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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 15, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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and discussions opinion will come to student news after clean clothes primary from born in germany from the news of these eaves and wild with safety deputed comes to much africa to join us on facebook t w africa. to do that. only a day after the turkish president calls on his people for a sweeping boycott off apple i phone so on corrupt unveils a massive hike in imports terrace for a wide range of u.s. goods we'll have reactions from streets off istanbul and u s styled conditions in european airports one year after the takeover of germany's foremost second largest airline evelyn by rival time's up.
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business i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us so turkey is taking its diplomatic and trade dispute with the united states to the next level today anchor us land tariffs on a variety of u.s. products including alcohol costs and tobacco the move is part of an angry response by the turkish government and also included a call by turkish president wretch uptight and a one to boycott as products including the i phone the president who actually once was a fan of apple products is now switching to another brand the question is will his people do the same. stumbles electronic stores are still stocking of course i phones they're popular and turkey the second most sold smartphones in the country the president. is calling on his people to boycott american brands and switch to others instead. all over the world.
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on the streets many seem to think that a boycott of u.s. brands is easier said than done it with the government would have to stop apple products from entering the country and banned their sale how's that supposed to work you can't just make the i phone disappear from turkey. is it inevitable even android phone at home which will use i support the boy costs if they. don't have quite how to use the product that fits my needs but i'm not having anyone tell me what to do. and with an economic crisis gripping the country many turks aren't exactly in a position to buy a new phone. many turks appear willing to take part in the boy called president out on his calling for really to throw up their american phones with the south korean model in this one but the problem is if you're on a minimum wage it would take you four months to pay it off that might be a price too high for even the president's most loyal supporters. this still owes
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using the opportunity to promote turkish made friends chairs and turkish phone maker vest electronic and surged after everyone's call to boycott u.s. brands as someone who can stand behind our country that's why we're recommending this phone. over the past few days anti-american protests have taken place across turkey some demonstrators followed the president's call and changed their dollars into lira. i'm not going to say if i. may have to make sure the u.s. president doesn't appear to know who he's dealing with he's facing a felix man the whole world knows his name. so you. but despite that patriotic sentiment it might be a while before turks are ready to part with arrive phones while meanwhile the
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turkish lira continues to recover some of its losses back to the euro strapped to a one year low for want to cross over to any bar to standing by for us in frankfurt stock exchange only tell me what's the connection here. are afraid that there might be contagion from turkey into the eurozone well they're selling part of their euro zone stakes and going into the u.s. dollar the u.s. dollar seen as a safe haven in times of trouble and of course it's not just the turkish crisis it's the trade conflict as well and some people are getting nervous and that makes the dollar more valuable and the euro goes down for the eurozone at the moment that's not a problem the euro a little bit lower a good for exports good for poor for corporate profits ok if the euro isn't affected that much by turkey emerging market economies all currency set me up.
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all the more because they're more dependent on financing in the international markets in dollars and as the dollar gets more expensive they find it harder to service that and to pay interest for example so these countries currencies are sliding and so is pressure on raw materials and that's bad for emerging market countries too because they produce so much of it copper oil and gold all on the way down because of the situation right when he bought spain from fred thank you so much. it was a year ago that germany's second largest airline at the time lynn had to file for bankruptcy with a bridging loan of one hundred fifty million euros in taxpayers' cash the german government kept the ailing airline afloat for an extra two months critics of the move soon claim to the money was just a subsidy to aid to germany's number one and nine. as a board out. well now able in administrator say the loan will be repaid but
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customers were left with few options and disrupted flight schedules. air berlin was once germany second biggest airline a year ago it became history. of tons of subsidiary euro wings was among those eyeing up the spoils ryanair c.e.o. michael o'leary accused the german government of favoring love times after a takeover. all we see is a succession of german politicians falling over themselves. to award the air burning to the fans or calling your fans a german champion and therefore because it's a german champion it should. be allowed to take over ninety five percent of the domestic market making not just a german champion but a german monster who will increase the cost of air travel for millions of germans in the end lufthansa did indeed acquire most of air berlin assets together with britain's easy jet it bought up air berlin landing rights and airplanes air berlin
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staff were forced to look for new jobs many of them have found work but are now on stripped down contracts. european cities are imposing harsh of regulations on short term rental agency air b.n. b. they say the american home sharing platform is creating housing shortages undermining regulation of local tourism industry and promoting tax. holiday season and for many young people in particular that means getting ready to explore new places. in the first half of the year some six point four million visitors came to the german capital berlin that's the same number as in the whole of two thousand and five. these days an increasing number of people choosing to source their accommodation whether a room or an entire apartment through air b.n. b. but it's also about meeting people. that's really lovely and i've seen
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a lot of apartments and cities through the eyes of the locals has been very good. through three or four beer for a couple of years at the beer gardens i was experience. for everyone air b.n. b. was founded ten years ago and went on to become one of the most valuable startups of all time almost five million people in one hundred ninety countries use the service which is worth an estimated thirty billion dollars but it's certainly not a welcome concept everywhere with protests against the company becoming more commonplace some locals say they're being priced out of their own cities by property owners are turning to a b. and b. to make big bucks those concerns have prompted several cities and countries to impose stricter regulations with some even mulling over bans. well housing prices are actually rapidly rising in many cities across the world and they
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are b. and b. is only part of the problem so much so that people with low incomes are often struggling to enter the market new zealand is now banning foreign nonresident investors from buying existing homes in the country the government is hoping this will stop property prices from rising they have almost doubled in the capital of clinton over the past decade nationwide they surged by sixty percent potential bias from australia and singapore i exempt from that. well with its green energy revolution and germany has set the bar high for other nations on their environmental policy the call for more renewables was triggered following the fukushima nuclear disaster back in two thousand and eleven germany wanted to switch to clean and safe energy sources like wind power but that's easy
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as it. it was all supposed to go faster there are plenty of wind farms in germany's north producing electricity but the power they generate doesn't make it to the south where it's needed of the seventy seven hundred kilometers of power lines planned as part of germany's energy transition only one thousand have so far been completed over headlines have proven controversial and underground progress has been expensive and sluggish. germany's energy minister peter altmire had this to say if there is and we are much further behind in the construction of power lines than we are in the development of renewable energy these two things need to reconverge this will save money and be good for both the climate and the environment the two main networks under construction of the so-called south link and the southeast link which will transport energy along to north south axes of the country but experts accuse the government of poor planning and of failing to meet
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its own goals. that the government's network plan is far too expansive and very expensive. it doesn't adhere to the government's own climate goals and unrealistically assumes that coal plants in the north will remain. in the us is on the list of. one thing is clear germany's energy minister has his work cut out for him. and that's it for me on the business team here in berlin for now because we will have an update for you in the next hour in the meantime you can check out to the latest on the left twitter site on don't facebook or on line that is g w dot com slash besoms seems to. want.
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board or. read the real power resides. i come from there and lots of people in fact more than a billion users was nonces democracy maybe that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the television the book is fried chicken but named after the for the fun in one and i don't remember thinking at the time if the barley in broken forward anything could happen if people come together and unite for a pool. but i do the news that often confronted difficult situations more conflict between does something stand i see despite my job to confront goodspeed as on policies and development but the spotlight and issues that matter most to congo
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food security oppression nationalization. or not has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be accountable solutions my name is a mcclatchy and i walk into a dozen. of. them with. everyone welcome to the day special edition of your remarks with things are getting tasty here's what's on the menu. it's cuisine.


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