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this news coming to you live from berlin heavy flooding brings more destruction to southern india but christians say ten days of rain have killed more than three hundred people in the state of canada as of grapples with its worst monsoon season in a century or more to ensure rain for has been for cost also coming up. how safe it's in these bridges with montel the deadly genuine grief collapse italians tend to doubt view divided about the condition of other bridges across the country. and
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one year to one possibility remembers those killed when a driver rammed into crowds on. the bus it even greece could not unite the city at times of heightened political tension. just a musical pleat the harmony. dot. com. south africa's neology use the orchestra mocks hundred years since nelson mandela as bus with a tour of europe there just one of the vibrant a song was taking pasta in bolland's a young girl classic festival. kind of a woman will continue i'm under thought she might thank you very much for company.
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the death toll from catastrophic flooding in the indian state of co has more than doubled overnight the chief minister of kerala announced three hundred twenty four people have been confirmed dead in what he called the last floods in one hundred yes one was a quarter of a million people have lost their homes as rescuers scramble to evacuate residents to emergency relief camps. help from above. as in many other regions the indian air force has been evacuating residents of tourists who are who fled to the rubes. many others remain trapped by the high waters which are submerging almost the entire southwestern state of carolina emergency shelters have taken in around two hundred twenty thousand people. who were staying at a schoolhouse floodwaters came up to the front porch of my house and there's no electricity electricity has been out since yesterday that only they're providing us with clothes and other things with been given clothes cots and blankets as well as
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food there are no problems at the shelter. what whole villages have been destroyed many of those spared are cut off from the rest of the world. and military rescue teams are struggling to reach those in need. these teams are engaged in basically rescue and evacuation work vertical first response and they're doubling the situations that icing out of landslides building collapse and also assisting the state administration distributing relief materials. in kerala many are calling it the worst flood in one hundred years. usually the southwest monsoon soaks northern carola first and then it has the southern part of the state this year it's raining across the whole state at the same time. rainfall is forty percent over average and the monsoon season won't be over until december.
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and they're funny because following that story for us from delhi so what's the situation like this even in the flood affected areas how does one explain this and shop increase the death toll. well i would that the situation and carried out i mean style you know statism higher notes and the students really seem to ration trenchant reince for much of today and also last night night and i think that that's also obviously complicated the relief efforts and that is that is all to partially lead to the very high that don't like what's in the knowledge parts of the students who mean underwater i've seen some kind of really heartbreaking videos on social media actually people you know pushed on groups dogs overeating to be rescued. and in many many areas you know it's kind of discreet have been revealed she cut off from the mainland that's all it's a been washed away because of last lights on or damages and the public wants to she made us want to come to
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a standstill in getting those commercial capital courtships now this is the gauge which gets really important city the international airport has been closed there because a lot of one hospitals in the city ratio it also struggling not just to cope with a surge of patients but the odds are struggling with more supplies liquid oxygen even decent starts to run generators does the politics so i think it remains a very catastrophic situation and the co not government responding it seems the defense forces have been called out to help. that's right because there's a massive rescue and relief operation on the way both the indian army and the engineer the have to have russian troops there russian resources diving teams and extra two hundred boats today so there really is a big big operation and that we and the cattle the chief minister. and he's also set up in our thousands of police gas costs the state many many people are also his government is for financial gain new shipments and donations of essential items or
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in sleep in iraq are significant and prime minister didn't plan this in the interim or the it is also sixteen this is canada and north to that region where the scenery is fifty five still long so it's our annual event of india and across south asia what makes this one so exceptional and deadly you know to what i mean again no particulars really no stranger to greatness you know it's located on the southwestern edge which means it's the first it usually took a seat going to stop us on scene and get in the usually sees heavy waves throughout the entire month of september so this is really. not an exception but what missing this time it's certainly different it's unprecedented it's really sad you know as you said it's been called the worst floods in his interest and you know environmentalists of india are seeing some of the must see that you know this far she also a mandate that you know there are some people here looking up pointing fingers once
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he got a sense of the warning and that discounted out in large parts of the state he said last week the soil is not unstable and led to the plan. and they've also pointed towards you know much of the high places on why the construction as part of getting the speed. on what was formerly i could touch in that that has also contributed to problems seem right so now finally in delhi thank you very much for that update. let's all take a look at some other stories making news around the bond pakistan's parliament has elected former cricket star turned politician in iran can as the country's new prime minister he be sworn into office tomorrow his pakistan tehreek e insaf party won the most seats in pakistan's general election last month. officials in gaza say israeli gunfire has killed at least two palestinians and rude and dozens at the border with israel the violence erupted when protests is approached border fences the militant hamas group has been meeting weekly
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demonstrations in an attempt to break the israeli blockade of gaza. but this isn't possible attacks a police station to condemn what they call the government's failure to address violence against women activists from the left wing vent the party pelted the building with red paint the protest was triggered by the killing of a woman by her husband last week. a un human rights panel says brazil's former president agrees ignacio silva should be allowed to run for president while a piece of corruption conviction opinion polls show ahead of all candidates with election he's currently serving a twelve year sentence on conviction his supporters say was politically motivated. turning now to italy which is mourning the victims of the bridge disaster in genoa
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which killed at least thirty eight people while risk your search for any more survivors families of the victims have paid respects to their loved ones head of the state funeral tomorrow both italy's president says giamatti and prime minister just said because they will attend the ceremony the country has declared saturday a national day of mourning. meanwhile italy's transport ministry has opened an investigation into the bridges collapse but that might not be enough to play a kid public anger. shall acho simple spoke with italians wondered about the condition of the countries on the bridges. this is a scene replicated across this region. nestled in mountains in the shadow of towering concrete structures living in one such home as retired construction worker johnny has been here for thirty years for him the branch had long just been part of the scenery but now he's looking at its very differently.
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i am a little more worried but first i thought they would have closed temporarily after the moran the bridge collapsed and that they would have checked it properly this hasn't happened and i believe this was careless. humor and the bridge is just a short drive from here its collapse is made reassess just how safe this is. because i've been thinking for years that something could suddenly happen to this bridge because i believe that the pillars probably only have about sixty percent of the. compared to what. so. it's not just residents living underneath structures like this who are now concerned it's also the drivers who paul say that bridges like this every day everybody images of the bridge crumbling cannot help but picture that when you're
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driving across. bridges like this one and then not just across. the whole of it there are many people now. that cannot happen to me like the ill fated brain chair many units were built in the fifty's and sixty's they would have designed to withstand the amount of traffic passing over them today and as one expert tells me many were only ever expected to have a fifty year lifespan. or. we tend to forget. that becomes. us and this situation should be control of the much better we have to allocate the money from the beginning to be sure that we are the possibility of controlling volution of our structure in other countries viscosity is very very strong you need. he's growing but probably is not enough strong the company operating the marandi bridge insists
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its maintenance checks were up to date back on the outskirts of genoa giani says regular maintenance work is also being done here but for him that's now another reason to worry. the fact that there's so much maintenance means it's not really necessary to run after so many years fifty sixty seventy years maybe we have to consider building a new bridge. after such experts say the safety of infrastructure across the country must be reviewed in many cases they maintenance work will only delay the inevitable emergence of more bridges not fit for purpose that. funny for children to be now in turkey still in a volatile situation funny that's true because the turkish the rest taken another plunge following a brief midweek recovery for u.s. president don't trump regenerated his top position turkey and threatened new sanctions the dollar and the euro both gained around five percent against the new
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year on friday but many turks seem perth cure it. the turkish currency stabilized briefly this week after the finance minister reassured investors in a telephone conference that he would take all necessary measures to protect the country's banks and business in turkey as newspapers the threaten u.s. sanctions dominate the headlines. we're not pushing for a trade war they quote president arrow one he can still count on the support of his people. we shouldn't make concessions the united states is far away but it wants to show its political strength in this region there's not much that we can do let's keep up the resistance i mean though. as we are a country we're patriotic sentiments are high no matter how much the dollar increases we'll get over this. you know you've been in the shadow and that doesn't worry me to be honest because i believe that domestic measures are taken yes these
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threats can cause speculative action such as momentary currency fluctuations when turkish markets are closed international markets are open to speculations because. probably the only people who are genuinely ok with a weekly are the tourists because holidays in turkey and they are cheaper than they've ever been. grace officially and third and final bailout program on monday that means that athens won't technically regain full control over its budget after years of forced cutbacks in return for emergency loans now any celebration will be muted hiver following three paid out over eighty years and a sizeable amount of the debts to begin with greek debts now amounts to one hundred eighty percent of its annual economic output there's meanwhile widespread over austerity measures. it's the last day of the trading week so let's go to our
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financial correspondent in frankfurt all the parts or he. is making major moves with the gulf model what's the latest on the. that's it's pulling together the production of the gulf and one single factory taking it away from a factory in eastern germany and in mexico and that means that production at the headquarters in the site there one of the largest industrial production sites in the world will increase to one million cars per year that's what how about these new c.e.o. of swag and has planned and it's part of an effort to make volkswagen the brand volkswagen more profitable to increase in fish and see the margin he sees this thirty percent by the year twenty twenty five and the brand volkswagen indeed needs improving on that measure other areas of the company are ending nicely but if the
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company really wants to advance and it has to make progress there and have it he's talking about well if you're looking back at the week what would you say how did this week they are considering the markets all over a. it was a turkey very very clearly that shocked the market that came basically out of nowhere and it's continuing and it's a continuing drama and next week the stock markets will be closed in turkey because of a national holiday and people are wondering how is that going to continue what it was weighing on the markets all week especially in europe not so much in the united states now at the end of the week but shares here drop the euro drop then there was also bayer pharmaceutical company blue chip in the dax losing about fifteen percent this week over week killer controversy while another company wired card basically an unknown fin tech to most at least but worth a lot of money because of the sex of success it's ready to move up in the dark soon
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replacing then germany second largest banks of corporate drama was right in the mix as well this week only part of the french was talking things thank you very much for your analysis. from euro zone two dollars don't just what's the real value of the dollar well that kind of depends on when it was minted this fall for example is the so-called first dollar of the americas and it was minted in fifteen thirty eight it was recovered from a shipwreck recently and the silver coin was made in mexico city three years after the spanish empire established its colony in latin america now expects expected to fetch at least half a million dollars at an auction in philadelphia on friday fire. tesla shares took a dip after c.e.o. elon musk spoke emotionally about the stress of running the company on this american regulators are said to be widening a probe into the firm must talk to new york times that he was working up to one
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hundred twenty hours a week to meet production goals that he had been taking. for the u.s. securities and exchange commission is looking into mosques teaching of plans to take the company private. right back to the city marking a tragic story to barcelona that's right its battle re talking about now catalonia is marking a grim anniversary as funny just said of the deal of terror that left the spanish region on edge one year ago a terrorist drove a van into pedestrians on barcelona's famous. now witnesses say he zigzagged down the busy street to hit as many people as possible as later another member of that extremist cell struck again this time in a car which released into a crowd in a small seaside town south of boston and the so-called islamic state claimed
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responsibility for those attacks spanish authorities have dismantled the cell with its members either killed or arrested but sixteen people were killed on those terrorist attacks and more than one hundred injured. survivors and families of the victims of last year's terror attack on the bus alone or remember those who lost their lives. it's still difficult. and for the families of the victims hard to accept. it was very hard especially at first to not think if they had just spent another minute at lunch or if he had been standing two feet over from where he was or if their plans had been different or they had all gone to the beach instead of walking on the streets of la rambla. but i also know that. life is like that. and there
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is never going to be an answer for those questions those killed or injured came from thirty four different countries for this french tourists was severely injured but survived the attack the memories a painful left on a fortune over the last and hoping that the first time i'm in this hospital bed i realize that nothing moves in alone may i try moving my legs as money makes don't move and i try moving my arms off and not moving eva and icons talk and then the awareness that i will stay like that oh my life things are stopped and nothing will change talk of self us alone as many people are united in their grief it is their mission will be a see and from the following day people went out on the streets to say we were not afraid and that the terrorists were not going to infect us with the hatred that we weren't going to distrust our neighbors and was wearing going to criminalize a certain culture as was and that made
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a strong use force bus alone as city hall had said ahead of the memorial that it wanted to avoid political controversy but in catalonia it's hard to avoid politics . king felipa the sixth of spain attending the memorial is trisha sized catalonia spit for independence in the past and has low support in the region. there was also division on the streets as cuts alone separatists protested the king's presence. the focus today however. on presenting. the german cup football tournament kicks off tonight and goes on over the weekend emily rushes from good obvious sports desk joins me welcome emily lovely to see you again well almost everybody knows a bit about the bundesliga is but one of the german got to explain that to us and why is this such huge interest in the german cup in germany as well as outside i
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mean it's a very very interesting competition it's a knockout competition so one game that's all that matters and everything can happen and if we have a look at the match ups we can see last season's business leader runner up childcare for example taking on fourth tier shine for this evening a newly promoted nurnberg will face six division links while tiny asil and its temporarily expanded stadium that holds seven thousand fans will host powerhouse look why. these players are kaiserslautern legends they were all part of a powerhouse club and part of germany's world cup winning team in one thousand nine hundred fifty four nowadays the squad has players with the best second division experience more than twenty players left when kaiserslautern dropped into the third tier the end of last season in the wooden league. fifty percent of your revenue when you go down to the third division that makes it incredibly difficult to
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maintain a good team. at the moment the club is fifteenth in the third division table. now they host hoffenheim in the german cup twenty years ago kaiserslautern were born in this league champions hoffenheim just a local village club the tables have turned. the cost of expanding their stadium for the two thousand and six world cup saddle kaiserslautern with big debts and soon the club was swapping europa league football for the second division bosses came and went but mismanagement proved constant and last season the club was relegated once more. ludicrous the fact that it's now hoffenheim the recent upstart from the region bringing the bonus league it back to kaiserslautern is met with mixed feelings. ronson of course fourteen terms it's an enormous challenge to play a champions league side it's not the kind of big name club that we would expect to
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sell out the stadium for but still it's abundance league at champions league level team against a third division team but that's what's so interesting about football that a sensation is always possible in a game like this one as in south america is a sensation used to mean bringing home the world cup now a victory against hoffenheim would qualify in cases louts and footballing dreams have become arcade lee more modest. yeah and this is why this tournament is so great i mean there are so many surprises that can happen this is a randomly drawn event so these small teams can play against these big powerhouses and often they're fighting for a year just to qualify for this tournament to get the chance to play against one of these top teams i know that sounds exciting because by and by to by this thing of a smaller team which yeah they were up to some asshole with that's right and this should cruise through this one specially you know within brand new court that will give him a chance then to take the team and take some of the newcomers in one experience because into the team yeah definitely i mean on the paper there's absolutely no
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doubt that by and have to make it through this round one key aspect for coach will be to give money another chance in goal some more minutes under his belt and regain his confidence his top form in goal because he missed most of last season as we all know and then you also given the chance to rotate through some not newer or younger players might get somewhere minutes and there's buzz well he's the new signing from . this season and then also kingsley c'mon cornton to list all these players that usually don't get to start during the regular season games or in the higher games they might get to show their worth during this game and they weigh what about hamburg and they have a long proud history of football but last season they were relegated for the first time one of the chances this time will they make it beyond the first round of the german cup i mean they're really gave out of german top tier football was i mean incredible i mean no one thought that was actually going to happen and surely there's a big black cloud hanging over hamburg right now and they haven't been really successful in the cup in the past years either three out of the last four times
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they fell out in the first round already last year against us in the book it was the start of a horrible season for them this season didn't start quite as well for them either they lost against kenya in their first game ever and the second one is to go so surely they'll want to take this game regain confidence win it and just get on to the next round in the something is an exciting tournament because so many of these match ups could bring any kind of result absolutely and many rushes from us forces thank you very much for your expertise. ok turning from football to tennis and to men's tennis in a radical make over for the davis cup beginning next year the cup will be decided by a season ending tournament instead of a season long tone of one of the davis cup fans a long and storied history as a team tournament with clare's representing their countries but it's not just some of its shine over the us and the international tennis by the recent decided. on the
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new format eighteen teams who do battle for one week in late november first in a group stage then in a knockout drown in the same way the world cup soccer tournament was so let's see what happens you're watching d.w. news coming up ahead. who was best to be usable construct the film but then for the nineteenth edition of the young classically festival the event is a unique opportunity to experience the next generation off casting musicians. david leavitt's to this could be here to tell us more about that and do remember you can always get d.w. news on the gorgeous down due to ad from google play over from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world is going to push notifications for any breaking news you can always think used to send us photos and videos which you think would be interesting for us. to first of all i'm
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going to go a step into a short break the ben i come back and look forward to seeing you all again to stay with me as. the. european stars deliver rousing performances. every concert on guessable event. british band concert ships. during. forty five minutes. time for an upgrade. to our. clothes all by.
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you're watching the w.'s coming to you live from berlin coming up in the next fifteen minutes president a serial drama cause us court for quote land expropriation without compensation has this suddenly become an electioneering slogan in south africa we asked our correspondent in johannesburg. to south africa now where the issue of land rights has stirred up a huge political debate now this after president siddaramaiah it was a reiterated that the government will seek to amend the constitution to enable land seizures without compensation why farmers would be the worst affected if the government were to go ahead with these plans now that's because most of the land that would fall under the purview of the law would be agricultural white farmers in
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south africa own seventy two percent of that land even though whites make up only eight percent of the population black south africans comprise more than eighty percent of the country a lot of this land was taken from black south africans. during apartheid however since its end in the early ninety's the real distribution of land has often been neglected a promise the elected rest successive south african governments but some analysts say with elections due next year political parties are seizing on the issue for political gain sometimes though this has had deadly consequences have a look at this report. this is not an easy return for johan angle breast a few months ago his parents were rolled and brutally murdered here we suspect that the attackers got my father she was outside your boss on his way to church.
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they got him outside they brought him back into the house that gate in the. hall was a lot since my mother was staying at home but the attackers punched in another door to reach. so there was a struggle here my dad fought them at that point we suspected that they couldn't. get control over my dad so they they stab him in the throat a couple of times the seventy eight year old and his wife had no chance and this is with me where i found them. he was lying here on his back. this is the so israel was covered in blood and my mother was an extreme tied up but she was also slit. the foam in south africa's houten province was bought by yuan father. the elderly couple lived just
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a few hundred meters from their son and his family. corn cattle and wild game were produced on the thousand hectare site but now operations are at a standstill the way forward unclear. murders like this one have become all too common in south africa the commercial farmers union town says eighty two people have been murdered in the last year alone most of them white farmers or. the mood here is tense the attacks of opened up old wounds white farmers still own seventy two percent of private farmland despite making up just eight percent of the population. it's the legacy of apartheid when black south africans were systematically dispossessed of their land and disenfranchised the resulting socio economic inequality remains palpable to this day. some farmers have formed their own community watch groups
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patrolling together to protect themselves and their property the most isolated farms from the easiest targets police protection far from guaranteed. the tellings that the police have is that they don't have the resources that they need they don't have the manpower they need they don't have. the training that they need in all of these different aspects play a role in in effect of policing many of these patrols a coordinated by africa forum a group that lobbies for the rights of white south africans it believes the increasing number of farm attacks is not just criminally but also racially motivated. or very strong racial slurs being made towards victims and very often we'll hear things like we take our lead and or you wife and then they'll say something derogatory towards white victims we
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also see that the majority of crew that are organs white trick to one of the current political climate in south africa could be fueling such attacks although there's no concrete evidence they're motivated by racism julius malema or the leader of the far left e.-f. f. party regularly speaks out against whites their birds are probably ruled by. the word no mara burbled rob what are your words not women who are not grouped by. such words aren't just confined to the political extremes of all in a.n.c. party is pursuing a so-called land redistribution plan in which farmers must turn over. that and without compensation. and to recognize we took the historic position that expropriation of land without compensation should be among the key mechanisms
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of a liberal to the government to give effect to lend reform and redistribution. to move appears to be politically motivated the a.n.c. could lose its majority and next is actions it hopes the policy will persuade many black voters to overlook the party's failings which over the years have been numerous observers say has been very very weak political leadership there's been a for an absolute absence of policy direction there's been poor budgets there's been political mismanagement and there's been corruption thousands of black south africans are waiting for their families lands to be returned to them many effect claims are yet to be processed those who have been given their land back have for the most part received no government support many of those farms have failed now the land lies barren. shamima coca has leased
8:37 pm
a seven hundred hectare site for the past twelve years he says the state's provided no support and is only just scraping by. the officer still don't know anything about a cult so we need to go support the financial support as is the case for many black farmers who don't own the land they work he can't get credit without loans he can't write off bad harvests or invest i want to have to put some pervert's on. fifty helped us so that i can improve my production and have double could be on the symlin the bank first to do so. can we have total did. support small blacks receiving experience land but he says they need to be properly trained. people must go to the colleges learn what is happening otherwise we're not going to do anything all those productive loans will grow weed
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the government says that the land seizures must not jeopardise agricultural production but how they can avoid that is unclear. south africa's bloody and divided history continues to haunt it to this day. and for more i'm joined now by journalist two so he joins me live from joburg in south africa and welcome to now the issue of land extra proved seizures is controversial an explosive any indication from the government with it plans to go ahead with it. what we know from here is that. the government official and also the in-situ person a saint anthony family has more than twelve thousand their tears they're going to take the excess of that so this is what we know and this is what the government is planning now and the party a saint is going to do it legally by introducing
8:39 pm
a bill in parliament and making sure no one is able to challenge that so now is that n.c. is writing itself to take the farms boss once it is nick and they will take the farms and once they do that then redistributed through to the populous south africa and a lot of people seem to be going to waiting for n.z. to make a move so the question is why now president at all of course that has said the government will push to amend the constitution to enable land seizures without compensation is this a populist move ahead of elections there are only two reasons for this one is pollute kind in one the pressure from the masses the economic freedom fighters which is a very powerful opposition party in parliament or without number of problems people lend to say it will be people then and if it's in c. stands a movement does nothing about it does want to lose votes so this is trying to counter
8:40 pm
that step by promising people land and saying we are the republicans agreed to and also on the other side we have seen very valid and lind occupations and protests in south africa people protesting for weeks saying we want less influence it did with that they have no end of the option of the trade to get those arrested but it is not the way so now they are saying look give them a list let us do it legally by changing the constitution but it are to say this is a very complex and vexed issue is it a risk then that south africa will descend into the kind of economic turmoil the reason bombay did after land expropriation is that. the gun in the senate is not going to go is a mob and stand it is going to do it or die and he got in from a person who's been on record saying they're not going to allow people to freely and within the occupying it but the challenge is that what the government says and what the people do might be two different things we don't know if these farmers are
8:41 pm
really in need of land in order to farm or just to have it and we don't know where that is what the capacity to do the production that are needed to feed the national so it's a question that needs to answered but by the end of the game soon because we're seeing the lead was taken from them forcefully by the sec last by the court in a sense and it is now time to help with this thing mandela give too much to these people so they now want it back to say they want inequalities to stop and they think by empowering themselves with land or this the problems that they're facing economy can be are going to end and many less to this issue are to still call milo in jail but in south africa a pleasure to talk to you never. let's now turn to you again they were popular opposition politician has been allegedly tortured and beaten after being arrested by the military robert kabal on the army's lawyer says he was unable to speak here or stand when he was produced in
8:42 pm
a military court on thursday carried on the a is a popular singer better known to his people my stage name bobby wine he was charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm the thirty six year old entered parliament last year and has since then been an outspoken critic of president you're very much of any security forces a ledge above the mine it was involved in an attack on with him and his convoy earlier this week the president had travelled to the country's north to campaign in a local election when his convoy was attacked with stones and for the latest on this let's go live to journalist julius in the ugandan catholic umballa judas what is the latest on the condition of the vine. the biggest development in the fast lane is that for the first time their family has had a chance to report the wine however they came out of their interference with not
8:43 pm
very impressive near there what happened before police got there so probably why i'm alive but again everything for what he did repeatedly going through april to be whining told the media that the member of parliament is in bad shape following the torture that he has gone through his loyalty to the mayor of kampala three percent in three of the wind. maybe core help but the military three three how pick a party to keep carroll the member of parliament so far that's what we know to be funny three poppy meat treatment but the military three kate is well taken care of . and this one line is this was a very charismatic and popular singa why is he being tried in a military court and how do people there viewed his arrest. in uganda when it comes to put the same illegal firearm things to do we fire. associated with the
8:44 pm
military and chances are high that will be tracked to the military court for the war in iraq when the may not be there for six to appear before the military court over related charges so that the prosecutors are looking at the same grounds to try bob in line after putting these allegations this accusation but again that he would fall in position of illegal firearms so the reason why he's being tried in the military court is because of this fire otherwise perhaps if you wouldn't fall on the legal firearm maybe you want their pin among you have a team that was brought to this civil court and charged with treason right. from the ugandan capital company thank you very much for that live update. ok i think it's time now to move over to business news and i have funny for chad
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and the chinese economy seems to be pouring in money into another unlikely destination funny very much to the south american public of soaring has a population of only a half a million a former dutch colony tuscan traditional tracts of much foreign investment but when the world's second biggest economy spotted potential things change fast these days chinese companies are playing a new major role in soriano. gearing up for an inspection massing shri works twelve hours a day six days a week for him time is money. and these shrimps make him a lot of money one packet will set you back about one hundred dollars. only potentially hang on sons are proud that their plan. and the other countries always this it is things you put in. the surinam based company export some two hundred
8:46 pm
tons of seafood each year there's little competition here labor is cheap although the chinese workers here do a little more than the locals. in tiny quoted this was said for two basic things one is much more the second one is walk. these the muscles in. the presence of chinese businesses in syria has been increasing steadily the country a former colony of the netherlands has a population of only half a million it's traditionally been overlooked by investors china is the exception the country's landscape is dominated by rainforest and chinese companies have been eyeing it up as a valuable source of raw materials exporting rainforest timber to build terraces in europe. of course there are some taxes but we didn't go. there
8:47 pm
quite not. while cyrano is interested in expanding eco tourism the country's economic development is increasingly tied up with chinese investment. the half more drive growth from if they see something be it go for it. instantly. be this or park up on this. and chinese. companies have left a positive impression in communities building playgrounds and social housing this like this construction project is being run by a company directly from beijing. i mean your board your governments are very close the chinese government sees that there are lots of opportunities in syria. and those opportunities include the chance to borrow from china is china and china giving syria not money too much to do that here it's. increasing financial reliance
8:48 pm
on china is just one example of the world's second largest economies growing might on the world stage. and for business leaders like ma one key characteristic sets the chinese apart from their european and american counterparts. i'm feeding you all of b.n. and not a solution and they did then then then wonder if i think too much. that's how needs now their week up to. go to see any opportunity you know syria is the latest place where chinese money is creating chinese wealth. and.
8:49 pm
south africa's neology youth orchestra here in berlin celebrating the lives and the apartheid leader nelson mandela they came to tour europe in windows on the marking his hundredth birthday anniversary which was nothing back. in fact the orchestra open this is young hero classic festival right here in the heart of butler and david leavitt's from desk is here to tell us welcome david so tell us about this orchestra and tell us about this young girl festival well the thing about the young euro classic is this is where the stars of classical music of tomorrow come together the festival brings together some of the very best youth orchestras from all over the world this year around twelve hundred young musicians performing in total and we're going to get to meet some of the members of the miyagi youth orchestra in just a second i just want to tell you a little bit about what makes this group so visionary this is a an orchestra that brings together young south africans black and white rich and
8:50 pm
poor it was started by a south african opera singer who after many years of performing here in europe went home and music as a tool a powerful tool for social cohesion they see themselves as a role model for a future south africa and the group's name ja g. actually stands for music is a great investment. no public open trade is good in a paper let me how do you see this. i'm going a different i'm from cape town and a place you know. well i think. you know the most beautiful thing about. it sort of brings together people that. actually work and that's that's true for comes in because you know all of a sudden. you know sitting next to somebody who is you know two thousand k.'s away from you that you have never met. drawing from jazz classical and african
8:51 pm
traditions me out she grew out of the social project in cape town under the baton of conductor duncan ward the orchestra is on its fourth european tour. in our present day there are many essential differences that we experience because of the past we've had. now you know moving forward and i find that playing this orchestra. all of that it goes away because music becomes the most important thing. in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of nelson mandela's birth the orchestra is paying musical tribute to his values and ideals. if you threw me out. one day last vision into reality it's. these visions come true .
8:52 pm
thanks chris said what an inspiring group and it seems that you defying power of music is a big theme of this is young hero classic it is absolutely well with emphasis on the word zero another featured guest of the festival is the european union youth orchestra now this is a group of young musicians from across the e.u. that still includes the u.k. but with breaks it coming a lot of them are a little bit worried let's meet them. and i'm french and i'm playing cello. and michelle getting to and from the netherlands and i play the field. and service my own future notes and i'm from the netherlands i'm caitlin miles i'm from the u.k. and i play the trumpet. our reporter met up with these musicians before their evening
8:53 pm
performance the european union youth orchestra has been a cultural ambassador for more than forty years i think what i wish for europe is that it's keeping its unity how do you feel about the move from london to ferrero you can see. headquarters moving for exodus coming out this is something you talk about in the orchestra as a brit i feel very affected by this as to all of the other musicians in the orchestra from the quay. and not only for us thinking that some point we were in the next couple years we were able to apply for the orchestra anymore. britain's exit from the e.u. will bring many changes for the orchestra whose members study all across europe for them national boundaries are irrelevant to music. thing it's a fact question why you can always find a solution even though there are so many people with different opinions how it should be but there's one boss waits for us is the conductor. and people can agree
8:54 pm
on that. despite the internal crisis within the e.u. this orchestra is an example of how successful the european project can be. because that's interesting but i want to hear the sound of success you have anything for us david you know what i'm ready to i do it this is the european union youth orchestra playing some of tchaikovsky's fifth.
8:55 pm
i said to her really impressive thank you very much david davis of bringing that story full. yes that's a phone the two will foster me on the touchy london news team from david livestrong this great pleasure to have your company and do stephen do you have your news if you can because bill gates is looking in the corner you standing by and he's going to have the news for you in just a few minutes says. news that by. reversing . the few.
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european stars deliver rousing performances. every concert on the back. porch in the band cars. she. was. closer fifteen minutes long t w. his creations would fit his brand a mistake of all colors got that nikon of the fashion world. but what do we really know about the man behind the car cheats what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer on
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a sun smash and. start september night w. . beethoven. his works goddess for two. months try and feed. the children twenty. months long children also to. tomorrow today. w. . news alice. says
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. it's a call to change to suck up to these kinds. of by. people put big dreams on the big story. the magazine on the demi. this is t w news live from berlin the boss a load of mocks
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a tragic anniversary the concert on capitol remembers the people killed when a driver rammed into crowds i'm not i'm glad a year ago today but even grief contradict the safety of the time of heightened political tensions also on the program. and. how safe on its own these bridges with i'm good at mounting of the deadly shadow of bridge collapse italians tell d.w. that worried about the country's other bridges. plus a musical plane.


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