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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2018 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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line. you're smart t.v. even smarter than the d w for smart t.v. . what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary in-depth you decide what's on find out more e.w. dot com smart t.v. . everyone welcome to today's special edition of euro max focused on extreme sports here's what we'll be seeing today. dad evel deeds introducing french popcorn champion yuan living. comprise pro-forma maya christians go from poland is
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a top indoor skydiver. and online sensation thrill seekers mad cow or a huge internet. now when you think of extreme sports it usually involves mountains rivers or even the skies as athletes battle nature to test their limits but that's not the case when you're an ace and pacu of the urban environment provides the obstacle course for free run as they run jump and climb their way over anything and everything and for frenchmen you on live to the rooftops of paris are the perfect playground. you won the rule has only one chance to make this jump. there are no safety nets below the rooftops of paris park or is a kind of extreme sport the roos been doing it professionally since two thousand and nine. he's built a philosophy around. here. is the art of emotion pushing
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limits it involves adapting yourself and your body to a certain environments often does becoming obstacles but mentally and physically is upset well. it also means being in continual motion and. you want has found an ideal place in the center of paris to get in shape not far from the rusty a pedestrian bridge over the center offers a wide range of opportunities to practice. viewers are advised against trying this at home no matter how easy it looks when you on go strolling across the railings. i don't feel as if i'm in any kind of an unusual situation know that i have to be especially careful because ultimately i just imagine i'm walking a straight line on the grounds that if i go by that principle i feel no stress. so much and there's no reason for me to fall as long as i can walk a straight line. but even the most experienced park or athletes slip up every once
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in a while. i was holding on at this very spot and went to make a three hundred sixty degree turn when i executed the move i slipped and fell in the water. this bridge is ten meters high fortunately i can swim and i got out of the water by climbing up a notch but i'll definitely remember that mishap forever. you can't afford back kind of mistake in this case i was lucky enough to land in the water. so when passers by see him in action how did they react. it is what you want your some people are curious and ask questions they're interested others don't want to hear anything about it they're scared of what they don't you know. i always try to communicate courage instead of fear. much the moment just sitting there. the park or pro is always on the lookout for new
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locations to practice his passion there are plenty of rooftops in paris but it isn't always so easy to reach them. by lucius listerine so if the roofs of paris are a gray area in legal terms we're told by the people who live there that you aren't allowed to access the rooms via private entrances and there's no way to avoid that really. today your aunt has once again found a way up. his concentration before a jump like this is ferocious one wrong move could kill him. he says he doesn't want to think about the dangers. of the oily type personally don't connect what i'm doing to death in any way for me that's a very negative concept and you have to be careful employing it with a movie or you can also die just trying to cross the street what extent are so many
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external factors that can be calculated and live with it but at what point i'm out here on the rooftops then it's just me and my body coping with potential dangers of what others view as dangerous lies at the root of my work with. you one has taken part in many international competitions in two thousand and thirteen he won the world champion title in the discipline he's also founded a french park or team and set up an academy where he teaches others of what he knows. to dance a book on the it's a sport that anyone can practice no matter how old you are or what. kind of shape here and there are no excuses excuses it's about the art of movement and locomotion we all have bodies that we should be using a combination of eight or experience. but no one says you have to start by leaping across paris rooftops. next up is a sport that is uplifting to say the least indoor skydiving if like me you're not
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too sure about jumping out of a plane this is the perfect alternative it's just like real skydiving except there's no parachute and no risk of plummeting to certain death when it malfunctions it all takes place in a vertical wind tunnel maya could since gust started skydiving in her early teens and showed us just how to dance with the wind. this floating dancer earned my own place in sports history with a firm stev a title of junior world champion in indoor skydiving. the air in the wind tunnel blows at up to three hundred kilometers an hour every movement is perfect the wind storm doesn't bother the polish athlete she likes it.
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obviously it kind of feels like sticking your whole body out of a moving car leg it's just the same kind of like air pressure but you can control it so it's like sit with four years whatever you do your body does in that area but in the space you if. she takes her moves from other sports. fast dynamic twists come from figure skating. long stretches and figures from projects. where my kitchen's could combine some it looks like she's flying. her favorite figure is the pistol. she devises many of her moves in the tunnel go she has a completely different sense of how body when she's. like that at all on the ground. really. so the flying it's not like you don't catch translate anything from grounds to fly there's
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no like skills that except things like flexibility she was inspired to take home a sport by her father a huge fan of extreme sports. meyer joined him for her first parachute jump when she was just ten years old. the father supported her from the beginning this sport isn't. exactly cheap fifteen minutes in the wind tunnel cost up to seventy euro's in poland maya has been training several times a week since she was thirteen indoor skydiving has become the focus of her family's life for those of us just of those on those things but i do this sport to. publish it so i try to accompany my every step of the way. i take care of the organizing i'm kind of like her manager. i look for sponsors who want to work with my feels about me because i was like this obama back in start back up she knows about them
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that's my role in her career. my trans-am side of the wind tunnel too and completely without professional coaching. i don't really need it any more i could come up with my own things the people who are at the top of the sport right now are at the top of the sport so we look at our own routines and we are the best judges so we know what's good. lives interrupts. she has a time she really has time to stroll in town every weekday she's in school until three then she trains or has media appointments on weekends she often travels to competitions there's no time anymore for leisure pursuits. i do miss it sometimes but i think what i'm doing is never worth it so. maya could change because performances in the wind tunnel of followed the world over she has numerous online fans. indoor skydiving is
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a fairly new sport the scene is small and maya wants to reach the top she combat defeat. goes up but our scope is not come out i give you every setback is like a little tragedy i always need a few hours to motivate her again and to make it clear to her that this isn't the end of the world it is. i took second place in the endorse kind of ingrown championship in twenty seven teams but high ranking he sometimes one interest i want to try to gravitate more dynamic type of flying i want to be able to show a really beautiful moves but at the same time mix them up with like super dynamic fast just you know have like my own different style. is currently the stock of european indoors kind i think sponsors are hiring how to parent most.
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sites and nonsense from becoming the face of indoor skydiving the well. now we're diving deep underwater usually snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiastic choose tropical locations for their underwater adventures but there are plenty of opportunities in colder climes for instance in iceland where tourists can explore a hidden oasis of lakes among the volcanic landscape reaching them involves quite a bit of hiking so it's best to be in good shape and wrapped up warm if you fancy going on one of these expeditions. so crystal clear that you can see more than one hundred meters throughout. iceland is home to some of europe's last remaining underwater secrets. from the
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commodore got to be as close as specializes in showing visitors icelandic diving highlights today an almost unknown place is on the agenda to help. unexpectedly it's located in iceland's highlands a diving paradise spot from the coast. states wind and guns presented we're going to a very special diving site because only a handful of people have dived here before we didn't even discover it until recently and it's something very special that's so in the us. and. to be as true as it has been the head of the dive organization in reykjavik for almost twelve years today it is iceland's best known diving company. its international clients include actors like the american ben stiller pierce second
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from the left. sweden's king cole costar. and hollywood star tom cruise. users from the icelandic kinds are characterized by sponsor vegetation and fast flowing streams just getting his neck bench and itself. up to crossing a number of mountain ridges and rivers the drive is reach a plateau. this is as far as they tried but there's still no body of water in sight . to be as instructs everyone to get their diving equipment together. the divers strapped. to their bodies. so. then c.b.s. confirms what they've begun to suspect the diving spots can't be reached by car they will have to continue on for.
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illegal. you see to be too strenuous but would only effets in the end they come to mountain lake shaped like a tank. just this boy can cut this is a volcanic crater lava one shot up and float him and then at some point the rate of filled up with water food you can't see it here from the road it's completely hidden sophistic. you come on top for there are only a handful of people coming out day and only in the two or three months of summer to fall but i don't associate it with diving in this new top looming. closer and his colleagues have named the day. after the god in north mythology. according to legend after the death of his beloved son odin is
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a tearful containing all his son's beauty gentleness and goodness. the boss in this mountain lake has a temperature of two degrees celsius and comes from a glacier hung out. before it reaches the lake it is repeatedly filtered through the ken extends like chemists and. are. in constantly fighting top gun you can even take out your mouthpiece and drink a few mouthfuls and special could think knowledge must but i have to warn you this is a fountain of youth the tears abode in our intellects in school. if you really drink it you'll never age again to take it from me and at the age of two hundred forty five this kind know what i'm talking about found out from fits in with. this of all ages however can enjoy the remote mountain lake. and since
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county found in any tourist guide or on the internet there's hope it's pristine beauty will remain on springs for a long time to come and. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit your own acts on facebook. you'll find highlights from our programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook life. we love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. now for some football a great passion of mine although i'm afraid i'm not all that skillful myself but kitty sauce is in fact she's probably better at juggling the ball than the top
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players here in europe even brazilian superstar neymar as praised her skills she's a football freestyle and performs at events around the world while football is a team sport she prefers to perform a routine solo and was never interested in actually playing on the pitch. whether she uses her head for her feet tongue gary and kitty shock can do pretty much anything with a soccer ball after all she is one of the world's top football freestylers. the sport involves performing tricks with a ball using most any part of the body coordination balance and ball control are vital the funny thing is that i haven't played football i never. get caught out there for ten years it has nothing to do with it but i somehow i like the traits just the traits not the running of the team play but the small table tricks.
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earns her living from these tricks ten years ago she saw a video on the web and tried the moves herself now she trains several hours a day. now if i were if it is i will be. made. to be on a constant thing in my life that i long before. both. she makes appearances around the globe takes part in the international tournament and has won the world championship title four times. including here in tokyo in twenty thirteen. she's met famous athletes like four time formula one world champion sebastien fettle and a freestyle football idol. that may be the highlight of my of my freestyle carrier but me and i'm are in for a few we played together for the economy. and so from three five zero came from
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trade and he said that he has never seen. any car before that the kind of the fall so i like me. kid he shot shows off her ball handling skills in central budapest while her performance could rival any man's many still. soccer to be a male sport women still earn far less money and public recognition in the freestyle scene knows that people take her seriously but in everyday life a woman who can kick the ball around like she can really stands out. i've played when i was younger and it's city more than i in the youth team and i was about twenty seven but on the. dow could never do. may's a better bill. we'd be home because his voice. indulge
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will serve a mission field. for girls and also supporting girls. to get a shot keeps proving that freestyle football isn't strictly a male domain that's made her a role model for young girls around the world she is already looking forward to the next championships. twenty six years old i have no idea how long i can do this. how long i can come to. try to try to come back out to the street that i dreamed of coming i'm going to be happy even if i've been much time. once her active career is over she wants to work as a coach and hopes that one day freestyle football will become an olympic discipline . well i hope to juggle a bowl like that someday but i'll have to practice some more at home next report
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features some activities you should definitely not try yourself the extreme sports enthusiasts mad cow pushed themselves to the limits and tried to invent a few new extreme sports along the way they've gone to a big following online getting millions of views for their videos we decided to follow them around for a few thrills. racing over grass on skis in the heart of france is over then your region. taking a dip with a catapult. just the thing for the french extreme athletes. when they're you off. in the air and. you're off thinking. consists of ten young extreme sports enthusiasts between the ages of twenty and twenty five today they're going to try
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something new. something involving jumping and water. the guys head onto a disused railway bridge they're attached to steel cables normally used for cranks . then they tie up bungee cord to. where we are used to go in the real. thing. try to make. the members of mad cow also built an eighty meter long water slide. the group is always calls and millions have seen stunts like these on facebook. old. ski runs through
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the forest provided an internet sensation. the philosophy behind mad cow extreme sports shouldn't be too serious it should be fun and communicative. we just bring originality and. no. type of things in the world type of thinking and yeah we try to do things that that divorce never seen before. we started with a video shall go say posted on the internet economy out of feedback and some when twenty fifteen he and some friends found it to take. the members all come from the town of reactor in the old venue and have known one another since grade school they wanted journalists physiotherapists and businessmen. in their spare time they make videos most of them a filmed in their home region. before
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they start their latest stunt they check everything one last time for. safety is even more important than fun. we took a rigorous one match i.r. each time and we will test everything we test everything we send send a bag first of all if there is a cable we put things that resistor are really really very station so there is no reason that. group tested whether this lake was deep enough for the jumps by using a rope and the weight still you need to be a trained dancer lee to do stuff like this.
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trisha you have to be strong but they are well. it's amazing aus a first time it was a bit scaring because you don't know really what without then but after you have a good feeling in. one thing is sure the french extreme athletes mad cow certainly know how to live life to the focused. on the big. well that's all from us for today but we're back tomorrow with off final special edition of the week thanks for watching babar for now. in our next special edition. congress for untreated sport and his model of animals. away from home camels can be found in northern
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norway. and the canine case for special magic tricks that fascinate dogs and more in our next special edition of your own. good.
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