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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin forever and ever shall stay in their hearts the world mourns the passing of a music legend. and a tribute to the queen of soul aretha franklin she died at her home in detroit at the age of seventy six will take a look at her legacy as a cultural icon. also coming up newspapers across the u.s. take a stand against the president's attacks on the media as they are they are the enemy
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of the please stick around three hundred fifty news papers run editorials criticizing donald trump's for million battle cry saying it's a threat to democracy. plus how safe are italy's bridget's look at anger mounting over the deadly general bridge collapse italian tell g.w. they're worried about the condition of other structures across the country. i'm sumi so much going to good to have you with us fans have been paying tribute to so legend aretha franklin who died on thursday at the age of seventy six from pancreatic cancer her distinctive voice captured the heartbreak and determination of millions around the world she also broke the barriers with power anthems demanding racial and gender equality here's a look at how fans are remembering the queen of soul. you.
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leverage this is a theory says so many of her fans remember setting things right when she's been done wrong. such. as from the sidewalk outside her father's church in detroit. to the apollo theater in new york to the hollywood walk of fame in los angeles an outpouring of love for a music icon. she. told such a dad as there was no little outbreak all years p.c.t. . everything that her music awards her advocacy have always been at the front of her songs gave you that power like that confidence to step out in the world.
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she was the first ever woman inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame credit where credit was due flowed in on social media from politicians and her musical peers. british singer elton john tweeting this she sang and played magnificently and we all wept we were witnessing the greatest soul artist of all time. this from fellow american singer diana ross and sitting in prayer for the wonderful golden spirit of the wreath the franklin. former president barack obama also paying tribute in her voice we could feel our history all of it and in every shape our power and our pain our darkness and our light our quest for redemption and on. one respect. his father said she would sing for
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kings. and she also sang for president. bush. on current u.s. president trump also paid his respects to the queen of soul she was given a great gift from god her voice and she used it well people loved aretha she's special woman. a diva divine with a voice for the ages. let's
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bring in entertainment journalist k.j. matthews she joins us from los angeles you know you met a wreath of franklin yourself what was she like in person. i don't know what to expect the business along with her level in the national success but it will follow you either one of them you can be anyone in the world but you know and just an all around nice person also manages to the interviews that we get backstage to tell that you were about two years ago in hollywood as you sat down it was a month in and she looked like she was in great health really great spirits ready to be traces of her being sick at all and she just looked very very well and she talked a lot about the legacy she talked a bit more about the media that loved her why she continues to perform to all these kids everything good that is that made her voice so special. for up to a range of music range to what people love that they all love about to take the
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easy on you have music but remember as she started to make just a little church why didn't she need to sold in she said harvey's when she had to doubt it would be off her a little bit of jazz because you go over the top it's songs with george michael so there are those even today could really be the end up any different genres and that level of success in the whole. paying tribute to the queen aretha franklin entertainment journalist matthews joining us from los angeles thank you very much. and we apologize for the quality of our call. saying in the u.s. some three hundred fifty news outlets across the country have run editorials in defense of press freedom the boston globe news globe a newspaper launch the initiative it's a rebuke of president trump's attacks on the media and his suggestion that some journalists are in his words anime's of the people. the press
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and the president and the u.s. it's a tense relationship. as many nicknames for media outlets he doesn't like but one of his labels for the press raised alarm bells. to call the fake news the enemy of the people and they are they are the enemy of. his claim that america's leading journalists are a danger to society through widespread and international criticism or they should think it would be a good thing if you were to say right here at this briefing that the french are not the enemy of the people but the trumpet ministration only double down i've addressed this question i've addressed my personal feelings i'm here to speak on behalf of the president he's made his comments clear now the press has fired back more than three hundred newspapers around the country have published editorials to counter the president's attacks the boston globe which coordinated the publications wrote to label the press the enemy of the people is as un-american as it is
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dangerous to the civic compact we have shared for more than two centuries. but the conservative wall street journal refused to participate writing that the first amendment does not say that the government cannot criticize the press mr trump enjoys free speech just as his media adversaries do. trump has responded to the nationwide wave of editorials saying the press is free to write and say anything it wants. but he has shown no interest in making amends. now at some other stories making headlines around the world u.s. defense officials say a military parade ordered by president donald trump is being postponed until at least twenty nineteen the parade was originally planned for veterans day weekend this november the announcement came just hours after figures were released estimating that the event would cost more than nine hundred million dollars. in chile and peru at least three airliners were forced to make
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a merge and see when things were evacuated. because of bomb threats aviation authorities say they have received a wave of phoned in threats which were later determined to be false although planes were inspected and declared free of explosives. the vatican that's expressed shame and sorrow over a recent report on church abuse cases in the u.s. and says pope francis is on the victim side the report by a u.s. grand jury was released on tuesday it accuses three hundred priests in pennsylvania of sexually abusing children over a period of decades. barcelona spain is remembering those killed one year ago today when a man drove a van down a pedestrian mall killing sixteen people and injuring over one hundred fifty the attack was later claimed by the so-called islamic state with barcelona embroiled in the divisive independence movement victims' families have asked leaders to put aside politics for the day. italy's transportation ministry has opened an investigation into the collapse of
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a highway bridge in jenin what that killed at least thirty eight people the ministry is also calling on the private toll road operator to quickly build a new bridge at its own expense as rescuers work to find people who may still be trapped beneath the rubble there is growing anger over the accident. spoke with italians worried about the condition of the country's other bridges. this is a scene replicated across this region. nestled in mountains in the shadow of towering concrete structures living in one such home as retired construction worker gianni he's been here for thirty years for him the branch had long just been part of the scenery but now he's looking at it very differently. i am a little more worried but first i thought they would have closed temporarily after the miranda bridge collapsed and that they would have checked it properly i mean this hasn't happened and i believe this was careless.
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the more and the bridge is just a short drive from here its collapse has made giani reassess just how safe this is your insistence. because i've been thinking for years that something could suddenly happen to this bridge because i believe that the pillars probably only have about sixty percent of the. compare. so. it's not just residents living underneath structures like this who are now concerned it's also the drivers who paul say that bridges like this every day everybody. that when you're driving across bridges like this one many in italy were built in the fifty's and sixty's they would have designed to withstand the amount of traffic passing over them today and as one expert tells me many were only ever expected to have
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a fifty year lifespan. or. structure in that we tended to forget. that becomes. and situation should be control of the much better we have to allocate the money from the beginning to be sure that we are. drawling revolution of us that are in other countries are very very strong you need. is growing but probably is not enough strong the company operating the marandi bridge insists its maintenance checks were up to date back on the outskirts of genoa giani says regular maintenance work is also being done here but for him that's now another reason to worry. that there's so much maintenance means it's not really necessary after so many years fifty sixty seventy years maybe we have to consider building
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a new bridge. experts say the safety of infrastructure across the country must be reviewed in many cases they maintenance work will only delay the inevitable emergence of more bridges not fit for purpose because they're. starting this month germany has resumed its family reunification program for some of the tens of thousands of asylum seekers living here that's after the government suspended reunifications in two thousand and sixteen bowing to pressure from conservatives under the new rules the number of immediate family members allowed into the country is kept at a thousand per month and preference is given to asylum seekers facing extreme hardship w. met with one young woman who hopes her difficult situation will allow her to be reunited with her father. i.e. she is seriously ill if worse comes to worse she'll need a heart transplant she went to university in syria for five years before becoming so weak she could barely leave her house in twenty fifteen her father went into
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debt so he could pay illegal human traffickers to take his wife their youngest son and i eat out of aleppo along the way his daughter lost her wheelchair. had to be carried on people's backs because my wheelchair was gone i was on the verge of dying because the root of this very tiring i couldn't walk anymore my body refused to cooperate me. her oxygen equipment pumps day and night so loudly that her mother can barely sleep. for more than two years they lived in a seventeen square meter apartment in berlin this is where they've slept cooked and eaten. has had to wait for months to get a wheelchair and a mobile oxygen system she hasn't even made it to the waiting list for a heart donor. in the winter and i am disappointed i
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hoped that when i got to germany i would get the help needed to get better quickly learn german and be able to resume my studies but unfortunately my health situation only got worse year i started having problems with my kidneys and with my liver my health just got worse and the dollar thought the her mother would like to go to german language classes more often and meet new friends because family reunions have been suspended the past two years i.e. shoes father has not been allowed to come to germany now each his mother has applied on his behalf for a hardship exception if it's granted she would no longer have to care for her daughter alone. been married for twenty eight years that's a long time years and we have a very good marriage he's a good husband a good father three years of living apart have cost me a lot of strength. talks to her father on the phone every day
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that tears her up it's her daily highlight. that when. he's the person i trust most i don't have any friends here because i don't go to school her father tries to encourage her telling her that one day she'll be healthy again and they are all celebrate i.e. issues wedding together just like other families. to sports now and the most prestigious event in men's team tennis has been given a radical may call for starting next year the davis cup will be decided by a season ending tournaments with eighteen teams taking part the new format will feature a group and knockout stage similar to big soccer tournaments like the world cup. delegates of the annual conference of the international tennis federation voted overwhelmingly in favor of the new format the i.d.f. says it believes the overhaul will be a major boost for tennis well it is exciting i mean the transformation is
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unbelievable i'm so fortunate to be the leader of the organization at this point in time and i think it's something that the board will look back and be very proud in the nations will look back and be very proud over the years but this will help us transform tennis. at the forefront of the transformation of the davis cup is a star not from tennis but football barcelona defenders gerrard p.k. sounded the investment group that struck the deal with the i.d.f. to launch the new format. create an incredible competition we won this competition to be at the top of their. work from today until next november to to create this competition that it will be amazing with piquet's help the future looks bright for the davis cup. javier is here and you have some news about greece's economic crisis we've called it a never ending story many times a year or so even though it could actually come to an end the head of the european
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stability mechanism said greece will be monitored more closely than other countries that have emerged from rescue programs in an interview with the german weekly desk . asserted that the eurozone crisis is over as greece prepares for the official end of its bailout program on monday but people in greece have seen little benefit in fact many are much worse off than ever before one in five are still unemployed and a slight economic growth is little comfort for those who saw their pensions trink to a minimum. athens in august most locals are now on holiday on one of the islands no one can afford to go abroad the much publicized upswing is no it to be seen when you make this crisis is far from over there are a lot of cuts and a lot of difficult years ahead for us. is that the situation hasn't improved and it won't change anytime soon myself well coal mine it was hard but i were struggling to live on this family business has been here for forty years and giving up is not
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an option adrienne at this changed his business successfully during the crisis from selling luxury due to cuts to saws farmer like many business people he feels burdened by taxes and demands a long term strategy from the government in order to continue we have to reduce the taxes and we have to. thank you for the economy. overtaxation is one of the obstacles that hampers investment both domestic and foreign there is little optimism at the german society for trade and investment reforms still missing or not implemented. i'm to hear these initial government of the problems remain the same sprawling bureaucracy the procedures unclear interpretation of the laws it is what it is an investor however need security security the plan when it comes for example to tax
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issues or financial issues and that is still not guaranteed in greece. it won't does is in money. it takes courageous entrepreneurs with a bit of perseverance like at ten our c.e.o.'s siriano us the german greek took over the brewery from the very and live in boy seven years ago and has been brewing his own greek brand ever since he's proud that he manages to stand up against foreign monopolists on the market. meanwhile greek beers are becoming popular and make up the majority of the products that are now being sold creative marketing new product lines from premium pills to light some of beer the success of the brewery rests on different pillars research and quality control a part of it and an export department. there are still obstacles such as capital
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controls but there is hope that the market will become more flexible. we believe that the opening of the market which was a closed market before one that was monopolized is now a chance for greece to introduce our own products which bar owners can then add to their shelves. and include. the interest in domestic product is growing while investors from abroad are still hesitating the greeks are starting to take matters into their own hands. all right for more on the subject we are now joined by young came a chief economist at germany's bank in frankfurt good morning to you and thank you for joining us on the w. now we have seen this bailout of course for many many years and it has been heavily criticized in and outside of greece what's your view now that it's ended do you see it as a success. no i don't think this is a success story you have to see that the european union or europe as
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a whole lend more than two hundred billion euros to greece based on tough on so-called tough reform conditions but in the end yes greece delivered something for example they cut retirement payments but they have not delivered far reaching reforms the most pressing problem the totally inefficient public administration this has not changed and this is a bird in a bird a dampening effect for private enterprises and i think one of the most prominent symbols of the missing willingness to reform is a fact that the first non corrupt head of the statistical office in greece was sentenced because he delivered reliable deficit figures to brussels you have to imagine but you know that was heavily supervised during this process and each and every time it was a decision to make if they would get more money or not based on the progress on
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reforms to do you think they just covered up the fact that greece wasn't progressing really. well. in the end you can't enforce reforms on a country which is not willing to do this yes you may receive some reforms on paper but not delivered in reality and you also have to see that the donor countries the bailout fund they also have no no incentive. to make a negative logic because they lent the money and they have to present to the taxpayer is that the money was well spent and i think it would have been better to follow the advice of the former german fire minister of finance minister in the middle of two thousand and fifteen when he said let them go i think this would have been better both for europe but also for for greece because then greece would have been forced to take over responsibility for its own destiny and this is always
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better if to see all this money which flew to flew to greece. with the reform of conditions this has damaged the relationships between greece and the rest of europe so much. from the math fund in frankfurt thank you very much for your analysis and insights. thank you. to a potential financial crisis in another country the us has threatened a new round of economic sanctions against turkey as the escalating a diplomatic adek anomic dispute that has seen the lira plunge this after turkey's finance minister better has assured international investors that the country's banks are healthy and strong while the lyrics volatility is pushing investors to put their money in other currencies some are backing the president's call to do just the opposite convert dollars back to liras what seems to be an irrational thing to do becomes a no brainer when you sell it as
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a nationalist cause and with the idea of a common enemy the us. as the lira struggles at all time lows many turks are really in behind president everyone's calls to exchange us dollars for local currency one is then bull restauranteur and sit upon his own novel scheme to rescue the lira. the aim is to support the state and support the government therefore we launched a campaign to offer one portion of free fish and bread to anyone who converts one hundred dollars or more to. the restauranteur came up with the idea in partnership with a nearby foreign exchange office and the idea seems to be getting popular support from his turnbull's phish fans. of course i support these campaigns to protect our currency i believe that everybody needs to be sensitive to this matter as foreign currency rates have risen these days but today we didn't have any dollars left to convert us. i think it sounds fishy some might say it's simply good
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publicity for this popular restaurant the turkish lira hit a record low this week now forty percent down this year where do ones influence over monetary policy and a bitter dispute with the united states have spooked investors sparking turkey's worst currency crisis in two decades. you're watching d.w. news from berlin so misunderstand i will be with you at the top of the hour with more news until then remember you can always stay up to date on our website that d.w. dot com before we leave leave you with a tribute to the queen of soul aretha franklin who died yesterday at the age of seventy six to excess.
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