to settle on the facebook cambridge analytical scandal in which the data of millions of users was harvested to further political agendas that facebook apparently now wants to collect detailed information on bank customers to broaden its range of services and increase user engagement on its messenger app which has one point three billion users the wall street journal says facebook has approached several major banks including j.p. morgan chase and citi group but many of them have turned their request down unhappy about the idea of passing client bank account data on to facebook. facebook has denied it's been asking banks for their clients' account data. it insists it simply works together with banks as a way of offering users a connection to check their account balance or to check with their bank.
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a respected german newspaper reported this week that the black sea port of a desert is a hub of corruption many of the containers customs declarations are falsified zippers become shoelaces because shoelaces pay only a fraction in customs tariffs the charges are laid bare in documents made available to german daily sued doctored sites on papers are routinely forged many people are involved freight companies customs officers police and even the intelligence service as fee you that even though the port was supposed to become a flagship anti corruption project after the my down revolution twenty six year old civil rights activist. played a key role in the protests in the capital clear afterward she was put in charge of customs in odessa and was supposed to drain the harbor of corruption she said customs officers to the u.s. for training and the e.u. supplied modern scanners that were able to identify what goods are in the containers as well as contraband none of it helped the scanners were vandalized.
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chefs gave up her job frustrated in her resignation letter she said the ukrainian government had sabotaged her anti corruption drive. so corruption still flourishes on the black sea visit dodge site and report estimates the losses to the ukrainian treasury topped four billion euros a year in tariffs alone. the small town of nothing used to be a prosperous coal mining community but the old shafts in the former industrial region have long been shuttered now there's very little work in the county of west yorkshire a lot of the young have moved away only the local social club offers a little distraction run by former. rail workers pull green like green many here feel left behind and forgotten they don't see any benefits in european union membership. you think you're going to benefit from the money that you're paying in
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. your. next door a few women are playing bingo a popular game here almost everyone here voted leave to leave the european union so it can't happen fast or hard enough. to go away. and. sell our. white cat with those because. why do we have the players well. interesting questions indeed others here also can't understand why things can't go back to what they once were but the age of cole is over to the north of england with hardly any investment in new industry to replace it will leaving you change
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your last year not only many at least think three years after breaks it will offer them plenty of chances. trashing fairy lights toys and electronic gadgets galore daisy one shop has it all for the last five years she and her husband have been running this store in cape town's chinatown shopping center a business model is simple but effective. but maybe. it's fine it's fine this is fine i mean you. dezi one is one of an estimated one million chinese traders who arrived in africa over the last decade the influx was triggered by growing chinese investment paired with unemployment back home. showing you is daisy's landlord and the co-author of the model he recognized the
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demand among cape town consumers. didn't talk when local people can for you say to me they need this in my the same studio you know something i got this through char . i got the words. by wind char when close i can come to challenge down to rise again some money i get really close. to success because for itself since twenty ten lou and his partners have opened three miles in cape town with a total of one hundred fifty independent stores. hot dry weather europe's recent heat wave has been perfect for the grapes at least here in germany's run hessen region famous for its white wine the high temperatures have had the teams out harvesting grapes earlier than ever before in saigon yarn was not
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special is that production started about two weeks earlier this year with harvesting at the beginning of august already will be finishing today the young one will be in the shops by friday that's great the market's waiting for it. like many here the vul family near mines specializes in a partially fomented young wind cold feet of ice because of the sun the grapes are especially sweet this year they'll yield a fruity wine with a high level of alcohol german wine makers expect the twenty eight team vintage to be exceptional they're among the few german businesses that might actually profit from climate change. the average annual temperatures are getting higher we can see that but some forty years ago in one thousand nine hundred seventy six we also had a very hot and dry year. so extreme highs so it doesn't mean that it's happening more and more often now that it's. maybe next summer will be very cool and wet
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let's wait and see. if the climate really is getting hotter and drier though right hasn't been you know its plan to start growing new varieties of grapes. in the fall family has decided they might transition to the red varieties. select and. seasonal workers on the greek holiday island of santorini. most companies to europe. and put up with extreme working conditions.
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joining in paris. seasonal work in central. w. human child line. only makes you happy st fishing in berlin. this cinema makes you happy at the low carnal film festival. clothes make you happy fresh styles from scandinavia. your romance sixty minutes d.w. . rock'n'roll . sinful with contempt of the
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church i know the evil feeling that you feel when you think the apostles of the sick car stop will come with. rock and religion a clash that brings many parallels light hearted to really so irreconcilable god the devil and. storms of august nineteenth d.w. . one hundred and forty six steps up to eighty times a day for eight solid months. for. santa remey is a paradise for tourists but for seasonal workers it's a nightmare.


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