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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is the news coming to you live separated by war really after decades of pocket it washed their reunion school north and south koreans who never caught this day would come look at why they were able to meet now and what it means for the people of the divided opinions. also coming up. an economic milestone for greece as it
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emerges from its final bailout program athens will now be able to tap into money on the financial markets for the first time. and critics once again jodi indonesia killing at least a dozen people in the trade most coming just two weeks off the last day of grace. class and the next sixty minutes of the all we all know the video game is a multibillion your industry and we know that kids sometimes play video games when they shouldn't bought in one high school in jakarta the troops in fact e-sports gets past the. plague. of a will welcome to you i'm. dozens of elderly south koreans are in north korea for long awaited reunions with family members they bring together relatives who were divided after the korean war
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nearly seven decades ago the reunions were approved by the leaders of the two koreas a historic summit in april part of a recent thought and relations. they can finally embrace each other after decades apart. many of them are parents and children brothers and sisters who sometimes struggle to recognise each other after such a long separation. sister sister my sister you've gone through so much. it's a bittersweet moment despite being able to meet these family members who only have eleven hours to spend together. and for these eighty nine elderly south koreans this may be the very last time they can travel to north korea to see their relatives time is taking its toll many have become too old with both koreas
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technically still at war chances of seeing each other are also rare reunions like this have only taken place twenty times since two thousand apart from the state sanctioned get togethers there is no way to contact each other phone calls and letters are prohibited by. that's what makes this meeting so precious even if it's short at least for now they can put aside the sorrow of being a part and live in the moment. joining me now is journalist jen quanah she's in the south korean capital seoul jen we saw some very emotional scenes of elderly north and south koreans meeting give us a sense of what happens at these reunions how they planned what happens there. for the past decade there was only four time that people were allowed to needs it was always ping pong when there are tensions between north and south korea government more favorable with north korea eighteen people were finally allowed to meet their
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family members after sixty years in the next two to three days the family will be allowed to meet but it will be only allowed leavened hours in a controlled environment to talk with each other if you think they were apart for sixty years in a total different environment and you can see how much of a different person they became. so for years and years of hostile division some of the are now got together how significant how important are these reunions for the families of the two koreas. there are still five thousand fifty seven thousand people waiting to meet their family members and in order to make this happen we need to under the times more of these family reunions however this never comes and really easily. what the families. might be their only chance to meet with their family members and all control the presence that they bring the things that
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they can talk it's all controlled by the government and specially because of the north korean side. and jim we also saw the need is of north and south korea hug each other at a historic summit earlier this year so there's also a large a diplomatic soul that is happening what's the progress there. well came down and started talks and finally it's in a positive sense before with our former government it was more hostility toward north korea so it seems like there's less tensions however we have to see how it develops whether if it's something tangible something that brings more positive air we have the asian games that north korea and south korea enter together we have now seeing family reunion. and would see kim jong un for the third time next september the date has not been set yet hopefully there will be more progress right small positive steps we don't know where that leave but thank you very much jen kwon
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journalists from the south korean capital so. let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the was authorities in spain say they're treating an attempted knife attack on a police officer as a terrorist act a man shouting is create lost as an officer in a police station near boston before being shot dead investigators have not yet confirmed the man's identity. pope francis has condemned forty cool the crime of child sex abuse and cover ups within the catholic church writing in a letter to catholics around the while the pontiff said perpetrators should be has to account the letter follows revelations of an abuse scandal pennsylvania in the united states. but his songs new foreign minister has called for quote interrupted continues dialogue with india speaking after he was sworn in shah
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mahmood qureshi said it was important for the two countries to talk to each other relations between pakistan and india have been hostile ever since independence from britain in one hundred forty seven particularly over the divided territory of kashmir. bens got business and joins me now the greek bailout odyssey ben is finally over it's been a saga but it's over greece emerging today from the last of its three bailout programs athens is dependent on aid from the european union european central bank and international monetary fund the loans amounted to two hundred sixty billion euros. finally no more aid packages and no more funding requirements but the last eight years have been tough for greece and brought drastic cost cutting measures many greeks lost their jobs and their homes income has fallen by a third on average the taxes however remain time for most people it will be a long time before the situation improves and some people don't even believe it's
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possible like this silversmith. but also because you know personally for me in the coming years i don't see any hope everything looks bleak to me. because he sees the middle of the great crisis brought down me and thousands of people in my position women weren't interested in buying our clothes anymore and as a result my manufacturing company closed we started this combined cafeteria and many market he hopes he'll soon gain a foothold again many people in greece are trying to fight their way through. it because like i pin my hopes on something better even if we've left the bailout program i believe we greeks will be paying for years to come but we all hope for something better hope dies last. and the government knows there's still plenty to do even with all the loans paid off. does that make more needs to be john starting with the tax system which isn't business friendly right now the justice system must
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deliver decisions faster that will have a direct influence on attracting investment on the whole thing should become more european the state should provide key services greece still has a huge mountain of debt to the tune of three hundred fifty billion euros they'll be dealing with that for a long time to come. and in his response to grace's ban that exit european commissioner for economic affairs pm muscovy stressed the country's reforms have laid the foundations for a sustainable recovery and brussels bureau chief maxwell frank caught up with him. commissioner now the commission says this is a new chapter for greece but it seems like for regular people in greece it's more of the same high unemployment high taxes bad pensions would you agree no i don't i think that we are really opening a new chapter that the situation in greece has already improved a lot including unemployment which has diminished from twenty seven percent to less
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than twenty percent i know that these are still high it's much too high but i think that now the. structures that we have built in greece make this country capable to recover attractiveness to attract investors to be competitive and to create a lot of jobs and that's what i expect that the now the people in greece will really see that the efforts to have been taking bear fruit let's not be mistaken it's not because there was austerity that there is a crisis in greece it's because there has been terrible crises that we need to have a more solid structures for economy and society in greece but you've hinted in the past that maybe there was too much austerity is that the biggest mistake that the e.u. made something that should not be repeated let's say for italy i think that what the biggest mistake is what we underestimated the depth of the crisis we thought that the you wards were solid and they were really very fragile and yes at some moments we were too tough on austerity we finally i think found the right balance.
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took too long. well. let's say that we could have balanced better a study very t. an effort but well all in all i'm convinced that we made the right decisions and that it was the right track for greece to reform and for us to agree through a program which represents two hundred and seventy three billion euros which proves that we where alongside the greek people and some people say italy is going to be the next greece they have a huge mountain of debt do you feel like the new italian government is up to the task to prevent anything like happen in greece from happening in italy the station is of course very different funding a member a few are also there in the eurozone from the start that doesn't make them immune to all the problems it's just third largest country in the eurozone and the sort of
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largest g.d.p. new zone it's a very creative economy and the debt is in the pocket of the italian people for quite a lot but still we need to be very careful about the level of public debt one hundred thirty percent this has to be here really money to control and this is why we need to have still sound public finances you need to lead and we'll have to discuss with he doesn't government in this european semester on the draft which are to plan by october in a very serious way and i'm ready to do that that's a huge date coming up there but again let me repeat the question do you think that the current italian government is up to the task of preventing a catastrophe from happening in italy like in greece i know that. or are you telling governments that they finally will find the way they will miles of through and the fact will be in the budget i cannot judge on programs i don't
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want to judge on words i want to judge on. the facts taken facts and measures and budgets commissioner thank you very much for talking to us. let's pull in it all foamy professor of international economics of the university of st gallen to comment on this is in switzerland for us what would you say greece and its bailout a success story or effect. greece's speculates on feet to be has access to the finance markets. at least today that's the successful to see cross government what about tomorrow when all those pensioners realize there isn't that much money in the pension pot. access to the financial market of course is due to the fact it's greece's now. it has modest repayment obligations and some sort of cash so these the next month or next year the superstore going to be
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able to on the take the forms message quite unnecessary forms to improve the life of the greek people ok let me get back to the greek pensioners again when when we're talking about twenty percent unemployment g.d.p. down twenty five percent on pre-crisis levels it doesn't sound like there's going to be the productivity to actually keep through the country going and to ensure that further down the track greek pensioners are well looked after. you are correct cheapie is that levels similar to the us great depression but unlike the us recoveries taking much longer and the problem is that greece achieve the primary surplus by tax increases by cuts in social security spending but stuff reforms stakes still very long to get licensees if you want to need permits to build build a new plant all these things which are it's just homework for the greek government
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on its own this homework is still not done. kind of a straight talk for me in switzerland there for us to find out what greeks think i asked the athens correspondent and if people are in the mood to celebrate now definitely not those i expect their situation their day to day life in fact to to grow worse in the coming months because the government has consigned greece to additional reforms to more cuts there will be coming down the road don't forget though on the books the figures that macroeconomics this crisis looking better unemployment is down still high the deficit is down you know all these figures are very promising growth rates are very high but that has yet to trickle down to the really economy and shoot the perks. of the greeks and
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that will take time unless some investments kick in fast and to create jobs and to get the economy rolling because as the professor there as the expert said before most of these fiscal improvements have been caused simply by taxes i think are a supper for us there in athens nice to get your take. from reader on the situation in indonesia that's right bennett least ten people have been killed on the indonesian islands of long walk and so bob after a fresh series of earthquakes hit the region now several powerful tremors including one with a strength of six point nine triggered landslides damaged buildings and spread panic it comes just two weeks after the last earthquake in the island's recent history killed four hundred sixty people. it is a scene that is becoming familiar to races and some tall a-g.
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makers on the island of lombok the aftermath of yet another powerful arest quake this measuring magnitude six point three the first in a series to strike the island over a matter of hours damaging buildings and causing panic. i was on the third floor it was very strong and we could feel the building shaking all of the lights went out. but. the initial areas quake's epicenter was in longbox northeast further travers' came next then a stronger and much shallower quake this time measuring six point nine hit off the islands north east coast here a landslide triggered on the mountain where hikers had been trapped in july quake a week later on august fifth the worst quake in the island's history killed more than four hundred sixty people. there with terrorists who tales and business is well drilled in the task of getting people out quickly. everyone ran out of the
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hotel but no one pushed their way through they evacuated calmly. fearing further tremors these hotel guests are preparing for a sleepless night i cite hospitals to moving patients to relative safety. now earlier we spoke to who's the who's the who works for the international federation of the red cross he's on lombok island and to listen about the relief effort in the area. you know at the end foreign money critic was wondering right you know knowing that. there's been a lot of. aftershocks recorded hundreds of them by and. to some remote areas has been really challenging in the sense that there's a lot of local land like going on and edgewater couldn't get through somebody on our air and we've been focusing on targeting more remote areas because we keep
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hearing reports that many people out there in remote areas have not received a report and this last week out i joined the distribution team to one of the dinar at the north one time gas and we were able to find one remote area and that was the first time where local communities. were receiving aid from even in some red cross at the time we were adults organized quite some distribution through motorbike and that's our priority really to get into more rural areas but we more shocked at the moment. bring our work over the jury to more remote areas where people have heeded the call. who's to who's the phone the red cross speaking to d.w. from lombok island turning now to india where a break in the weather is allowing risk is to help people affected by catastrophic
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floods in the southern state of canada when with four hundred people have died in the past eleven days in the flooding caused by unusually heavy monsoon rains more than eight hundred thousand people and relief camps and much needed help is now beginning to reach them. as the rains finally subside and carola help is pouring in from throughout india. volunteers and charities are working at a fevered pace racing to get aid to the hundreds of thousands of victims still taking shelter at rescue centers. for this cause your decided to come together and help and other than sisters in need. for the calamity that is happening in get along so whatever little bit that we can do we've tried every best for many victims the aid can't come soon enough. that i get among them is it any wonder we live lost
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my house i've lost everything i had. i'm staying in a relief camp and i need help finding the. vital supplies are being dropped in by helicopter to deal with the growing shortage of food and water. but that in itself presents dangers. with some prefer to stay on higher ground and this is still a delicate and difficult rescue operation. fast flowing water and mudslides as well as being deadly have also uprooted trees and blocked off key access to roads. and the waters aren't the only danger confronting survivors local authorities fear disease could quickly spread if it didn't remain in cramped relief camps. and a few most stories that are making news around the body of gun security forces say they've rescued one hundred forty nine bus passengers who were kidnapped by the taliban in the northern province of conducing after their buses were ambushed
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earlier on monday other reports say the taliban released the hostages around twenty other passengers are still being had. millions of muslims have begun the annual hodge pilgrimage to mecca in saudi arabia over the next few days billy graham's will perform a number of rituals including climbing mount and the symbolic stoning of the devil the hunch is one of the world's largest gatherings. the new york times says actress and need to campaign. paid money to settle a sexual assault claim alleged victim said she assaulted him in a hotel room in two thousand and thirteen he was seventeen at the time again to spokane for victims of sexual abuse after accusing this priest producer harvey weinstein of rape last year. a turkish court has ruled that
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a german journalist can leave the country months after being released from prison during her trial on terrorism charges the decision to allow my solitude to leave was made several weeks ago but has only now been made public germany's foreign minister said the move was a step towards improving german turkish relations which have been strained in recent. there was visible relief among micheline to lou and her relatives when she was released from prison eight months ago news that her overseas travel ban has now been lifted is a further sign of deescalation between turkey and germany. political reaction in berlin was positive the leading policy makers clearly believe progress is needed. he defied. the release of anyone detained in countries where in my opinion the rule of law recent fully functional is a positive step in the eye. over the weekend social democrat
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leader and list tabled the idea of financial aid for turkey's struggling economy. but chancellor angela merkel spokesman poured cold water on that idea. i mean the forgotten and also you actually you know last week we repeatedly stated that turkey's economic stability is in germany's interest it's a question that emerged this weekend of german aid for turkey that is not on the government's agenda at the moment it's a pretty took. twenty just a german citizen with turkish roots total was arrested last year on charges of terrorist propaganda and membership in an extreme left party as a journalist for a leftist news agency she got caught up in a massive crackdown on the opposition that followed the failed coup in turkey back in twenty sixteen told who's next court appearance is scheduled for october it's unclear whether she'll be attending for now she's due to travel back to germany on
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sunday joining me now is the political cars fine has drawn from up on a man she said is give us some context what could be behind the sudden lifting of the travel ban. well first of all i have to say it wasn't as sudden as we have thought in the last few hours the foreign ministry spokesman here and birdland said just quite recently that in fact the decision by the courts to lift the straddle ban was taken some weeks ago and was only annoyance. in fact the decision to let her go is actually quite an old decision and has nothing to do with the current tensions in turkey apparently it does certainly still have something to do with the discussions between germany and turkey about somehow normalizing their relationship and in fact we also have to say while she can take her young son alone to germany and put him into kindergarten all that the new school years starting here her court case will continue the charges have not been lifted against her and her husband
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who's been accused in the same trial has not been allowed to leave turkey he remains restricted to turkey and looking that it will go to contacts santino that uncle is going through tough economic times and is lost in a trade spat with the u.s. could that have been to germany's advantage and enhanced its leverage over on kyra . yes i think so there's been several politicians in the last few days especially from the social democratic spectrum of the political political spectrum saying that germany should now advance with help towards turkey maybe financial help other forms of assistance to turkey in order to show turkey that it still has some sort of hold within some sort of friends within europe. regarding you know in contrast to the relationship to the united states german government spokesman this morning have been very reticent about that have been saying that nothing concrete is being discussed nothing concrete has been offered and their talks are continuing but of
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course what is happening is that there will be a summit meeting between the turkish president raise a tire. and i'm going to marco here in germany here in berlin in about a month's time and before that the ministers of finance and of economic affairs of both countries will also meet here in berlin so there are a lot of talks going on in the background i think and certainly in the current crisis germany and europe as a whole has a lot more leverage in trying to persuade turkey to come back into the european fold run time stronger the parliamentary c.d.'s thank you. it was in the day of the news coming up ahead. athletes dream big video gaming has made it to the asian games as an exhibition sport then now underway in chicago and it's in this code in the city with the teacher's blessings. and but an end to the
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buttons international dance festival gets underway for four weeks audiences going to experience the full scope of what contemporary dance has to offer we have more. with the narrative. you're watching the duggan news coming to you live from but and more coming up shortly. the take. the world. cup winners. come later. since a little some content for the church but. still supposed to mark the stop of the. rock and religion a clash that brings many poles true like god the devil down to. forty five. w. .
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the first climbing lesson. or as grand a moment arrives in the joining a regular chain on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interested documentary stories in the ranks and returns home to monkey w. dot com tanks wouldn't be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of war here's what's coming up. on w o they'd use the female superheroes on a mission. the chapter's smart women smart trucks smart strategic. missed out on critically dangerous stuff. to make room. official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans. legally and
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illegally. returned to. visit friends i don't think i'll ever go back there to live where i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. that matters to me. this is news coming to live from i'm a pleasure to have your company our top stories dozens of south koreans chosen by lottery have been reunited with their family members in north korea the reunion of greens by the leaders of the two koreas at the historic summit in april part of a recent thaw in relations. and greece has passed an economic milestone as it emerges from its final financial bailout athens will now be able to borrow money
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on financial markets for the first time in. a deepening economic crisis in men as well as prompting mountain tensions at south america's borders as more and more people feel poverty and hunger in the country according to the u.n. more than two point three million people have left in his villa in the last three years that's more than seven percent of the country's population most of the migrants head to colombia brazil ecuador bayrou and chile these countries are trying to slow the flow of migrants of the weekend ecuador became the latest to tighten border controls reproduce said to follow later this week but some migrants feel they have no choice but to attempt the journey anyway. has been dragging her suitcase along highway she is fleeing desperation and economic hardship back home in venezuela crossing into ecuador on foot as an
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undocumented migrant. who spent all night by the border the authorities told us to be patient they said they would get announcer in the morning but there was no response they just told us to head to venezuela especially we don't want more venezuelans here. after ecuador imposed new entry restrictions on saturday and her friends felt that they had no choice but to cross illegally while they press on thousands of stranded at the checkpoints hungry and cold fearful of being sent back. here and we have no hope whatsoever of being able to pass through my husband is desperate over in peru my family is also desperate in venezuela we just want to help our families i have two children i sold my house i have nothing now i can't go back to venezuela with nothing. the unprecedented exodus of desperate venezuelans is increasingly overwhelming neighboring countries colombia and brazil
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tighten border controls earlier this year now ecuador and peru following suit. tensions along the borders are rising over the weekend brazilians in the border town. turned on men israel and migrants forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier across the region and the growing influx of venezuelans is stoking animosity against the migrants and has been building for years. despite that and at the risk of being turned away i lean and have friends still have that i set on peru and many are still on their way in what could be the world's next migration crisis. steps towards equality for the. community recently including. he has legalized same sex marriage but for many of them life here can still be difficult the new viral hash tag modeled on the me too is bringing to light their daily struggles last month from
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a social media desk joins me on the story welcome first tell us about this has tag which has gone viral and what does it tell us about the gay and lesbian community here yeah i mean we've heard now of course of this me to hash tag will this hashtag is called me queerer and as you mentioned is really gone viral here in germany over the past week and if you breathe through these tweets online it's really powerful i mean it's a lot like reading public diary entries from people telling personal stories and these are really revealing discrimination harassment even death threats that people here are facing we're talking about gays lesbians transgender clear community in germany and we've seen scores of tweets like these that are dealing with for example public harassment and here's just one example of what we're talking about this is coming from a young man his name is mustafa and he writes the worst thing is when i'm just walking down the road holding hands with my boyfriend people swear and even spit at us i'm not doing anything wrong anything wrong or sexual i just love my sweetheart
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and you see the hashtag there me queer others using that hashtag to reveal why they've chosen actually to remain in the closet in germany this is one woman in germany who explains her rationale for that she says i haven't come out get to my family or many of my offline friends because i'm twenty eight but still really afraid where i grew up people talk about clear life as if it were a terrible illness some of these stories are just flat out disturbing to read and this is one of them that really kind of takes your breath away this is one story of just a person walking down the street in one thousand year old and he says i was walking with a rainbow shirt through berlin an older person said when i was young we fortunately could have gassed you gosh this hash tag it's really helping now to spark a nationwide. i'd discussion about the struggles that this community faces you know even in a relatively progressive country right here in germany and we've also seen this hashtag now in other countries like france and austria so obviously agree it needed
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to talk about this issue how did the movement stot so this was a hashtag started by one person here in germany located just outside berlin his name is triva he's a freelance writer you know he told us he faced violence growing up as a gay teenager in germany back in the eighty's and ninety's and he's also followed the need to debate closely so he decided you know he wanted to stand up for his community online and here's more of what he told us earlier today should. i believe it's crucial that we keep moving forward that we keep pushing for an open society at a time when it feels like we're having a collective panic attack or demanding ever more robaxin or freedoms panic attack about to move beyond what the answer to that cannot be to stand still given to these demands rather to keep forging ahead. and what should do what you're going to invite to be in the collective panic attack is how you describe it don this is where you also see in issues like this the power of the hashtags and what even i
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think of jim including people like us who live here who think that actually it's of a kind of safe and open for the. community so obviously it's not it's not yeah it's not necessarily especially being here in berlin where we are i mean you see so much public acceptance you see these big parades in the streets during a christopher street day you know but it's not necessarily that easy for this community and we asked him about that you know he agrees it's a tolerant place same sex marriage as been legal now as you mentioned for more than one year but you know progress he says is about more than just tolerance. oh legally speaking we've made progress but that does mean that were not still facing challenges in our daily lives i don't give a damn about your tone or age i want to be accepted i want to be accepted for who i am as to many other queer people you know. so interestingly a couple of quick statistics related to that point that he's making i did know this gay men in germany on average they still earn two euros per hour less than their
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straight colleagues and actually hate crimes related to sexual orientation here in germany they increased by more than twenty five percent in the first half of last year so you know germany becoming very progressive in terms of this these kind of rights but there's still work to be done and that is what this hashtag really is all about exactly and i also have a big problem of the word tolerance i think inclusive is a much better way to look at this issue congressman from a social media desk thank you so much for bringing that story on this modern hashtag to us. ok moving now to the democratic republic of congo where police have new assistants in the capital kinshasa their robots drivers who flout the rules of the road not have to answer to the so-called ruble cops who direct traffic and keep watch that is as long as they don't short circuit on the job. metal giant tossed with regulating traffic in kinshasa the capital of democratic
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republic of congo the so-called robo cops watch over bustling and sections lights regularly change from red to green amid the hustle and bustle of the city. grow business there are gold coast do good work and i'll country still. it actually helps but it's not working right at the moment. it happens to the best of robots just the one i miss working today. these modern traffic police made in this back yard workshop. on goes we invented them so what is it that makes these robo cops work. like. metal. robots make three thousand and six hundred movements of day dinner or traffic lights just stand there . these movements are so people can enjoy the traffic the up and down motion amusing. the robo cop just like
4:40 pm
a human being on people soft. but the machines can't manage all on their own human traffic police supervise the robots and try to make sure that car drivers obey them. but not everyone gets. in the open well we should have either one or the other otherwise it's just a waste of money. but today it has all the concerns you for all see it's the twenty first century. africa must wake up and start to sell its ideas and manufactured products that should be our objective. that. the inventor is hoping for a whole troop of robot cops for more entertaining traffic all over the world. four was number one novak djokovic became the first tennis player to win the all
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the ny masters one thousand two hundred wins with a victory over roger federer in cincinnati the thirty one year old serve at beach predator six four six four wimbledon champion joke of rich had lost the cincinnati fun into the swiss on three previous occasions to the asian games underway in jakarta this is program includes east sports as an exhibition event with the expectation to become a medal event at the next games in about and four years' time and with competitive video gaming on the rise across the globe one school in the indonesian capital is offering its students a chance to hone their skills in the classroom a some parents may question the idea but the students and the principal at the p.s.k. the one high school are convinced it enrich is the educational program. this is a scene that familiar to millions although few who look at these pictures will be
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reminded of their time in school. but video games have found their way into the classroom at this high school in jakarta with the blessing of the teachers. the students are offered up to twenty hours of competitive gaming a week coached by a special tutor it's perhaps no surprise that principal yohannes is a keen gamer himself but it's not just for fun he sees e-sports as a useful learning tool. in terms of academic skills students can man about math economics group interaction and communication from east sports in our school we've decided to have a nice sports program because of its educational value. the students don't spend all of their time sitting in front of the screen they also get together to discuss gaming strategies it's all part of the must a plan. and i know we can make money from the sports by becoming pro players cost is the new chief. if millions are to materialize for the students they all need to
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train hard the team is currently preparing for a tournament in melbourne and there are plans afoot to establish a league for local schools. this year c.z. sports featured as an exhibition event in the asian games currently underway here in jakarta with the next generation of competitors training hard in the city it's the perfect time for them to be here now. the notorious ultra fans of italian football club blasio in rome attempted to ban women from entering this section of the stadium a fly and distributed by the ultra before last year's match on sunday declared that women were not permitted in the first ten rows of the north stand. off the leaf it was posted on social media the text referred to the outer as a regular section ask quote sacred space it went on to compare the first ten rows
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of the stance to trenches in which where many wives and girlfriends are not been met head. as you can imagine i take a very dim view of this they flit joining me now is done in a bus you know from. work i'm done if we get my anger but they you yourself have played football as a football in italy how surprised are you by love your fans moved well to me in with i actually trained with lots. of potential club that i was looking at to play with after my first year in italy said yeah. i'm not very surprised at all as a city our supporter for a long time. lots to lose fans have always been. people that not all of them some of them the more ultras lets us call them all tourists they're not afraid to make banners that are politically incorrect insulting people dead people everything nobody's off limits for them this is good this sounds completely outrageous what has the reaction been in its view what
4:45 pm
a football official is this saying well obviously the club the f i g c a the governing body for football in italy all of them have said this has nothing to do with us this is a leaflet distributed by the ultras group and a lot of the other lot so fans have also said this is not what we think this is just a number of fans that have decided to take it upon themselves to try to ban the women from the first ten rows and some of the fullest time that the ultra ultra fans of lots of the team have made headlines why does a controversial this is a discussion that goes back years and years and years because a lot sale has always been associated with political ideologies that are more towards the right a little bit more fascist so through the history of the club we've always seen you know even a couple years ago we saw them put the film a picture of anne frank with a roman jersey on you know they have put banners in the stadium comparing you know saying that roma fans homeland is auschwitz things that are just completely off
4:46 pm
limits absolutely off limits and how do they get away with it that's what surprises me for example in some of them a prank you know into this stand in the football stadium well this is this is a little bit this is a little bit on accurate because so i go to the stadium a lot of special him to go i'm a roma fan so but they're the control is in the last couple years have been outrageous they've installed you know like three levels of checks you have to go to your assigned seat which was never the case the fans even protested by not going to the stadium so there are controls but obviously you know it's not that difficult to get away with banners because it's not a legal one. the against having women in the see if. there is a long discussion again for italy women in sports women in football i mean i've played football in italy that actually like just looking at latina women and latino men it's as if it's two different worlds who do you know they just don't women
4:47 pm
don't get the respect they deserve in italy in the sport of football and probably in general as well. it's you know it's moving forward donna to me what is expected to feel. next home game takes place i think they'll do something like when the anne frank incident happened what they did was they read an excerpt of her diary before in our city our game so i think that they're going to have to do at least something to remedy the situation it will be interesting to see i think very interesting and you keep an eye on that donna bus here from the sports desk and also who's played professional football in italy thank you so much for coming in thank you thanks for. going to years tokyo will host the next summer olympics and it will feature five new medal sports once a sport is bordering the german city of munich so a preview off that competition hosting the bouldering world series over the weekend competitive bouldering is climbing over an artificial course in the men's
4:48 pm
competitions to a great gold of brits and they quote himself forward as a gold medal favorite in two thousand and twenty my team in france his through been compacted in but it took the women's event second was japan's it made. some of why the very idea of contemporary don shows that are currently being before him to him but it's all part of the annual festival tons in. a country editor robin merrill has just danced into the studio i think you did a fox. welcome robin and the garden of the festival of things it says.
4:49 pm
yes i mean easily to trolls i strove to speak his tongue says does it's in is in this is we say ogust is just another way black is it what it doesn't say in the title is that it's contemporary modern dolls but you did say that in your intro as well i mean it's the thirty thousand anniversary of tun i'll go says well it all starts in one nine hundred eighty eight as part of the celebrations all festivities i should say as lin all one hundred eighty eight west berlin was the european capital of culture that yeah and it's grown and grown ever since and it's modern contemporary. always pushing the boundaries this is no exception i think we'll start with by a dog's trick that sort of the pushing the boundaries of gravity really they. it's a mixture of radio acrobatics it's called the streb extreme actions from new york here they are performing in the open air in potsdamer platz in the center of town
4:50 pm
just the other day. choreographer elizabeth streb combs her dances action heroes. the award winning new yorker has been developing breathtaking acrobatic performances fictitiously three. and for much of that time she also took part in the street action. i broke my nose eleven times i have a weird finger. but i never had an injury that made me not perform. the work is dangerous but the dance is designed to test the limits of their bodies outweighs the feel. human body has so much potential you know you have halos you
4:51 pm
have the side you have the side so we try to use everything that we have you know to just see what else we can do you know there's something else we can do besides walk over two feet. if you want to learn to fly you have to learn to full. use of dance and kind of circus elements ok another dance and. based in new york but from zimbabwe yes that's right this is nora chipper mira and as you say she's based in new york but adopts a very has its roots in africa very much and she likes to tell stories who adopts this particular story is about the relationship will perhaps the normal relationship that she never really had with a strange father who left when she was very young she really used as a metaphor for. the masculinity of the african man in african culture and it's
4:52 pm
all set in a boxing ring. a dress rehearsal for a picture of myself as my father this is part of the fact here is his time in. life the totality of life everything you think of as life. that's what dance is. from politics to economy to culture. includes boxing a sport that was fascinated chief america. should. be a place where black men can be themselves and be able to dominate perhaps systematic oppression. the piece is chipping mirrors reckoning with her father who left the family when she was young in the work he comes to symbolize
4:53 pm
make you smile in sin bob way but the performance goes beyond. the. portion of myself as my found out also addresses the racist stereotypes with which the which tends to regard africa. people called into the room to see the word with. years of baggage already right they come into the room with the expectation of what is what is africa and so the work is also in many ways trying to untangle and destroy some of those expectations. they interesting because also lots of lives and messaging in the dance performance ok finally you've got for us a work permit from spain yes this is my home choreographer called. his company
4:54 pm
called love it or not and as you say they did a. premiere here just the other day. and a piece called pass you're not a weather sort of protagonist the last confused crushed by all the old world and it's all because of technology so i i know how they feel. is a little bit of the local it's a cool vision really with technology being the real enemy as personal communication has suffered so much between us human beings is very true you know we're all looking at all smartphones except for instead of talking to each other personally and this is a sort of dumps version of trying to interpret all that i thought is rather a fascinating actually and very true to the time we are having problems all the next generation but our generation is having problems communication with each other anyway tense in august fast as we've shown few examples it has everything anything
4:55 pm
for everybody you know i'm sitting this huge when i did i don't have social commentary we did it what is really interesting apart from the aesthetics yes it's a lot of social commentary this year a lot of serious stuff but i mean it's worth it if it goes on for another two weeks till september the second if anybody should be coming to berlin but it's a fascinating adult special not nothing quite like that anywhere else off on and on the website absolutely d.w. don't call slash culture feel the negative from a guy today thank you very much pleasure to have you here. you're watching the news let me remind you of the top stories a few dozens of koreans chosen by lottery have been reunited with their family members in north korea the real it is with a range of the leaders of the two koreas at the historic summit in april part of a recent thaw in relations. and greece has fos an economic milestone as it
4:56 pm
emerges from his final financial bailout athens or be able to borrow money on financial markets for the first time in eighty s. and following years of crushing. that's it for me and that she. would do say we need every news that will have the news for you in a few minutes. and
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we'll do it. simple rhythms content of the church but. no constraints of the same car stop obama. rock and religion a clash that brings many coals to light god the devil at the bottom in fifteen minutes on g.w. .
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful the five tests the convict shows anabel use of the fall of clubs fronting them for sex i would draw all those people with other people's life in the end out of that conference so. how good are the arguments of my guests. i'll just excuse. conflict zones confronting the powerful song t.w. . we make up oh but we quantize of awful and budget cuts we ought to summon some of the same. they want to shape the continents future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challengers. to seventy seven percent.
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platform for africa charging. him a nine hundred sixty eight and all crying and go to around the world. young people who voted against the current generation of kids make up was an honestly played dusty full of stupidity until. they demanded nothing less than a home to society full blown wide maelstrom of gun violence. begins missouri remember the. first time for the first time i had a feeling of being come to something. sheaves the most simple age. piece meal. plan is to. come to sixty eight. the global result starts september first g.w. .
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audience . the audience. this is you don't use line for berlin clamp down on the soil the neighboring nations rushed to close their borders to clean migrants as the flood of venezuelans escaping economic chaos grows the government at home launches a currency reform in the hope of course storing some stability and also coming up with an economic milestone for greece after almost a decade of debt crisis the country's bailout and athens will not be able to borrow money on financial markets for the first time in eight years but there were.


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