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this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey's president raises the stakes in this showdown with the united states he says the u.s. is trying to bully on her with sanctions and accuses it of stabbing turkey in the back those comments come as the president battles to contain the fallout from the collapse of his country's currency. also coming up nine people are dead and another thirty injured after a fire swept through a window of a hospital in taipei for terminally ill patients authorities want to know how the blaze started and why it took the hospital so long to was the hard part. and
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a debate about muslim headscarves comes to a head here in germany. tell me twenty minutes they say you have to leave you head scarf and saying no it's my choice you can't tell me what you do not want parents you don't have custody of me if you can't make my decision schooling. should the government be allowed to ban the wearing of headscarves five girls under the age of fourteen. i'm sorry someone's going to welcome to the show turkey central bank says it is ready to take all necessary measures to shore up the country's currency that announcement comes after the lira tumbled to a new low against the dollar and fears grew that the crisis could spread to other markets the currency has nosedived this year over worries about president to once increasingly increasing control of the economy and as a diplomatic dispute ask a late. between turkey and the united states mused the president everyone gave
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a speech a short while ago and said turkey is under economic siege earlier i spoke to correspondent dorian jones in istanbul and asked him what else the turkish president had to say. well it was another very tough speech much of it aimed at washington he said that strategic allies should not stop their allies in the back then he went on to accuse washington for backing terrorists saying that. terrorists we can say goodbye to as a reference to the us its ongoing support of a syrian kurdish militia fighting in syria which considers its terrorists he then went on to say that lee had seen was on justified he said that the fundamentals of the circuits in iraq remained strong and he promised that they would be all that were stalled suge he did not explain how how that will be achieved by all one standard so this was quite restrained amid
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a very importantly he did not directly attack the u.s. president personally and earlier in the day we will be hearing from the turkish foreign minister metal go along with this and to us rhetoric from the call saying that turkey was ready to have talks with the west to resolve this crisis. how confident are turkish people that the measures that everyone's government is taking will really shore up the currency. but it depends who you speak to i mean the country is deeply divided like everything else between supporters and opponents of the president and those who support the president very confident in the president's stance they believe this is a war by washington and they believe that they will prevail opponents are far more concerned than fearful about the future has to be said at the moment the real effects of this dramatic devaluation have been being felt that will come in the coming weeks and that is expect to see a massive surge and prices price spikes given thursday's heavy dependence on n.b.c. imports and on top of that the fears for many companies the forwarding foreign
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currencies the fears of some possible closure as to impact and that will affect both sides of the political spectrum meanwhile as this currency crisis has asked a lady turkey's also indicated it may try to develop closer economic ties with russia. and move away from the back of the west and how far could those relations actually go. well indeed moscow has been very quick to offer its support there's even talk that turkey could pay for russian imported oil in rubles rather than dollars that's been a key demand of turkey in the past has been reluctant to do that but it appears they are prepared to possibly offer that concession but the fact that turkey and its turkish economy needs around two hundred billion dollars of renewed loans and new money from foreign markets to stay in the economy doesn't have that kind of of depth of money to give to support turkey possibly china is another option turkey has been deepening its relations with china and it's increased you talking about sharing similar ideas of an economic strategy with china china may offer some
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support but again the size of turkey's demands from for alone is something that even china could. really perceive that only europe and the united states can offer the financial support the turkish economy needs sustain itself. with the very latest for us from istanbul thank you dorian. now to some other stories making news around the world and afghan officials says at least one hundred security forces and twenty civilians have died in ongoing fighting fighting in eastern province afghan forces are battling taliban militants for control of the city of a key provincial capital the taliban launched an assault on the city four days ago . hundreds of people have been injured five seriously after part of a wouldn't probably not collapsed at a music festival in northern spain authorities say many people were on the boardwalk in the city of diego when it came way at around midnight on sunday none of the injuries to start to be life threatening. to rancho rains and thunderstorms
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have battered the japanese capital tokyo the downpours on monday left subways and stores across the city briefly submerged thousands of households also reported power outages the storm lasted a few hours before the thirty. year old rule a fire at a hospital in taiwan has killed at least nine people another thirty are injured and investigation has been launched into the cause of the place the fire broke out on the seventh floor of the building which was used as a hospice ward. this was a ward for critically ill patients many were bedridden they couldn't move when the blaze broke out hospital staff tried to remove them but for some help came too late . hospital officials say the victims included not just patients but also nurses and caregivers first responders raced against the clock to save those injured in the blaze nearly twenty remain in critical condition. the fire started early in the
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morning on the seventh floor of a public hospital in the taiwanese capital firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the blaze within an hour but its effects were devastating. still sassoon fourteen victims were experiencing cardiac arrest five are unconscious and four are awake all the other hospitals are now treating the heart attack victims so it's still unclear what caused the fire but firefighters say they suspect it could have been triggered by an electrical fault there have been nine hospital fires in taiwan in the past decade claiming thirty seven lives right now an investigation continues into the blaze and many patients who were already gravely sick are now fighting for their lives. north and south korea have agreed to hold a summit in pyongyang in september it will be the third meeting between the leaders of the rival countries this year the announcement came after officials held a fresh round of high level talks on monday morning negotiations in the
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demilitarized zone between the two countries were proposed by the north last week relations on the peninsula have been knowing further despite tensions between north korea and the south ally washington so let's get the latest on the story from seoul and josh smith a standing by a correspondent for reuters hi josh good to see you out we don't have an exact date yet for the summit but what do we know about what will be on the agenda here. both koreas have been trying to move forward on a number of issues north korea's likely to tout what it says have been goodwill gestures on its behalf stopping its so weapons testing program and providing or returning the remains of u.s. troops who were killed during the korean war in return for some kind of easing of sanctions south korea meanwhile is likely to push north korea to make more concessions on its weapons program bring back something that they can bring to those allies in washington who are very skeptical of north korea the state just
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mentioned this going to the third meeting between the two sides since april how significant are these talks or how deep is the stall that we're seeing. both koreas do seem very committed to add at least maintaining this level of interaction which we haven't seen before this will be the first time a south korean president has met three times. at any point alone in one year with a north korean leader and so this meeting in pyongyang is definitely expected to have a lot of pageantry a lot of symbolism a lot of. you know a symbolism of korean unity trying to show some kind of progress even as some of the more concrete issues like we need leaders asian remain unsolved and just you know these international sanctions against north still exist how much are they getting in the way again between economic cooperation between the south and the north here this is something that the north has increasingly complained about it
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said that it's made measures taken steps to reduce tensions and that sanctions should be reduced accordingly however south korea has pushed for some diminished sanctions however in washington they say that they won't we do sanctions at all until there's major progress on the news but there is a should that's the bottom line here josh are we really any closer to seeing the denuclearization of north korea. it doesn't appear so i mean you can be optimists here believe that that kind of process will take years if not decades and so does something bad u.s. officials are increasingly impatient about north korea does say that it's committed to eventually nuclear ice in the korean peninsula but once as means exactly what kind of time people will have to see borders correspondent josh smith speaking to us from seoul josh thank you very much. here in germany
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a debate is raging about the wearing of the headscarf by some muslim women critics say it as a sign of oppression by men supporters say in a democracy people should be allowed to dress as they please the debate is coming to a head in the region of north rhine-westphalia the local government there is considering banning the headscarf for girls under the age of fourteen as did he yelled a starbucks found out emotions are running high. and shine three classmates three muslim girls so he that has been wearing a headscarf since she was ten it bothers her that some politicians want to forbid girls from doing so. well right just because it's only twelve minutes they say you have to leave you headscarf i say no it's my choice you can't tell me what to do you know my parents you don't have custody of me and you can't make my decisions for me. i also want to wear a headscarf but only when i am older and mature enough to make my own decisions.
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but at what age are girls really old enough to make a conscious decision to wear islamic head covering the german state of no point with various integration minister says that younger than fourteen is too young and he thinking about banning it for what is going speech the economy is very important to us we want women who voluntarily decide to wear a headscarf to be accorded full respect for society this is nothing to do with marginalization but we do not want young girls to be forced into it because. most google's here at elizabeth's elbert comprehensive school in bonn say they were the headscarf voluntarily. almost half the students here are muslim but only very few of them actually where he job under the age of fourteen what is striking though all the girls i talked to say they plan to wear one in future some teachers are critical of this trend but they feel a ban would be counterproductive to the state islam teachers at the comprehensive
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school in bonn take a different approach. gunsmiths to get serious very important to me as a teacher to enter the debate this shouldn't be a straight ban but there should be a conversation with school girls who are searching for answers wearing a headscarf ease of course a symbol that strengthens one's identity so to ask about such a personal decision i can. only do this when this trust and. sixth grade islam plus is supposed to inspire this pupils to critically analyze the religion to make room for open discussion and allow different interpretations of the koran. you also have to think about how things were fourteen hundred years ago and how things are today this is. not an easy task when it comes to the headscarf debate most children have taken on their parents' attitudes oh. well i think that children should wear a headscarf from puberty from the idea of fourteen or fifteen so they don't get
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harassed or something just like. my sisters have also started wearing headscarves and i've seen them wearing them and i was the only one left so i said ok i'll put one on t.v. so. it was a party these are religious traditions that have continued and of course they're also seen as traditions by their families. and their own absolutely seem that way by the mosques. are often more. than about. them both commish is trying to get his pupils to question traditions for him school is just the right place for it. you're watching d.w. news still to come more on turkey's moves to stabilize the plummeting lira it's failed to convince equity markets across asia and europe so far and find out why. nearly two months after the u.s. stock tariffs on steel from the e.u.
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how are european manufacturers faring carried out first we'll have those stories and much more for you coming right up and visit. me take personally. with all the wonderful stories that make the game so special. for all trees. more than football long lines.


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