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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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elite. elite. this is t w news live from berlin one of music's most distinctive voice since his for one song on. the queen of soul aretha franklin his died at the age of seventy six also losing her battle with cancer and became a musical icon in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's also launching a stellar career as a focus show. also on the program news outlets across the u.s. take a stand against the president's attacks on the media called the fake news the enemy
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of the people and they are they are the enemy of around three hundred fifty new spaces run editorials criticizing donald trump's familiar battle cry saying it's a threat to democracy. and hopes fade of finding survivors ingenuously road bridge his own state china north or she says many as twenty people are still missing and there's also mounting anger as people try to find out what caused the collapse. and i don't welcome my name's christopher spring it good to have you with us have voiced to find an era and the accolade queen of soul us sing a wreath of franklin who died today at the age of seventy six after a battle with pancreatic cancer a death has left the world of music in
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a somber mood. the title of her nine hundred sixty seven hit a composition by otis redding crowned her legacy from the moment the song hit the airwaves respect. everything franklin's imprint on song music was enormous for commanding vocals powered the soundtrack of both the civil rights and women's liberation movements half a century ago. the daughter of a mississippi preacher and a mother who sang and played piano a reason franklin grew up in detroit singing at her father's church services at an early age she was strongly influenced by the gospel sound. she signed her first recording contract in one nine hundred sixty enjoyed limited success her breakthrough came when she switched labels several years later she soon earned the title queen of soul. and.
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she performed for president elect bill clinton in one thousand nine hundred three and sixteen years later at the inauguration of president barack obama. among her many accolades she was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame the first woman to receive the honor that was in one thousand nine hundred seven she received the presidential medal of freedom in two thousand and five and won a total of eighteen grammys the music industry's highest award. last year she announced she would reduce her appearances on stage her declining health forced her to cancel a planned concert earlier this year and. with a career spanning over fifty years aretha franklin made an indelible mark on american music and influenced generations of singers.
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well we've been getting more from entertainment journalist k.j. matthews in los angeles you told us earlier or aretha franklin will be remembered for oh as is the queen of soul i mean rolling stone magazine once called her the greatest singer ever to live i mean she's just amazing she's transcended he is so he is armed eat she is opera she could even do country there wasn't any music genre that aretha franklin could do and we really just don't abstainers like that at all and and she came up during a time where there was much civil rights unrest and yet she was it was expressing she really will be remembered for that. now as you can imagine tributes have been flowing in on social media from fans from politicians and from fellow musicians british singer elton john for instance tweeting this she sang and played
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magnificently and we all wept we were witnessing the greatest solo artist of all time i adored her and worship the talent god bless my condolences to all her family and friends we shared the same birthday and that meant so much to me there's also from fellow american singer diana ross i'm sitting in prayer for the wonderful golden spirit of retha franklin former president barack obama also paying tribute retha help to find the american experience in her voice we could feel our history all of it and in every shade our power and our pain our darkness into light our quest for redemption and a hard one respect may the queen of soul rest in eternal peace finally a veteran of the u.s. civil rights movement the reverend jesse jackson who knew aretha franklin for the last six years he was reportedly at her bedside during her final days he tweeted this a lot of music left the earth today the heavens rejoice rest in heaven the peace.
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ok we're going to stay in the u.s. now because around three hundred fifty news outlets across the country have been running editorials today in defense of press freedom the boston globe newspaper launch the initiative it's a rebuke of president trump's attacks on the media and his suggestion that some journalists in his words are enemies of the people. general have you when the press and the president and the us it's a tense relationship. trump has many nicknames for media outlets he doesn't like but one of his labels for the press raised alarm bells. to call the fake news the enemy of the people and they are they are the enemy of the people. his claim that america's leading journalists are a danger to society through widespread and international criticism i think it would be a good thing if you were to say right here at this briefing that the press are not
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the enemy of the people but the trumpet ministration only double down i've addressed this question i have addressed my personal feelings i'm here to speak on behalf of the president he's made his comments clear now the press has fired back more than three hundred newspapers around the country have published editorials to counter the president's attacks the boston globe which coordinated the publications wrote to label the press the enemy of the people is as un-american as it is dangerous to the civic compact we have shared for more than two centuries. but the conservative wall street journal refused to participate writing that the first amendment does not say that the government cannot criticize the press mr trump enjoys free speech just as his media adversaries do. trump has responded to the nationwide wave of editorials saying the. ok let's catch up now with some of the other stories making news around the world the vatican has expressed what it called shame and sorrow over
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a recent report on church abuse in the united states and says pope francis is on the side of the victims the report by a u.s. grand jury was released on tuesday accusing three hundred priests in pennsylvania of sexually abusing children over a period of several decades. the president of mali aber who. has been officially reelected for another five years after winning sixty seven percent in a runoff vote on sunday the opposition led by somalia say had previously declared that it rejects the result of a campaign marred by accusations of fraud violence and low turnout. and in northern sudan at least twenty two schoolchildren have drowned off the books the boat rather sank in the river nile local residents and police have been searching the waters for survivors it's believed the boat had engine trouble and then hit a tree in the river causing it to capsize. turning to italy now where
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rescue teams in the city of genoa are still working around the clock support survivors and bodies from the rubble of the collapsed marandi highway bridge local authorities say as many as twenty people could still be buried beneath the debris thirty eight have been confirmed dead for those who survived the experience and near misses the bridge collapse three days ago the experience has yet to sink in. this man still finds it hard to believe what happens to him he survived the bridge collapse of his truck is completely wrecked by the concrete rain he says he's feeling relatively well he was right under the more rounded bridge when it suddenly came down on top of him. and a full blown this up as soon as i was under the bridge i opened the door to get out and i heard an explosion i turned around and was thrown through the air i hit a wall and lost my breath but there. are so few of us
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a little bit of the blast where the threw me back yards saved my life. i was there in that truck so they got the welcome in the collapse of the decades old bridge now carved into was an incident many find hard to accept it was even more incredible for those who saw it some called the emergency number clearly in distress. now the shock has passed but hundreds of generalists a left to deal with the aftermath of the fall everyone who lived near the bridge has been evacuated. on thursday local residents had a few hours to recover some of their belongings without knowing whether or when they would be able to return home. we're going to get the latest now from general shelton pil standing by for us there charlotte. talking about these ten to twenty
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people who are unaccounted for is there any hope left of finding those people alive under the rubble. good evening christopher rescues that we've spoken to say that they are desperately trying to keep faith that survivors will be found among the wreckage this is the night now the floodlights a lighting up the wreckage behind me they are working at rescues working around the clock trying to scour the rubble they say that they will not give up until they are convinced that they are no survivors buried underneath a chief on their minds is the new figure that's been released here in genoa that's the fact that they think that between ten and twenty people are still missing they of course are hoping that someone will be found alive but the reality is that this is now over two days since this collapse hopes really all fading that any survivors will be found rescue teams authorities have such
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a lot of the surface area of the wreckage the the easy easy accessible area of the wreckage to try and look for survivors what's left is was deep below the heavy slabs of concrete and that the twisted metal so the chances of finding anyone there in this area that still needs to be said is extremely slim and you know over the last. of really being the dominant emotions but. people also beginning to get angry about what's happened. well there's a real political firestorm playing out in italy in the name there's been a lot of anger from ministers they've been speaking very passionate times pointing fingers of blame at various authorities the interior minister again today tweeting about the european union he's accused the european union of not freeing up enough money for infrastructure hey he cites that is one of the reasons the finger of blame is also been pointed at the company that operates this stretch of the mates
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where behind me it's been accused of not keeping up maintenance for not ensuring that this bridge was safe enough that is something that the company is fiercely denied its sense says its maintenance checks. up today but that hasn't stopped a real feeling of anger here from the government ministers having said that they were a lot of people here who are still experiencing this ongoing crisis the hundreds for example who still haven't been allowed to return from their homes they want to see a lot less finger pointing and a lot more assurances that the authorities are going to do what's necessary to get this city back to normal for them to be able to return to their homes they also want to surance is not just here in genoa but across italy that something like this won't happen again that other bridges are safe and won't suffer the same fate and of course that one of the key issues there is what actually caused this disaster are investigators any closer just finding out what causes.
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well that's a point that's been raised by the company that operates this stretch of the motorway it's made very clear that while it's coming under fire from minister it is not been a stop list yet exactly what happened here on this bridge behind me on cheese day at the moment is pretty just theory there's been no official confirmation there are a number of theories that are being put forward as i mentioned the idea that perhaps this bridge wasn't safe that the maintenance wasn't up to scratch but there all the facts as to is knowing that there was to wrench all rain that was a falling at the moment of the crash there is also the suggestion that bridges like this is simply too old they were built in one thousand nine hundred six they are not they were not prepared for the amount of traffic that was traveling along this was one of the main highways through this city and dreamy busy and there is a suggestion that it just wasn't up to it show that in general many thanks for that . we are in the meantime feel free to get the latest updates from our
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website. you can follow us on twitter and facebook you want. to stay with us if you can. converse for. twenty. five.


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