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and more determined to do something here for the next generation along. the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and all morning. busy deputy news live from bergland south america in the grips of a growing migration crisis brazil deploys troops after clashes break out between brazilian locals and venezuelan migrants on the border more than the sounds of venezuelans now forced back to their prices a country. also coming up at least a dozen are dead after
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a powerful earthquake once again jolt indonesia the tremors unleash fresh panic in the region hit just two weeks ago by deadly quake. and a big day for greece as it emerges from its final sale out program athens will now be able to tap into money on financial markets for the first time in eight years it follows years of austerity that led to widespread anger as the country tried to cut its that. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program brazil has announced that it will send troops and extra policemen to a border town which saw clashes between then a swollen migrants and the local population the incident over the weekend has highlighted the growing migration crisis of venezuelans fleeing the economic and political turmoil in their country other south american nations are struggling to.
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cope with the venezuelan exodus across the continent and our next report starts out in aqua door where migration numbers have increased dramatically pushing authorities to tighten border controls. it was hoped that drove great saudis to quatre to sell her home and leave her children behind in venezuela. hope that she would soon be reunited with her husband in peru and send for her children. but huddled with hundreds of other venezuelans hope is starting to fade you know today i arrived and i have no hope whatsoever of continuing. i have two children i sold my house i have nothing anymore i can't go back to venezuela with empty hands on alessia. the new travel restrictions cut gets a by surprise like many others at this ecuadorian border crossing so far a tense calm has settled on the checkpoint but elsewhere in south america tempers are flaring brazilians in the border town of pocket i am
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a turned on venezuelan immigrants over the weekend forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier the violence broke out after an alleged attack on a local restaurant owner but tensions have been building for years as a huge number of venice whalen's have poured into brazil. back on the ecuadorian border gates is bunkering down for the long haul. so you could follow. i thought ok we'll do whatever is necessary because we can't go back to a good. word. with little confidence in the reforms at home migrants here are holding out hope for a better future just over the border. and joining us now from the venezuelan capital caracas is journalist oscar shankar welcome to you oscar i just want to address something that we saw in our report there how venezuelans are facing travel restrictions in country as neighboring venice wella what options do people have now
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. well despite the fab circle of friends as well and are facing now the odds of staying are pretty grim for many because adding to the food and medicine shortages that have been waiting for years there's also an energy crisis that has many cities without electricity and water transportation crisis has become another factor making my fickle and when it's lana and high crime rates also make leading the country a much better option despite the obstacles that can come up in the border but this is the biggest gratian of people in the hemisphere. said the u.n. so we are expecting more people simply in the meantime the president of venezuela nicolas maduro have announced a series of economic measures to try and stabilize the country walk us through what they are and what the response to them has been. willing to measures include taking
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off a five zero so off the current currency and introducing new build into the system it also includes new gas prices higher taxes and amendment minimum wage sixty times higher than what it is now starting in september now economists agree this is a blow to reply the charger that will worsen the economic crisis has increased unemployment and push inflation to levels nobody anywhere has ever seen i.m.f. already forecast when it's going to reach one thousand percent inflation bridge here and with these measures some say they will fall short. of the opposition is calling for a national strike on day and we're expecting more people to read her country is unemployment right. after slender with the very latest from the venezuelan capital caracas thank you so much. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world in afghanistan
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the taliban have kidnapped more than one hundred people including women and children after ambushing three buses in the northern province of. security forces rushed to the area to try and rescue the passengers the ambush comes a day after the government announced a cease fire with the militant group. millions of muslims have begun the annual hog pilgrimage to mecca in saudi arabia over the next few days pilgrims will perform a number of rituals including climbing mount arafat and the symbolic stoning of the devil hodges one of the world's biggest gatherings and the new york times says that actress and need to campaign or asia are gems ho paid money to settle a sexual assault claim her alleged victim said she assaulted him in a hotel room in two thousand and thirteen he was seventeen at the time or gentile spoke out for victims of sexual abuse after accusing disgraced producer harvey weinstein of rape last year. at least a dozen people have been killed on the indonesian islands of long book and soon
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after a fresh series of earthquakes rocked the region a six point nine magnitude quake off the coast of the north east was one of several powerful tremors that triggered landslides damaged buildings and spread panic this just two weeks after the worst earthquake of the island's recent history killed four hundred sixty people. which is a scene that is becoming familiar to races and some toll of two meters on the island of lombok the aftermath of yet another powerful areas quake this measuring magnitude six point three the first in a series to strike the island over a matter of damaging buildings and causing panic. my god i was on the third floor it was very strong and we could feel the building shaking all of the lights went out. but. the initial
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interest quake's epicenter was in long box northeast further travers' came next then a stronger and much shallower quake this time measuring six point nine hit off the island's northeast coast here a landslide triggered on the mountain where hikers had been trapped in july quake a week later on august fifth the worst quake in the island's history killed more than four hundred sixty people. with terrorists who tales and business is well drilled in the task of getting people out quickly. the more everyone ran out of the hotel but no one pushed their way through the evacuated calmly. fearing further travers' these hotel guests are preparing for a sleepless night. hospitals to moving patients to relative safety and joining us now on the line from lombok island is hosni hosni from the international federation of the red cross thank you so much for joining us we just heard there the
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earthquakes on sunday they knocked out the power across most of lombok including where you are we understand how are people coping. we'd like to know if you have power we've heard that you don't and how you might be coping with that and how people in the in the region might be coping. yes the there were two other quick yesterday starting in the afternoon. with the point pretty much knew to quit and followed likewise off the show. at night at eleven pm local time here in long haul we had quite a big one. point nine magnitude quake and the tram are working well the one strong here will cause
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a problem box and i'm in my power at the moment and was not just the other with my right close colleague we rushed outside of the building quickly as the power went out and we were just like in the dark couldn't see anything trying to get out of the building was not and you're with the red cross as we mentioned how are the relief efforts progressing given the circumstances that you've just described. you know the environmentalists quit quite challenging right you know knowing that. there's been a lot of. aftershocks because hundreds of them and. to some remote areas has been really challenging in the sense that there's a lot of local landslides going on and our edgewater couldn't get through somebody on our air and we've been seeing on targeting more remote areas because we keep hearing reports that many people out there in remote areas have not reached the
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point and last week our joint distribution team to one of the dinar at the north one local time gas and we were able to find one report are and that was the first time where local communities were. receiving aid from even in some red cross at the time we were algos organized quite some distribution through motorbike and that's our priority really to get into more rural areas but we more on the trucks at the moment. bringing our work over here to read more remote areas where people have to eat in the cold in that area what we thank you so much for describing how you're doing your work amid that challenging set of circumstances made this fresh round of quakes on these indonesian islands joining us from long buck as he has me from the red cross thank you. you're watching the
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news still to come on the program armchair athletes dream big video gaming has made it to the asian games now underway in jakarta and it's in the city schools with teachers blessings. but first dozens of elderly south koreans have met family members in the north for a long awaited reunion these are the first reunions and three years they bring together families who are divided after the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. some haven't seen their relatives since the end of that conflict there were unions were agreed by the two korean leaders at a historic summit back in april part of a recent thaw in relations between the two countries. are now to josh smith he is a correspondent in the south korean capital seoul so josh as we mentioned these reunions taking place how are they progressing.
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a number of south korean families have crossed over into north korea as you mentioned and some of the first time a dream of course that we've seen coming out of there have been very emotional reunions. you know family members who have been divided for years for the for the first time sometimes being at a loss for words people that we've spoken to in the past who have been involved in these have described the range of emotions from awkward encounters the people who they barely know to quite a bit of trauma as they have to leave those people behind me never to talk to them again and you can really just see it there in the amatory of that those initial images that we're having coming through these reunions we also have to mention on the diplomatic front they're part of the stop between the two koreas what is the state of affairs in this process. this was seen as a. way for the two koreas to show their good face and to work together it's one of
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many ways that they're trying to reduce tensions and engender some kind of into korean reconciliation those include some potential economic projects a lot of cooperation on things like sports teams and cultural events these are kinds of things that both sides want to do more on but a lot of them do depend on continued improvement not only in ties between the two countries but in progress over north korea's nuclear arsenal which is obviously quite controversial josh smith in seoul thank you we're going to head to india now where a break in the weather is allowing rescuers to help those affected by catastrophic flooding in the southern state of carola more than three hundred fifty people have died in the past eleven days after heavy rains caused the worst flooding in the state in a hundred years a little over eight hundred thousand people are in relief camps and now much needed
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help is beginning to reach them. as the rains finally subside and carola help is pouring in from throughout india. volunteers and charities are working at a fevered pace racing to get aid to the hundreds of thousands of victims still taking shelter at rescue centers. for this cause we all decided to come together and help but other than sisters in need. for the calamity that is happening in get along so whatever little bit that we can do we've tried every best for many victims the aid can't come soon enough. that i get among them i think anyone in your life lost my house i've lost everything i had. that i'm staying in a relief camp and i need help and i know that. vital supplies are being dropped in by helicopter to deal with the growing shortage of food and water. but that in itself present stain gers. with some prefer him to stay on higher ground.
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and this is still a delicate and difficult rescue operation. fast flowing water and mudslides as well as been deadly and also uprooted trees and blocked off key access to roads. and the waters aren't the only danger confronting survivors local authorities fear disease could quickly spread if it dims remain in cramped relief camps. to turkey now were a court has lifted a travel ban on a german journalist who was arrested and held last year on terrorism charges misawa told him and seventeen other turkish defendants are accused of terrorist propaganda and membership in the extreme left and k l p party which is designated as a terrorist organization in turkey tolu is a journalist with the leftist eighty eight news agency she was released from custody last year but was not allowed to leave the country until now. let's get
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more now we are trying to buy political correspondent hans front who is standing by in our parliamentary studios in berlin so han's. how soon could we see her back in germany now while she is back to back in germany this coming sunday together with her three year old son who is the ostensible reason why she has been released she said that she wants to take her son to a german kindergarten all the the new school year is starting here in germany and that is the reason why in fact she has now been given this permission to leave turkey and to come back to germany we have to add however that the trial against her continues the charges have not been dropped and her husband who has been charged in the same procedure in the same trial remains in turkey the trouble about against him has not been lifted so why did turkey choose to lift the ban against her travel and why now. well stan simply this was simply
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a court deciding that she was allowed to take a child to kindergarten in germany but in fact behind that is a political maneuvering. attempt by turkey to relax tensions both with germany and with other countries for instance turkey released two greek soldiers in recent days as well which had led to that case had led to heavy tensions between greece and turkey and the head of amnesty international and turkey was also released this is obviously against the background of increasing tensions with the united states there are u.s. priestess still being held in turkey and that has led to an incense reaction from donald trump which has put a lot of pressure on tookie absolutely in fact we have seen and essentially an economic meltdown in the country in turkey as it's locked in that are you know trade spat with the united states. from the german perspective could we see the german government turn all of this to their advantage regarding leverage over turkey. yes indeed there have been several politicians especially from the social
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democratic side of the political spectrum who've been saying in recent days that germany should use this opportunity to regain influence in turkey and in fact to help to especially financially because turkey really is in need of money at the moment as a result of this financial meltdown that we've been talking about it's not quite sure whether angle or knuckles the government agrees to this yes at the moment but the fact is that. the turkish president is coming to germany for a top level meeting later this in a month's time in september and he has already been talking to angela merkel on the phone as have the finance ministers of the two countries have also been talking on the phone so there is a sense that the dialogue is reopening and certainly with her being in need at the moment germany and the whole of the european union do have some leverage in their hands financial that could be possible to make things to reopen the dialogue with
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the brand in berlin thank you hans in sports news former world number one novak djokovic became the first player to win all nine masters one thousand torments with victory over roger federer in cincinnati the thirty one year old sir beat federer six four six four wimbledon champion djokovic had lost the cincinnati final to the swiss on three previous occasions. well the asian games are underway in jakarta and this year's program will include east for us as an exhibition a vent with competitive gaming on the rise across the globe one school in the indonesian capital is offering its students a chance to hone their skills in the classroom and people will have reservations about the use of video games as a teaching tool but as the students and the principal at this particular school they see it east ports are an enrichment to the curriculum. this is
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a scene that's familiar to millions over few who look at these pictures will be reminded of their time in school. but video games have found their way into the classroom at this high school in jakarta with the blessing of the teachers. the students are offered up to twenty hours of competitive gaming a week coached by a special tutor it's perhaps no surprise that principal yohannes is a keen gamer himself but it's not just for fun he sees a sport as a useful learning tool. in terms of academic skills students can man about math economics group interaction and communication from e-sports in our school we've decided to have a nice sports program because of its educational value. the students don't spend all of their time sitting in front of the screen they also get together to discuss gaming strategies it's all part of the must a plan. and i know we can make money for me sports by becoming pro players cost is
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a new cheap is. if millions are to materialize for these students they only need to train hard the team is currently preparing for a tournament in melbourne and there are plans afoot to establish a league for local schools. this year sees e-sports featured as an exhibition event in the asian games currently underway here in jakarta. with the next generation of competitors training hard in the city it's the perfect time for them to be here now . well now it's over to monica jones and it looks like greece is out of the words of the certainly a big day for that country and for europe yes we call it a major milestone this hour of full greece because the country emerges the last of three bailout programs today for the past eighteen years athens have been dependent on aid from the european union the european central bank and the international monetary fund the loans given to greece amounted to two hundred sixty billion euros
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and in return greece had to implement painful austerity measures and reforms on how the time has come for greece to finance itself independently on the capital markets again but how realistic is that. finally back on their feet financially no more cash injections or bailout funds that's the greek government goal after all the economy has been growing since last year mainly due to greek exports gaining ground last year greece exported goods worth twenty eight point nine billion euros exports have risen by thirty five and a half percent since two thousand and ten but the lion's share is in refined petroleum products a worrying concentration experts say greece itself has no domestic oil reserves it only processes imports and then exports them small businesses are also important to the greek economy but they hardly make any money many banks are still sitting on
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bad loans and investors still don't trust the upswing they're also shying away from greece's high taxes and labor costs i will below the e.u. average wages and taxes have risen sharply in greece since two thousand they were at a high point when the crisis really here it in twenty ten then they sank again they've picked up again since last year making greece less attractive for companies in the domestic economy greeks need to earn more money and spend more of it again almost one in five are still unemployed greece has suffered through economic austerity now the country needs to start its recovery. well european council president donna to task has offered his best wishes to greece as it leaves the bailout behind on twitter he wrote you did it congress relations to greece and its people on ending the program on financial assistance with huge efforts and european solidarity you
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seized the day and he tweeted the message in both english and in greek as we can see here. well let's find out of the financial world agrees with that sentiment it's over now to our man at the frankfurt stock exchange daniel daniel banks were especially exposed to the greek debt crisis is everyone happy now. well one thing is clear monica this day certainly marks the end of an area and when you talk to investors here on the trading floor you do get the feeling actually that they are rather optimistic about the current situation and greece was able to gain trust back also from investors and it's also able now to borrow money again from the financial world but it's actually interesting when they do this and they asked for a credit the interest rates they have to pay are higher compared to what our finance minister all of shows would need to pay they pay about four percent of interest rates greece has also promised to continue their very drastic austerity
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policy until twenty is sixty and one thing is clear the economy still needs to grow this has already happened their latest g.d.p. figures were at a level of about two point three percent but the country is still struggling there's also seen with concern here despite the good developments in other areas with twenty percent their unemployment rate is still very high the use unemployment rate even higher we're talking of problems down the other greece is somewhat out of the woods let's say some politicians who feel it's time to lend turkey a helping hand how is that going down where you are you know this is a big topic here in the financial also political world here at the moment would germany also help all turkey with credits and yes tax money in case turkish economy and also the currency would continue to struggle as we have seen it lately happening we have to remember that greece is a fully member of the european union so it was clear that other e.u. countries would need to help out the situation with turkey completely different turkey is not a member of the european union they are also big differences when you talk about
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human rights issues freedom office speech but many are saying that it is also in the interest of europe and germany that turkey is strong so yeah lots of discussions are said to continue in the next days all right don't you cope in frankfurt thank you so much for this. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. brazil's president has deployed troops to a border town which so clashes between venezuelan migrants of a local population more than a thousand venezuelan migrants were forced to flee back across the border. dozens of elderly south koreans have travelled by bus across the border to meet with their family members in the north the reunions were arranged by the two korean leaders at a summit in a cruel as part of a recent thaw in relations. you're watching the news coming to live from berlin there's more coming up at the top of the hour see them.
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in. june like. a guy with data to sell them to any is thinking about possibly buying and i. completely exploit. each time we're on the line we need behind traces which say a lot about our lives. and our words plenty to advertise it is there any escape.
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to morrow to do it next. germany's right to be of mexico highway. during world war two two thousand four hundred kilometers long route connects alaska. with the rest of the. road boasts the business and installing the silence the alaska highway i am a path through the wilderness in forty five minutes on. quadriga the international talk show it's been a tumultuous week in german politics and europe resolved bitter divisions over migration of the government it is said stared into the abyss could friendly fire
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from president trump defeat one of the strongest military alliances in the streets one of my guests have to say on quadriga. quadriga on d w. staying up today don't miss our highlights c.w. program online w dark come highlights. hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d w. coming up. we take a look and a listen at the sun what does it sound like. for women with thousand uterus transplant now raises hope and raises big medical legal and ethical issues.
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and we watch very young children think about what others are thinking it's amazing .


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