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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CEST

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again in washington d.c. . and the death toll on long book rises a again more than four hundred people are now confirmed dead after last week's powerful earthquake on the indonesian island a quarter of a million people are homeless will bring you up to date with recovery efforts. thanks for joining us i'm marian evans dean. nasa has launched a groundbreaking mission to unlock the secrets of our son after a twenty four hour delay due to a late technical problem the parkers solar probe finally lifted off from cape canaveral in florida. three true one zero and liftoff. the probe will fly closer to the sun than any spacecraft ever before
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its mission is to study the corona or atmosphere around the sun nasa hopes to find out more about what's known as the solar wind which can throw satellites off course and disrupt the power grid on earth scientists have developed a revolutionary new heat shield to protect the probe from the sun's extreme temperature. the spacecraft is named after a physicist eugene parker who predicted the existence of solar wind sixty years ago nasa is one point five billion dollar mission is being described as one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by the u.s. space agency. this is a mission solar physicists could only dream of for sixty years. a space probe the can approach the sun close enough to enter its atmosphere. the objective is to
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examine how solar flares formed. when currents of electronically charged particles hit the earth they threaten sensitive electronics and satellites that's why scientists want to be able to forecast devastating solar storms. the parker solar probe will gather the necessary data with four instruments this means coming closer to the sun than any other space probe as before. and to be successful it has to survive being showered by energy particles and extreme radiation this extremely hostile environment demands highly developed technology a carbon he chilled with the thickness of twelve centimeters when the probe enters the sun scorching atmosphere its surface will heat up to fourteen hundred degrees celcius the onboard computer has to continually readjust the heat shield so that electronic and measuring devices inside can remain at room temperature and keep
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working if the probe falters in some way unprotected parts will simply melt. with every approach to the sun the probe has to fold in its solar panels behind the heat shield only a small part can be exposed to extreme radiation. the probe has been fitted with this cooling system during a flight through the sun's atmosphere it will cool the solar antennas and keep the instruments working. the parker solar probe orbit the sun twenty four times coming closer to the star each time until the end of the year twenty twenty four when it's supposed to make its final approach solar physicists are eagerly anticipating a truth of new data. the u.s. city of charlottesville virginia has been marking one year since the violent white supremacist rally that claimed the lives of three people the anniversary was marked
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main whitley with peaceful vigils on saturday but there was a brief tense confrontation between police and demonstrators who were angry at the large number of officers in riot gear last year hundreds of white nationalists the center in charlottesville to protest the removal of a monument to confederate general robert e. lee the rally turned violent as protesters clashed with counter protesters culminating in the death of thirty two year old heather higher he was killed when a man drove his car into a crowd our correspondent alexander phenomena was in charlottesville where she spoke with highers mother how the high you always had that sparkle in her eyes. told me when we meet in charlottesville carrying on her daughter's fight for social justice she says helps her to cope with the grief when i first held the urn with her ashes on it and i realized that her now in my arms was about the same weight of
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the same size. as she was the day she was born and that was hard. hier believed in standing up to discrimination so when far right nationalists came to town she joined her black friends to protest in august last year white supremacist neo nazis and members of old tried groups from across the country covered to challenge the bill from the now infamous unite the right to rally clashes soon broke out between the group and counting demonstrators . was. the violence all too many and that's to highlands. this is the place where it happened right here a car driven by a white supremacist smashed into a group of counter protesters killing heather higher and injuring many others hires
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yes sparked outrage across the country which was employed fired by president strums sayliyah to clearly condemn white nationalists and neo nazis for the violence and shallots feel for many here this was the moment they decided to stand up against hatred bigotry and racism an outpouring of public support has encouraged activists like john lane smit the roots of racism run deep here she says pointing to the state of confederate general robert e. lee still standing proud as just one example but for too long people of shallow to build didn't want to confront the issue schmidt tells me they wanted their peace and quiet white supremacy is part of the everyday fabric. of our political life our economic life the way policing is conducted against black people and you know so there's much more discussion of this you know even among people especially white people who were previously very kind of self-satisfied and thought that everything was fine. and see any verse three approaches still ancient in our local activists
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held a panel discussion to promote the importance of remaining vigilant. this is where if you eat beef can we eat it simply ignoring the problem they say they want to make it go away. now to some of the other stories making news around the world jordanian security forces have pulled the bodies of three suspected militants from the rubble of their collapsed hideout following a deadly shootout four soldiers were also killed when the assailants opened fire and set off explosions late on saturday the clash west of the capital amman is one of the deadliest in recent years in the west african nation of mali voting has begun in the second round of presidential elections incumbent abraham will buy a car seen here on the left is expected to win security is tight the first round of
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voting was overshadowed by violence at polling stations in romania tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets across the country in renewed anti-government demonstrations in the capital bucharest huge crowds gathered in victory square just a day after clashes with riot police left hundreds injured protesters blame the government for entrenched corruption wages and a lack of opportunities. the celebrated british author v.s. naipaul has died at the age of eighty five nepal was born in trinidad in one nine hundred thirty two to parents of indian origin he wrote to dozens of books many of which dealt with colonialism and its legacy and he won many of literature's most prestigious awards including the nobel prize. now seven days after a powerful earthquake struck the indonesian island of lombok the death toll
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continues to rise more than four hundred people are now confirmed dead many survivors are still waiting for aid to reach them the quake has left a quarter of a million people whoa.


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