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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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germy takes action to tackle an urgent lack of skills for a purpose new legislation will make it easier for none of your nationals to come to germany we'll tell you what the new conditions will be. european officials say the attitude of greece's two hundred billion euro bailout is a milestone but to mood on the ground there's more risk to since we'll tell you why . welcome to your base it seems update i'm funny for chart here in berlin german companies say a lack of workers is costing the country thirty billion your say year in g.d.p. now the german government has said it will make it easier for non nationals to come here to work to fill the gaps in future people will be able to come to germany be dealt a job offer if they are properly qualified until now that rule has only apply to those with a university degree people will also be chosen on the basis of their age and german language abilities businesses want more workers especially in healthcare the traits
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. the lack of qualified is especially critical in the geriatric care sector or they are thirty thousand making nationwide as the german demographic gets older the problem will get worse and the government hopes the new legislation will help tackle this problem pilot projects have already proven successful let's have a look. it's coffee time at this care home outside of munich. this woman is being served her cake in liquid form. most of the residents here are very old and many suffering from dimentia they rely on help from foreign workers like muhammad ali nazi. he moved here from tunisia a few months ago for a job as a care worker at this red cross run institution.
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four hundred one i feel accepted by the residents here. we chat to each other and exchange the news. or enjoy ourselves. in the afternoon the team meets for a handover. muhammad whose nickname here is dolly learnt german when he was in tunisia the course was run and funded by the german government as part of a project called triple when it's a was to attract care workers from abroad for dolly's team having foreign colleagues isn't anything out of the ordinary. i think it's really brave to go to another country and to learn the language. especially in an area like elderly care where communication is about ninety percent of the job. in two months to the written and spoken language i say respect. dolly's boss monica
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fortunate helps foreign stuff with their move to germany when dolly arrived she picked him up from the airport and helped organize an apartment for him. she believes this kind of treatment is necessary to attract skilled workers to the care sector. as museums and judicious course about how it really adds value to our institution and it's really hard to get skilled labor on the german market so for us this is a huge gift to have them and we support them. generally doesn't have much time for homesickness today he and his colleagues are weighing the residence. dudley likes his job and is planning to continue learning german. he also has his sights set on an official government recognised qualification as a care worker in germany. the turkish the rest taken another plunge following
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a brief meet week recovery the us president donald trump rachael rated his tough position on turkey and threatened new sanctions but many turks are not impressed syria's more. the turkish currency stabilized briefly this week after the finance minister reassured investors in a telephone conference that he would take all necessary measures to protect the country's banks and business in turkey's newspapers the threatened u.s. sanctions dominate the headlines. we are not pushing for a trade war they quote president everyone he can still count on the support of his people. we shouldn't make concessions the united states is far away but it wants to show its political strength in this region there's not much that we can do let's keep up the resistance. as we are a country we patriotic sentiments are high no matter how much the dollar increases we'll get over this. don't you believe me that doesn't worry me to be honest
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because i believe that domestic measures are taken yes these threats can cause have actually such as momentary currency fluctuations when turkish markets are closed international markets are open to speculations because. probably the only people who are genuinely ok with a weekly are the tourists because holidays in turkey and they are cheaper than they've ever been. thus the shares took a dip after c.e.o. elon musk spoke emotionally about the stress of running the company and as american regulators are said to be widening a probe into the firm last fall to help times that he was working up to one hundred twenty hours a week to meet production goals and that he had been taking for sleep the u.s. securities and exchange commission is looking into mosques tweeting of plans to take the company private all right let's bring in selfish musky on wall street in
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new york something very nice to have you with us please bring us up to date on the test. while this interview is certainly not half the stock market does not make a stable impression on investors and if he cannot keep it together the company might be forced to look for a new c.e.o. or a second one and either way this could mean a shift in the direction of the company and then on top of that the f.c.c. seems to have investigated tesla and mask for quite a while now because of a second completely different issue according to people with the matter they are trying to find out of tests i had misled and bess's before about its model of preproduction problems moscow has kept making promises that he simply could not keep and this seems to have been subject to a second investigation and this has been going on for years now. it's the last day of the trading week so if so what else has been moving the market. markets are
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reading up the earnings season and it was a strong one but as the earning calendar of god left the nest busy there was simply more time to focus on the turkey crisis for example markets seem to have rushed off wars in the middle of the week but they could not completely deprived creeping in from time to time but companies have shown investors that they have done while this by the trade talks and terror threats and now trump wants to make some changes to u.s. security law and these earnings season he tweeted this morning that he would like the f.t.c. to check if companies could only report earnings twice a year for more savings and flexibility this idea by the way is not new hillary clinton warren buffett and jamie diamond have talked about this before so thank you very much for the update. they have of the european stability mechanism. as the eurozone crisis is or as greece prepares for the official end of its bailout program on monday but is it really over here is more. than in
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august well there's been. plenty of talk about an economic recovery there's not much of it to be seen here on the streets. when you make this crisis is far from over there are a lot of cuts and a lot of difficult years ahead for us to kick up us and then the situation hasn't improved and it won't change anytime soon. mind it was hard but i were struggling to live on. this family business has been here for forty years giving up is not an option for andre not as junior he's changed his business successfully during the crisis from selling luxury days to cut to size foam rubber like many business people he feels burdened by taxes and demands a long term strategy from the government in order to continue and that we have to reduce our taxes and we have to. thank you for the economy. overtaxation is one of the obstacles that hampers
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investment both domestic and foreign there is little optimism at the german society for trade and investment reforms are still missing or not implemented. mean a plan i'm to hear. of the problems remain the same sprawling bureaucracy it's a lengthy procedures unclear interpretation of the laws it is what it is an investor however need security security to plan when it comes for example to tax issues or financial issues and that is still not guaranteed in greece. does is increase in money in their life it takes courageous entrepreneurs with a bit of perseverance but often osseo siriano says the german greek acquired a brewery from the bavarian lovin broil seven years ago and has been brewing his own greek brand ever since siriano says proud that he manages to stand up against foreign brands on the market. would love i listen meanwhile greek beers are
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becoming popular and make up the majority of the products that are now being sold. in creative marketing and new product lines from premium pills to light summer beer the success of the brewery rests on different pillars of research in quality control or part of it as well as their own export department obstacles remain including capital controls but there is hope that the market will become more flexible. i'm not above all we believe that the opening of the market which was a closed market before one that was monopolized is now a chance for greece to introduce our own products which bar owners can add to their shelves. to hold off and can the interest in domestic products is growing while investors from abroad are still hesitating the greeks are starting to take matters into their own hands. and that's a business for out thank you so much for your company today. the
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