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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2018 7:00am-7:03am CEST

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bill thing a. human making it air that'll be fun to watch. on. afghan president ghani has declared a conditional cease fire with the taliban meanwhile the insurgents have said they will free hundreds of prisoners for the forthcoming aid holiday the announcements follow a week of fierce fighting in the city of kabul. brazil is sending troops to the border with venezuela off to residents clashed with venezuelan migrants on saturday regional tensions a building as thousands of venezuelans flee the economic crisis at home in ecuador
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venezuelans have reportedly been crossing the border in defiance of strict new entry rules. greece has successfully exit its bailout program implemented to cope with the fallout from the debt crisis over eight years international creditors provided almost three hundred billion euros to athens to recapitalize banks and support the economy greece will now rely on bond markets to refinance its debt. dozens of elderly south koreans are heading to reunions with family members in north korea as part of a recent thorn relations between the two countries the cross border meetings of the fust and three year as they bring together families divided by the korean war. a. time for an upgrade. that grows old boy.
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house with no. design highlights you can make your soup. cans tips and tricks that will turn your whole special. upgrade yourself with the w.'s interior design channel on you tube. in a. hi welcome to a keno favorite show on german humor so expect a short show seriously taking someone who's live in this country a long time germans can really be funny and today we're going to try and prove that we've got in our humble opinion the best german comedy.


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