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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey scrambles to stop the collapse of its currency the president says his country's financial system is under attack the central bank has promised to do all it can to stabilize the lira but it's unclear if the measures will be enough to stop the slide. also coming up edging towards peace north and south korea agree to hold of third summit in september but worry for me over the nuclear standoff between the north and the u.s. . and in football by really begin the new season with an emphatic victory over frankfurt in the german super cup we'll bring you the highlights from the game.
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i'm sorry so much going to have you with us turkey central bank says it is ready to take all necessary measures to shore up the country's currency the announcement comes after the lira tumbled to a new low against the dollar and fears group of the crisis could spread to other markets the currency has nosedive this year over worries about president once increasing control over the economy and a diplomatic dispute between turkey and the united states. let's go to istanbul where our correspondent dorian jones is standing by with more on the story for us hi dorian good to see you so how confident are turkish people that the measures the government is taking today will actually stop the slide. well it depends who you speak to like nearly everything in this country it is split more or
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less down the middle between supporters of the president and opponents if you speak to supporters they are confident they reflect the president's strong message that they believe their column is strong this is nothing to do with financial and economic weaknesses but purely a war economic war being launched by washington but if you speak to opponents there is a lot anger of what they believe has been the mismanagement of the economy in this part kerry's position but if he's been to both sides they do recognize that there will be strong financial consequences because turkey is no stranger to currency crises life is people will be aware that going forward is going to be a surge of inflation will bring recession and that will bring joblessness and a lot of pain for this country whichever side of the political you all join you mentioned this growing unrest between washington and ankara remind us you know why have relations rated so much. but this is been like a slow motion train crash has been building up over several years it goes back to
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washington strong support of a syrian kurdish militia in its war against the islamic state. in malaysia share of being linked to an insurgency inside turkey which they consider an existential threat terrorist organization being supported by a nato ally has caused a deep chasm of mistrust between these two countries on top of that you have the failed coup in twenty sixteen where turkish ministers of openly accused washington of being behind the coup attempt and those suspicions have deepened over the failure of washington that extradition request by uncle of the man who claims to be behind the coup attempt the. cleric there to lead good men and what has become the final focal point the breaking point i think is turkey's on going to tension of this american pastor andrew bronson who is accused of being linked to the coup attempt washington says he's a political hostage and that. refusal to let him go has been the breaking point in this relationship. during part of this chasm of mistrust as you called it is that
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turkey is indicating now they may try to develop closer economic ties with russia and move away from the west how far could it actually go. well that is the message coming from the turkish president but there are questions about whether moscow has deep enough pockets to bail turkey else turkey needs around two hundred billion dollars in renewed and fresh loans every year to sustain the economy its own likely and for sure the support that also looking to china but again to china it's very unlikely to be able to meet the financial demands that turkey needs only europe and the american financial markets can do that and that's tied to turkey meeting in base of the moms. and also possibly a reproach mom with washington d.c. is correspondent dorian jones reporting for us from istanbul durian thank you for your analysis. and how here we'll have more on the turkish lira under pressure that's coming up in business
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a little bit later in the show. not some other stories making headlines around the world the german government says chancellor angela merkel will host russian president vladimir putin for talks this weekend near berlin the discussions are said to focus on the war in syria the conflict in eastern ukraine and energy issues the two leaders late last met in may. hundreds of people have been injured five seriously after part of a wooden promenade collapsed and music festival in northern spain authorities say many people were on the boardwalk in the city of vigo when it gave way to around midnight on sunday none of the injuries is thought to be life threatening. in yemen thousands of people have gathered for the funeral of dozens of people killed in an airstrike last week they died when a saudi led coalition air strike hit a boss as they drove through the northern town of diana on thursday many children were among the dead. north and south korea have agreed to hold a summit in pyongyang and september it'll be the third meeting between the leaders
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of the rival countries this year the announcement came after officials held a fresh round of high level talks on monday morning the negotiations in the demilitarized zone between the two countries that were proposed by the north last week relations on the peninsula have been thawing further despite tensions between north korea and south ally washington. let's get the latest on the story from seoul josh smith is standing by a correspondent for reuters hi josh good to see you we don't have an exact date yet for the summit but what do we know about what will be on the agenda here. both koreas have been trying to move forward on a number of issues north korea's likely to tout what it says have been goodwill gestures on its behalf stopping its weapons testing program and providing or returning the remains of u.s. troops who were killed during the korean war in return for some kind of easing of sanctions south korea meanwhile is likely to push north korea to make more concessions on its weapons program bring back something that it can bring to those
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allies in washington who are very skeptical of north korea these days just to mention this going to the third meeting between the two sides since april how significant are these talks now how deep is this stalled that we're seeing. both koreas do seem very committed to at least maintaining this level of interaction which we haven't seen before this will be the first time a south korean president has met three times. at any point alone in one year with a north korean leader and so this meeting in pyongyang is definitely expected to have a lot of pageantry a lot of symbolism a lot of. you know symbolism of the korean the cow unit the trying to show some kind of progress even as some of the more concrete issues like nuclearization remain unsolved and just you know these international sanctions against north still exist how much are they getting in the way again between
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economic cooperation between the south and the north here. this is something that the north has increasingly complained about it said that it's maybe measures taken steps to reduce tensions and that sanctions should be reduced accordingly however south korea has pushed for some diminished sanctions however in washington they say that they won't we do sanctions at all until there's a major progress underneath there's asian that's the bottom line here are we really any closer to seeing the denuclearization of north korea. it doesn't appear so i mean you can be optimists here believe that that kind of process will take years if not decades and so does something bad u.s. officials are recently impatient about north korea does say that it's committed to eventually to nuclear ice in the korean peninsula. what kind of time it will it will have to see british correspondent josh smith speaking to us from seoul josh
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thank you very much. a fire at a hospital in taiwan has killed at least nine people another thirty are injured and investigation has been launched into the cause of the blaze the fire broke out on the seventh floor of the building which was used for hospice care. it was a ward for critically ill patients many were bedridden they could move when the blaze broke out hospital staff tried to remove them but for some help came too late . hospital officials say the victims included not just patients but also nurses and caregivers. first responders raced against the clock to save those injured in the blaze nearly twenty remain in critical condition. the fire started early in the morning on the seventh floor of a public hospital in the taiwanese capital firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the place within an hour but its effects were still devastating. still
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sassoon fourteen victims were experiencing cardiac arrest. and four are awake the other hospitals are now giving emergency treatment to those experiencing heart attacks. it's still unclear what caused the fire but firefighters say they suspect it could have been triggered by an electrical fault that right now an investigation continues into the blaze and many patients who are already gravely sick are now fighting for their lives. now to the u.s. where a white supremacist rally in washington d.c. fizzled out on sunday after only a handful of neo nazis showed up and supremacists were massively have numbered by hundreds of counter protesters the rally was held on the first anniversary of a demonstration in charlottesville virginia where one woman was killed. i think hundreds of people marching three washington to condemn racial hatred the year after a white supremacist rally in charlottesville turned deadly these counter-demonstrators
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far outnumber the white nationalist protest which is also being held in the u.s. capitol it's vital that. we don't allow white supremacist and open fascists to take the street uncontested i don't want nazis and white supremacists to speak for me i thought it was important to come out so that there's other voices to counteract them this empowerment of people who think that their congress and conference suit was either deep pools rights is way out of line and because of a stance on is a really big unless. the group around twenty white nationalists was much smaller than expected and was escorted by hundreds of police officers who were out in force to ensure no clashes erupted. the organizers down played down role in last year's violence. in the east side but he told me you know there will. be
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a place i believe i need it eventually but i. i i. in charlottesville where the far right was forbidden to rally this year largely peaceful commemoration events white house last year hundreds of white nationalists descended on the city to protest the removal of a monument to confederate general robert c. late the rally ten violent as protesters clashed with counter protest has culminated in the death of head to hire who was killed when a man trade his car into a crowd was. back in washington a downpour brought an end to a day of remembrance and protest without any violence. to sports now and in football buy a new nick have won their first piece of silverware of the new season after beating frankfurt in the german super cup the reigning league champs were in unstoppable form eventually winning the game five now the result made it a happy return for
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a parent's new coach nico call that she won the german cup with frankfurt just a few months ago. nico kobayashi returned to his old stomping ground in frankfurt and he was feeling the love. but on the pitch he was looking to defeat his former club. that the star frankfurt brought physicality and looked ready for the match but byron opened up the scoring in the twenty first minute the pass from yahshua can make set up rubber live in those d.j. handy and then gave byron an early leak. then things got a bit heated with tween marco fabienne in goals for eleven dollars the pole gave the perfect response again with this hand frankfurt goalkeeper frederick grunow looked uncertain to kneel by or humbles was lucky not to get a red card for this foul on me i got cheated bitch. after the break byron took advantage again through the window ski completed his hat trick.
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but byron work finished kingsley komang added another to pour salt in the eagles loons. and then tiago added a fifth goal to seal the game. the cocoa botches news demolished his old one they probably won't give him such a warm welcome next time the wind is byron's seventh super cup victory. you're watching deja vu news still to come on the program more on turkey's moves to stabilize the coming clear it's failed to convince equity markets across asia and europe so far will find out why. i'm here i guess we'll be speaking to an analyst in london he'll also have a roundup of your business headlines coming up in the next few minutes.
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