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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin militants try to strike at the heart of the of gone government bureaucrats line near the presidential palace in the capital kabul as president bush have gone he makes an address to the nation and this comes just days after he offered a conditional cease fire to the taliban also coming up. you could in political prisoner or legs and soft marks hundred days on hunger strike in russia supporters demond israeli's could is the kremlin likely to give in. and banks and
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shops in venezuela prepare to reopen a day off the launch of a new currency with a reformed soaring inflation and with its top people fleeing to escape the economic chaos. the new start is trying to at the m.t.v. video music awards. cuban born singer camilla bello takes home the top prize video of the deal for his song of donna. band play had. a lot of a woman to you i'm. of gone security forces have fought off a militant sort in the heart of the capital kabul reports say all attackers were killed in the heavy fighting that followed a rocket attack the police then the taliban the so-called islamic state has since
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claimed responsibility the attack came as president bush afghani was addressing the nation to celebrate. one of the most important days in the muslim religious calendar. it was supposed to be a peaceful day of worship in kabul but to come didn't last long. in the morning militants fired a number of rockets towards the presidential palace as president ashraf ghani was delivering a speech to mark the muslim celebrations of aid. if the insurgents think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to. this is a brave tough nation and we are always ready to defend our independence and islamic tradition. the rockets triggered an immediate and ferocious response by security forces a military helicopter targeted the house from where the rockets were fired sending
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plumes of smoke into the sky. as a result of the mortar attacks only two police officers were wounded and all the terrorists were killed in a clearing operation launched by afghan security forces the area with the timing of the assault a significant it comes two days after the president offered the taliban a conditional three month cease fire coinciding with celebrations afghan police initially held the group responsible before the so-called islamic state made its claims. in the past we used to celebrate eat with joy and happiness but now suicide attacks people on the holiday is filled with tension. when we leave our homes we're not sure if i'll make it back alive i just praise almighty god to save god all the muslim people in afghanistan. the attacks market another blow to gandhi's efforts to bring militants to the negotiating table and
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hold peace talks to end the country seventeen year war. you create infill america on lakes and south of brazil and in russia on terrorism charges has not been on hunger strike for one hundred days the forty two year old serving a twenty year sentence after being convicted three years ago off acid attacks in his native crimea sense of was a fierce critic of moscow's occupation of the penciler in two thousand and fourteen and this international court sense of scase a show trial and destinations have campaigned for his release sense of the lawyer said that since starting the hunger strike in may his condition has rapidly deteriorated. for more on the story let's bring in pulling up a cover levi's using your is your programs director at penn america well complete now you are currently in russia what can you tell us about the health of your next sense of well the last thing we heard about this house is from
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a lawyer and he said that she spouses very slowly. i mean it's only his very week also recently another human rights defender. is always nearby visited him it'll in love it now and she says that. his voice is very low ends he gets tired very quickly which is which is understandable are being known behind the straight where hundred days now with his hunger strike sense of his demanding the release of around seventy ukrainian political prisoners held in russia and in crimea share with us your personal impressions off a sense of. well my personal impression is that he's extremely grave person or doesn't care that much about himself but really is ready to die for another unjustly imprisoned you ukrainian citizens who
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are currently held in russia more than seventy people and this number is growing so she's absolutely incredibly brave person which i. and know has great support from a number of people including sellable teas and government leaders doesn't mccraw france spoke to president putin of russia recently asking for a humanitarian solution to deal with this issue how much will this pressure help do you think. well it's hard to say you know the i know that there is a large heart. it's not only micron i know that. my colleagues since also advocates they are trying to reach america also recently i met and we don't know she raised his case or not. it's very hard to say
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unfortunately it looks like she is saying is in the hands of only one person and. what is in which instance had it's very hard to imagine i know that the we have a coalition of supporters around the world and today for example for hungry hunger is a hundred days of anger strike we have actions all around the world organized by plan it's a national people in sweden. and organize something that you can go to russian embassies and reach testament a short story of alex and stop in front of the russian embassy so we constantly we want to stop until the end. and it's just it's very important to. to not lose this whole and continue doing what what not to write cover live or from a pen america currently in russia thank you very much for talking to you george
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thank you so much less on take a look at some other stories making news around the wind more than a million people have now taken refuge in relief camps after floods in the southern indian state of canada two weeks of torrential rain submerged much off the state the rescue operation is talking to wind down with the death toll standing at more than four hundred. italy has allowed a ship carrying one hundred seventy seven refugees to dock in sicily the board to let anyone get off the ship the refugees were rescued five days ago by the italian coast guard the interior minister. wants guarantees other countries will take in the refugees charities have called italy's johnson inhumane. a former nazi concentration camp god has been deported to germany these pictures from a.b.c. news show ninety five year to police being led away from his new york cold his
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expulsion was initially ordered fourteen years ago and it's believed unlikely he'd be charged with war crimes because if a lack of evidence. then joins me now for business news and whatever happened to an independent fed very good question that's why it's meant to be but this plan seems to be working dollars dipping u.s. president donald trump lashing out at the federal reserve he says he's not pleased with the central bank raising interest rates the fed is currently expected to raise its keep rates two more times this year and another two times next year jerome powell says he's concerned about inflationary pressures in an interview trump said he was not thrilled with the hikes he also refused to say if he believed in the fed's independence powell has said the committee will not bow to political pressure . to cope is in frankfurt to give us the european angle on this story the
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presidents normally don't criticize the fed. breaking rules it's nothing new for trump is it. well you're found some rules when you are the united states president you should those criticize the fact you should also not doubt what your intelligence people from the f.b.i. tell you also should not insult people on twitter but donald trump does not seem to know that i guess what he took over or he simply doesn't care what i guess people really didn't really care we have heard him saying that many times that he accepts loyalty and he has been clear also throughout his campaign that he is in favor of a very weak dollar investors mostly in the united states called the latest interview in which he criticized the monetary policy off the fed as a complete no go institutions like the fed also like the european central bank here in frankfurt need to be completely independent and it is even more surprising because it was donald trump himself who appointed germany powell for the position of fed chairman his predecessor janet yellen wanted to continue to work in this
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position but did not extend her contract you know it's another unwritten law commenting on the currency as a u.s. president but just how we could dollar does trump actually want. well for the moment and he got what you wanted the dollar went down to a two week a low actually the euro gain strength that is right now at the level of our one fifteen dollars usually when we have to scenario shares here at the docks go down this way but not today analysts don't believe that this is trying to set to continue and even though trample leaves that we dollar is better for the u.s. economy also exports in the united states are warning that this could have a rather negative effect for the economy and the boom that we have seen lately could be stuffed with a very weak dollar well could be over you heard from dana cope in frankfurt thank you. the united states and china are preparing to meet in washington this week to talk trade tariffs dispute is making doing business in china even less appealing to
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many american businesses apart from paying extra fees on exports and labor costs have been growing and regulatory compliance has become even trickier in some cases time to look elsewhere for over three decades american businessman larry slogan has exported millions of dollars worth of goods from china to some of america's biggest retailers but he's now reducing his exposure to china my next move is to. investigate opportunities in countries outside china. thailand cambodia. you see what i'm making in china can be made in those countries slogan tends to favor thailand as his new location he's impressed with the economic advantages for foreign investors there. no import export tax. no restrictions on work reeses.
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five to seven years no tax. no tax from the government so they have actively put in some ingredients so to speak. people making more in thai same with so many new manufacturing possibilities across asia in countries that are more affordable tariffs and favorable tax benefits some companies exporting to the u.s. are now rethinking their made in china policy. german chancellor angela merkel says she sees no urgent need to offer financial aid to turkey the lira has lost forty percent against the dollar this year turkey's leader calls the currency crisis an attack on his country but experts say he's the problem. whether it's a bridge over the bosphorus a newsstand ball subway system or an imposing mosque chickies president richard the one is known for his began visions. the country's construction sector has
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traditionally been an engine of economic growth. but recent events have put the brakes on turkey's economy so his banks and companies have accumulated four hundred seventy billion dollars of foreign debt and as the lira plummets it's getting ever harder to repay the loans analysts say interest rates need to be raised to offset the liras rapid decline they want the central bank to act independently of the government and believe the country should accept help from the international monetary fund something out of one has ruled out. there is no difference between the direct attacks on our call to prayer and our flag and the attack on our economy the goal is the same the goal is to bring to heel turkey and the turkish nation to hold it captive we are a nation that prefers to be shot in the neck rather than chained by the neck. that doesn't interest the ratings agencies there downgrading turkey ever further
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making it harder for the country to raise new money independent observers say the economy's biggest problem. i mean turkey is problem is not liquidity problem there are structural problems inflation is too high. interest rates are off the central banks are too low the chinese mega city of shenzhen has electrified its public transportation network sixteen thousand three hundred fifty nine buses it makes it a global leader and the city doesn't want to stop there. these bus drivers are waiting for their shift to start and wait one ton makes his last check before he gets behind the wheel of his electric bus diesel is now a thing of the past. i've been working as a bus driver in cheyenne zen for twenty years i've been working for the city for eleven days switching from diesel to electric buses was easy these buses are easier
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to steer quieter and better for the environment the diesel buses were loud and dirty. shines and is china's silicon valley and has more than fifteen million inhabitants this is where most high tech companies are located incomes here are the highest in the country it's china's fastest growing city and has the most electric buses almost seventeen thousand of them that's not much less than the number of people who lived here just forty years ago notions and aims to be china's showcase green city. buses are much better for the environment the old diesel buses weren't environmentally friendly they poison the air. i think it's great ebus is are just better you save money and there's less smog. that you'll need in the city has built five hundred ten charging stations with
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eight thousand charging bays not just in shines and china is investing big in electro mobility electric bus manufacturers receive government subsidies a better chance rate and a seventy thousand euro bonus for every bus built there were no lobbyists in china only the party and that means eva says e-cards a letter will build the no matter what the cost. shins and that is three point five million vehicles most are in private hands the municipal government is encouraging . is it instead of buy and use electric vehicles and engines and there's a limit to how many cars can be registered but that limit does plight with electric cars chansons electric buses china's policy concerning eve yukos they might not look much different but with quotas subsidies and incentives china is leading the way worldwide in switching to electric mobility. to the future of german
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football now. that's right been now it's a meeting behind closed doors and it's probably not the most comfortable day in the career of germany coach you got him live at the bundesliga headquarters in frankfurt live is giving his breakdown of germany's disastrous what's come before once he's talking to the head of the german football association and who manages of the league's top clubs for the first time in its history and despite being reading champions the german squad failed to advance beyond the first round of the cop and to talk more about this i'm joined now by a football expert emily rausch it's from the. welcome now this is the first of three meetings which are taking place and discussing a post-mortem of shock exit at the was a coffin of russia would there be any decisions taken today. as you said it's the
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first of three meeting some not sure that there will be decisions that are made today it was initiated by the head of the german football federation and had been the and the head of the german football league and how to albert and by and they've invited several of the top or most important people in german football you could say so they're going to evaluate the situation and is going to have to explain why he think germany failed and what steps he's going to take to make sure that germany goes on the right path again and i think that's going to be a very tough conversation to have i know absolutely very tough and what point do you think will be raised at this meeting first and foremost i think they'll all want to unite behind their bid to host the two thousand and twenty four european championships in germany because that's the big goal for german football but then they'll obviously also talk about the whole topic of missile which was heavily debated in the past months we know she posed for a picture with the aragon and he was really heavily criticized for that before during and after the world cup he kind of became a scapegoat for germany's early exit at the world cup and he took you know he took
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consequences from that he released a public statement accusing the president of the german football federation can do of using him as a scapegoat and of racial abuse within the german football federation very harsh words coming from the player and he said he's stepping down from the national team until he feels comfortable again basically or maybe forever we don't know you kind of left it open so that's something that surely will be debated whether there's you know they have to address the racism within the federation and how they can deal with racial abuse better than has already apologized and said he could have handled the horse but he has refused to step down and this is a debate which is of course polarized the nation now of himself has come under fair bit of pressure do you think you'd be forced to change his leadership style or the way he deals with some of the more experienced players what are you expecting what kind of analysis are you expecting for from him on jimmy's shocking kind of the. four months at the world cup it's very difficult to force
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a trainer to do something if he's not stepping down and he's willing to step up he's probably going to be very honest in his feedback i assume that he's going to take the blame as well for germany's early exit he's not going to shy away from that he's always been quite good about that but you know he is heavily criticised for his choice of players i mean he left at home the premier league's young player of the year earlier sonny he didn't take him to the world cup who could have given germany the edge that they lacked so much during the world cup and he was really criticized for that next week is to nominate the squad for the upcoming nations league and i'm very very curious to see as to whether he will actually change his style whether he'll actually adopt that i find it very hard to believe that you know he's really going to change that much because there hasn't been so many players stepping down because of his age they probably won't be returning but other than that you know most of the players will probably stay the same so it's very difficult to predict what actual steps he's going to take and philip for example has come out and he's criticized for his mentality saying that his leadership style
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is not tough enough but i personally don't think that your can move change from one day to the next and completely change how he talks to players and how you dress as a team so we'll all have to wait and see what comes next week on tuesday he wants to present these topics to the public and we'll wait and see thank you very much emily doshas from us forces going to be keeping an eye on this story and bring it to us as soon as more details on this. we still every sport on the fastest man in history is currently down under and ready to stake his claim as a professional footballer was seen boat went through his first training session with the australian camp central coast merinos on tuesday and he's currently just on trial but he wants to prove the doubters wrong and earn a contract. for a thirty two year old who has never been paid to kick a ball in his life it's an implausible dream but you saying bolt is no ordinary thirty two year old the jamaican is attempting to make the ultimate crossover from
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a lympics sprint champion to professional football and he started his trial with a strained club the central coast mariners on tuesday and knows he has a lot of hard work ahead of him this is my my first round some really good new chance to train and to. get to a level of the present professional footballers so i don't want to spend some just here to push myself all eyes are focused on the new arrival and the trial is seen by many as a me a p.r. stunt the mariners have gained invaluable worldwide coverage following the trials announcement the odds are certainly against volz winning a professional contract but that hasn't to start and the olympic legend who is determined to silence his doubters for me people are always going to say what i want to say on just like when i was in track and field people say a lot of things about me but i always prove them wrong so it's just a not a moment for me to prove people wrong that mentality should at least give bult a fighting chance a even if the dream turns out to be a short lived one it's
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a win win scenario for both club and player. now one of the me too movement's loudest voices has fallen son into following accusations that's a she sexually assaulted a minor according to documents obtained by the new york times actress turned me to activists chained to i'm going to feed nearly four hundred thousand dollars to settle a sexual assault claim victim active bennett's cames again to assorted him in a california would tell drew in two thousand and thirteen bennett was seventeen at the time which would make him a minor to california. so the scientists commented on the reports but already the allegations are threatening to cost a shadow over the need to move money from a social media disk has been tracking that for luck and welcome. again to was one
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of the first to publicly accuse hollywood producer harvey weinstein of six sort of she's at the receiving end of similar allegations yeah right i mean this is really a shocking turn around for many people including her fellow mitsu activist there trying to make sense of this and what this means for the me too movement and that includes some prominent voices including so why abrams she accused the record producer russell simmons of rape and she says when she saw the news she felt like she'd been sucker punched i was shaking with anger she says of what she did to her victim and frightened about the potential implications her actions have for the me too movement overall actress rose mcgowan she also accused weinstein of assault and she writes here i got to know asia are again so ten months ago our commonality is the shared pain of being assaulted by harvey weinstein my heart is broken and i will continue to work on behalf of victims everywhere and the founder of that me to hashtag this is trying to burke she released
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a series of tweets as well and she said here in part sexual violence is about power and privilege that doesn't change if the purpose. there is your favorite actress and activist or a professor of any gender and we won't shift the culture and as we get serious about shifting these false narratives and go how the critics of the me too movement are reacting to these allegations well some are arguing that this kind of level of hypocrisy should be a big blow to the movement's credibility among those voices is actually the most notorious sexual predator as we've heard harvey weinstein and his lawyer actually released this statement yesterday he wrote this development reveals a stunning level of hypocrisy by asia so what is perhaps most egregious is the timing which suggests that at the very same time our denso was working on her own secret settlement or the alleged sexual abuse of a minor she was positioning herself at the forefront of those condemning mr weinstein you know of course he would be
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a critic here but others you know they try to frame the meta movement often as a movement of women against men that's how the critics often say it in fact that men are given the chance to defend themselves before maybe they're taken from a position of power many of them now want to see argento given that same treatment in terms of what's next for the movement we can actually go back to the founder of the need to hash tag and what she said in part is that more folks should come forward particularly men so that they can have some difficult conversations right. out of a important story thank you very much for bringing it to us he was indeed the news a lot small coming up short you do see it with us if you can i have more news for you in just a minute. she
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news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's in the split each other. keep going to the farming magazine play. along t w. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition. mania. control the rich life is what the goal of investment bankers who called her sells will never stop of a system that spun out of control. that will. get. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . place. this
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is coming from but i'm the time see not a top story of gone security official says seven minutes and seven killed off in a. sort in the camp the attackers launched rockets at the presidential palace as the afghan president and. the nation. and the ukrainian political prisoner has now spent a hundred days on hunger strike in a russian supporters the filmmaker and kremlin critic who's been imprisoned on terrorism charges mock today by stepping up their campaign for his release. defacto leader aung san suu kyi has warned that there is a risk of terrorism in iraq heightened state and that it is still a threat to stability the kind is where the million mom military launched a crackdown against militants or a year ago suchi valley makes public comments on the crisis but she spoke at a lecture in singapore in the past she's been criticised for freedom to speak out
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against the crackdown have a listen to the danger of terrorist activities which was initial course of course of events speeding to the humanitarian crisis in rakhine remains real and present today and this is security challenges address the risk of into communal violence will remain it is a threat could have grave consequences not just for myanmar but also for other countries in our region and. speaking in singapore about the situation in the country visit the minority and the crackdown on them turning out to venezuela where banks and shops are preparing to reopen with a new currency on a monday of president nicolas maduro declared a national holiday to rule out the sovereign new banknotes with five fewer zeros it's part of the government's plan to cut soaring inflation but economists warn
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that it could make things. the nervous wait people lining up in caracas to withdraw the new venezuelan bolivars are unsure for how long the currency which now has five few as zeros will hold its value nearby long queues formed at this market the uncertainty driving these people to stock up on supplies. nothing is working we are waiting to see what the president says to see when you can stop paying by debit card but everything that has to do with cards well we just have to wait to get. elsewhere streets were deserted as shops and banks closed during a national holiday call to help the economic transition along with the currency change the government's new policies included three thousand percent increase in the minimum wage the measures are meant to ease the inflation crisis but many are
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warning they'll only exacerbate it. if this is poorly executed in the end it could trigger a tremendous economic contraction and layoffs and a much more limited supply of goods. so the not. without controlling the hyperinflation the impact of these increment will be totally counterproductive those fears seem to be shared by the thousands of people leaving venezuela for them the uncertainty was too much as they leave the rest of the country is bracing for the first effects of things policies. migration integration and relations with the arabic words three hot button topics dominating debate in germany right now and right in the middle of it is the award winning correspondent jeff of the over the past few years he's been on a journey of discovery trying to capture the full a complex picture of our communities both here in germany and abroad.
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just fire up to karim has work to do it develop for ten years primarily as an anchor and reporter he and his team have already received several awards now his first book is being published. this book is a journey of discovery through our communities both here in germany and abroad what values do they stand for what moves them what do they think what do they want. to say without cliches or prejudiced just far abdul karim mediates between two worlds raised in lebanon and switzerland he is a resident of berlin his coverage has included female genital mutilation forced marriage and so-called honor killings kareem has often reported from arab and african countries including crisis regions. every weekend his chain produce a socially critical news show shabab talk which reaches an audience of millions in
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many arab countries. in his book friend order for indian strangers or friends karim describes his encounters in the field his meetings with people from the arab world who are living in germany and his own experience in this country. a tale of the first ball and the chance when i was still a foreigner is really exciting for me personally. at a certain point i decided i was no longer a foreigner in germany but i had become a part of german society and felt very comfortable here from then on i didn't want to hear someone say you belong here but instead i decided for myself that it was already the case and that's a good thing. just one of the koreans book is an appeal for greater understanding among cultures and a battle cry against racism. it's a great pleasure for me to have defied
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a bill cosby with me in the studio welcome jeff i think i'm going to gradually see . today we do thank you so much know it's a good question and also congratulations and writing the book which is going to be released in a couple of just selfishly ok first of all tell viewers why did you feel the need to write this book there's a big interest in the arab region of been traveling the arab region the last three or four years and when i come back people always ask me here in germany what's going on in the arab region different topics that interest people which is such as gender equality rights of minorities freedom of speech because today the arab people are also part of germany since what's happened a lot of refugees came to germany and so they are interested because the arabs are today part of every day's life at school university at work so people want to know what background do these people have and that's why i decided to write despite that i have now in my hand and the one thing when i was now watching the report it was a very special moment because me myself i came sixteen years ago to germany and now
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to have this book released in german it's a special moment and it's a great feeling let me go feels for us all to have a special moment and so much i love the title feel book you know how difficult is it to turn from a stranger to a friend. according to my personal experience it's there's a lot of struggle struggles challenges but it's about a decision you take and that's what i did when i write i arrived here in germany one day i was. a place where you get your. name you will know i forget it what's an intern and permit the permit to legs it to live here and so i felt like why are the people dealing with me in such a way so i went home and i opened and research an internet what are my rights and what are my responsibilities here in germany and it was a turning point for me to say i'm part of germany i'm part of the society i know my rights i know my responsibilities i'm not going to wait for anyone to tell me if
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i'm part of the society or not so i was from an outlander which is what you say one german a foreigner a stranger suddenly two people out of the society from a stranger to a friend and being friend of values that's also part of germany which is gender equality tolerance acceptance knowing each other living together having a dialogue with each other and that's what's for me a friend so i became a friend of this country and i really feel good but i have to also mention there are big struggles and challenges for migrants in this country it's not like everything is going on well and that's also mentioned in the in the in the book that i wrote yeah in fact you know you yourself a symbol to struggle. although you on a german and now and when you go out and you've been covering junior reporting of some fall right. demonstrations you were treated in a very hostile manner yes that's happening when you when you report here about right extremists but also a new report about islamist extremists from the religious conservatives that you
4:39 pm
also have both sides and i think both sides are enemies of a free. free society of a tolerant society so we as journalists or me i keep on reporting about them and continuing on not letting to say i'm going to stop because they don't want to because it's my right. and again we know we go back when i came here in germany i know what are my rights and responsibilities and one of my rights as a journalist is to report free wherever i am and that's why i keep on doing this and i write this also in this book so that people know what journalists go through here and also in the arab countries thank you kind of struggle to once you have a similar with the arabic word that's the aerial view our region and islam is the lesson would you live and work when you are with a jealous was would describe you've taken to me as you. chose and yes yes. but. what have you learned what is that key message that you've learnt in this journey
4:40 pm
to messages don't wait for anyone to tell you who you are the wait for anyone to tell you where you belong don't wait for anyone to tell you who you can be just do it be part of the society it's an opportunity to live here it's an opportunity to to work to study and they are a minority group who are racist just don't let them influence your daily life go for it believe in yourself the majority are friends and the majority are very welcoming so just do it so you'll all get of messages they strong because you diffused to be a victim. kind of negative feelings that you can pound you said three also an identity as neutral as your identity and that's that's important because you have the whole identity crisis especially when migrants are living in germany who i am today do i belong to germany or do i belong to the place where my parents came from and what what's my culture was the german culture and i think if you reflect and
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try in every day's life to observe and see what's happening and take the time for yourself to define yourself then you can do it and what counts is you can be who you want to be and i think that's the most important thing to be who you want to be because again it's your right. and it's your freedom to be who you want to be and draw it and freedom are two very important words that influence your life when you know what's the meaning of them wherever you are so this a very powerful message i'm saying proud if you're out of the cream so much and congratulations again on your need to be released in about a couple of so excited. looking forward i would also say to all the muslims all over the word. yes yes evil but a kid mubarak to us thank you very much. let's shift gears and the most this is
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a quotation not the most terrible place in the but these were the ones of germany's foreign minister heikal moss on a visit to auschwitz the nazi death camp in poland on the first visit by a german foreign minister and twenty six is. this in the visitors book it was a german creation by the name of auschwitz we need this place because our responsibility never ends he is more about saddam reckoning. more than one point one million people were killed here most of them jews it's been described by many as hell on earth among those the german foreign minister michael must. keep a to visit to auschwitz on what is his second visit to poland since taking office earlier this year. i know it's this is a place of remembrance that reminds us germans above all what we did to millions of
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others. we need this place because our responsibility never ends. earlier this year moss claimed he entered politics because of what happened in auschwitz saying the memory of the atrocities must be kept alive for the next generations. later maass met his polish counterpart chopper told each despite demands by polish officials for germany to pay hundreds of billions of euros in world war two reparations the issue was firmly kept off the agenda. the focus of the meeting between the two bush centered on strengthening ties between the two neighboring countries. the czech prime minister has been booed in prague why making a speech on the fiftieth anniversary of the soviet led invasion off the bench
4:44 pm
czechoslovakia bombus was speaking at a memorial when his words were drowned out by shouts of shame some historians say bob was an informal for the state security agency after the invasion that ended in the prospering frank off mit's one prague resident who's never forgotten that day. roland per our retraces the past sneed the radio station building in prague fifty years ago dramatic scenes unfolded on this very street. toward the. mall when i was standing in front of this tree. the shells were exploding shrapnel was flying everywhere. explosions and shrapnel everywhere barricades were crushed by soviet tanks soldiers shot demonstrators there our took photographs on that long day along with many
4:45 pm
other progress events in the early hours of oldest the twenty first one nine hundred sixty eight warsaw pact troops ended the prague spring dream of an open and humane communist system at the start of that year the communist party had begun allowing greater freedom of expression journalists working for czech radio we're no longer censored. or we did not want the radio building to be occupied. so people set up barricades they also set a tank on fire here. good. images from that day is stored in the check archives of state security services the documents a studied in catalogues by historians like on very much a care the violent hands the proxy spring is still felt today. and the sixty nine hundred sixty eight is always closely associated with this feeling of emotional shock that is tied to the occupation. to the twenty first of august in
4:46 pm
the days that followed it departed on our. lot is where people resisted nonviolently us to where people really came together as one in our society this is our. time it was a very very powerful time yes. dark. but the events of the prague spring served only to fortify moscow's hardliners in the politburo czechoslovakia state security services immediately expanded and they took on additional spice historians believe this in the one nine hundred eighty s. the current prime minister on trade bobbish became one of them. and. bush was in the highest category meaning agent that. night the allegations a few weeks ago on an online channel he himself phones some of them when the media claims that i lost this state security affair and courses and then that is
4:47 pm
a lie. while many historians are convinced that czech prime minister used to serve as an informant of the state security agency of communist czechoslovakia at least some office voters see it a little bit differently. last year about issues party became a stronger stay in the country after a populist election campaign was opinion about him is divided and avoided like you know it's not strange that he was an agent it would bother us but they haven't proved. their summers or the word years and i think just about everyone is bothered by it but most people don't let it show so. these are things that are contrary to human principles it's downright unprincipled that it is also that i don't know but it bothers me terribly i can't understand why so many people don't catch. as people remember the events of the prague spring is violent ten fifty years ago it seems to debate about the country's communist past has also returned to the czech
4:48 pm
republic. think. that's american rock i making the national for me at the m.t.v. music video awards which were held at the u.s. city music hall in new york last night. are often met from got to decide joins me welcome robin she's one of the best hip hop artists but before we find out who the other big winners tell us about the award it's mitch is off a man on the moon yeah it's strange isn't this by the way since it's last year it's no longer a man on the moon it's the moon plus and because we have to be known gender specific indeed today and indeed the awards there are no awards for best female
4:49 pm
artist or best male artists it's now officer of the year video of the year best pop song best rock song. best best summer hits which incidentally condi b. who was the most nominated on tuesday she actually won that one and she also won this new they all did this is that scotty b. from brooklyn new york and now also i should mention that it was actually held in new york for the first time in fifteen years but i have lost your question about. the reason is if you're as old as me you remember where the m.t.v. started back in ninety days he won the very first images on m.t.v. and it really became the logo was a picture of a man on the moon or person on the moon with a flag and it was the american flag which was a bit of the time they put m.t.v. there and that became the logo and that's the reason why anyway there's a surprise winner in the two main categories are let's find out who the main win as
4:50 pm
well. comey like a bail out of the they the cuban born twenty one year old was the night's big winner taking home best artist and video of the year for the band. i've. this is my hands are literally shaking i am never going to forget this moment ever in my life this song of the year went to. host louis. uchitelle in one of the most unexpected moments of the night he also bridged generations of music rocking the stage with aerosmith.
4:51 pm
kook i. thank the twenty five year old to come best pop video. she also performed god is the woman slithering about an old female last suck up before being joined by her mother and grandmother on stage. i. i felt. that. jennifer lopez guy behind the energized medley performance view was won't forget she also walked away with the biggest award of the night the michael jackson video bank out award for twenty eight ing. kanye energises monday of
4:52 pm
putting it's another. when i was the autistic child is going on he's a man of many talents he is indeed it farts we're talking about donald glover. he's an actor he's a comedian he's a writer he's a producer he's a directories been a star wars movies been a spider-man movie he's recently written directed starred in and done everything in this shoot series called so which is about rap as in. i mean he's a huge town and of the same time he has a career as a musician and he calls himself childish gambino and this is rubbish shocking video which was expected to win it's in an amazingly moving video as well but if this is this is america he won for best choreography is choreography is quite extraordinary yes that's the shocking bits but it really is a video with a message and also one not award for a video with
4:53 pm
a message that. is from so relevant to what is going on in america what happens in the background if you ever see this video you have to watch what's going on in the background what should a few times sex strawberry videotaping washington be four hundred million times on you tube this is a very talented guy and i have mentioned that he's also a rather good standup comedian as well and went off how he's sort of has all these keeps doing different things he puts it down to the fact when he was a child he was brought up as a jehovah's witness no t.v. in the house no birthday no christmas and he's sort of reliving a lost childhood now watching t.v. and he does things in his totally unique way really is a man to watch that that's a very interesting and the donald wasn't up for an award but as the source he made an appearance she did make an appearance the queen of pop she sometimes gold paid
4:54 pm
play paid homage to the queen of soul aretha franklin who sadly. died just a week ago she was actually a bit criticized because she told a story a personal story of people said she was talking too much about madonna and not enough about everything frankly and i say she didn't have to turn up and she turned up to pay homage to one of the great. time aretha franklin so i think fair enough but it has to be said that apart from madonna the one really many stars in apart from jail of course there was no beyond say no jay z. no justin bieber no taylor swift m.t.v. the viewer numbers a down people young people turning on the t.v. to watch music streaming it's all on social media so i wonder whether these awards are going to keep going we'll see is a bit of a a great evening we must say i should put it politely. if you say so robin latino web site absolutely dot com we've got all that sorry slash culture of course we're
4:55 pm
going to all the women who want to live in the different categories of course like a dozen men from occultist thank you very much. let me give your mind at the top stories if you're finding few of gone security officials say seven militants have been killed off in a sort in the capital kabul the attack was launched rockets on the presidential candidate says the afghan president delivered a speech to the nation and businesses and banks in venezuela preparing to reopen with a new currency the sultan believe ah the new notes are part of an economic reform package designed to revive the country's fading economy but experts fear the plan could do more harm than good. that's it for me she must burn as robin mayer from the cost of this great to have any.
4:56 pm
clothes. she craves and vegetables come across in greenhouses across spain and it's neat looking conditions i'll just say. despite the dangers
4:57 pm
politicians prefer to avoid the sumptuous food is the motion and almost good how far can its quotation guns. europe's systems say. it's futile. the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown although what it shows are new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing. presents finds. looks over the shoulders of makers and choosers. it's. more.
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fun to be told. his work goddess fortunato. the maestro and features. bond twenty. some kind of a nuclear clock could be a useful thing but not look at. what's a way out the my view the way out is to find different forms on the go to place. which is brutal you know with with some situation which is set based on thought he will. always give me a much shorter lifetime after a few hundred years that the older people get for years it's very important christian second question i thought it does not require connection with the army
4:59 pm
you cannot build a party informed i think this is something of a scientific that. science scientists should be trained for the trick to describe and that society should shut. i am. i am. i am. this is it every news line from berlin a nazi collaborator the portraits of the u.s. but will he face justice in germany ninety five year old sharkey's polly is taken from his home in new york is now arrived in germany but the german government
5:00 pm
doesn't think there's enough evidence to put the former labor camp guard on trial also coming up militants strike at the office.


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