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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin turkey's president raises the stakes in the showdown with the united states the president says his country's financial system is under attack by the central bank promises do little can just leave but it's unclear if the measures will be enough to stop the slide also coming up.
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this german student who was sent home from china off to making a film the botched human rights advocates we asked given by beijing's crackdown on dissidents. and officials convoyed in mali's presidential election runoff president. is the favorite to win in a poll of modern but it's free mr tress. although i'm on the thought you might get to have your company. turkey central bank says it's rage a tick all necessary measures to shore up the country's currency deliver the announcement comes after the leader tumble to a new low against the dollar and fears grew that the crisis could spread to other markets the currency has nosedived over worries about the turkish president's
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increasing control over the economy and as a diplomatic dispute escalates between turkey and the united states let it out and says the country is facing an economic siege he's also seeking to reassure citizens have a listen. we're taking the necessary steps against these attacks together with the finance ministry of institutions and we will continue to take them. home and i believe that the currency rate will return to reasonable levels don't worry. richard. joining me now in this to do is buy he's an at the think tank the global public policy institute welcome by lots of people. and if you don't have to say he's going to reassure the citizens of taking your system and how serious is the situation the situation is quite serious it's it's kind of shocking because their lives are lost the value against the dollar against the euro of around thirty five
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to forty percent of this is enormous and from the beginning of this year imagine if you are a businessman in turkey and you have. a loan you have to pay almost double back that is serious question also for our drawn because his strength was always the economy and now it's a weak point for him and one reason for this see crisis of course is the dispute between the united states and and tookie and this you don't has gone so far as to say i mistyped looking for allies and i'm just thinking might mean russia how likely is that well there's a risk turkey is already shifting towards russia in terms of values shifting towards russia in terms of syria policy but to be honest syria is not the real alternative for turkey. looking from an economy point of view. russia is not the alternative in terms of security fault politics because russia is
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not a reliable and resistant or resilient part of pataki. so this is why turkey would remain like within the western institutional architecture. as we all know the shiftings to form one pole to an. other happened gradually so there is the risk maybe of the purchase of the s four hundred. s. them my against it was that good you don't have to be using very strong lead language when talking about me to he's talked about being stabbed in the back of my used to teach and he's talked about the country being under economic siege and he's talked about economic tendril on social media against his country how why did should need to be about such comments and. as reliable need to add i well there are two reasons why our don is doing that the first reason is by
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portraying an enemy from outside he is shifting the responsibility from his misguided and failed economy and fiscal politics and policies towards an exterior dynamic. also he knows that rebelling and protesting against the west particularly against the united states gives him political credibility gives him support from his voters that's the reason so he wants the turkish people to unite in these difficult times. how difficult. how serious is that it is a problem. as i said turkey perceives is the current debate or the current crisis not as a crisis with the nato but as a bilateral one with the united states. which is far more a conflict which is far more risky is the conflict in syria but it is sense isn't
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he playing with fire he's prepared to sacrifice his big international relations for domestic policy goals while he is doing the classic brinkmanship so going towards the author and stressing the relationship as much as possible but he knows that how valuable these. was the relation to the west off or turkey that was why he was still loyal to you migration deal where would be european nations so he tries kind of to balance out to to shift the responsibility but still be loyal to. the old. and out of this with a good public policy institute thank you very much thank you let me now bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the want of gone military officials say at least one hundred troops and thirty civilians are believed to have been killed in fighting with taliban militants for control of the city of the four days ago the taliban launched an assault on the strategically important city on the
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main highway linking the capital of kabul with the south. a fire at a hospital in taiwan has killed at least nine people and injured many others an investigation has been launched into the cause of the blaze near the capital taipei the fire broke out on the seventh floor of the building which was used as a hospice for terminally ill patients. vote counting is underway in mali's presidential runoff after a tense election that business model by violence authorities say a poem verco was killed by extremists in the north of the country and the threat of violence kept turnout yo incumbent. keita is expected to win the vote the result is due later this week. string checks at polling stations security measures will once again stepped up families presidential election runoff voters chose between the incumbent president even him. and opposition leader so my lengthy
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. seventy three year old cape to said he was confident of victory after topping the poll in the first round of voting. but many in the country were unhappy with the outcome. and. i'm a bit disappointed with the first round went but unfortunately i don't expect much to change in the second round. the opposition are concerned about voter fraud demonstrating in the capital bamako at the weekend. plus many were unable to vote in the first round that's after around seven hundred polling stations were closed due to violence from groups but an opposition challenge to the result was dismissed by the constitutional court. in all the money as a haven for islamist insurgents that temporarily took control of the region in two thousand and twelve three years later a peace deal was signed with the government now monitored by un troops the german army is also involved but it's a fragile peace attacks
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a frequent i left. that we need peace and stability in the country because our economic development social development everything at stake for mali cannot materialize without peace and stability. but. this will be the most important task for the future presidents. and now for a story of a german who went to china to study journalism david nyssa i was half its were a master's degree at the prestigious university in beijing they decided to make a video profile of the lawyer of a pro-democracy dissident a bat got him into trouble with the authorities and his visa was not renewed and we talked to him in just a moment but first here's an excerpt from his video project. lim today is a lawyer in the people's republic of china but he's different from most other lawyers in the middle kingdom he represents those whom the chinese state fears
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today he's on the way to see a democracy activist together with a fellow lawyer from southern china he represents a new woman who has been in prison for almost twenty five years seen continuously emphasis to freedom of speech and founded the democracy party of china. hit her. father shirk from. troubled insurer. interesting. well how do you count how. joining me now is a dove admissable the german journalist you didn't who made that film we just saw an example of that was kim diamond now why do filming outside the jail the police detained you what happened next next. police station close boy
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they didn't tell me a reason they just took me on their car and then we drove for ten minutes and the police station then we went for three hours they didn't question it is that we waited and then finally i couldn't. ok now but if you hadn't been warned by the head of your program at the university in beijing not to make that sin why did you still go ahead and do it. because i think it's an important topic and especially out as far as we need to focus on this topic otherwise there is nobody who focus on these topics so i thought i have to do this is especially after i did work on a lot of other topics during my bachelor's and master's in chinese studies i did something on tax reforms and a lot of other stuff so i thought now it's time to also focus on these maybe not that positive topics about china now after you made the fifth and the chinese authorities decided not to do new york visa so you had to do the country right yet so what about the others you sure in your project openly criticizing government
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policy i wanted to ask the consequences they might face well i know that they are all fine because i'm still contacting what's. so and. they have no problems after that and one is like this if people are in public then the chinese government doesn't dare to just take them away to just put them into prison so that also might be some kind of help for them ok so in the public eye that the certain degree of protection is what you're saying thank you said that for you are journalism studies in china one experiment for you what do you mean by that well i wanted to see how do they teach journalism in china or is it similar to germany or not and what i feels like with shooting itself there are a lot of similarities but if you do sensitive topics such as i did then they are not so happy about that so human rights is a sensitive topic there yeah absolutely if you do anything that is real to human
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rights i guess most of universities and. the government department are not happy about that and what do you take away from the interviews which you had with the activists and their lawyers. well i think they are really brave these people are so brave because it's really dangerous what they do some of them get arrested and they still continue doing their work because they think it's worth it they think they need to fight for this more just china so that's the main thing i got to know during this research right jenna's i'm seared into the oven missile thank you very much for talking to each other and sharing your experience with us thank you for telling to suck and buy new ticket won their first piece a civil way out the new season after beating frankfurt in the german super cup the reading league champions were in unstoppable form the five nil victory made it a happy return for bynes new coach nico who won the german cup at frankfurt just
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a few months ago. nico coverts return to his old stomping ground in frankfurt and he was feeling the love. but on the pitch he was looking to defeat his former club . at the start frankfurt brought physicality and looked ready for the match but biron opened up the scoring in the twenty first minute the pass from yahshua can make set up robert levin dusty to head in and gave biron in early. then things got a bit heated between marco fabien and goes for eleven dogs in the poll gave the perfect response again with the frankfurt goalkeeper frederick room uncertain to neil buyer how ml's was lucky not to get a red card for this fallow me on that sheet of it. after the break byron took advantage again through having to keep picking his hat trick.
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but byron work finished kingsley coma and added another to pour salt in the eagles' noon. and then tiago added a fifth goal to see old again. by. his new side demolished his old one they probably won't give him such a warm welcome next time the wind is buyers seven super cup victory. this is up next with. your smart t.v. smarter. for small. but she was. up to date extraordinary. to decide was find out more. cops more. street should. just.
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