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tv   Doc Film - Toiling in Paradise - Seasonal Work in Santorini  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2018 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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battle with sound marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion a clash that brings many parallels. in order to really suit your reconcilable. god good devil and rock n roll stones aug nineteenth on d w. one hundred and forty six steps up to eighty times a day for eight solid months of. santa remey is a paradise for tourists but for seasonal workers it's a nightmare. that they don't look at this job really is don't use work.
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but despite the heat and the endless toil guest workers come here year after year many of them from bulgaria they're fleeing abject poverty at home but the price of a fast buck is high i don't think it is very good working. for your body for your mind for. just your existing. exposures for the sense of time they're counting the three hundred up to four hundred people good. come out. while the waitresses are flitting to and fro down in the basement riccio is mixing drinks in what was once a cave dwelling only if you're late for just one. so
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you'll take a salad. my . son said he is the big attraction on santa's rini every evening sees a collective ritual of sorts take place here bus loads of tourists. on the northern end of the island to watch the natural spectacle a spectacle the chill doesn't get to see once in an entire season. his shift at the sunset pool bar still isn't over. this is the part i don't like at all and. i think what it was just.
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so this is. so this is what. it's now eleven pm and has been at work for thirteen hours. this is the best moment of the working day. just taking a sip of drink. this thing and doing nothing after all the. music whose birthday we're here move there boy. this is my wife and this is my son. moved back to belgariad for his son's birth even though he worked three jobs there he still didn't make enough money to support a family. oh we're selling driver from bulgaria so is
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waking up at three o'clock in the morning most for making the new very of bit different shops. and after that i was going to our port. to. put turks in the ship's. trucks and trailers and ships so i thought i was going i was very long bus i was working eighteen twenty hour for the there were some days. i was going to work with no sleep. seven am veach i was still asleep but even is already cleaning the pool. a night at the luxury boutique hotel palla villas costs around a thousand euros the price includes breakfast on your own private patio.
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nobody will still want to grace not to the day my calling is late for work he should have been here at eight as a breakfast but i'm no idea where he is now i have to cover for him to answer breakfast as well there are already suitcases waiting for me. so this will continue and so on which i don't even know where to begin looking for this and that when they pull up you know. the first guests are enjoying a freshly cleaned paul in the spectacular view of the volcano with its mostly submerged crater. video also has to head off his lodgings or on the outskirts of eva he doesn't want
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to let us take a look inside he's too embarrassed on his way to work he passes several hotels where he used to work as a bell boy at the sight of his successes he recalls the physical strain of the job . he began lugging suitcases here when he was just age sixteen illegal worked for a miner but no one cared. i threw the first year was really funny i used volleyball for ten years so i was grew stronger i can say it was not a problem for me but we were having next year you're getting worse and worse one moment you're saying oh i come to time or you are having. to destroy your legs you know but. one suitcase can often weigh as much as thirty kilograms asian guests in particular travel with large amounts of luggage many are wary of foreign food and pack their own cooking utensils this is evens fourth run this morning carrying
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suitcases to the loading area he's got ten arrivals and ten departures to take care of today that's fifty to sixty six cases in just one day. they kill myself. traffic on the main road is already at a standstill but the hustle and bustle doesn't bother it's the only time of the day he has for socialising even if it's only a quick cigarette with his fellow countryman. does bar work pay well. you will say it's ok you just got to negotiate i think i've earned one thousand and fifty euros for nine years now when i wouldn't know anything about the point of snobbery and if you complain your the bad guy you know i've never gone to my boss and asked of him my money will go to the movies about you know. if you don't go you'll never get a raise if you work another ten years for the same weight. with what i mentioned i
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know yesterday was really tough he used to go and guns because there were so many cases the girls at reception reckoned i don't have a packet of them but you can see what i own he's got a couple but he's got a guest house five or six suitcases but tips you just to euro's if they give you anything at all. when you want to just go but it did are they able to go because no one believes you and laughs if you tell them you lose twenty kilos of weight a season i thought of modern methods but i've not had a day off since march with a solid month without a day off to support it. just at that time is it. five to ten that. they want to go to go was good to see you take care you don't work too hard. and over the next several easy season.
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video heads off past honeymooning couples posing for their picture. the sight of so much love and happiness makes it even harder to be alone. could have been shown consoles himself by ringing his wife only now plans to visit him in a few weeks time with their son the last time future saw him he was still a baby he'll have to organize a cot for the boy and he mustn't forget to water something special from the butcher's as a welcoming gift it's a bulgarian tradition. they were still ok sweetheart. i'm going to get going for the. who will talk again soon as those of the actual. buy for now. seasonal workers like rachel and eve on almost double the population a century made but it's the tourists who really upset the balance eighty five thousand a day and that doesn't include the countless cruise ship passengers who visit the
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island for just a few hours and a few drinks a. month all spanish is the pool ball he hired rachel four years ago. he's very strong who's doing everything they do off a server. and you're gonna find. easy to fight. like gary and and for. until you get going yeah because they were cool and some money cool for me to fire me. but don't do it for. work for wasting their money for themselves. and this is
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not the same house you bought i don't think that high a little like going to stephanopoulos we've hit. the case and i think there's a better style he's very thankful he has a problem in doing something it's not so easy here to find someone to be so wrong with so my stuff you know and for and they're the most important to his to play this sense of humor. because i was just so. very nice. very nice thank you and. then. even though lifts would make service sector jobs a lot easier hotels are not allowed to install them everything has to look just
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like it did in the past the way people imagine greece. isn't even worried that his job might ruin his health. somehow yes i feel it at home every morning when i can't get up because a lot of cursing. everything hurts and you don't know. what it is. one of the i keep telling myself probably in five years' time or maybe only in ten i'll need a walking stick. is that. i wonder whether i'll even reach sixty. or. a day. boy it will be on top of
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that because. most hotel guests spend only a short time on the island too short to remember the names of the bellboys but long enough to encounter one of the transport donkeys which are gradually disappearing from the landscape donkey droppings are not exactly the image of luxury tourism. you're more. preoccupied with themselves and their picture perfect looks guests fail to notice that the island has long since lost its soul. after the devastating nine hundred fifty six earthquake level buildings on the island many locals were forced to leave in their wake tourist industry green spread unchecked destroying the island's rural character. we asked even how much longer he plans to stay in his job. but. i first have to cross myself so that god will help me my dream is to go back home to bug area and open a supermarket there. is
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a birth and business yourself there's a political market that's my dream to have my own business and it's one i hope to realize in one or two years time three at the most it is going to a lot better than a. little book. itself i think they're going to i've worked here in greece for twenty nine years one more will make it thirty it's time to return home of the awful lot of them. even is now forty three he lives on center in him with his bar gary and wife and their daughter who goes to school here. so doesn't he now call the island home. before he can answer even has to sit down to catch his breath. tell him what does have an. awful. lot let me tell you why i want to go back to bog area.
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to work with all in one day i had to clean three rooms one after another you know just got off stage they stayed put i wasn't expecting to see my daughter at the hotel entrance often it would check with. michael she had arrived early because her mother had dropped her off for to me my daughter knew which hotel i worked out together in g. approached me and stopped and looked and she looked at me and so i was bathed in sweat and was tired and she said papa is this your job you carry suitcases or not the other thing is the stuff that i looked at her and said yes my love why then that she would but papa is such hard work to go she was six years old and she was telling me this is. hard work like that she then took a little dress and said come here let me wipe your face because you're sweating that because of course because of that got to me i went home to my wife and told
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her that i had to find another job and i don't want my daughter to be ashamed of me one day and with. catholicism to cut it up and when i think that a small child only five or six years old wanted to wipe the sweat from my brow that tremendously. of. ritual has already worked one hundred sixty five consecutive days but what for the dream of my wife was going to become a hotel on the border i would love to have a family hotel. disappointed and see people enjoying. stuff where you. reach zero is twenty five years old how much longer will you have to work to realize his dream if i count it real. eighty years seven up to eighty years if i collect my money if i don't collect.
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i will need ten fifteen twenty gearing fanshen i have a know. it so realistic dream property prices of the cost of living up far lower in his home country than on santa remey. four weeks later today riccio is up particularly early colleen air and his son nettie have finally arrived and it's paulina's birthday she's turned twenty five she's familiar with life on century knee after spending three years working with the child behind the pool bar as a kitchen hand at some point she couldn't stand it anymore and went back home she loved each other to do the same. pulley now shows us a video that reveals why feature was too embarrassed to show us his living quarters the three of them share the space with the chairs parents and grandmother six people in one room parents are also seasonal workers. so they didn't miss it.
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i'll only be here for a month three years ago when i was working on santa's rainy we all live together in this tiny flat rachel and i never get five minutes on our own. cloister. but somehow we're surviving we're coping but i'm. looking at. richard has to go he finds it hard to part with his son. john. so that's also. when she in-vitro get time alone. late after work we've been to the beach two or three times four at the most today. so yes we've already band and perhaps we'll
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manage it once or twice more that's all the time we have only in winter when he comes home well the three of us be together again but i'm up a little. because. the cio is also in a wistful mood having pauline and nettie nearby has got him thinking he doesn't want his son to go through what he experienced when he was young. and when i was twelve years old my mum left some over here and she came here to december my father left. my parents and. some money for months just to pay my power and to it it was a cold winter and. i had spent. i told them when they sent me and i was like two months with no power at home. i didn't tell them do you know what i did and they just shut down my power i told them.
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midday at the pool bar while the boss is enjoying himself thomas a great way to uses his lunch break to get away. he needs to let off steam and heads for the any cove within walking distance. he's upset there is no affordable accommodation for seasonal workers especially now that private homes are being rented out via platforms like abbey and b. . as a result for the second season in a row he's living in provisional quarters next to the. thomas has footage of the conditions there. he sees the place where to sleep. and pretty as you can see here. he does it so for
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them to. notify pentagon says. we should get close. he collects into glasses of carts or. this is some of my things. like shoulder. raids in the united states. and the like makes one. and then we have to clean our underwear. our t. shirts and pants. this is a small heap of here. because if you hope we do everything right. in the car for your son already. used to this sort of even though . as you can see he does not
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believe it. just moved a pretty good. job of more use of the were. close. to. the slower. movement for. fear of. going to the police. it's a nightmare shared by thousands of workers on the island. this is what i thought and now this is all i have the best is only the bunk now that is alone trees. does the actions of the owners to pay their stuff
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in that bank account may be clear that there's something before the prince of men but that's not true it's a kind of food. that's why they pay them with on them because in the bank the salad becomes more followed out of sunday and they're just it's the men from the protracted financial crisis in greece has changed the hierarchy among seasonal workers in the past greeks on the island were predominantly in managerial positions today many have no choice but to work a seasonal way tis we are boarded more poor than the body guardians because they would guard that with guardians. so you've got m.k. works you mustn't put them on again become bring me something publish with them. i don't i don't go shopping. then they would go to guy thinks you go. in one bad idea it's because they don't problem with the same but it's.
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tourism has remained a mainstay of the greek economy that has otherwise contract it since the debt crisis began competition in santa rini is theist compounded by the hordes arriving on cruise liners up to three thousand tourists pushit tourists to help santa really weather the financial crisis but santa remey can't cope with the numbers that now threaten to destroy the island. another day another subset down in the basement other side of the guests it's rush hour at the box. once again six hundred drinks have to be mixed and rachel misses the sunset.
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once again he has to stay to the bitter end of his shift even though police there is waiting for him then what do performers. i'm the only professional here and they dump everything on me as if i was some donkey as if i were responsible for everything. you wanted to be told what i was assert. the choice seating. what you don't know if i can take this much longer i can't cope mentally. when will the day come when i can leave this place damn it. living in little gary even in this prison. now i can imagine what it's like
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most bitter end. now throwing i can't believe it the movies made me lose week here he is a anger that will be oh so those who. come get.
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her. to help try to friendship. too long i. only drink when we're thirsty. but how much is pleasure. and what are the risks. of the research is surprising.
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drinking our topic in tomorrow's edition thirty minutes. john w. . his creations. his brand unmistakable come knock off an icon of the. book what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer who's going to some smash and. start september not just w. a news on this message just not see a balance of. golems a call to choke and suck the food is kind of most science but for most.
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people put big dreams on the big story. and movie magazine on the demi. birth. home two moves of species. a home worth saving. on him those are big changes and most start with small steps but global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. music industry going to use to clean image solutions and reforestation. interactive content teaching the next generation of the fundamental potential. use in all channels available to people to take action and were determined to build something
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new for the next generation of the ideas the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is t w news coming to you live from the turkish lira falls to a new low countries president says turkey's financial system is under attack a simple black has promised to do all it can just stabilize the currency but fear is growing that the crisis could spread to other markets including europe also coming up. edging towards.


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