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i am. sure this is deja news coming to you live from berlin separated by war reunited after decades apart emotional reunions for north and south koreans who never talk the day of the prom look at why they're able to meet now and what it means for the people on the divine of penicillin also coming up powerful earthquakes once again chilled indonesia killing at least a dozen people the tremor unleashed fresh panic in the region hits just two weeks ago by deadly quakes. and clashes break on between brazilian locals and venezuelan
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migrants as the border tensions come to a head other south american countries move to tighten their borders as the venezuelan exhibit grows. the economic milestone from greece as it emerges from its final build out program athens will now be able to tap into money on financial markets for the first time an e.t.s. it follows years of crushing a city that led to widespread anger as the country tried to cut its debts. man. in a well welcome to you on the touchy ma dozens of elderly south koreans i north korea for a long awaited reunion with family members they bring together relatives who were divided off the korean war nearly seven decades ago the reunions were approved by the two koreas leaders. at the historic summit in april part of
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a recent poll and relations. taken finally embrace each other after decades apart. many of them are parents and children brothers and sisters who sometimes struggle to recognise each other after such a long separation. sister sister my sister you've gone through so much. it's a bittersweet moment despite being able to meet these family members who only have eleven hours to spend together. and for these eighty nine elderly south koreans this may be the very last time they can travel to north korea to see their relatives time is taking its toll many have become too old with both koreas technically still at war chances of seeing each other are also rare reunions like this have only taken place twenty times since two thousand apart from the state
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sanctions get togethers there is no way to contact each other phone calls and letters are prohibited by pure. that's what makes this meeting so precious even if it's short at least for now they can put aside the sorrow of being apart and live in the moment. joining me now is journalist jen quanah she's in the south korean capital seoul jen we saw some very emotional scenes of elderly north and south koreans meeting there was a sense of what happens after these reunions how they planned what happens that. for the past seven decades there was only four time that people were allowed to meet it was always ping pong when there are tensions between north and south korea with their none tuckerman more favorable with the north korean we've seen people were finally allowed to meet their family members after sixty years in the next two to three days the family will be allowed to meet but it will be only allowed left
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hours to control the environment to talk with each other however if you think they were apart for sixty years in a total different environment and you could see how much of a different person they became. so for years and years of hostile division some of they were now got together how significant how important are these reunions for the families of the two koreas. there are still five thousand fifty seven thousand people waiting to meet their family members and in order to make this happen we need to under the times more of these family reunions however this never comes and really easily. what the families there might be their only chance to meet with their family members and all control the presence that they bring the things that they can talk it's all controlled by the government and specially because of the north korean side. and jim we also saw the leaders of north and south korea
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hug each other at a historic summit earlier this year so this is also in large a diplomatic soul that is happening what's the progress there. well kim's out and moon started talks and finally in a positive sense before with her former government it was more hostility toward north korea so it seems like there's less tensions however we have to see how it develops whether something tangible something that brings more positive air we have the agent in north korea south korea and here together we have now seeing family reunion. and would see kim jong un for the third time next september the date has not been set yet hopefully there will be more progress right small positive steps we don't know where that leave but thank you very much jen kwan journalists from the south korean capital seoul. turning out in the news they were actually said dozen people have been killed on the islands of lombok and symbolic after
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a fresh series of earthquakes hit the region several powerful tremors including one which was six point nine triggered landslides damaged buildings and spread panic this comes just two weeks after the last earthquake in the island's recent history killed four hundred and sixty people. it is a scene that is becoming familiar to races and some told you new crews on the island of lombok the aftermath of yet another powerful and earthquake this measuring marking chewed six point three the first in a series to strike the island over a matter of hours damaging buildings and causing panic. i mean i was on the third floor it was very strong and we could feel the building shaking on us the lights went out. but. the initial interest quake's epicenter was in longbox northeast further travers' came next then
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a stronger and much shallower quake this time measuring six point nine heads off the islands northeast coast here a landslide triggered on the mountain where hikers had been trapped in july quake a week later on august fifth the worst quake in the island's history killed more than four hundred sixty people. there with terrorists who tales and business is well drilled in the task of getting people out quickly. everyone ran out of the hotel but no one pushed their way through they evacuated calmly. fearing further travers' these hotel guests are preparing for a sleepless night outside hospitals to moving patients to relative safety. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world water levels in the southern indian city of quetta are receding after nearly two weeks of catastrophic flooding at least three hundred fifty people died after heavy rains caused the
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worst flooding in the state for a century more than three quarters of a million people i'm relief camps officials are now worried about the outbreak of disease. pope francis condemned what he called the crime of child sex abuse and the cover ups within the catholic church writing in a rare letters of catholics around the one the pontiff said perpetrators should be held to account the letter follows revelations off an abuse scandal in pennsylvania the united states. millions of muslims have begun the annual hard to mecca in saudi arabia over the next few days pilgrims will perform a number of rituals including climbing mount africa and the symbolic stilling of the devil is one of the world's largest gatherings in turkey a court has lifted a travel ban on a german journalist who was arrested and held last year on terrorism charges misawa
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to lure seventeen other turkish defendants accused of terrorist propaganda and membership of the extreme left m k l p party which is designated as a terrorist organization in turkey to lou is a journalist with the leftist news agency she was released from custody last year but wasn't allowed to leave the country until now she's due back in germany with her young son on sunday joining me now is the obvious political cars one hundred run from a parliamentary student's house give us some context what could be behind the sudden lifting of the travel ban. well first of all i have to say it wasn't as sudden as we have thought in the last few hours the foreign ministry spokesman here in berlin say it's just quite recently that in fact the decision by the courts to lift the travel ban was taken some weeks ago and was only annoyance. in fact the decision to let her go is actually quite an old decision and has nothing to do with
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the current tensions in turkey apparently it does certainly still have something to do with the discussions between germany and turkey about somehow normalizing their relationship and in fact we also have to say while she can take her young son alone to germany and put him into kindergarten all that the new school years starting here her court case will continue the charges have not been lifted against her and her husband who's been accused in the same trial has not been allowed to leave turkey he remains restricted to turkey and looking that it will go to contacts santino that uncle is going through tough economic times and is lost in a trade spat with the u.s. could that have been to germany's advantage and enhanced its leverage over. yes i think so there's been several politicians in the last few days especially from the social democratic spectrum of the political political spectrum saying that germany should now advance with help towards turkey maybe financial help other
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forms of assistance to turkey in order to show turkey that it still has some sort of hold within some sort of friends within europe. regarding you know in contrast to the relationship to the united states german government spokesman this morning have been very reticent about that have been saying that nothing concrete is being discussed nothing concrete has been offered and that talks are continuing but of course what is happening is that there will be a summit meeting between the turkish president raise a tire. and uncle or marco here in germany here in berlin in about a month's time and before that the ministers of finance and of economic affairs of both countries will also meet here and burden so there are a lot of talks going on in the background i think and certainly in the current crisis germany and europe as a whole has a lot more leverage in trying to persuade turkey to come back into the european
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fold right time stronger parliamentary c.d.'s thank you. this is an ass it will send troops to a border town that so clashes between venezuelan migrants and the local population the incident over the weekend has highlighted the growing crisis over venezuelans fleeing the economic and political turmoil in the country other south american nations are struggling to cope with the venezuelan exodus our next report starts out of ecuador with a sharp rise of migration numbers has pushed tarty so tighten border controls. it was hoped that drove great saudis to greater to sell her home and leave her children behind in venezuela. hope that she would soon be reunited with her husband in peru and send for her children. but huddled with hundreds of other venezuelans hope is starting to fade. we arrived here and i have no hope whatsoever of
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continuing. i have two children i sold my house i have nothing anymore i can't go back to venezuela with empty hands i don't know i see. the new travel restrictions cut gets a by surprise like many others at this ecuadorian border crossing so far a tense calm has settled on the checkpoint but elsewhere in south america tempers are flaring brazilians in the border town of pocket i'm a turned on venezuelan immigrants over the weekend forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier the violence broke out after an alleged attack on a local restaurant owner but tensions have been building for years as a huge number of venice whalen's have poured into brazil. back on the ecuadorian border gates is bunkering down for the long haul. do you think of that we. will do whatever is necessary because we can't go back. to all the work.
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with little confidence in the reforms at home migrants here are holding out hope for a better future just over the border. not of the democratic republic of congo where police have new systems in the capital kinshasa robots drivers who flock the rules of the road now have to answer to the still court rule book cops who direct traffic and keep watch that is as long as they don't short circuit on the job. metal giant tossed with regulating traffic in kinshasa the capital of democratic republic of congo these so-called robo cops watch over bustling and subsections lights regularly change from red to green amid the hustle and bustle of the city. grow business there are costs to good work in our country still. it actually helps but it's not working right at the moment. it happens to the best of robots
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just the one i miss working today. these modern traffic police made in this backyard workshop. longo's he invented. so what is it that makes these robo cops work. a. little more real the robots make three thousand and six hundred movements of day want enery traffic lights just stand there. these movements are so people can enjoy the traffic on the up and down motion amusing. the rebel cop just like a human being. in the south. but the machines can't manage all on their own human traffic police supervise the robots and try to make sure that car drivers obey them. but not everyone gets set. up in the open well we should have either one or the other otherwise it's just
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a waste of money. but today it has all that concerns you for all see it's the twenty first century. africa must wake up and start to sell its ideas and manufactured products that should be our objective. that. the inventor is hoping for a whole true perv robot cops for more entertaining traffic all over the world. former world number one norwalk jock rich became the first player to win all nine masters one thousand tournament with victory of roger federer in cincinnati the thirty one year old beat federer six four six four wimbledon champion joke which had lost the cincinnati final to this was on three previous occasions. to the asian games on the range this is program includes sports as an exhibition event
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with competitive gaming on the rise across the globe once school in the indonesian capital is offering its students a chance to hone their skills in the classroom maybe even specially parents might be worried about the use of videogames as a teaching tool but the students and the principal at the p.s.k. the one high school convinced it in ditches their curriculum. this is a scene that's a million to millions over few who look at these pictures will be reminded of their time in school. about video games have found their way into the classroom at this high school in jakarta with the blessing of the teachers. the students are offered up to twenty hours of competitive gaming a week coached by a special tutor it's perhaps no surprise that principal johan is is a keen gamer himself but it's not just for fun he sees e-sports as a useful learning tool. in terms of academic skills students can man about math
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economics group interaction and communication from east sports in our school we've decided to have an east ports program because of its educational value. the students don't spend all of their time sitting in front of the screen they also get together to discuss gaming strategies it's all part of the master plan. and i know we can make money for me sports by becoming pro player cost is the new chief. if the millions are to materialize for the students they all need to train hard the team is currently preparing for a tournament in melbourne and there are plans afoot to establish a league for local schools. this year sees e-sports featured as an exhibition event in the asian games currently underway here in jakarta with the next generation of competitors. training hard in the city it's the perfect time for them to be here now. where. they can let me go joins me now after years of crushing
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austerity rees is finally out of the woods yet at least there's one big milestone there. that is that the country in just the last three bailout programs today for the past eight here athens have a dependent on aid from the european you again the european central bank and the international monetary fund the loans given to greece amounted to two hundred sixty billion euros and in return greece has to implement painful austerity measures reforms that as of today greece will manage without international financial aid. finally no more aid packages and no more funding requirements but the last eight years have been tough for greece and brought drastic cost cutting measures many greeks lost their jobs and their homes income has fallen by a third on average the taxes however remain tie for most people it will be a long time before the situation improves and some people don't even believe it's
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possible like this silversmith. personally for me in the coming years i don't see any hope everything looks bleak to me. because the middle of the greek crisis brought down me and thousands of people in my position women weren't interested in buying our clothes anymore and as a result my manufacturing company closed we started this combined cafeteria and many market he hopes he'll soon gain a foothold again many people in greece are trying to fight their way through. it because a guy in my hopes on something better there's still plenty to do even with all the loans paid off. more needs to be john starting with the tax system which isn't business friendly right now the justice system must deliver decisions faster that will have a direct influence on a true. the investment on the whole thing should become more european the state should provide the services greece still has
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a huge mountain of debt to the tune of three hundred fifty billion euros they'll be dealing with that for a long time to come well nevertheless european council president on a task has offered his best wishes to greece as it leaves the bailout behind on twitter he wrote you did it congress relations to greece and its people on ending the program a financial assistance with huge efforts and european solidarity use east today as he tweeted the message above english and in greek. and in his response to greece's departure from the better program the european commissioner for economic affairs pierre moscovici stressed the country's reforms have lain the foundations for a sustainable recovery. road chief max hoffman caught up with him for more. commissioner now the commission says this is a new chapter for greece but it seems like for regular people in greece it's more
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of the same high unemployment high taxes bad pensions would you agree no i don't i think that we are really opening a new chapter that the situation in greece has already improved a lot including unemployment which has diminished from twenty seven percent to less than twenty percent i know that these are still high it's much too high but i think that now the. structures that we have built in greece make this country capable to recover attractiveness to attract investors to be competitive and to create a lot of jobs and that's what i expect that now the people in greece will really see that the efforts to have been taking bear fruit let's not be mistaken it's not because there was austerity that there is a crisis in greece it's because there has been terrible crises that we need to have a more solid structures for economy and society in greece but you've hinted in the past that maybe there was too much austerity is that the biggest mistake that the
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e.u. made something that should not be repeated let's say for italy i think that what the biggest mistake is what we underestimated the depth of the crisis we thought the u. wards were solid and they were really very you for a while and yes at some moments we were too tough on austerity when you finally i think found the right balance and precise meaning took too long. well. let's say that we could have balanced better or sunny very t. an effort but well all in all i'm convinced that we made the right decisions and that was the right track for greece to reform and for us to agree through a program which represents two hundred and seventy three billion euros which proves that we where alongside the greek people some people say italy is going to be the next greece. they have a huge mountain of debt do you feel like their new italian government is up to the
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task to prevent anything like happen in greece from happening in italy the situation is of course very different funding a member a few are also there in the eurozone from the start that doesn't make them immune to all the problems it's just third largest country in the eurozone and the so largest g.d.p. new zone it's a very creative economy and the debt. people are for quite a lot but still we need to be very careful about the level of public debt one hundred thirty percent this has to be here really money to control and this is why we need to have still sound public finances need to lead and we'll have to discuss with the italian government in this european semester the draft dodger to plan by october in a very serious way and i'm ready to do that that's a huge date coming up there but again let me repeat the question do you think that the current italian government is up to the task of preventing
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a catastrophe from happening in italy like in greece i know that. or are you telling governments they finally will find the way they will miles of through and the fact will be in the budget i cannot judge on programs i don't want to judge on words i want to judge on. the facts they can facts and measures and budgets commissioner thank you very much for talking to us. was there speaking to european commission school b.c. and while they were touching on italy let's stay with greece for another moment over to daniel cope now standing by the frankfurt stock exchange danielle she says that investors can now trust greece again do they way you are. well you're right they did not trust the greece actually for a long time but i do have the feeling that investors are believing that greece for
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the moment is again on the right track investors are giving greece quite some credit for very radical austerity policies that are set to continue until twenty sixty many cats we have to remember that have been extremely unpopular inside of the country also greece now can borrow money again from the financial world but they have to pay higher interest rates compared to other countries for example germany but there are still lots of things where greece is struggling unemployment rate is still very high with twenty per cent the youth unemployment rate even higher and yes the other issue is their big debt all right. in frankfurt thank you so much. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. dozens of the elderly south koreans chosen by lottery have been a real night hit with their family members in north korea the reunions were arranged by the two koreas leaders at the historic summit in april cost of a recent fall in relations. president us deploy troops to
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a border town which still clashes between venezuelan migrants on the local population more than a found some venezuelans well forced to flee back across the hall into. you're watching news coming to you live from the in the we have of course more coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that is d w dot com thanks for joining us as you said.
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