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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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acts cloaked by countless clergy cover ups today pope francis made it clear in a letter to catholics around the world that the sins of the past are an result of crimes of the present so what about justice or tonight a reply from victims and survivors to the pontiff stop wielding the power of the pen start using the power of the pope i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. to pull his listen to many victims over the years and this is clearly shaped this letter now he's trying to redefine the papacy has something that's going to listen to survivors and do something different pope francis's greater accountability is needed burgeoning not only for those who committed these crimes but also for those who covered them up which in many cases means bishops the idea that sort of he can bring about the end of child sexual abuse for example even within the terms of
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where does he get this from it's significant that the pope calls abuse a crime and not just a sin because two thousand words it's just too much to really have started from a new continent. also coming up tonight a great city sort of those three years in that sixty two billion euro bailout for greece are over but the pain remain. static still to continue affecting the population and. so bit of a catch twenty two situation. or we begin the day with that letter from pope francis the pontiff sent a letter to all members of the catholic church to address the growing list of child abuse claims against priests of the pope's hand appearing to be forced after last week's unprecedented report from the u.s. state of pennsylvania. and investigation alleging some three hundred priests
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molested and raped at least a thousand boys and girls and while pope francis has made clear his condemnation of the sins and crimes he has left uncertain how or if he plans to use his authority to bring to justice those accused who are still serving in the clergy in his letter today the pope said that the church must acknowledge its past sins and mistakes and he admitted the pain of the abuse survivors was long ignored kept quiet or silenced by the church and he promised that no effort would be spared to prevent abuse and its cover up again no mention of sanctioning the clergy found to be guilty i for more on this now i'm joined by martin jacques he's our real live religious affairs correspondent martin screwed to have you back at the big table i want to share with our viewers a tweet posted today by marie collins as she was
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a member of the vatican commission to protect minors she resigned last year in protest for a lack of progress and she tweeted this statements from the vatican the pope should stop telling us how terrible abuse is and how almost be held accountable tell us instead what you are going and what are you doing to hold them accountable. that is what we want to hear working on it is not an acceptable explanation for decades of delay. well that is exactly what was not in that letter perfectly understandable indeed that was not in the letter i mean it's been sixteen years since the furs and cover in two thousand and two in the working on it for a very very long time and in the decade that elapsed there were of course cases of abuse itself so this stage i mean they think that the vatican really has no more maneuvering space i mean there is really a question which is now pretty much widespread and we're hearing it as the hour
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it's a lapse in this letters artifice making the rounds from every corner which is what specifically are the policy positions that the vatican will take and what are the protocols that will help to bring abusers to justice and people involved in a conspiracy to cover these things out to justice this is really the one and only question the pope is going to visit ireland later this week obviously the visit is going to be overshadowed by what we're seeing right now. do you expect the pope to use this as an opportunity to cinda seen or to make a statement about these policies you know positions that you were mentioning politically this is this is a pope that has been very effective a sort of surprising us pretty much at every turn with almost every issue that has been put on the table in front of him so it's not you know it's not unthinkable that given the situation given what has happened pennsylvania somebody has called
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this two thousand and two on steroids i mean losing the magnitude of the off that you say sions it's not completely unthinkable that the pope will not actually put on the table precisely some sort of polices solution however it must be said that as of right now nothing actually has been said and other program he said there are very very powerful forces within the church that remain either mentally opposed to the church essentially having to. having to make itself accountable to you know terror and all to reno justice so you know what happens then when you got to kings like that i mean if you look at all the polls that have been conducted in the last week you've got confidence you've got faith in the catholic church as an institution plummeting so what can the pope do now i mean is it up to the pope himself to save the institution from the people inside it i think that there is there is there are two things to be said the first one is not just the people
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inside it so i mean you have the berm of clerical ie some of this is the middle management and the management of the church at different levels and these people some of them have to be saved from accusations that do not respond to them but some of them clearly should pay for what they have done but the church is much broader than that it has a lot of people that actually are the pendant on it so i think that it's very clear what he says that the pope can actually do and that he's bring justice into the game bring national justice systems into the game this is something that would actually make the process much more transparent about sanctioning bishops though i mean the pope is the only one who has the authority to do that certainly but then the question would be what kind of sanctions would we be talking about i mean for the civil society at bishop that loses his job or somebody that is too fast and too ben and is quite simply not enough and certainly not for the kind of crazy crimes that we're talking about so i think that the issue here is that. you know there is a very clear thing ahead and that is really bringing and for meeting crimes to be
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a judge adjudicated by the national justice system as to whether that will happen i mean that's a big question because you're asking is the pope going to work with you know these structures in every country where justice is in force and walls are enforced and stop thinking of the church as something that is outside extra judicial do you think that type of sea change is in the works and i think it would it could really produce a severe sea share within within the church i mean you really could see the breakup of waters in ways that we have not seen before because the very conservative very conservative forces still take it that the business of the church has to be judged inside the church bawling for that so period and i think that that would not only represent a major political change it would also represent a major theological shift this pope has been accused of really you know
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revolutionary theological positions and i think that this would just add to that you know mark you get the religious affairs correspondent as always martin fascinating talking with you thank you leisure. or greece has today emerged from the last of its three bailout programs athens is no longer dependent on aid from the european union european central bank and the international monetary fund the loans amounted to two hundred sixteen billion euro . finally no more aid packages and no more funding requirements but the last eight years have been tough for greece and brought drastic cost cutting measures many greeks lost their jobs and their homes income is fallen by a third on average the taxes however remain time for most people it will be a long time before the situation improves and some people don't even believe it's possible like this silversmith but i still think i am personally for me in the
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coming years i don't see any hope everything looks bleak to me. because he sees the middle of the great crisis brought down me and thousands of people in my position women weren't interested in buying our clothes anymore and as a result my manufacturing company closed we started this combined cafeteria and many market he hopes he'll soon gain a foothold again many people in greece are trying to fight their way through. it because like i pin my hopes on something better even if we've left the bailout program i believe we greeks will be paying for years to come but we all hope for something better hope dies last. and the government knows there's still plenty to do even with all the loans paid off. but as it will make more needs to be john starting with the tax system which is in business friendly right now the justice system must deliver decisions faster that will have a direct influence on attracting investments on the whole thing should become more
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european the state should provide key services greece still has a huge mountain of debt to the tune of three hundred fifty billion euros they'll be dealing with that for a long time to come. oh in his response to greece's bailout exit and european commissioner for economic affairs here most of the chains stress the country's reforms laid the foundations for a sustainable recovery the w.'s brussels bureau chief max hoffman caught up with. commissioner now the commission says this is a new chapter for greece but it seems like for regular people in greece it's more of the same high unemployment high taxes bad pensions would you agree no i don't i think that we are really opening a new chapter that the situation in greece has already improved a lot including unemployment which has diminished from twenty seven percent to less than twenty percent i know that these much too high but i think that now the.
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structures that we have built in greece make this country capable to recover attractiveness to attract investors to be competitive and to create a lot of jobs and that's what i expect that did now the people in greece will really see that the efforts to have been taking bear fruit let's be mistaken it's not because there was austerity that there is a crisis in greece it's because there has been terrible crises that we need to have a more solid structures for economy and society in greece. that was there from the european commission talking about the end of this bailout for greece i want to ask now journalist. he's a freelance journalist who's based here in berlin is a familiar face to some of our viewers here. mr vargas what do you think i mean is it going to only get better now the way we just heard from the european commission
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well the bottom was something like two years ago so i don't expect it to get much worse but mostly depends on how the political personnel in greece is going to react after the next elections let's say. because one of the main problems in greece is. a very astute political and social pull our a zation ok the so-called left of the so-called center right see each other as enemies and they have shown no intention of trying to work willing to work together you know noted to solve big institutional problem for it still exist which these. programs that mr muskerry see. talked about didn't tackle if you don't see the needle see a risk in greece. something happening similar to what we've seen in italy for
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example that you have you have groups that are at different ends of the political spectrum coming together and looking at the european union and seeing that as a common. a common enemy in this iteration is a little bit different in greece because italy is whether we like it or not in the dust industrial country but also. also a polarized country north south left right and after years of pain because even a tad nearly run tellings felt it as well. they they will lose. this image of getting out and going our know our own way except their except i don't think greece is in this kind of a danger i mean it is august right now it's high season for tourism we know that greece lives from that what what are things going to look like in terms of
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employment if when we talk two months from now two three months from now i think it's going to go up. on employment unemployment is going to be more than twenty percent again and what's more in the last year is. most new jobs are jobs that pay well below subsistence level. the same problem that exists overthrowing italy sometimes in germany as well people work and cannot feed themselves or their kids but in germany you have a so with a social state there are social benefits nobody is going to die of hunger greece has a rude mental. social system cannot afford pain what is lacking. so what happens then moving forward there was talk about a great sit you know three years ago about about greece leaving the the eurozone
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and trying to rehabilitate its economy and its currency that way do you think that's off the table completely or do you think that can still be a possibility if d.p. doesn't bend on greece if there is a major crisis you need to leave or space well of everything's on the table but. get into account that greece should never have joined the euro the eurozone in the first place you know it needed another ten years noted to bring things properly a state where it would accept. minimal interest rates which existed right after joining the euro zone that's what pierre moscovici was talking about he said the crisis the the real problem existed before the euro piece right for once for once he's right right the problem existed. and it existed in the last forty
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fifty years we had political mismanagement we had corruption who had extreme polarization the right wing the left wing. the exile island emptied the only in one hundred seventy four it's quite recent right and there has never been a truth rikan see haitian. i cheated maybe we need a long time frame here to look at it i mean the debts they have to be paid back for example go all the way to the year twenty sixty that's a long time had a future but let's say that does happen can you foresee then greece in forty years and fifty years having all of this behind him being a healthy european economy people who get voted every four or five years don't tend to kick the can as far as they can and that's what they did now so nobody knows if the european union will still exist in ten years or in five years or in twenty and
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forty. it was a ridiculous. non solution to an actual problem. and this problem will come back. theodore kovach is fascinating having you on the show and getting your insights we appreciate it thank you welcome. but i spent all night at the border the authorities said wait be patient be expected an answer by the morning but there was no response they had meetings and nothing back to venezuela they said go home because we don't want to know where it is whelan's hear. all that was the voice of even its way the refugee desperate to escape the deepening economic crisis in her home country and the growing poverty and hunger which have gone hand in hand with the rule of president nicolas maduro now the u.n. says more than two point three million people have left in the last three years and
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that's more than seven percent of the country's population most head to colombia brazil ecuador you know there peru and chile ecuador tightened border controls at the weekend brazil has reinforced troops at its northern frontier on it trying to bring some stability. threat to the country even a toy as president nicolas maduro has launched a new currency to combat hyper inflation and soon expected to reach a million percent a year now a million percent five zero zero been knocked off the beleaguered bowl of our currency and they give you an idea of the daily hardship that people are facing the pile of old bowl of ours that you see here right now will buy you just one chicken like wives this is how much just a handful of tomatoes cost in downtown caracas and when it
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costs this much paper money will have that justify a roll of toilet paper some people are saying why bother buying the world at all in this kind of crisis for many it makes more sense to gamble it all on the chance that they'll be able to escape. i argue a lot has been dragging her suitcase along the highway she is fleeing desperation and economic hardship back home in venezuela crossing into ecuador on foot as an undocumented migrant. we spent all night by the border the authorities told us to be patient they said they would guess announcer in the morning but there was no response they just told us to head to venezuela especially that we don't want more venezuelans here. off to ecuador imposed new entry restrictions on saturday and have friends felt that they had no choice but to cross illegally while they press on thousands of obvious stranded at the checkpoints hungry and cold fearful
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of being turned back you know today we arrived here and we have no hope whatsoever of being able to pass through my husband is desperate over in peru my family is also desperate in venezuela we just want to help our families i have two children i sold my house i have nothing now i can't go back to venezuela with nothing. the unprecedented exodus of desperate venezuelans is increasingly overwhelming neighboring countries colombia and brazil tighten border controls earlier this year now ecuador and peru following suit. tensions along the borders are rising over the weekend brazilians in the border town of pocket i am a tandem in israel and migrants forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier across the region and the growing influx of venezuelans is stoking animosity against the migrants and has been building for years. despite that and at the risk of being turned away i lean and have friends still have their eyes set on
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peru. the situation in. phil. on the phone tonight he's a senior analyst for the andes. the international crisis group for mr johnson it's good to have you on the day let me ask you about the situation with venezuela's neighbors are closing the borders but it's where humans are facing travel restrictions do you see any options left right now for people who want to escape this economic chaos. well these are very porous borders so it's not really possible to close any of these borders completely to human to human beings who are trying to escape but as you as you very well explained it an extremely difficult dire life threatening situation here and then as well as i would if they are prevented from crossing the border illegally they will continue to cross the
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border illegally just looking at the colombian venezuelan border there are literally hundreds of informal power of the cross that border and you may have to pay a toll to any number of armed groups that control those those paths but people will get across and do you see this becoming the world's new major migration crisis well i think it already is i mean the numbers that we're seeing of people fleeing men as well right now well extraordinary as it is to think this is bigger than the syrian refugee crisis this is bigger than any migratory crisis now i think ever in the history of latin america and it's not going to be possible for any one country that's facing this influx to do with it on their own and there's a need for a regional response multilateral responds with a good deal of outside a and the only real solution to anything that's going to stop this except one
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assumes the emptying of an as well that completely would be a change of government because with this latest measures president has shown that he's simply not capable of of dealing with the underlying economic and financial problems what we understand that the opposition is calling for nation. wide strikes and protests to take place tomorrow on tuesday do you expect people to actually go out on the streets i mean it's hard to imagine that you're going to get protests when you've got people who are basically you know overnight becoming refugees. well that's right there's a number of problems one is that the opposition is deeply divided is divided into this lead so three major segments it's not the whole of the opposition that's calling for this strike a lot of people feel that it's poorly organized this badly timed because after rule the president has just announced a massive increase in the minimum wage for the maybe people who are thinking well you know let's see if that waging crease solves my my immediate problem is not the
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best day to do it i think is likely to be a failure and that say they would like to tease disillusion still for the opposition supporters and let's assume that there is no change in government and that mature road stays in power for the first seeable future and you see any talk of scenario taking place at that realistic that would bring in an end to this crisis. well my daughter's been in power now since two thousand and thirteen coming up for six years he's announced any number of economic plans on each occasion he told us that this was finally the solution that now at last he grasped have to deal with the crisis and every single one of these plans is worsen the situation i think is very little grounds for optimism the could be a scenario in which perhaps more more sensible elements within the the ruling group would to take over from him and try to seek some solid sort of solution but
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the problem is the event as well as under international sanctions and unless there's a political settlement the end for the for the case of the violations of democracy human rights then those sanctions are not going to be lifted in the car on the. solution ok pollution the crisis ok phil gramm some senior analyst for the andes of the international crisis group in caracas mr gross we appreciate your insights tonight thank you thank you the day is nearly done but the conversation continues online you see right there were to write to us and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day to see if.
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