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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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diva divine with a voice for the ages load. this is deja vu news still to come on this program greece prepares for the end of its balance of programs coming up next week but how much as a benefit of the country's people. plus filling job vacancies here in germany has attacked the us all labor shortage that more is free to. make your smart t.v. smarter than t w four smart t.v. . what you want when you want it up to do extraordinary in-depth decide what's on find out more that dot com smart t.v. . these creations should just brand the
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stink of all the column lock off an icon of the fashion world. look what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer business on smartphones. start september ninth w. look at it in. germany takes action to tackle an urgent lack of skilled workers new legislation will make it easier for non e.u. nationals to come to germany we'll tell you what the new conditions will be. also on the show european officials say the end of greece's two hundred billion euro bailout is a mile. stone but there are still plenty of trouble brewing we'll tell you why.
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it's time for business on the w m how you know it's good to have you with us german businesses say the country is losing thirty billion euros a year in g.d.p. because of the lack of workers now the german government is finally doing something to help them fill job vacancies it will make it easier for nonnie you nationals to come here to work in the future people will be able to come to germany without a job offer if they have the proper qualifications so now that rule has only applied to those with a university degree people will also be chosen on the basis of their age and family arity of the german languages businesses want more workers especially in health care and the traits. that germany's lack of qualified workers is especially critical in the geriatric care sector according to the federal ministry of health there are about thirty thousand vacancies that means inadequate care for the
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elderly and heavy workloads for those who currently nurse them as germans are getting older the problem will get worse by the year two thousand and twenty five the vacancies could rise to more than one hundred thousand that's why the government hopes with new legislation that will help germany tackle the problem pilot projects have proven successful as the following reports show. coffee time at this care home outside of munich. this woman is being served her cake in liquid form. most of the residents here are very old and many suffer from dementia they rely on help from foreign workers like muhammad ali nazi. he moved here from tunisia a few months ago for a job as a care worker at this red cross run institution.
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four hundred one i feel accepted by the residents here. we chant to each other and exchange the news. or enjoy ourselves. in the afternoon the team meets for a handover. mohammed whose nickname here is dolly learnt german when he was in tunisia the course was run and funded by the german government as part of a project called triple when it's a was to attract care workers brought for dallies team having foreign colleagues isn't anything out of the ordinary. i think it's really brave to go to another country to learn the language. especially in an area like elderly care where communication is about ninety percent of the job. although it was more work to master the written and spoken language i say respect.
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dolly's boss monica fortune it helps foreign stuff with their move to germany when dolly arrived she picked him up from the airport and helped organize an apartment for him. she believes this kind of treatment is necessary to attract skilled workers to the care sector. as abuse instituted yes of course about how it really adds value to our institution and it's really hard to get skilled labor on the german market so for us this is a huge gift to have them and we support them. it's really doesn't have much time for homesickness today he and his colleagues are weighing the residence. dudley likes his job and is planning to continue learning german and . also how to fight fashion on an official government recognised qualification as a care worker in germany there is a lot at stake for the german economy we want to discuss this further with guy as
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he is an immigration expert at the german economic institute in cologne thank you very much for joining us and welcome to d w. i would like to start with a pretty simple question germany has had immigrant workers for decades now one things of the turkish workers that came in the sixty's for example was the existing legislation just outdated or is there a significant difference and what we're seeing well we have a significant change because of to change next you will have many people. growing out of the labor market because they become older and not enough people coming from the younger ages so we need much more focused in the past and that's the reason we need immigration law and i need this in kaufmann's however we do know that this problem is not new and politicians here frequently said the refugee crisis that brought about a million people from african and middle eastern countries into germany was
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a great opportunity to fill in the gaps with skilled workers we heard that many times and he was that insufficient or why the necessity to change the rules now. there are very few cheat immigration the top to a certain to keep but we have to problem that many of their future those could best we need high skilled practice in an industry strike something in the industrial sectors five sample to house take those and so on yet people aren't coming here and we have gaps in the labor market which doesn't fit the actually also need and. i probably thought i thought this is specially if the cation in the house. the cajun and investment sector and he. doesn't have so much as he hoped to eat two or three years ago now you of course in the institute have contact with many people from the business sectors do you see a general sadly taishan of this new law or a rather critic voices. well everybody in the section says we need
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a new law day creation is how the new law is is the science and at the moment leave their own you know the concrete. and so everyone says we need this law it's good to have it but. necessary to discuss the concrete points in the law now briefly if you can aren't there fears that this could somehow spur that far right discourse that immigrants are taking away jobs. well there is a certain fear but the problem is not if we talk about unqualified immigrant and we know we have a leg of this in hove care in the industrial sector so we haven't a problem if you talk about you know skirt. the situation is quite different. going to. bloody fight people before creation with paintings so i
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don't see this poem a problem at the moment or i'd feel guys that the german economic institute thank you very much for the insight you're welcome. the head of the european stability mechanism said greece will be monitored more closely than other countries that have emerged from rescue progress in an interview with the german weekly dash speed skating asserted the eurozone crisis is over as greece prepares for the official end of its bailout program on monday but people in greece have seen little benefit in fact many are much worse off than ever before one in five are still unemployed and a slight economic growth is little comfort for those who saw their pensions shrink to a minimum. offense in august while there's been much talk of an economic recovery there's not much of it to be seen on the streets crisis is far from over there are a lot of cuts and a lot of difficult years ahead for us. to kick up dust so that the situation hasn't
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improved and it won't change anytime soon. oh my maybe it's hard but i think we're struggling. because family business has been here for forty years giving up is not an option for india not his job where he changed his business successfully join the crisis from selling luxury do face to cut to size form robert like many business people he feels burdened by taxes and demands a long term strategy from the government. in order to continue we have to. we have to. do. thank you for the economy. overtaxation is one of the obstacles that hampers investment both domestic and foreign there is little optimism of the german society for trade and investment we forms are still missing or not implemented. and i think you hear. kind of the problems remain the same sprawling bureaucracy it's
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a lengthy procedures unclear interpretation of the laws it is what it is an investor however need security security to plan when it comes for example to tax issues or financial issues and that is still not guaranteed in greece. does is him on the finished given life that it takes courageous underbred yours with a bit of disappearance i gotten as eels say around us the german greek to go over the brewery from the burberry and live in boy seven years ago and has been brewing his own greek beer ever since he is proud that he manages to stand up against foreign brands on the market. meanwhile greek beers are becoming popular and make up the majority of the products that are now being sold. creative marketing new product lines from premium pills to like some of the success of the brewery rests on different pillars research and quality control are part of it and
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an export department there are still obstacles such as capital controls but there is hope that the market will become more flexible. we believe that the opening of the market which was a closed market before one that was monopolized is now a chance for greece to introduce our own products which bar owners can add to their shelves. d.n. tristen domestic product is growing while investors from abroad are still hesitating the greeks are starting to take matters into their own hands. and that's all for the dollar business thank you very much for watching remember you can stay . up to date the business headlines on our website that's t w dot com next time take your advice. we've.
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