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unless he has to come to you from super. to be. a very good causes put it into active exercises are you talking about that d w dot com slash adoption and on facebook or in the app store. jenman for free that doesn't mean. everyone is welcome to a new week of your romex with me your host megan lee from prolific productions to veto we've got a packed show in stores as a here's a look at what's coming up. gentle giants a renowned french theatre group brings huge topics to light. speed we'll
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see if you are in touch with my ear and his only wheelchair. company exiled following in polling in the footsteps on the island. the dutch city of was overrun by giants last weekend they were part of a production by the french street theatre group royal de luxe the event was a three day interactive experience involving a pub a girl in search of her father or participants on the streets helped her in her search in a we of course were also on hand for the action and to see if the story had a happy ending. a little girl was looking for half father. he's not really hard to miss standing and eleven meters tall and wearing the diving suit. still she wanders through the streets.
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i think it's magic yes yes it's mystery and that's it show huge it's amazing how yeah how they get the mold to work in sitting out in syria listening i love to see it it makes me feel like a little child again i think it's more a fairy. why is she looking for her father. and what does the don't have to do with us. only that morning and eight o'clock the father was to the sleep with a busy day ahead. as one of europe's capitals of culture this year. invited the royal deluxe street theatre troupe to come and perform claudia will guys the producer she has to make sure everything goes off smoothly local volunteer stewards will help keep the public safe that crew in the costumes half of them a rolls a louse half of them a local people who've been staying over the last two weeks to
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learn how to make that movement and then up in the crane you'll see there are more people manipulating their heads but you know what you forget you get lost in them as giants so i mean you. know. the extras are called lilliputians. by the dolls. they wake up the giant and open get ready. he's made a board and why he's close to three times he's suspended from a huge crane with cables and machinery and lots of heating and the fusion is will make him look like a man. was found by its artistic directors on the coco in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine in front. is giants have since traveled the world. in two thousand and nine they were in berlin to celebrate the anniversary. have german reunification. good he could get us through.
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the difficulty for a show such as the giant saga is to create scenarios that reflect the history of the city where it's playing. in a word and that was not so hot the people in this region have always had to battle the north sea and keep the water at bay so cookoo concocted a story in which a giant comes to help them one hundred fifty thousand humans came to watch the story unfold as the giant divers do for look for him accompanied by her playful puppy. developing shoes have their work cut out for them two teams take turns jumping off a platform well clinging to cables to raise the face of the giant he maintains a speed of one kilometer per hour. others have to move.
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the people remove the feet they have to make sure that they don't jump into the audience because it's quite a problem sometimes because the audience is quite close and you don't want to knock people over something like that so it's very challenging to make sure that he jumps straightforwards and that you don't run into people. at midday the girl and her dog take a rest in front of the old home from the famous leaning tower of late. and then don't lose their people and that's the extraordinary thing about rosa lux that's why people love them because they stop being pop it they stop being marionettes and you just look at the music at their face you look at their emotions and their movements you watch and take in their story. the family drama
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enthralls the townspeople and his to the bike while into the evening. finally a huge happy ending. of the you know he says. the troops next adventure will be in the poll in october. think did have a happy ending are you turning now to a brief look at other stories making headlines on the cultural scene including a new cafe in london dedicated to the doc sent but first as dirty as a broken out in song last week and more on the reason why at the top of today's express. one super sized choir gathered in the estonian capital tallinn on sunday they sang for exactly one hundred minutes nonstop to celebrate one hundred years of the estonian republic famous singers actors and choirs joined in singing traditional
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folk songs sweden's crown princess victoria and her husband prince daniel also attended the event the estonian song festival dates back to one thousand sixty nine every five years thousands gathered to sing together in one of the world's marja amateur choral events. the enya will first address a new order to our going to has drawn to a close in northern portugal each year we honored a customer or hosts the colorful three day festival one of the tile arts is the more do me a parade over six hundred thirty women showcase the traditional costumes of the region and where great quantities of gold many of the pieces are actually heirlooms dating back centuries and are only shown in public on this day. in the cafe designed especially for dogs. dogs opened in them then on sunday. for
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a nose and the back of popcorn one handed out to the canine visitors but they had to pay an entry fee. the one day she was a runaway success the dog's wrapping up both the treats and the movie attention the organizers had previously hoped pompom cafes for punks and french bulldogs. moving on now to an inspirational story about a young man who knows what it's like to overcome obstacles at the age of nineteen a car accident cost björn patrick meyer a part of his leg but that didn't stop him from pursuing sports with a passion now at thirty three meyer is a wheelchair skater athlete competing in events all over europe we caught up with him at a skate park in homburg. overcoming limitations starts in the mind.
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here on patrick meyer is one of germany's leading wheelchair skaters but today he's struggling to reach the top of the half pike. i can't get as high as i want to. wheelchair skating is a relatively new discipline it began at the start of the millennium in the us the thirty three year old has been a serious wheelchair skater for four years and is passionate about the sport skating skating is a very free thing you don't go by rules but my feeling is. it's true to life it's fun and liberating on the fly. that something's young patrick particularly treasures at the age of nineteen he was involved in a serious car accident he spent months in a coma his right leg was amputated above the name but he refused to give up watching videos of wheelchair skaters inspired him as he fought to rebuild his life
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. when i saw the first video i was still in the hospital. i knew that walking and running wouldn't be possible anymore but us and then i thought this is the goal i can pursue i want to do this but if. you're in patrick meyer competes regularly in tournaments for wheelchair motocross known as w.c. m.x. . two years ago he came in sixth at the world championships in texas points are awarded for each track of according to the level of difficulty and the standard of performance. just like regular skateboarding wheelchair skating is not without its risks. too long to civic sure it hurts a bit it always hurts when you fall but you know immediately what mistakes you made so you don't say annoyed for a long fight the best thing to do is get right back up and carry on which is what
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i'd better do now. you know this morning it's in the field. once a month patrick meyer gives courses in wheelchair skating even those who don't want to enter competitive sports find the wheelchair training helps increase their independence. it's a form of self determination pursuits but it makes a real difference if you can get up onto a sidewalk yourself without help from others. that's something that skating does for you it gives you confidence. everybody needs to be able to move around movement is everything. in the lead up to a tournament patrick meyer is out on the halfpipe every day he trains for up to six hours a day skating is clearly much more than a hobby for him. to skate. but if i didn't have skating i wouldn't be able to get out of bed so it inspires me to keep going. and that doesn't only apply to skating but also two other day to day problems i have to face i take the same approach
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there as in skating i might not make it tomorrow but eventually i'll get there. and eventually he makes it to the top of the half pipe. this singer and songwriter can't frank is actually known for melancholy slow beach tunes but on her latest album called bad behavior she speeds up the tempo notch and has created music that fits more into the pop and dance well frank is all strongly in but she relocated to berlin about fourteen years ago and our next report she tells us about the change she's made in her musical direction. frankie first made a name for herself with melancholy songs in the manner of folk music now she's reengineered herself. was. a response.
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to her latest album is more than folk with electronic elements and much more energy . she recently performed in the german city of you know. that it had seen a shift folk music sugar stating what i've written a lot of folk music and i didn't want to repeat myself and it makes no sense for an artist to bring out yet another record of mournful ballots with a guitar accompaniment now want to be direct speak my mind and have fun. it's like maybe very danceable but it's also a critical political song against racism and homophobia. it's it's. just.
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it was. living here in germany may have played some part in god frankly reinventing ourselves. and i'm from sydney and australia is a slave life is good there are. people don't go out and demonstrate so well and off and on only so here it was in berlin that i encountered protests i lived in courts that for six years old in that neighborhood i felt there was a demo just about every weekend. i was. she came to berlin for a year abroad in two thousand and four rent was cheap and people were refreshingly different she got her first recording contract here when she went home to sydney she says she found a conservative and dowdy. mrs
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cat frankie version one sad poetic upbeat cluny her music is rarely political but always has presence. did she feel she had to turn to pop to awaken her inner rebel. discerns. i really do wish i were a total rebel but unfortunately i'm not. i am a bit defiant and i have strong opinions but i'm sad i'm not a rebel i know it's sad but i am trying. i was was a. cat frankie now works with loops songs and fragments of song. she combines and layers them. six.
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six six. six. like this with only her voice. she had times does sound like the ballad singers of your . broaching dread but around the bad behavior once more it's not an invitation to pass seventy and resignation there's too much drier energy for that. is all of us in this big warning and we all know we're living in complicated times like many people who watch their opinions at very high volume on the internet if there's lots of outrage perhaps we need to see a bit more action i. see on t.v. . talking about
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action the energy proved infectious and you know the audience abandoned their seats and started to jump around. frankie has come a long way. when thinking about our carbon footprint you probably don't consider that the food you eat also contributes greatly to it in fact by some estimates food production including growing farming processing transporting cooking and so on accounts for at least one fifth of global carbon emissions so how can we reduce our so called food print or one company cafeteria in sweden has an interesting idea.
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from a hearty meal to deep fried foods to a healthy salad most campaigns offer a range of dishes but here in golf and already every meal comes with information on its carbon footprint head chef says it's more appetising than it might sound to me we don't change them last but we try to when we were by our meat try to buy meat on the food that makes butter for a moment like beef and more fish the more she can and of course more. the production of food generates a considerable amount of c o two. bring those on advises campaigns in restaurants on how to make their menu more climate friendly. that you should be able to find troubling information where you find food basically to make a dent in the climate and missions across europe and hopefully the water. just
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opting for more fruit and vegetables and occasionally forgoing meat can help but does the extra information really change diners eating habits and usually take this favorite dish i think you can be said to show you from a sink and help me. help me to show. for some basically. i tend to go for the vegetarian option anyway and knowing that it's better for the environment as well means it makes sense to choose that more often as i take my notes are you seeing this it will probably give me remind me one more time that it's about the numbers and so sometimes he would trickle. so these small reminders could help consumers lean towards a healthier and more climate friendly choice. and finally it's time to take a trip and today we're going to explore the italian island of elba thanks to a viewer request from guatemala daniel wrote in to us wanting to know more about
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this part of the tuscan archipelago now it's no secret that italians are generally proud of their country but the people around this region love to talk about their traditions and heritage. summertime is high season for tourism on the island but that didn't stop us from packing our bags and exploring the sights. the ferry to alba takes an hour. time enough to look forward to the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. when you stroll through capital port affair iow you will find plenty to remind you that the island's most famous resident was napoleon bonaparte. riparian lived in exile in the villa. ten months in eight hundred fourteen any hundred fifteen. a group of local history enthusiastic liked to dress up in the. special occasions them proud that the former french m.
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for a change this island for his exile. was ruler of a tiny principality napoleon had ten thousand subjects and an army of one thousand men. in the few months that he was here and managed to give the capital city porto for io an administrative structure and the island as his little empire. it turned. into a miniature. life here. in eight hundred fifteen napoleon returned to france and trying to reestablish himself that ended at waterloo. today most visitors to the island of vacationers elba has large beaches but also many small coves accessible only by boat or long hikes the island has about two hundred beaches no two of them
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a life if you are lucky you might find one just feel self. if you arrive after a long hike you have the feeling of having truly accomplished something. like climbing a mountain peak but of course it's very nice in a canoe or on a ship. if you are looking for a comfortable but nevertheless thrilling way to reach the top of albus highest mountains take the cable car in mary qana in the northwest of the island in just twenty minutes it will take you to the peak of money take up on e one thousand nine hundred meters the highest point on. it has a view over the entire twenty seven kilometer long island. from here you can see the italian mainland it to rain or coast with. the town closest to elbow. of a ferry setoff or puerto fare on
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a perfume or in the harbor town has made it his goal to capture the sense of the island with the perfume at. several shops on elba sell it as a souvenir tourists like the idea that they're taking up space of a seat back home with them and not just because of its color. sense we use only plants from the mediterranean region like curry plant. also known as madonna or strawberry tree of rosemary lavender and many other indigenous plants but. when we want to walk the scent of the sea there was the doctor bill and seaweed and then of course the sea breeze that transports the salty scent. the town of cap only very on the south of the island is great for an evening stroll
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. ciano cassini has operated his restaurants here for more than forty years. he specializes in fish and seafood. surprising on an island. there's a little bit of everything you find here is a traditional mine and you keeps its feet firmly on the ground but mostly i bake fish in the oven or barbecue it that's what people line. up to the heat of a summer day the cool evening alice are a pleasure on helga. and you can count on the sun shining again and again throughout the high season in july and august. and with that it is time to say goodbye but before we go i want to let you in on this week's draw now since most of europe is experiencing some of the hottest temperatures on record we would like to know if you have any tips on how to survive
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the heat northern europe isn't really used to these hot summer days so maybe you have some tips for us from your part of the world which could help us just go to our website for all the details and by doing so you qualify to win a euro max watch all right well for me and the rest of the crew here at euro max as always thanks for tuning in we'll see you construe. next time your remarks the fashion accessory goods just keeps growing sandals on the style morning and to greece remain and during the popular. she make it fans and this medicine also in athens specializes in historical design it's drawing inspiration from the moment a famous figure legendary some sandals. on here max. examine
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. the. odd.
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mobile and free. w z learning course. german may be easy. to. blame. venezuela's government has launched a new currency knocking five zeros off the ball of awe as hyperinflation heads for one million percent a year economists have warned the measure could exacerbate inflation thousands of venezuelans have been fleeing the economic crisis but neighboring countries are tightening their border as. pope francis has condemned what he called the crime of child sex abuse and cover ups within the catholic church writing in a red letter.


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