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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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this is news live from berlin venezuelans on the edge over the country's currency reset banks will reopen in just a few hours from now one day after the launch of a new currency will the reform team soaring inflation or make things worse the answer could be the final nudge for many to stay or to leave the country. also coming up survivors say words alone will not help this after pope francis apologizes for the sexual abuse scandals brockington the catholic church and
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choicer duty and has reintroduced compulsory military service for high school graduates should germany. i'm sorry telling welcome to the program in just a few hours venice whalen's will have the first indication of whether a new currency will pull the economy back from the brink on monday president nicolas maduro declared a national holiday to roll out the sovereign believe those are new bills with five a few were zeros it's part of the government's plan to tame soaring inflation today will be the big test as banks and businesses reopen economists however warn that the government's latest efforts to write the economy could make things worse. they got their money now for venezuelans it's time to wait and see stores and banks
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remain close on monday as the new sovereign boulevard was rolled out missing five zeros compared to the old currency president maduro declared a national holiday to help ease the transition. the bank systems are totally operational in the case of a.t.m.'s which is now our responsibility we're in the process of stocking them with the new bills. but many store owners still feel my daughter's gambit including a three thousand percent increase in the minimum wage could bring fresh hardship. but i quickly crunch the numbers forty five million old body voters weekly promptly then are you going to go buy your produce and suddenly really expensive so how do you manage we're going to have to fire employees what else can we do. experts warn the wage hike combined with higher fuel prices could backfire. if this is poorly executed in the end it could trigger tremendous economic contraction layoffs and
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a much more limited supply of goods. and those fears seem to be shared by the over two million venezuelans streaming over neighboring borders despite fresh travel restrictions in ecuador in peru and violence in brazil they push on determined to find a better life for themselves elsewhere in south america. let's get more now joining us from the venezuelan capital caracas journalist osgar schleicher thank you so much for joining us oscar this is really a radical plan here to try and curb hyperinflation we have a new currency being rolled out the minimum wage being raised how high are the hopes that this will actually help save venezuela's economy. whoa whoa slow mo here as well are not that high but the government wants to make their supporters believe that they know what they're doing and to understand what the government wants and listen just to look at these measures as political rather than to solve
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an economic crisis with a rising discontent even among former supporters political control over the private sector and society seems to be what is on the agenda for moto now there has been little information on the details of many of the measures mother announced and this is created a lot of confusion in the streets from experience now we know that chevy small thrives on chaos and with the country at the brink of collapse creating chaos could be the key for my daughter to stay in power let's talk a little bit more about that chaos because in the wake of that i mean we've seen many people trying to flee the country it appears you know venezuelans are continuing to do so bring us up to date on that front when those walls have been fleeing for years now at a rapid pace this has never bothered the government many government leaders have said that israel is better off without those who left and mother who just this week
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called them as well migrants beggars and slaves so there is no real interest in plans to keep people in britain where no but there might be plastered have more control over those that are still here and that is what many people are fearing so there might even be a rapid increase in immigrants leaving the us where not in the coming months oscar what is the mood on the streets because we're hearing that supporters of president i don't know what forms they've organized marches throughout the country today but on the other side we have the opposition calling for nationwide strikes and protests how high are the tensions on the streets right now. well tensions have been on the rise for a while now we have registered an increase in protests this year compared to last year that left over a hundred dead and thousands in prison the difference is that protests in two thousand and eighteen are smaller and are targeted towards medicine shortages energy and water supply crisis rather than politically and it includes who are supporters and opposition away so if the opposition leaders are successful in
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channeling just discontent once again into a united front through large protests then we can see tensions escalating but with a large part of the population fleeing and another part fearful of change into the streets it might be difficult for the opposition to unite against. oscar schlanger with the very latest from the venice spending capital caracas thank you. so vive verse and law enforcement officials have said that pope francis is letter condemning sexual abuse by priests does not go far enough they're calling for solutions and an end to church protection for predators the pontiff the move follows a far reaching us report that found hundreds of clergy members sexually abused at least eighty thousand children over seven decades while others turned a blind eye. a crime long ignored kept quiet or
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silenced in the pope's unprecedented letter to the world's one point two billion practicing catholics he addressed the issue of sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy francis responded to to last week's u.s. grand jury report which found systematic cover ups in the state of pennsylvania the holy father understands how much these crimes can shake the faith and the spirit of believers. survivors and victims should know that the pope is on their side he wants the church to listen to them so that we can root out this tragic horror which has destroyed the lives of so many innocent people. of. the pontiff left here comes ahead of a trip to ireland where the last people visit was by john paul the second nearly forty years ago the church is credibility there has been devastated by years of revelations that priests raped and molested children acts hidden all the while by
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their superiors. mark vincent healy an abuse survivor absorbing the pope's letter is critical. because two thousand words are just too much. really have very little meaning or content the idea that sort of like you can bring about the end of child sexual abuse for example even within the target were to get this from i mean we were aware. yes on going we were aware in the developing countries that there is still suffering from sort of like a lack of spotlight helium it pope francis four years ago as a rule the pontiff tends not to share joel meetings with abuse survivors in advance of his trips skeptics in ireland see any meetings this time around would be tokenistic. the most terrible place in the world so those are the words of germany's foreign min. heikal moss on a visit to auschwitz the nazi death camp in poland on the first visit of the german
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foreign minister in twenty six years mosse wrote this in the following quote excuse me in the visitors book it said follows here. it was a german creation by the name of auschwitz we need this place because our responsibility never ends here's more about a solemn reckoning. more than one point one million people were killed here most of them jews it's been described by many as hell on earth among those the german foreign minister heiko must. keep a to visit to auschwitz on what is his second visit to poland since taking office earlier this year. introduced us i know it's this is a place of remembrance that reminds us germans above all what we did to millions of others. we need this place because our responsibility never ends.
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earlier this year claimed he entered politics because of what happened in auschwitz saying the memory of the atrocities must be kept alive for the next generations. later met his polish counterpart jets were told reach despite demands by polish officials for germany to pay hundreds of billions of euros in world war two reparations the issue was firmly kept off the agenda. the focus of the meeting between the two was centered on strengthening ties between the two neighboring countries. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world a flash flood in a mountain gorge in southern italy has killed at least ten people and injured several others officials say that hikers were swept away as a raging water tore through the calabrian. raga nello gorge rescuers
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worked through the night at least three hikers are still missing. around two million muslims are carrying out the final rituals of hodge their annual pilgrimage to mecca in saudi arabia the last days of coincide with either a feast when muslims for a member the prophet abraham during the feast they sacrifice livestock and share the meat with the poor. in germany the debate over mandatory military service which was suspended in two thousand and eleven has been reignited leading conservatives say that it would improve cohesion in german society. in the year two thousand and twenty eight european countries still had compulsory military service including germany france italy and spain in the meantime the majority of european states have converted their armed forces into purely professional armies well today ten european states still mandate military time they include lithuania and sweden
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where it was recently reintroduced. and we have this report from sweden whose defense minister argues that the annexation of crimea by russia makes a rethink unnecessary and we find out what the recruits think about it. these young people are undergoing military training in sweden's force they're being put into shape to defend their country. this year sweden introduced conscription lasting eleven months for every high school graduate and that means both young men and women. for me it's a matter of course it gives me something and i probably would have done it voluntarily. i mean for me my family and friends think i should stay in it's most believe it will become my profession i'm not so sure myself but i really enjoy it. this year only about four percent of graduates and four thousand other
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young people will be involved in the swedish government has reintroduced the draft mainly for defense reasons. when russia annexed crimea when we have conflicts in ukraine and a military presence the next several days at our doorstep in the baltic sea we have to make our army ready. and that's why we need general military conscription. in militarily neutral sweden a return to conscription is taken rather lightly must be. put through i don't believe in a professional army everyone should be involved because i did military service years ago and sounded good oh you know i'm almost a fish but you have to defend your country i think it's good that girls and boys learn something before they take on further study and said nothing and i various today. besides learning how to use weapons the young people also learn things they
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may not have learned at home. let's go to the we teach them how to make their beds and how to take care of each other the national so that's very different from today's culture discipline so here we are into vigils where a group get a band and the group is set to get larger sweden's army aims to increase the number it calls up in the near future. and other countries in europe are also reexamining conscription in germany for example a group of politicians from chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u. has called for the reintroduction of the draft for more we have the defense policy spokeswoman from the opposition free democrats mary agnes stocks a month thank you so much for joining us this morning and i'd just like to our first and foremost ask you can you explain to our viewers why germany decided to suspend mandatory military service back in two thousand and ten and did you agree with that decision. yes of course we were together was a c.d.o.
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eight years ago and we have you know there were good reasons why we did it first that only twenty percent of young people went to army but the main thing is they went to the army for six months and you know you can train people for six months even if you have a really good job to do and we need a professional army this is very important for us and if you know it today we would do it again so now that there is a professional army i mean germany's army the been despair they have long complained that it does not have enough personnel so how do you address that issue the issue of recruitment. if you trek to. if you have a very good training a very good equipment that of course there will be new very young people coming but our programs are different the equipment is not very good you know we have to train
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more and if we are attractive and people will come i think that this discussion it's a crazy discussion because we have to think about to take more money to train them better and then people will come i'm sure i'm happy that you know you brought the issue of equipment but something that i wanted to ask you about because the military does have an equipment problem as you've highlighted baron acknowledged do you think that more money needs to go to the military or is it a question of better management. of course bills you know we saved money of the last years because we saw it if we if the cold war is finished nothing happens now we see what happened in our power lines us in the brics it there are many different things now and we are part of the elegance so we have to be a proficient me but also we have to change our management and there is a management or a mo than ten thousand people working and so you know every saying is not not it's
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too slow so we have really a lot to do in germany but nevertheless if you ask the liberal party in germany no it's a good way we go and we are definitely for a professional army with enough money and the really professional training and the right management but you know what i'm hearing from you and correct me if i'm wrong is that you're calling for an overhaul of the management within the board despair but i mean the reality is that germany like much of the world faces different security threats today than in recent history is a national army the best way to tackle them. i think that we need to professional army to protect and defend germany to defend and protect europe incorporation of course busy european partners and this is the way we have to go and germany has now to be grown up to be you know to to be responsible for their
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country and for the allianz and for europe defense policy spokeswoman of the free democrats mary agnes trucks and i'm on we thank you very much for joining us this morning thank thank you very much. you're watching news still to come on the program with its currency shedding half of its value this year and new threats of unemployment and inflation turkey's economy as investors worried more and more of them say that the real problem is president and have won. first to some sports news now as the first round of the german cup is already in the books dortmund barely escaped crashing out of the tournament banks to a marco royce's goal in the dying minutes of extra time in a match against second division fare now dortmund had already scored in the final
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seconds of normal time through new signing alex vits though to draw the sides level after first took a deserved to lead the two one win it gives the new coach lucien fog a winning start to his tenure. and let's take a look at the other matches from the german cup this season along tournament that often pits top tier teams against lower division clubs second division powder born defeated the second division english two one the bundesliga has had to berlin managed a two one win against their division the match between third tier cup posts and the one to see this freiburg finish to chew after ninety minutes in extra time but freiburg avoided the upset in a penalty shoot out and finally there was that dortmund victory in extra time over for. on next to the sporting tale of an icelandic elder who wanted something special for his ninety fifth birthday check this out paul borg dorson is
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a former weatherman in iceland and he thought that conquering his fear of jumping out of a plane with only a piece of cloth to slow his descent was a perfect gift to himself so he did just that with a little help from a trainer the weather was fine the landing was fine and he earns the monica ninety five year old skydiver. it was never to lay there for him monica jones is here we're talking turkey we're talking to you sorry you mentioned it earlier ready turkey is in trouble and now berlin has played down a suggestion that germany should offer aid to turkey and its dwindling economy now the idea was brought up by a leading german politician who said economic stability in turkey was in everyone's interest right now turkey is anything but stable the lira has lost half its value this year while inflation and the unemployment rate are increasing critics say that
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the country's president type ad one wants the face off the prospering turkish economy is now keeping the country from overcoming the current crisis. whether it's a bridge over the bosphorus in istanbul subway system or an imposing mosque chickies president richard the one is known for his began visions. the country's construction sector has traditionally been an engine of economic growth. but recent events have put the brakes on turkey's economy turkish banks and companies have accumulated four hundred seventy billion dollars of foreign debt and as the lira plummets it's getting ever harder to repay the loans analysts say interest rates need to be raised to offset the liras rep of decline they want the central bank to act independently of the government and believe the country should accept help from the international monetary fund something to one has ruled out it could only zero
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six although there is no difference between the direct attacks on our call to prayer and our flag and the attack on our economy the goal is the same the goal is to bring to heel turkey and the turkish nation to hold it captive we are a nation that prefers to be shot in the neck rather than chained by the neck. that doesn't interest the ratings agencies there downgrading turkey ever further making it harder for the country to raise new money independent observers say the economy's biggest problem is the president himself they're predicting a hard landing for uncorrupt at the moment only rising prices are affecting people but soon a wave of bankruptcies could roll across the country plunging many families into poverty. so who or what could pull turkey out of the economic crisis let's ask the professor of economics at the constance university of applied science
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here in germany good to have you with us so i mentioned earlier german politicians are talking about financial aid for turkey even though the chancellor angela merkel said that's not an option what do you think. well it's a good news that europe's biggest economy shows political willingness to support the country but at the same time it would be a really bad idea to make direct payments in order to support turkish economy i mean turkey's problem is not liquidity problem there are structural problems inflation is too high the interest rates are off the central bank are too low imagine germany makes a payment of fifteen billion but the structural problems on a tackled such a policy would actually endanger the improving relations between germany and turkey so it's a good idea by the chancellor to say no we are will to support you but we are not going to make direct payments so you say you're talking about the structural
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problem problems in turkey i mean there's there's of course this other possibility that turkey asked the i.m.f. what help or turkey raises interest rates both add one rules out is that a mistake. yeah it is from an economic point of few a mistake because turkey has an overheated because of me and there are indicators you know there are many uncertain things in an economy but we know. that inflation is too high and one way would be to raised interest rates and at the same time a crisis a debt crisis like that turkey has different momentums. a depreciation currency is attracting also currency attacks by heads for the currency is put more on the pressure meaning there must be a big institution that is preventing in the short period in the short time such attacks and the i.m.f. would be very helpful but one should also know that the item is going to dictate
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policy and domestic politicians don't like it so until the pain is not big enough my fear is that there will be no no corporation with i.m.f. right well that's a pretty dim outlook there for turkey and counting professor of economics at the constant university of applied sciences thank you so much thank you. china has a factory out to put off around two trillion dollars that's according to a july report by the brookings institute but the costs of labor regulatory compliance real estate and raw materials have all been rising steeply in recent years not to mention u.s. president donald trump punitive tariffs now while china's manufacturing sector will not vanish overnight to some foreign business people there feel a shift maybe in evitable they're looking for manufacturing possibilities in other countries. for over three decades american businessman larry slogan has exported
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millions of dollars worth of goods from china to some of america's biggest retailers but he's now reducing his exposure to china my next move is to. investigate opportunities in countries outside china. vietnam thailand cambodia. you see what i'm making in china can be made in those countries slogan tends to favor thailand as its new location he's impressed with the economic advantages for foreign investors there. no import export tax. and in out no restriction on work release is. five to seven years no tax. no tax from the government so they have actively put in some ingredients so to speak that will people
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make it more entice same with so many new manufacturing possibilities across asia in countries that have more affordable tariffs and favorable tax benefits some companies exporting to the u.s. are now rethinking their made in china policy. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. businesses and banks in venezuela are set to reopen today with a new currency the software and believe off the new bills are part of an economic reform package designed to revive the country's failing economy but experts fear the plan could do more harm than good. you're watching g.w. news coming to you live from berlin well coming up at the top of the hour see you then. the to. the claim.
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on the to. the told. the odd. events. the summer plans to close any. funny to anyone. in this never ending heat wave by visiting cultural hotspots around the country to.
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pick up the new bundesliga see some stocks this week on the clubs are gearing up. by on the phone with their new coach nicola. to work on the season hold the dog show. me the future for women have a much larger goal. in sixty minutes. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so clever the elite can control the rich but that's what the. of investment bankers suffragette ourselves with their first stop. everything wrong the wanted to ignore
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the reality of the whole thing like the often left basis of a system that spawned out of control. problems that will. cause this is really. the crash investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . hello and welcome to a steaming hot edition of art's twenty one. europe has this weltering under a heat wave this summer with record breaking temperatures across the continent everyone was simply try.


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