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so first of proctor's national with sound marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion a clash that brings many parallels. to the two really so irreconcilable. comedy the devilment and rock n roll stones on his nineteenth on d w. n roll. everyone welcome to the show and today's special edition of your max we're hitting the road is what's coming up. for posterity recreating
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a hard life from the history of most sports. on the roads and alcohol for bike is a unique form of transport. and its classic creations building soapbox replicas of famous racing cars. we start off the show on four wheels in the world of automobiles the city one two c.v. is a legend it's french name. literally translates to two steam whole says the french call was first produced in one thousand nine hundred forty nine and is often referred to as an umbrella on wheels it was more than just your average automobile the smooth suspension and affordable price made it an instant hit it's still popular popular to this day and the compensation in central france has given one model a make over like no other. situation
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to cd or to ship is made of wood but you can still drive it. after five years of work the car's maker me shadow of a yacht is taking it out on its maiden voyage through the medieval town of notch. that put me off with you on it with the force this is the first time it's been on the streets of france you know. i get mad. at you like a kid. martin but i sit there instead of getting a little bicycle i've got a little car for. the feeling the fool probably not but you know the idea was to build additional not any other cars but through the fire of my heart set on building a durable bank with us and therefore. to to shift always a symbol of french. the art of enjoying life to the fullest. michel's created venture began with this two cd. built in one nine hundred fifty three it was just
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rusting away in a barn. that's need immediate for my camera thousands of times of my pencil my meter stick and paper to take all the measurements. onto thin this is . when the retired carpenter began creating the current of wood in his workshop based on two prints that he'd sketched. don't put them on tape yes but my assembled everything on piece by piece. up with a fragment of the platform on the chassis of the dish. and then i constructed my frame on top of the. sort of. play off i did and then i had to wait till the doors to hoed in the wings to fit the standard body shell. michelle sessions his car from the would have
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a variety of fruit trees but there pear apple or cherry trees he used only once from the water alley. installing the sixteen horsepower engine was one of the easier tasks faithfully reproducing the different parts of the car's body was incredibly time consuming. said there was no this piece of wood here these air intakes it took three days of work so you know machine can do this let so i had to do everything by going to get well prepared with all the time was an issue for that with you in a debate that it didn't matter if i needed for five years i just wanted to make a model that was unique. michel is something of an expert at making wooden cars but one to ten scale model once he exhibits them in a little museum which he opens to visitors. he said wouldn't do ship oh is now the
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main exhibit and his masterpiece. and you can make hundreds of little wooden models like this from all makes of cars or building a full scale model like this is something you only do once in a lifetime there will be a second time. that the sawing in sanding is done michele plans to spend the coming years showing off the fruits of his labor. and expose it i want to exhibited in art galleries and the big museums on the shelves are losing power as if they don't exist already maybe even at the foot of the eiffel tower. that's why i think the. silk road beyond knows that his car is a real attraction after all people were drawn to it from the moment the wooden dish of the. made its debut in the streets of los.
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many people dream of quitting their job and traveling the world perhaps you do too but there are also lots of speed bumps on the way costs and commitments often put people off but a couple from berlin found an alternative way to make their dream a reality in two thousand and twelve and the. include figured out how to travel the world while making money jury in their travels but unlike most people they didn't hit the road but rather took to the skies to get a bird's eye view. of a smooth and don't rain cliff i had always dreamed of soaring through the skies above new york or through monument valley. now for the two berliners that dream has come true they were allowed to fly directly over rio de janeiro. and they were the first to cross the andes on their flying motorbike now they're planning to travel
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across europe with a quick stop in a small town on germany's baltic coast christiane is waiting to greet them. welcome to. the flight coordinator lets the couple stay the night in the airport building for free and if swipes of the everywhere we go people are really helpful when will you take off we don't know where we're going to spend the night we have no set plan we improvise i guess for some people on horrors in our you know in the world i'll be spending the night of it for us it's really exciting and it always turns out really well in monotone that. andreas toto was twenty seven years old when he emigrated to south america and worked there as a tour guide six years ago during a tour through the amazon rain forest he met talking about six months later they decided to fly around the world. i want to flush away he opened
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a bottle of wine and finished it afterward you lived in colombia ecuador the caribbean venezuela and so on i want to go there to show i said ok take a year off no problem and i'm going to do i no longer then we opened a second bottle of wine and when we've finished that one green remembered that she had always wanted to fly over a herd of elephants in africa you know a low altitude remember that i was going to do so i said ok quit your job we'll sell all our stuff and a few things we keep we'll just put on the trike and then we'll head off on our world tour. since two thousand and twelve the couple have traveled to over forty different countries they've covered a distance of more than fifty thousand kilometers it's a real adventure because the ultralight hang glider weighs just four hundred seventy five kilograms and is very susceptible to the weather. i don't have a fear flying i love flying and this open trike is like
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a bird this is the real deal it's so much fun. to spot. the couple finance their globetrotter existence with the help of sponsors by giving talks and writing books and via still works as a tour guide but flying around in their trike also has a downside they can only take twelve kilos of luggage with them thats it. because we have put all our luggage in there the blue bags contain our clothes and we have a tank over here so we can walk to a petrol station to get fuel. and our computer and camera chargers are down there in the black bags of food he come. down here into the engine is our parachute can even activated an altitude of one hundred metres and that's in a group of not me fortunately they've never had to use their parachutes but they've certainly encountered some dangerous situations in the do not want to have to make
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an emergency landing in ecuador and it was raining really hard i couldn't see a thing you know you flew along the coast and there was a small patch of sand and i had to try to land the trike there she'd be in the strip of sand was fifty years sixty metres long. i managed. and the next day when the tide was out really realised that we now have lots of space and we could take off again safely but in all days i mean i thought. the two adventurers plan to keep flying across europe until the end of twenty eighteen then in twenty nineteen they planned to head for africa their greatest aim is to one day arrive in sydney after clocking up one hundred sixty thousand kilometers and crossing over one hundred countries that would certainly be one record breaking flight and the journey of a lifetime. well next time you're out and about have
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a look up to see if you can spot. the pedaling above you now moving on to motor sports fans of ultimate real racing live the high octane thrills the most spectacular moves happen at lightning speed and when it comes to events from the early days of the sport they're often only preserved in the memories of eyewitnesses so two young men from the czech republic set out to fill those gaps in history with a visual record using an amazing combination of creativity and technology. july nine hundred thirty eight an accident on the new world green racetrack a mercedes silver arrow bursts into flames. nine hundred fifty seven juan manuel fangio drives the legendary german grand prix and his maserati two fifty s. . high resolution pictures from the history of motor sports moments that were actually never photographed the pictures have come from the czech design studio
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unique and limited petra millau ski and yon around boussac first had the idea when they saw an old miss say this silver arrow in prague technical museum people that they had really been motor sports enthusiasts. i became really hardcore fan when i saw in this place this car where we are staying right now. these were such cars such a powerful cars before war two. very surprising. from there i started to be very passionate about history. i'm not a racer on it i'm not so much pasta noted for those trying to kill myself so. it's really more about the aesthetics around it for me at least. to form an advertising designer's began recreating moments of motorsport history in twenty forty five hundred young go to tremendous lengths to produce their pictures
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they work through an average of two thousand original sources before finally deciding on a motif or two then start by creating a three d. model of the car and it centering on the computer and go on to make sure every detail is right this precise template is crucial for the next step of the photo shoot basically this is the picture that we rendered before we went to the photo shoot and then when we were on a search for it in the people so you you know you can crop every single. person and place it into the picture so you know that angle is right that the lighting is for you know that you get the picture you need. when petra and yon take their photos it looks like a film set of times with up to one hundred extras in historical clothing makeup artists and artificial rain. the photos are later mounted on campuses up to eight square metres in science so even the smallest details can be
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scrutinized. the last step is again digital image processing then the shots from the center combined with the three d. model this is when the virtual car and the photograph driver become one details like atmospheric lighting or realistic smoke around it it's a demanding process and takes two to three months to produce a single picture the main reason why we're doing what we're doing was because we want to run away from what we did before there was like an advertisement so the very first project so the earth was started because we really wanted to enjoy what we're doing we we didn't want to have anyone on the other side telling us how to do things better in iran also accept commissions british racing team mclaren for example wanted a picture of james hunt racing to win one thousand nine hundred seventy six world championship in japan a single picture like this costs fifty thousand euros and up the techniques the
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artist use can also be applied to teams outside of motorsports well i have a list of fifty it seems that i like to do so i would probably go to some ancient wars like crusaders or. something like this. now i think the first. interesting and we kind of started with the project but we stick to the cars so why are. for now the two have their work cut out just reconstructing pictures from the history of racing and currently working on projects with ferrari and aston martin but he can run boussac and patter milewski in cancer turn to things outside the world of motorsports series on historic aircraft is already waiting in the wings. now to a vehicle that isn't powered by a motor but has persevered as
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a method of transport for around two hundred years in fact there are more bicycles than cars in the world both in total and ranked by the number of individual models produced there have been all sorts of advancements since the first wooden bike hit the store shelves in the nineteenth century but in bold garia two architects turned bike inventors have created a new version by taking a step back their so-called half bike reduces the bicycle to its basic elements our reporter michael gave it a test run on the streets of sofya. this is not an ordinary bike ride through town this is not an ordinary bike it doesn't have just one back wheel but two and they're both tiny and forget about the saddle this is not about comfort you have to use your whole body to ride a hoss bike and it takes a bit of practice. that's half
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i guess animism it's a cross between a bike an escape for him but when you ride it it's a completely different feeling and it's a whole new experience is there is an advanced. hi michael it went to sophia in bulgaria to meet the inventors of the half bike so far or half bikes are made in this workshop and sent around the world mainly to the us off by costs five hundred euros to easy to fold up which is great for people who live in the. cities. the designers are originally architects who love to invent things. like simplify things. started to think. bike which is. very. very very very light. very. vital. so
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i was. like. for. the prototypes consisted of half a bike and a mini back wheel many times featuring too many wheels followed but they all liked stability and balance the breakthrough came when they started using two skateboard wheels and a structure made of other medium and would then the back wheels got bigger and thicker. our reporter first learned the ropes the design is explained that she could only brake using the back wheels and that there were three yet they pointed out that the handlebar can't be twisted you have to shift your weight to go around the corner. then it was time to put the theory to the test. about the start of their all either direction again try to keep it in a straight line try to balance the bar and try to be as real like this was that.
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they were at first she wasn't at all relaxed she thought she wouldn't make it at all it was a bit rough to begin with. but she got the hang of it after ten minutes. although she didn't dare try the tougher courses beating those two more experienced tough bike riders. she practiced a little more before venturing out into the wild since there are a few psychopaths in sofia she preferred to hone his skills in the pocket before confronting the up and jungle she was able to get straight quite fast but it took a while to master turns. then she decided to see if others were quicker at learning and she was.
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it seems that hardly anyone can really ride a hoss bike without a bit of practice. but those who master it sometimes ride two at the same time. but in poverty it is the other leg it looks easy but it really is and it takes quite a lot of effort and every muscle is needed you have to be quite fit to ride a half bike but if you are then it's really quite good fun then of course fast. while michael was having fun and beginning to master riding the half bike the team and sophia was already working on new ideas since there are many. ways of reinventing the wheel. well we're not reinventing the wheel with the next lot of rickety cars we now move
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on to soapbox cars normally motiveless vehicles which are raced on a downhill road but frank ben conan's creations are quite a lot more glamorous than your standard gravity reisa he models them on iconic old racing cars from blue gutsy ferrari and bentley it all began as a hobby but today he makes a pretty penny with his custom made old timers. features that hark back to the olden days but this isn't a well preserved classic it's a soap box replica built in twenty seventeen and the proposition of sisters and. the example that we as kids are allowed to drive it comes out even if it's a small cut. out and it's a lot of fun when. i lay should this i think it's great to you because it's fun and
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it's always a new experience. it's. this soap box even has a motor the girl's two seater is handmade one of a kind it's a remake of the english one nine hundred thirty s. . and it's pretty much dad's dream car dad close down is a big fan of classic cars and he's a good house on his passion to use. my home from his course i'm very hopeful and i take my girls to classic car races at the n├╝rburgring. sometimes they take part in rallies along with me and my wife. i'm optimistic that they'll make their father's hobby their own. and this is the man who builds them. from people who work in southern germany his artistry might not make him rich but he doesn't mind it's all about the look in kids' eyes.
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when i see that makes me really happy because that's what the cars are actually made for i mean i drive but when children drive and really have a great time that's the greatest joy for me. it all started in twenty twelve there was a soapbox race in village he'd been tinkering with cars. since he was sixteen so he had no problem building his own race and. he didn't have the space to keep it up so he sold it there was such an onslaught of buyers that he truly building soapboxes into a regular thing. i love any type of car from before world war two they're all beautiful i have no favorites i like all my cars the same he works as a foreign sales agent but he's made quite a name for himself with his classic soapbox speedsters. a certain basic idea in my head and then i start building and it just happens. it develops itself building it
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there's no fixed concept this is a concept i know what the car is supposed to look like when it's done and then i make sure that's how it turns out this is you know. each of his soap boxes is one of. the base is always a wooden board fixed to a wooden frame then he makes the aluminum body which can take weeks sometimes months depending on the model with all this attention to detail doesn't it hurt to let go of his mobile masterpieces. yes every time. but the problem is everything. you have to let it go sooner or later. but maybe just one can stay. completely rebuilt this classic car only the chassis and motor of the english one nine hundred thirty standard have remains. for custom husky design something extra special
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a soapbox to practice racing. the idea was really to get a sense of the experience even indoors the car turned out beautifully hard for me but it doesn't have any wheels of course it runs on roller self but it really helps me practice for circuit races. his daughters are still only ten and eleven years old and it'll be a while before they're racing for real. if the two still have a soft spot for cars like their dad when they grow up remains to be seen right now it's looking highly likely. that's all from us for today tomorrow will be back with another special edition of your marks so make sure to join us again about for now. and our next near mike special cruising fine dining fifty meters above the ground.
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odd couple to get a pastries and footwear on from. going green this is a restaurant that meets the zero waste target. this and move in and next year mike special.
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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin an immense tragedy the words of italy's transport minister after a huge highway bridge collapses in the northern city of genoa at least twenty two people are reported to have died as the structure tumbled on to a railway line and buildings below. and also on the program another vehicle attacking london british police say they are treating the crash outside the house
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of parliament as an act of terrorism arrested the suspect but so far he's refusing to cooperate.


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