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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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tug's illegals were here illegally. for the first time had a feeling of being something. one planes of those events today. pursuits civil rights. peaceful. nineteen sixty eight the global start september first d.w. . fan. welcome to global three thousand this week we had to brazil a land plagued by moscato borne disease but can these insects be mended homeless. in romania we check out the booming live cam industry what is it that draws young
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people to this work. and in britain we meet people suffering from loneliness it's on the rise we find out why. today we're more connected than ever before at the drop of a hat we can link up with friends relatives and even strangers yet despite social media we're more isolated and lonely than ever. loneliness affects all age groups and experts warn that it can cause health problems for instance it's linked to depression. britain too is facing an epidemic of loneliness since the start of the year the country has had a government minister charged with tackling the issue. away from the bright lights hustle and bustle and pomp and passion. harry of central
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london it can be a great and lonely city. age u.k. is a charity that helps the elderly it's known for providing home help services but also for its friendship centers where pensioners can meet up almost one in five british seniors has contact with other people less than four times a month half of the countries over seventy five's live alone women in particular feel lonely. but of them said they want to live. but it's expending now oppose an oldish things change maybe. health wise up or no they lie there and you call do what you want to do. and then we fall asleep during the day and with the worse you can do a strip joint a day and wake up we feel they're not worth the. taste they stay wait
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until it's too good a bit. of isolation isn't just a problem among older people robin also wishes she had more social contact rebecca isn't a close friend she's a complete stranger her hug therapist. robyn lives on her own in a detached house in the countryside she also was from home organizing events for people to make new friends but ironically she has self feels lonely. i enjoy my own space but then it gets to a point where you actually realize that you've had too much of your own space and then you can just such a mean magic up friends that you go to relationship with. small talk i think so then you suddenly realize that on a saturday night you've got no one to go out and have a few drinks with. when a single but she's not the shy type she's
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a self-confident working woman but the traffic speeding past on the motorway behind her home sums up how she feels. but a lot of my conversations take place on what's that messenger we believe with messages for each other it's not even like you have a quick conversation you just leave a voice message but you're not building anything sustainable so you're still going home into the day lonely. she has to take a one hour train journey to london for her customized cuddling sessions. loneliness is also a matter of physical health studies indicate that loneliness can be as detrimental to your well being as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day those findings prompted the british government to follow up on the recommendations of a special commission and added a new ministerial department tasked with measuring social isolation and helping those afflicted by it but also i think society is changing and issues like social
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media people working from home not just home working from. perhaps those less church the people got less institutions knowing this isn't an issue it's not health issues nor anything else this is about how we change our society. rebecca charges sixty five pounds for a one hour hug session and has an average of three clients a day. and knows that others might be skeptical but the sessions help her and she thinks they're worth it. have you got that thing which is like saying when people come to think i'm mad. is it really sad that you actually have to pay to come and see someone but it's p.r. if you and i may and it helps. but yeah unfortunately we don't get what we want right. and robin is of course not alone in how isolation the same commission reported in the u.k. alone nine million people are suffering from loneliness.
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loneliness is a big issue and like many big issues it's also proving a big business opportunity for the live cam industry one leading provider boasts up to forty million visitors a day estimates suggest that the global live cam industry raked in over two and a half billion euros in twenty sixteen and in poor countries like romania many young people are eager to get in on that cash. hello guys. and arielle are waiting for customers they're trying to entice rich americans who are just arriving home from work once a customer has taken the bait and requested a private chat session they can end up paying up to seven euros pub minute. because. you want your customers to forget about what they actually want so that
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they stay on line longer if they say they want to see your butt and show it to them but also engage them in a conversation because he felt so we think. he's the man i dance i smile and flirt . that's how you earn the most money. i talk to my customers like on a first date. scott and ari i live in romania one of the. countries in the e.u. and home to europe's biggest sex cattle industry over five thousand studios have sprung up in recent years it's estimated that more than two hundred thousand romanians work in the adult life cam business. twenty four year old arielle begins her day in the studios own beauty salon. i try to be natural i don't put on a napped i want to develop a relationship with my customers to become friends with sometimes it's like being
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there psychologist. the manager shows us the plans for companies for the studio and explains the industry's boom in romania i think the market it's growing every year we ten fifteen percent of members we have a very good internet connection second of all we have very smart girls and they speak or very good english and then because we have beautiful woman story here is the secret. arielle shows us around the chat rooms she has given up on medical school young doctors in romania five hundred euros a month a webcam model over twenty five thousand euros a month. a lot of my customers work for big companies and don't have time for dates in a family. that makes me the perfect solution a consolation. sometimes they need a girlfriend sometimes
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a lover. they tell me what they've had for dinner. sometimes even cook for me in front of the camera. i often get asked to masturbate just if i tell them what i'm willing and not willing to do. i like me we have to leave when she gets asked for a private chat. laura also used to be a webcam model but she's ashamed of her past and doesn't want to be recognized. the most the bear is masturbating in front of the camera all the time is degrading but you do it for the money fine if you masturbate you can own your first thousand years that's a lot in romania what other options are there working in a supermarket for two hundred euros. one for better market sort of good is laura worked from home boyfriend made himself a pimp and would beat her
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a harsh reality for many sex come models who don't make it big. all the girls are vulnerable especially if they work from home at some point a man will come into your life find out what you do get greedy and start to abuse you or blackmail you. instead of being a major earner laura gets just three hundred euros a month from her parents and has gone back to college. the government has largely turned a blind eye to the sex chat industry prostitution is illegal in romania so the models are working in a legal gray zone with no transparency. many studios build themselves as call centers. are not would like to see laws brought in to regulate the booming sex chat business. she owns a studio for male models. some don't have
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both ability to friends. some don't want their secrets to be known but they are acquaintances. some come because they're hardly. as more studios open up the competition for models intensifies. smile scott started three months ago. more playful with a camera he's receiving camera training and enlisted lessons at the same time. scott has to give over a third of his earnings to the studio but the former fitness trainer earns ten times what he used to still he doesn't tell anyone where he's working. yet i'm going to look at this and i thought about telling my parents the truth but i'm afraid to at first it was hard to get make it because i didn't know how to keep my
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customers watching but now it's ok. the sex cam industry is keeping scott arielle and their colleagues in romania they're not part of the exodus that's hurting the country one in five of their generation has emigrated because of the widespread poverty. ario takes us to her new apartment she has a boyfriend but he doesn't want to be interviewed they're afraid that revenues will drop if chad customers get jealous. and very proud that i have my own apartment at twenty four. i want to buy a car by the end of the year. and then later i'll buy a house that's my biggest dream. here. doesn't want to live like her parents working for decades and then unable to afford anything hundreds of thousands of young romanians desperate to avoid the poverty trap end up satisfying
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the desires of the wealthy. china's sextile industry is also all about providing much longed for intimacy but forget blow up rubber dolls one of the world's largest producers is keeping its models out with artificial intelligence the result companions who can move their eyes and arms and even engage in simple conversation and what about human emotions will robotics and also fishel intelligence one day be able to recreate those two. in the future will it be normal for humans to have sex with robots here in barcelona dr sergey santos is developing a new sex robot he used to be a successful researcher in the fields of nanotech biotech and material science now he's using his knowledge to breathe life into silicone dolls. so i have
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a note that show of emotion that was my core i have a brain i have the architecture of a brain that can express emotions in a given a way that i thought and then he thought do i have a humanoid system i found a humanoid system in the sex the industry and then he said ok now i need computers that are available. ready to assemble and any technology that i can use to put all these together. the robot reacts to verbal and physical stimuli santo's has attached sensors to the dolls body the sensor data is interpreted by the artificial brain. the robot then simulates various emotions depending on how the user is talking to it or touching it. the robot can react in a friendly romantic or sexy fashion. although
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these robots are still in the beginning phase scientists are already considering the consequences. of the university of santa callan a training ground for future captains of industry. that sex with robots is an issue here a surprising but ethics professor thomas persona is convinced that digitization and robotics are important topics that don't stop when it comes to sexuality surveys show that sex with robots is more than just a fetish. turned up to forty percent of all men in europe can imagine having sex with a robot somewhat fewer women are interested only in that there's potential that to . put oneself. professor kathleen richardson is a vehement opponent of sex robots hello everyone is great my name is kathleen richardson and i'm the director of the campaign against sex robots and i don't view him and being. as objects i don't see this as interchangeable that you can replace
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a human with a machine and they'll do the same things because i think human beings are different from things. martina is a robot psychologist she's also critical of tendencies in the sex robot industry. the most are the to move it has to be said ninety five percent of the sex robots that are currently available on the market a female stereotypes stereotypically passive. gets the officer so on the one hand they object to find the human and often the female body. help us out of us heads home and on the other hand these robots represent stereotypical relationship patterns. stereotypes that event carried into the bedroom sex robots are always a kind of slave. and. in
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barcelona the first sex starved bordello is opened its doors to the public experts agree sex with robots is here to stay will we develop feelings for these human old machines. is resistant from. my guess is that we'll very quickly develop personal relationships with these devices i'm pretty sure that the people who buy them will give them names they'll dress them up buy them nice clothes and they'll talk to them excited. surgery santo's sells his response of robots for a few thousand euros but he's much more interested in its artificial brain and what makes us human. the sense of the cells. why do i think i am myself while it's making me decide that this is me this is one of the of the things that i was always interested me and that made me think of
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an architecture for a brain. most details are by far the most dangerous animals for humans on us up to a million people die each year of mosquito borne diseases like sica malaria yellow fever. dengue fever. according to the w.h.o. three hundred ninety million people a year contract dengue fever disease common in tropical and subtropical regions brazil is among those countries particularly affected reporter robot wisht i went to rio de janeiro to meet some scientists tackling the plague by mobilizing the musky tests themselves. rio de janeiro is waking up early morning is the best time to release mosquitoes. the ones in the cylinders have been bred in the laboratory and infected with
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a certain kind of bacteria. while back here bacteria prevent the replication of viruses in the mosquitoes that cause disease in humans dengue fever for example. the longer term plan of the scientists of the world mosquito program is to infect while the mosquitoes with wild back you know bacteria as well. so fighting. to avoid people die. so we know that every time you have and then makes you like you know like countries we know that many many people die because they have other problems other health problems this is what a vector of dengue fever looks like it's an eat is a good party and it's most active during daylight. ferrera worries about his baby daughter luna. dengue is most dangerous in infants and can often lead to
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complications. luan is pinning his hopes on the lab grown mosquitoes. the twenty five year old is an ambassador for the world mosquito program and spends a lot of time raising awareness in his neighborhood. there ambassadors like him in all the regions where reengineered mosquitoes have been released. over my south is that there has been resistance in communities because people wanted to know why more mosquitoes were being released into the environment and there are so many biting us already but that's understandable of course why introduce even more what's the benefit for the community how does it work. but now they've understood the point of replacing the natural population of disease
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transmitting mosquitoes with a genetically modified ones dengue fever is debilitating. assad zedong has had it twice each time it was caused by a different strain of virus. being i think a danger you get headaches and fever you can't eat you have to throw up everyone around here is had it and then she can go on your right to. his sister mirror had a bad case of she can go in year and took a long time to recover she had a fever for days and suffered from joint pain for months. either what's funny thing is preferable to she can go nya that's a disease you have to respect i wouldn't wish it on anyone i'm terrified of it but . the goal of the scientists at this mosque ito farm is to eliminate mosquito borne disease this is where they infect the insects with wild back here
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bacteria the females are fed with blood from conserves past their expiration date the staff call the lab the mosquito factory the workflows have been optimized so that a maximum number of mosquitoes can be bred here. the females lay their eggs in water cups lined with paper. they're recognizable as black flecks on the paper. they'll eventually develop into larvae and mosquitoes. we care about them like we produce them in no way that so in the field and place. their wild population for one. that has there's not transmitted disease. in the neighboring lab cylinders are filled with a fully developed mosquito larvae they continue to mature in the tubes eventually
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growing wings. one and a half million mosquitoes are bred every week. when they're released they go on to mate with the wild mosquito population which carries disease viruses. the project was launched in september twenty four thousand with three scientists one hundred people work here today for us we have the thing it was the only problem and then they had sick accounting chicken one year now yellow fever is around so if you have yellow fever is not the disease since one thousand nine hundred forty two but if it becomes there is a potential that it is egypt the same vector board transmit yellow fever in the cities which will be a very complicated. one in five cases of yellow fever proves fatal health clinics are already at breaking point there is a yellow fever vaccine but only sixty percent of brazilians are vaccinated.
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overcrowding is a serious problem in the favelas of rio defective water tanks and overflowing rubbish dumps are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. winters in brazil are cool and dry the mosquitoes take longer to. oh. even so it doesn't take gabrielle silvester long to find some larvae. we should be warned about you see so if we have changes in climate we can have. a ship with a more spread like a big fall over the so it's even worse we have just seen during the summer a. local shop and house owners do their bit for the project the mosquito traps scattered about the city are emptied regularly and their contents later examined in
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the lab. the scientists have established that in the areas where the infected mosquitoes have been released into the environment while back here bacteria end up present in the bulk of the mosquito population. now the scientists have to wait until the next epidemic of a mosquito borne disease in humans to see if there's a reduction in infection rates in those areas. every time you go for our community side the community to have healthy agents around they say that the health clinics we're working like close they are receiving less cases than the other ones where warbucks not stepped up the first positive results of a project that might eventually be introduced in cities around the world banishing dang and she can go to the past. who cares about the flower industry's destructive impact i did. as about l g b t
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rights in australia. are you going to cannes about homeless people living on the streets of los angeles i do come out smart to follow g.w. global society. and that's all from us this week we love hearing from you that so do write to us global three thousand d w dot com wolf is it tops on facebook d w global society see you next time buy finale. the be. the bullet.
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i am optimistic . this is you know previews live from berlin a nazi collaborators the port from the us but will you face justice is ninety five year old jockey's colleyville taken from his home in new york you know arrives in germany but the german government doesn't think there's enough evidence to put the former labor camp guard on trial also coming up hack job microsoft says aborted
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attempts by hackers to launch cyber attacks the russia base hackers are said to have tried to steal data from websites of the conservative.


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