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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin heavy flooding brings more devastation to southern india officials now say ten days of rain have killed more than three hundred people in the state of carillon as a grapples with its worst monsoon season in a century and more heavy rain is expected elsewhere in india that nation pays homage to a political legend thousands attend a state funeral for three time former prime minister tall bihari vajpayee who is one of the country's most popular leaders. and how safe are italy's bridges with
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anger mounting over the deadly general a bridge collapse italians tell d.w. they're worried about the condition of other bridges across the country. and fans paid tribute to the queen of soul. aretha franklin died at her home in detroit michigan yesterday at the age of seventy six we'll take a look at the life of a cultural icon. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we start this program in southern india where the death toll from catastrophic flooding has more than doubled the chief minister of the state of carola has announced that three hundred. before people have died in
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what he called the worst flood in one hundred years about a quarter of a million people have lost their homes they're living in relief camps right now carol is a popular tourism destination known for its pristine beaches the state has it by monsoons every year but this year's rains have been unusually heavy. on your falling cars following this story for us from delhi song there what's the latest that you're here. well it remains a dire situation and you know it's a cabin that remains on high alert in the last twenty four hours the state has seen really torrential rains large parts of the state remain underwater you know on social media of seen a few really heartbreaking videos of people really neck deep in water some they own submerged homes you know appealing to the authorities for help so that it causes the people who remain stranded in different parts off the state and that entire districts that have been cut off from the mainland because the roads have either been washed away or destroyed by the landslides public public transport in many
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places a virtually come to a standstill you know rail service is down bus of this is the dog in the commercial capital of courtship of the international airport to shut to because of the flooded runway and coach is really the gateway took out of the hospitals in that city also according to reports struggling to cope with a surge of patients who have been brought in from clinics that have been watching logged and of course there's a massive relief and rescue operation underway the indian navy and the army have rushed in the extra troops extra resources and boats to try and get help to people in flooded areas and prime minister narendra modi is also said to leaf look at a lot of this evening to you know oversee that rescue effort sanyo monsoons are of course an annual event in india and across south asia what makes this one so exceptional and and so deadly. you're right i mean you know cattle know in particular is really no stranger to heavy rains you know given that
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it's location on the southwestern edge of the independents usually the first state to receive rain from the southwestern months and then again not really see as heavy rain throughout the months of paid and right until september but this time the rains have been unprecedented and severe they're being called the worst in the idea century and i think what has made the situation worse is that this is really the cut time in this once and season that this rate that the state of seen flooding and the flood waters of that second time had really not quite receded in certain parts of the state before this list if this disaster struck so that's made it really worse ok with all of this in mind. are more rains on the way what what does the days ahead hold for caroline. well that's certainly what the met department here at the weather office is saying they're expecting heavy rains until tomorrow. the airport and that i mentioned is also officially closed until actually august twenty sixth now we're hearing so certainly the situation is expected to have to be bad right until the end of the weekend i don't
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know what things would look like next week on the phone a car for us from delhi following the story for now sonia thanks very much. and we're staying in india where thousands of people have been paying homage to the former prime minister atal bihari vajpayee who died thursday at the age of ninety three he's been given four stayed on as a funeral ceremony in delhi schools and colleges are closed in the indian capital the government announced a seven day mourning period. for he was among india's most popular politicians on a founding leader of the ruling hindu nationalist party he served three terms as prime minister. here's a look back at a man who oversaw india's growth into a regional power. he was a poet journalist and the moderate face of hindu nationalism to some former indian prime minister x. how bihari vachss pai is an icon to others a contradiction as
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a founding father of the ruling bharatiya janata party that paey was a key figure in india's growth as both a nuclear and economic power he was a risk taker and peace maker. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he carried out a series of underground nuclear tests alarming pakistan and the international community on islam a ban responded in kind sparking a nuclear arms race between the two neighbors. but one year later a grand diplomatic gesture that paey road on the first bus was service from delhi to lahore where he attended a summit with pakistan's president in an effort to mend ties that parties also credited with india's global economic boom which was fueled by his support for the i.t. sector to some though he was the leader of
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a fanatic and hundred muslim movement that would go on to polarize indian society his policies shape the face of the country his passing could mark the end of an era . and we'll have much more on the life and legacy of india's former prime minister that's later in this program now for some of the other stories making the news this hour the former pakistani cricket star and long time politician in wrong cause has been elected as the country's new prime minister his populist p.t.i. party won the most seats in pakistan's general election last month will be sworn in soccer. barcelona is marking the first anniversary of terror attacks that left sixteen people dead and more than one hundred injured spain's king the country's prime minister and cattle only as leader were among those taking part in commemorations the ceremony began on the famed los romulus where year ago a jihad has ploughed
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a van into scores of pedestrians. the vatican has expressed shame and sorrow over a recent report on church abuse cases in the u.s. and says pope francis is on the side of the victims the report by an american grand jury was released tuesday it accuses three hundred priests in pennsylvania of sexually abusing children over a period of seven decades. u.s. defense officials say an old terror parade ordered by president trump is being postponed until at least twenty nineteen a parade was originally planned for veterans day weekend in november in ousmane came just hours after figures were released estimating the cost of the event would be more than ninety million dollars . italy is mourning the victims of the bridge disaster in genoa that left at least thirty eight people dead while rescuers work to find anyone who might still be trapped beneath the rubble families of the victims gathered around the coffins
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of their loved ones ahead of a state funeral tomorrow both italy's president sergio and prime minister two separate will attend that ceremony italy has declared saturday a national day of mourning. meanwhile the search for those responsible for the bridge collapse goes on italy's transportation ministry has open an investigation and called on the private toll road operator to quickly build a new bridge at its own expense but that might not be enough to placate an angry public. bill spoke with a talons worried about the condition of the country's other bridges. this is a scene replicated across this region. nestled in mountains in the shadow of towering concrete structures living in one such home as retired construction worker johnny has been here for thirty years for him the branch had long just been part of
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the scenery but now he's looking at it very differently. i am a little more worried but first i thought they would have closed this bridge temporarily after the miranda bridge collapsed and that they would have checked it properly this hasn't happened and i believe this was careless. the mayor and the bridge is just a short drive from here its collapse is made assess just how safe this. is just. because. i've been thinking for years that something could suddenly happen to this bridge because i believe that the pillars probably only have about sixty percent of them but i mean. compared to what. it's not just residents living underneath structures like this who are now concerned it's also the drivers who paul say that bridges like this every day
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everybody. cannot help them when you're driving across bridges like this one and then not just across genoa throughout the whole of it there are many people. that cannot happen to me like the ill fated brain chair many in italy were built in the fifty's and sixty's they would have designed to withstand the amount of traffic passing over them today and as one expert tells me many were only ever expected to have a fifty year lifespan. or. we tend to forget. that becomes. us and this situation should be control of the much better we have to allocate the money from the beginning to be sure of it we are the possibility of controlling volution of us structure in other countries viscosity is very very strong you need. he's growing
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but probably is not enough strong the company operating the marandi bridge insists its maintenance checks were up to date back on the outskirts of genoa giani says regular maintenance work is also being done here but for him that's now another reason to worry. that there's so much maintenance means it's not really necessary after so many years fifty sixty seventy years maybe we have to consider building a new bridge. which experts say the safety of infrastructure across the country must be reviewed in many cases they maintenance work will only delay the inevitable the emergence of more bridges not fit for purpose this is ok time for some business now and germany is looking beyond its borders for a new workforce funny exactly thank you very much german businesses say the country is losing thirty year in g.d.p.
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because of the lack of workers now the german government is finally doing something to help them fill jobs back and seize it will make it easier for non nationals to come here to work in the future people will be able to come to germany get out a job offer if they have the proper qualifications and so now that rule has only apply to those with a university degree people will also be chosen on the basis of their age and how many areas of the german language businesses want more workers especially in healthcare and the tray it's. and staying on the topic germany's lack of qualified workers is especially critical in the geriatric care sector according to the federal ministry of health there are about thirty thousand back and sees that means even the foot care for the elderly and how they were close for those who currently nurse them as germans are getting older the problem will get worse by the year twenty twenty five the vaccine could rise to more than one hundred thousand
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that's why the government hopes the new legislation will help germany tackle the problem pilot projects have proven successful as this report shows. it's coffee time at this care home outside of munich. this woman is being served her cake in liquid form. most of the residents here are very old and many suffer from dementia they rely on help from foreign workers like muhammad ali now see he moved here from tunisia a few months ago for a job as a care worker at this red cross run institution. four hundred one i feel accepted by the residents here. we chant to each other and exchange the news. or enjoy ourselves.
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in the afternoon the team meets for a handover. mohammed whose nickname here either sent of the job. was moved in with two months to the written and spoken language i say reference manual or. dolly's boss monica fortune it helps foreign stuff with their move to germany. when dolly arrived she picked him up from the airport and helped organize an apartment for him. she believes this kind of treatment is necessary to attract skilled workers to the care sector. views institute insurance costs about how it really adds value to our institution and it's really hard to get skilled labor on the german market so for us this is a huge gift to have them and we support them. dolly doesn't have much time for homesickness today he and his colleagues are weighing
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the residence. dudley likes his job and is planning to continue learning german. he also has his sights set on an official government recognised qualification as a care worker in germany. joining us now at the french for stock exchange. skilled workforce we just heard hope because for the big companies that the stock exchange. i think for the biggest companies it's not that great a worry they don't have that great difficulties in finding qualified workers sure i t. people are in short the men and engineers are sort of being looked for the better qualified the better of course but they don't have the same kind of worries the smaller companies do the big companies that are listed here they're able to pay excellent wages and benefits often bonuses of business is good enough they have social benefits they have all sorts of other perks and it's
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a different story with the smaller companies we hear lots of complaints from the middest on which is the backbone of the german economy of the german business world where really the bacon gets brought in and they are having at its in some instances massive difficulties in finding the right people and even when they get up locations they find the people are not good enough it's a huge problem this could serve to alleviate it a little bit germany is ready to open its doors is this the right solution to the problem. well business leaders we've heard so far in their first reactions seem to indicate yes they are receiving it positively it's a positive signal that's directly what eric's right so says he is the president of the german chambers of industry and commerce basically representing all the all the local offices that are in touch with so many companies and also the representative
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of the trades in germany also a very very large association where workers are a big lack of workers is a big problem he's also positive and he says it's important that one also make it a little bit more liberal and that you don't have to look for a potential german candidate to take a job before you turn to a foreign one that would accelerate the process of course only thank you very much . and we're staying to the shift migration brian has one that's right funny the german government has. reached a migration deal with greece screes has agreed to take back migrants who apply for asylum there and later turn up at germany's border with austria now the deal was struck last night it affects migrants who try to enter germany via the austrian german border and who have previously filed an asylum application in greece under this deal migrants can now be sent back to greece within forty eight hours the
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german government releasing no d.t. details as to what greece would get in return germany agreed to a similar deal with spain last week it's working on another one with italy. we're turning now to the conflict in syria and the fate of one volunteer organization that has saved thousands of lives during the recent years of bloodshed there the white helmet says they're known have been operating in rebel held territories where a number of years now rescuing victims of the fighting and of government airstrikes syrian president bashar al assad calls them western sponsored propaganda tools to help terrorists wise the russian backed military gradually defeated rebel forces the danger confronting the white helmets increased with government troops approaching dozens of white helmets and their families in the areas of draw and. were evacuated by israeli troops through the golan heights they were then brought
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on to jordan canada britain and germany have agreed to take the men w's simon young spoke with fruit all habib he's a co-founder of the white helmets who told him its members did not want to leave syria. well first of all dr that we asked to protect those one hundred and their families inside syria we didn't aim at getting anyone outside but because the international community failed to ensure protection of civilians inside syria and particularly for the humanitarian workers and the white helmets the last resort for for those volunteers were to to escape through the occupied golan heights to short and then have resettlement in other countries we stand the german government and all our friends who support the despotic process and we believe that our colleagues who are here they will be active in their new
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communities carrying their skills and qualifications they will walk to serve civilians there as they did in syria who will do the important work of rescuing civilians in syria if these people have left the country. and. we remain committed to work force the syrian people were. they are and we are aware and whenever we have access to support them the group of volunteers who were evacuated with their families were present just a small percentage. of around one hundred volunteer and their families but we still have more than three thousand volunteers in north syria who continue their work as usual the regime says that the white helmets have connections to foreign powers and indeed to jihad these what's yours. i would say that the all these narratives are contradicting each other's sometimes they say
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that the white homes do not exist at all these are just fabricated films and sometimes they say those are affiliated with western intelligence and some sometimes they say they are affiliated with jihadist and all these stories contradict with each other's the true story that the white image of the people and working for the people and their success and providing assistance to the people and supporting the civil society it challenges the narrative that is proposed by the regime and its allies that are to say that there are no good people left in syria and there is north of a society in syria and the syrians are not able to walk by themselves to help themselves it's only the dictatorial regime or the extremists this is a long narrative and for this reason they try to throw these fake accusations on a personal level you must have seen some terrible things during this war in syria.
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could you describe what motivated you to join the white helmets in the first place . i of course i faced personal challenges and big risks but it's just like all the other syrians and all other. victims in syria. i would say that i started this work and because it's my duty you don't need i want it to work for your country or to try to rescue your neighbor or your relative or your friend it's it comes from values and humanitarian principles when you hear from my baby or from whoever asking for help it's our duty to do that and we can't abandon our people as long as we can do something to help it's our
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responsibility and we will keep doing this for today and. that was a co-founder of the white homeless frugal habib speaking with the w.'s something else for fans around the world have been paying tribute to so legend aretha franklin she died on thursday at age seventy six from pancreatic cancer her distinctive voice captured the heartbreak and determination of millions of people here's a look at how fans are remembering the queen of soul. this is a theory first so many of her fans remember setting things right when she's been done wrong. with. that and from the sidewalk outside her father's church in detroit. to the apollo theater in new york to the hollywood walk of fame in los angeles an
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outpouring of love for a music icon. she was a queen but made no such a dad as there was no little outbreak all years p.c.t. . everything that her music awards her advocacy have always been at the front of her songs give you that power like that confidence to step out in the world. she was the first ever woman inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame credit where credit was due flowed in on social media from politicians and her musical peers. british singer elton john tweeting this she sang and played magnificently
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and we all wept we were witnessing the greatest soul artist of all time. this from fellow american singer diana ross and sitting in prayer for the wonderful golden spirits of the wreath of franklin. and her president barack obama also paying tribute in her voice you could feel our history all of it and in every shade out how our and our pain our darkness and our light our quest for redemption and our. hard won respect. the spotter said she would sing for kings. and she also sang for president. obama. st. louis. mum. and she used it well people loved aretha she's special woman she's.
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a diva divine with a voice for the ages. we have more news coming up after a short break including the political legacy of in the years a tall bar these. this is the lives. of. yemen ramage by three years of civil war thousands have died millions have fled diseases are spreading. nobody is helping we need
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help we need help for yemen please. it's been called the world's biggest humanitarian crisis and the world is a way yemen in forty five minutes long t.w. . is creationists. display. logo should icon the fashion. look really low. about the man behind the torch she's trying just moments in the life of a great fiction designer. kanaka fed starts september ninth w. . a news on this message that says the once a team sachs is going to call to shake hands out to this kind of oversight by.
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people who put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on the demi. earth home to millions of species of home or saving. googling tia's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like deals to protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action google audience the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and on line. welcome back you're ready to every news our top stories at this hour in india officials say the death toll from massive flooding in the state of corolla as it jumps to more than three hundred hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless by the flooding it
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is the worst that state has seen in nearly a century. and also in india thousands of people have been paying their respects to former prime minister a tall bihari boss train he was honored with a full state funeral his body was then cremated one of the country's most popular leaders bug spray died thursday at the age of ninety three. and for more on this story we're joined now by peter he's the head of the conrad auden our foundation india office in delhi thanks so much for being with us. what would you say this meeting is the significance for india today of last phrase many years of work as prime minister well it's not only the many years as prime minister he has been in public life for over sixty flights years and that was about ten periods in the lower house in parliament to fears in the upper house it was three times
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prime minister so fifty six years he was more or less in the opposition and nine years he was in power ok now he is widely regarded as a man who bridged political divides but his party the hindu nationalist b j p is today a dividing force in indian politics. that's correct the b.g.p. today is to get that on the other side the congress party there is a lot of televise asian than it used to be during rush the years time it was a great statesman of east considered to be a statesman and if you look in the newspapers you have the political giant the one who build bridges and what he says he only had friends never enemies now these are not so clear about it in politics you know obviously people of different opinion but he managed to build bridges and maybe that has changed ok that building of bridges that is a tribute to this of political legacy was was that part of the work that devised be
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helped to put in the on the path to becoming the regional power that it is today was building bridges part of that success. i'm convinced it was that if you look back to his time he opened ties again to the united states he tried to segment . it try to go to china and find. relations so this could be billeted all distances being pragmatic this is one of his biggest advantages he had to manage the way the india went in his political position but also economically peter rimmel ahead of the conrad adn hours foundation's office in india thanks very much for that perspective farah.
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this is due to the news still to come on this program the world's best used workers first perform in burma. for the nineteenth edition of the young euro classics festival the event is a unique opportunity to experience the next generation of classical musicians. first over the funny in chinese investment in yet another unlikely corner of the world indeed by not so brian the south american public of soar now has a population of only half a million a full of dutch colony it hasn't traditionally attracted much for investment but when the world's second biggest economy spotted potential things change fast these days chinese companies are playing a major role in soaring on. gearing up for an inspection marcin sri works twelve hours a day six days a week for him time is money. and these shrimps make him a lot of money one packet will set you back about one hundred dollars. only two
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kinds needs and concerns are proud that to plan. and the other countries always this it's only things you put in. the surinam based company exports some two hundred tons of seafood each year there is little competition here labor is cheap although the chinese workers here do a little more than the locals. in tiny quoted this he says for. one is a smart nordics the second one is what. these you must use in. the presence of chinese businesses in syria has been increasing steadily the country a former colony of the netherlands has a population of only half a million it's traditionally been overlooked by investors china is the exception
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the country's landscape is dominated by rainforest and chinese companies have been eyeing it up as a valuable source of raw materials exporting rainforest timber to build terraces in europe. of course there are some taxes but it is you know. they're quite nice but. while cyrano is interested in expanding eco tourism the country's economic development is increasingly tied up with chinese investment. the half more drive growth from if they see something be they go for it. instantly to. be disappointed on this. and chinese companies. it left a positive impression in communities building playgrounds and social housing the slightest construction project is being run by a company directly from beijing. to me your governments are very close the
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chinese government sees that there are lots of opportunities in syria. and those opportunities include the chance to borrow from china is china on china giving syria not money trying to do that here and. increasing financial reliance on china is just one example of the world's second largest economies growing might on the world stage. and for business leaders like ma one key characteristics that's the chinese apart from their european and american counterparts. i'm feeling you want to be here and not come at the places and they did that then wonder if i think i'm us this is. let's hang now there week up. and then go to see. cyrano is the latest place where chinese money is creating chinese wealth. japanese restaurant chain skylar says it's
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banning this plastic strolls all the three thousand two hundred restaurants in japan and abroad will stop using them by twenty twentieth's sky ark say it wants to aid the fight against plastic waste pollution but the company currently uses over one hundred million straws a year here in europe grocery stores like little andré that have recently promised to takes all single use plastics all their shelves and in the us starbucks and american airlines have pledged to get rid of stross as the push against plastic pollution against global trade. the u.s. has threatened a new round of economic sanctions against turkey ask elating a diplomatic and economic dispute that has seen the plunge this after church is fine as mr barrel by iraq has assured international investors that the country's banks are healthy and strong now while the rise volatilities pushing investors to
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put their money in other currencies some are backing the president's call to do just the opposite convert dollars back to the ross. as the lira struggles at all time lows many turks are really in behind president everyone's calls to exchange us dollars for local currency one is ten ball restauranteur has hit upon his own novel scheme to rescue the lira. much the aim is to support the state and support the government therefore we launched a campaign to offer one portion of free fish and bread to anyone who converts one hundred dollars or more to. the restauranteur came up with the idea in partnership with a nearby foreign exchange office and the idea seems to be getting popular support from is turnbull's phish fans. play a little bit stick of course i support these campaigns to protect our currency i believe that everybody needs to be sensitive to this matter as foreign currency
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rates have risen these days but today we didn't have any dollars left to convert to a lot of money. i think it sounds fishy some might say it's simply good publicity for this popular restaurant the turkish lira hit a record low this week now forty percent down this year air to one's influence over monetary policy and a bitter dispute with the united states have spooked investors sparking turkey's worst currency crisis in two decades. all right more well use now funny we have some of the other stories making news around the world today venezuelan doctors and nurses have been demonstrating against low pay and the tearing conditions in hospitals the country's economic crisis has led to shortages of medicine and health care meant the protesters intended to march to the presidential palace in caracas but they were stopped by police. archaeologist nor the crew have unearthed an ancient mural from the last got all civilization the oldest in the
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americas the murals two believed to be about four thousand years old it's all to symbolize a period of drought and famine. brought on by climate change. it's to nigeria now where the government has ordered the overhaul of a notorious police unit the special anti robberies squad has been accused of extortion intimidation and of killing innocent nigerians the problem got so bad it inspired a social media campaign for change did have your correspondent floors trick were met one woman who came face to face with the unit. tamara clements doesn't want to show her face on t.v. she's still traumatized by experience from two months ago the twenty five year old was returning home with her friends when police stopped them officers of the special and she robbery squad searched the car intimidated han her friends.
4:41 pm
and this is where indecently dressed and thus it is the law so they are going to cause this issue. like we're not just on the money i mean one of will make it i mean i don't think there's an with. us on offense and we're not the woman who would work in a private school you stopped and brought us out of the private. were innocent interest and as of years ago tamara and her friends were only allowed to leave after the agri to pay a bribe she shared her experience on sweeter and soon it went viral getting retreat said more than a thousand times but isn't an isolated case they have the reports of shootings killings and beatings at the hands of the special police units. have been campaigning for change the hashtag answers has been their rallying cry.
4:42 pm
nelson is one of those campaigners he leads a civic organization that provides free legal services for victims of police brutality with a network of more than hundred full until lawyers across the country he says he receives an average of five complaints every day from people who have been harassed by science officers. people need immediate so i'm ready for some of the options and some walking boots so all these bonuses should be put behind the bars in the police station so we can start sending in lawyers to police to show all those suits and get those people hols to walk in on the class also wondering if from opposition also be to the president on the issue and somewhat oppositions all the time. if you weeks after our interview with nels the
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deposition is finally eugene fruits the federal government has all that. immediately reviewed and overhauled. after more than a year of activism and activists finally have something to rejoice about. sports now and the german cup football tournament kicking off tonight continuing through their weekend emily of all shots of did every sports will be looking at this hugely popular institution for us hello emily why does this tournament draw so much attention from inside and outside germany oh it's an incredibly interesting competition if you have a look at it because anything can happen it's just one game that matters and it's a knockout game and if we have a look at the match ups actually last season's bundesliga runner up for example take on forced here shine forth this evening newly promoted nuremberg will face six
4:44 pm
division links while tiny drop this nussle and it's temporarily expanded stadium that holds seven thousand fans will host powerhouse buy in munich who stadium seats seventy five thousand my favorite match and then fourth here victoria cologne takes on rb leipzig as well so that's just some fun coming up for us this weekend ok you just managed to mention byron munich they're expected to cruise through this stage what are the key aspects. biran coach nico kovacs and the new team well you know there are a couple things to look at one thing definitely will be restoring the fitness of manuel neuer who missed most of last season and still needs more games under his belt until he's back at his top form and another thing i think will be that coaches giving some young or new players a chance to prove their worth and to fight for their spot on the team one thing could be a surge not be replacing thomas. another one could be frank robbery taking a break and kingsley come on featuring and of course their new midfielder might get
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a few more minutes under his belt as well ok you have big questions about moneyball neuer very popular player here in germany homburg they certainly have to be down in the dumps after being relegated to the second division will they even survive the first round this year plus difficult to say because three out of the last six times they didn't last year they lost against arsenal birchenough is just horrible and this year they haven't had a great start into the season either in the second league i mean they're a powerhouse and they lost their first game in second division against kiel so they'll really be wanting some good news but i think they're still the favorites and i see them going through this round ok what about a game tomorrow closely watched between cars is loudon and hoffenheim can you tell us about that game well that's really interesting because lot and you used to be a powerhouse in german football i mean there were a huge team they had players of the world cup winning squad of west germany one thousand nine hundred fifty four twenty years ago they won the championship and now
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they're just in third tier i mean that was a huge blow to them and their hosting who used to be just a local village club and now they're the ones who are in the business you go who are playing in the champions league the tables have turned it's why football is so exciting that is how fortunes can be reversed emily roush it's a bit of use forced by some very much and we'll have more from you throughout the weekend. well the most prestigious event in men's tennis has been given a radical make over beginning next year the davis cup will be decided by a season ending tournaments with eighteen teams taking part the new format will feature a group and knockout stage similar to big soccer tournaments like the world cup. delegates at the annual conference of the international tennis federation voted overwhelmingly in favor of the new format the i.d.f. says it believes the overhaul will be a major boost for tennis. well it is exciting i mean the transformation is unbelievable and i'm so fortunate to be the leader of the organization at this
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point in time and i think it's something that the board will look back and be very proud and the nations will look back and be very proud over the years but this will help us transform tennis. at the forefront of the transformation of the davis cup is a star not from tennis but football barcelona defend a share of p.k. founded the investment group that struck the deal with the i.d.f. to launch the new format. would create an incredible competition we won this competition to be at the top of the tent and we have work from today until next november to to create this competition that it would be amazing with piquet's help the future looks bright for the davis cup.
4:48 pm
south africa's neology used orchestra here in berlin celebrating the late and the apartheid leader nelson mandela they came to our europe in his honor marking work with the under one hundredth birthday last month. on their tour the meows used orchestra opened this year's young euro classics festival here in berlin david leavitt's from the culture desk is here for more on that hello david this is a really remarkable festival with some very talented young musicians what can you tell us of the young your classic brings together some of the very best youth orchestras from around the world this year there are actually twelve hundred young performers in it we're going to get to meet some of them from the myalgia youth orchestra in just a second but i want to tell you a little bit about that group because it's really special this is a project that brings together young south africans black and white rich and poor. and it was started by a south african opera singer who spent
4:49 pm
a long time in europe and then he went home and he saw that even decades after apartheid there were still a lot of rifts in society that he wanted to help sheel and now they see music really as a tool for social cohesion they see themselves as a model for a new south africa and the group miyagi that actually stands for music as a great investment. no public go from trying to get the paper let me as you think this is. not on the night because i'm from cape town and i play for me as you know because. well i think. you know the most beautiful thing about i was i just it sort of brings together people that you would normally never actually be with and that's that's true with the orchestra comes in because you know all of a sudden you you know sitting next to somebody who lives you know two thousand k's away from you that you would have never actually met. drawing from jazz classical
4:50 pm
and african traditions me out she grew out of a social project in cape town under the baton of conductor duncan ward the orchestra is on its fourth european tour. in the in our present day the they all mean essential differences that we experience because of the postie fabulous up last date and now you know moving forward and i find that playing this orchestra that all of that it goes away because in music becomes the most important thing. in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of nelson mandela's birth the orchestra is paying musical tribute to his values and ideals. if you threw me out one day last vision into reality it's niche indie whose vision.
4:51 pm
certainly as of this firing group especially as you mentioned david one post apartheid south africa still has so far to go. the unifying power of music is is a big theme isn't it at this year's euro classic yeah this is this is really goes with a lyric from a very famous pop star music makes the people come together now especially with an emphasis on the word euro and young hero classic this year another featured guest is the european union youth orchestra this is a group of musicians from across the european union that still includes the united kingdom we met up with some of them to chat about how they see their future their musical future especially with brags that in the offing. i'm coming
4:52 pm
i'm french and i'm playing cello. an issue with thinking i'm from the netherlands and i play the fiola. i'm covered my i picture notes and i'm from the netherlands i'm caitlin miles i'm from the u.k. and i play the trumpet. our reporter met up with these musicians before their evening performance the european union youth orchestra has been a cultural ambassador for more than forty years i think what i wish for europe is that it's keeping its unity how do you feel about the move from london to ferrero because the headquarter is moving for exodus coming out this is something you talk about in the orchestra as a brit i feel very affected by this us that all of the other musicians in the orchestra from the quay. and not only for us thinking that at some point we were in the next couple years we won't be able to apply for the orchestra anymore. britain's exit from the e.u.
4:53 pm
will bring many changes for the orchestra whose members study all across europe for them national boundaries are irrelevant to music do you think it's a fact we could learn from the question of why you can always find the solution even though there are so many people with different opinions how it should be but there's one boss waits for us is the conductor then and people can agree on it. despite the internal crisis within the e.u. this orchestra is an example of how successful the european project can be. so the young euro moving from london to italy now you have the european union youth orchestra leaving their headquarters in london as that won't be part of the european union any more this just shows that the break that is not just about politics it really does have an impact on cultural his holster as well doesn't it well one who i hear some of the sound of that success and we're going to do that by
4:54 pm
bringing you the european used orchestra playing some of tricks this. it's because mine are now some of the top stories we're following for you at this hour in india officials say the death toll from massive flooding in the state of law as jumped to more than three hundred hundreds of thousands of people have been
4:55 pm
left homeless by the floods there the worst the state has seen in a century. and also in india thousands of people have been paying their respects to former prime minister a call the heart of pain he was honored with a full state funeral his body then cremated one of the country's most popular leaders pay died thursday at the age of ninety three. this is the news live from berlin and rita will be with you at the top of the hour i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for joining us and have a good weekend. yemen
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ravaged by three years of civil war thousands have died millions have fled diseases are spreading. nobody is helping and we need help we need help for
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yemenis. it's been called the world's biggest humanitarian crisis and the world looks away. in fifteen minutes on d w. rock n roll. mob. movie sinful rhythms come down to by the church. i know the evil feeling that you feel when you fight. to go past the surface of. our stomach no one is more popular than jesus ah the. rock and religion
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clash that brings many closer to light. more the two really sunk irreconcilable love god the devil made and broken leg. starts aug nineteenth two w. . a moment in the sun don't entice the entire scheme for jurors or dealing with anyone other than they killed many civilians i mean. come on including my father while doing so says i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. it's all happening good so good can come. to your link to news from africa and the world.
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your link to inception stories and discussions can you unload some stupid new stuff including programs night from one gemini and from the news of these each hour while website d. deputed const much africa join us on facebook d w africa. cut . players play. players. this is the job news coming to you live from delhi and heavy flooding brings more destruction to southern india a person say ten days of rain have killed more than three hundred people in the state of canada as it grapples with its look monsoon season in
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a century more heavy rain for has been forecast elsewhere in india. the country.


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