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the life of a great fashion designer. starts september. this is the day of the news coming to you live from burma and separated by war reunited after decades of pot these two among dozens of north and south dakota i'm going to do to never taught history would ever come to look at why these reunions are happening now and what they mean to the people on the divided going into also coming up. at least a dozen are dead after paulson earthquakes and once again george indonesia the
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premises on leash fresh panic in the region hit just to reach the goal by deadly quake. and the prague spring came to a violent end fifty years ago today crushed by a soviet invasion d.w. looks of uncomfortable questions the current prime minister in st think about the crackdown. plus an economic milestone to greece as a democracy from its final bailout program athens will not be able to tap into money on financial markets for the first time in a.t.l. as this follows the years of crushing most penalty that led to widespread anger as the country tried to slash its debts we'll go live to athens. cheema dozens of. south koreans i'm north korea for
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a long awaited reunion with family members. who own these on the phone screen unions in three years they bring together families who were divided after the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. some haven't seen their relatives since the end of that conflict the reunions were agreed to by the two korean leaders at the historic summit in april part of the recent forward relations between the two countries the south koreans were chosen by lottery the oldest of them is one hundred one for some these brief meetings are likely to be the last and only time they'll see each other. joining me now is journalist jane quantify she is in the south korean capital seoul welcome jan how are these reunions progressing give us a sense of what happens at these meetings i know three
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years the last. these people will be able to see their family of this after seven years. and they will be able to see their family for eleven hours over. it's either. one just. so obviously very a brief meeting but an important one give us a sense of just how significant these reunions are for families from both koreas. well whenever there is any tensions between the two koreas this becomes a political tool that will be brushed off not. there's a fifty seven thousand people still waiting to meet their family and northward to meet. her or her current north korean government wants to eat.
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so. as there is. one years old people are. still not ready for spending on friday i met with the. simpsons for several years and he thinks it will be the last time sneak this is strange. so from what you're saying is time is running out for some of the people we also saw the leaders of north and south korea hug each other at a historic summit so there is a knowledge of diplomatic all happening what progress has been made there. well on. the two leaders met and there was a time when germans sort of came back to south korea crossing over the. border and september in is expected to go to north korea and have the talks.
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however when and how will you know really. they. will promise it's going to be. going on and the north and south korea walk together people. there is going to be pharmacies. hold a very. patient is not something. and people are forgetting about. there's less and there's still more. right jen quanah journalist in the south korean capital seoul thank you very much for that update let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the bond in afghanistan security forces say they have rescued one hundred forty nine people kidnapped for the taliban in the northern province of can do is but iran twenty others are still being held hostage after the militants ambushed
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three buses earlier on monday the kidnapping comes a day after the government announced a cease fire with the taliban. millions of muslims have begun the new hunch village to mecca in saudi arabia over the next few days pilgrims would perform a number of rituals including climbing mount and the symbolic stilling of the devil . is one of the ones biggest gatherings. water levels in the southern indian state of cattle are receding after nearly two weeks of catastrophic flooding at least three hundred fifty people have died after heavy rains caused the was flooding in a century more than three quarters of a million people are in relief camps officials are bottomed out free of disease. at least a dozen people have been killed in the indonesian islands of lombok and after
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a fresh series of earthquakes at the region a six point nine tram off the coast of the north east was what the. sponsor of several tremors that triggered landslides damaged buildings and spread panic this just two weeks after the wost earthquake in the island's recent history killed four hundred and sixty people. it is a scene that is becoming familiar to razors and holiday makers on the island of lombok the aftermath of yet another powerful areas quick this measuring marking chewed six point three the first in a series to strike the island over a matter of hours damaging buildings and causing panic. i mean i was on the third floor it was very strong and we could feel the building shaking all of the lights went out. the initial areas quake's epicenter was in longbox northeast further travers' came next then
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a stronger and much shallower quake this time measuring six point nine hit off the islands northeast coast here a landslide triggered on the mountain where hikers had been trapped in july is there a quake a week later on august fifth the worst quake in the island's history killed more than four hundred sixty people. there with terrorists who tales of business as well drilled in the task of getting people out quickly. everyone ran out of the hotel but no one pushed their way through the evacuated calmly. fearing further tremors these hotel guests are preparing for a sleepless night outside hospitals to moving patients to relative safety. today not a techie of course there has lifted a travel ban on german journalist who was arrested in head last year on terrorism charges miss ali to a new and seventeen other turkish defendants accused of terrorist propaganda and
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membership of the extreme left and the party which is designated as a terrorist organization in turkey to lose a journalist with the leftist news agency she was released from custody last year but wasn't allowed to leave the country until now she's due back in germany with her young son on sunday joining me now is it obvious political cars one has drawn from a parliamentary student's house give us some context what could be behind the sudden lifting of the travel ban. well first of all i have to say it wasn't as sudden as we have thought in the last few hours the foreign ministry spokesman here in birdland say just quite recently that in fact the decision by the courts to lift this travel ban was taken some weeks ago and was only annoyance. in fact the decision to let go is actually quite an old decision and has nothing to do with the
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current tensions in turkey apparently it does certainly still have something to do with the discussions between germany and turkey about somehow normalizing their relationship and in fact we also have to say while she can take her young son alone to germany and put him into kindergarten all that the new school years starting here her court case will continue the charges have not been lifted against her and her husband who's been accused in the same trial has not been allowed to leave turkey he remains restricted to turkey and think that it will go to contacts santino that uncle is going through tough economic times and is lost in a trade spat with the u.s. could that have been to germany's advantage and enhanced its leverage over. yes i think so there's been several politicians in the last few days especially from the social democratic spectrum of the political political spectrum saying that germany should now advance with help towards turkey maybe financial help other
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forms of assistance to turkey in order to show turkey that it still has some sort of hold within some sort of friends within europe. regarding you know in contrast to the relationship to the united states german government spokesman this morning have been very reticent about that have been saying that nothing concrete is being discussed nothing concrete has been offered and that talks are continuing but of course what is happening is that there will be a summit meeting between the turkish president raise a good and uncle or marco here in germany here in berlin in about a month's time and before that the ministers of finance and of economic affairs of both countries will also meet here and burden so there are a lot of talks going on in the background i think and certainly in the current crisis germany and europe as a whole has a lot more leverage in trying to persuade turkey to come back into the european fold right time stranded up on him and he said yes thank you. brazil
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has announced it will send troops to a border town that so clashes between venezuelan migrants and the local population the incident over the weekend has highlighted the growing crisis over venezuelans fleeing the economic and political turmoil in their country other south american nations are struggling to cope with the venezuelan exit is our next report starts out of ecuador where the sharp rise in a migration numbers has pushed authorities to tighten border controls. it was hoped that drove great saudis to greater to sell her home and leave her children behind in venezuela. hope that she would soon be reunited with her husband in peru and send for her children. but huddled with hundreds of other venezuelans hope is starting to fade. we arrived here and i have no hope whatsoever of
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continuing. i have two children i sold my house i have nothing anymore i can't go back to venezuela with empty hands i don't know what. the new travel restrictions cut gets a by surprise like many others at this ecuadorian border crossing so far a tense calm has settled on the checkpoint but elsewhere in south america tempers are flaring brazilians in the border town of pocket imo turned on venezuelan immigrants over the weekend forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier the violence broke out after an alleged attack on a local restaurant owner but tensions have been building for years as a huge number of venice whalen's have poured into brazil. back on the ecuadorian border gates is bunkering down for the long haul. you're good. at that look it will do whatever is necessary because we can't go back.
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with little confidence in the reforms at home migrants here are holding out hope for a better future just over the border. putting a human face on socialism that was the go on off the so called prague spring in czechoslovakia back in nine hundred sixty eight in january of that year the new leader of the czech communist party introduced a number i'm president of the forms in an attempt to liberalize some of the country's restrictive laws or to the anger of the soviet union leadership fifty years ago today the u.s. assault on this was still packed allies invaded czechoslovakia and crushed the short lived movement or the resistance of the invasion was mainly nonviolent troops responded with force killing one hundred fifty people during the clashes. our correspondent frank off month sent us this report from prague. well one better hour is looking for traces of the past near the radio station building in prague fifty
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years ago dramatic scenes unfolded on this street. oh i was standing in front of this tree. shells were exploding shrapnel was flying everywhere. explosions and shrapnel everywhere barricades were crushed by soviet tanks soldiers shot demonstrators but our took photographs on that long day along with many other progress that ends in the early hours of august twenty first one nine hundred sixty eight warsaw pact troops ended the prague spring dream of an open and humane communist system at the start of that year the communist party had begun allowing greater freedom of expression journalists working for czech radio were no longer censored. so we did not want the radio building to be occupied. so people set up barricades
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they also set a tank on fire here. images from that day are stored in the check archive of state security services the documents are studied and cataloged by historians like on the shame of. the violent end to the prague spring is still felt today. and the sixty nine hundred sixty eight is always closely associated with this feeling of emotional shock that is tied to the occupation. to the twenty first of august in the days that followed it. which is where people resisted nonviolently to where people really came together as one in our society. it was a very very powerful time. but the events of the prague spring only fortified moscow's hardliners in the politburo czechoslovakia secret police were immediately
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expanded that past is now catching up historians believe current prime minister under a bobbish was himself an informer for the secret police. and. fish was in the highest category meaning agent bobbish denied the allegations a few weeks ago on a t.v. channel he himself owns. when the media claimed that i lost this state security affair and courses then that is a lie. why many historians are convinced that czech prime minister used to serve as an informant of the state security agency communist czechoslovakia at least some office voters see it a little bit differently after a populist election campaign bobbish his party became the strongest in the country but opinion about the millionaire is divided like you know it's not strange that he was an agent it would bother us but they haven't proved it.
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and i think just about everyone is bothered by it but most people don't let it show so. these are things that are contrary to human principles and it's downright unprincipled that it's. that i don't know but it bothers me terribly i can't understand why so many people don't catch. as people remember the events of the prague springs violent and fifty years ago it seems the debate about the country's communist past has also returned to the czech republic. in sport let's take you now to the asian games underway in jakarta this is a program would include east sports as an exhibition event with competitive gaming on the rise across the globe one school in the indonesian capital is offering its students a chance to hone their skills in the classroom plenty of people have reservations about the use of video games as a teaching tool but as the students and the principal at the p s k d one high
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school see it in sports are invision much to the curriculum. this is a seeing that familiar to millions few who look at these pictures will be reminded of their time in school. about video games have found their way into the classroom at this high school in jakarta with the blessing of the teachers. the students are offered up to twenty hours of competitive gaming a week coached by a special tutor it's perhaps no surprise that principal. is a keen gamer himself but it's not just for fun he sees e-sports as a useful learning tool. in terms of academic skills students can man about math economics group interaction and communication from east sports in our school we've decided to have any sports program because of its educational value but the students don't spend all of their time sitting in front of the screen they also get
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together to discuss gaming strategies it's all part of the must a plan. and i know we can make money for me sports by becoming pro players cost is the new cheap. if millions are to materialize for these students they only need to train hard the team is currently preparing for a tournament in melbourne and. there are plans afoot to establish for local schools . this use easy sports featured as an exhibition event in the asian games currently underway here in jakarta with the next generation of competitors training hard in the city it's the perfect time for them to be here now. monica joins me now and they cannot make milestone for greece monica well certainly today is because a very long ordeal has come to an end for greece that as it emerges from its third and final bailout program this comes after eight years of e.u. and i.m.f.
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loans to help the country out of its debt crisis since two thousand and ten the lenders have infused nearly three hundred billion euros into the greek economy that saved it from bankruptcy but athens how to do its part by cutting social programs and introducing higher taxes greeks saw their wages go down and unemployment hit new highs angry protests were a regular occurrence but now greece's economy is growing and once again standing on its own two feet. and european council president tusk has offered his best wishes to greece as it leaves the bailout behind on twitter he wrote you did it congress relations to greece and its people on ending the program a financial assistance with huge efforts and european style of darity you ceased the day and he tweeted the message in both english and in greek.
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but find out how that message goes down in greece and with this it's over now to our correspondent in athens and he cut us good to have you with us and the so a big day for greece and for the eurozone of course our people way you are in the mood to celebrate all. hardly known at argo literally unfazed by these. letters of congratulations and notices they're coming in from all over the european union primarily brussels and this is because. you know greeks continue to raise hardship and financial misery and while their numbers while the macro economic indicators are improving while we are seeing growth while we are seeing unemployment coming down these are just numbers on the books in a really haven't trickled down to the really karna me and it really hasn't been about in the pocket purses in the pocketbooks of those three so.
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so there's no celebration in store in fact celebrations there were even planned by the prime minister have been scrapped because of these deadly. forest fires that took place about a month ago. and he of course many many people among them the greece ex finance minister younis about ofac yes he said that greece would be better off outside of the eurozone there was a big dispute also between him and the former german finance minister wolfgang tribally we agreed to disagree with that very famous statement after a press conference what about the possibility of a great seat is it off the table or is it still an option for people there. well just occur if i were mr very frankly said he's not exactly coming out and openly advocating that greece ditch the euro he said i think that greece should be
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prepared to ditch the euro in case it faces further financial. and rest and problems and this because you know greece's recovery is just nascent we haven't seen it's the economy huell entirely there's a lot more that needs to be time done before greece can claim that it's entirely out of the woods so yes in the in the near around the issue of gregg's it is off the table but there are many economists even like this former finance minister mr verified his who are coming out in are saying greece needs to be very careful greece does not have to and should not let up on its reforms and should intensify any kind of attempts to boost growth to boost investments to open up jobs and create new jobs to to to to recover entirely and for these fears
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of gregg's it to entirely dissipate all right auntie kara sava there reporting for us from athens greece leaving the bailout program now thank you so much. asian markets have risen on optimism that reported u.s. china talks this week could ease the trade disputes between the world's two biggest economies the two countries are holding talks on tuesday and wednesday that aim to end the conflict before u.s. president on a trump and chinese president xi jinping need in november according to media reports investors are also hoping for holding out hope that the negotiations could head off further u.s. tariffs on sixteen a billion dollars worth of chinese goods due to take effect on thursday china has already said it would respond in kind. and with that it's over to our correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange danielle corp daniel of course there are also trade tensions between the united states and the e.u.
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and there are also talks underway how is all that impacting trade where you are. here's exactly what we have to remember that there was this big fear of a huge trade war between the u.s. and europe all of this started with those tears on steel and elam in europe and then u.s. president donald trump threatened the e.u. with potential tears on cars and this made the e.u. very ward so drunk the president of the e.u. commission went to washington was able to negotiate with the u.s. president for the moment but only for the moment those card tears are off the table in exchange the u.s. wants the e.u. to buy more soybeans and also florida gas all of this will be discussed during a meeting today in washington negotiators from both sides will be meeting and talking about details the mood between the u.s. and e.u. has calmed down but we know that the u.s. president can change his mind very rapidly or done it just very very quickly there
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is news about the german surplus how will that go down during those talks. well donald trump for sure is going to be every furious about this we have to remember that he has been criticizing germany and also other countries for this big surplus well you might not agree with everything donald trump says but today the german if well in situ it is true porting that for the third time in germany will actually have the biggest surplus a worldwide followed by japan and also by the netherlands we're talking here about an amount of close to three hundred billion you as dollars and the you ass on the other hand will have again the biggest current account deficit of almost four hundred and twenty billion u.s. dollars so yeah donald trump is not going to be happy about that let's see how this might impact those trade talks as indeed they called in frankfurt thank you so much . and you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin wall coming up at the
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