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on the roof. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation place and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series from africa. d.w.m. dot com or go. you. are one of our going to another show i'm your host meghan lee from soul desires to cooking for peace we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. famous one where one of the stars flocked to the shop
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a greek sandal maker can tell me some money senos. going in the disco world famous music producer george on the road on his back at the turntable. and marja masterpieces why a german insurance company stores damaged works of art. every summer newer styles of sandal come out on the market but one in particular is always a popular choice there greek sandal for example the scrappy kind that wraps around the foot and goes up the ankle and now it can sometimes be seen on some statues representing greek figures like plato and socrates well the athens shoemaker tell these malise a noce describes himself as the artists and poets of the greek sandal his family business now in its third generation specializes in it and we went there to find out what says sets his greek sandal apart from the rest.
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all kinds of variations on the greeks can be spotted on the streets of athens around the acropolis. good day you know around for thousands of years already. even the ancient greek philosopher plato will sandals. to lead the subtle footways now popular order with the well. but how does it feel to let them in greece i usually don't. anywhere i'm at home because it's too close so over here my feet are much more free. there's something historical about it because you can see them you know the paintings starters it's all over the militants and when you wear them you really understand why they keep on being where there's some girls are amazing. pantelis many seals is one of the best known creek sandal makers he started out in new york but then returns with homeland his workshop is located in the city center
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. his family could be making samples for three generations. makes me happy to produce a pair of sandals the same way they were made three thousand years ago i feel like i'm in my element with a fish in water. the many cmos families handcrafted designs have been won by v.i.p.'s including actress and hathaway. singer barbra streisand actress sarah jessica parker former first lady jackie kennedy onassis and even the beatles but pantelis many seen last doesn't differentiate between stars tourists and locals . were democratic. view every individual foot as a challenge that means we create for this but we don't care if it's national or an ordinary person it's all the same swans here in the shadow of the acropolis that didn't matter in the old greece nor does it in
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a new greece it was it's all the same. many of the statues around town commemorate famous historical figures who also wore simple sandals. for example the statesman parrott least half in the city hall. and his fellow philosopher socrates in front of the academy of athens. two simple. which were later adopted by the romans. in the fifteenth and sixteenth century open toed shoes called buskins were all the rage women wore these shoes which featured high corks under the hoop skirts to make them look taller. pantelis many seen also continues to find inspiration in the historical figures who wore greek samples and always carried a sketch pad with him to draw pictures of
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a foot well on statues. whenever i look at ancient statues that wear these sandals i'm always impressed that people already wore this kind of shoes three thousand years ago. fell in love and they went to war while wearing them. they lived their lives in the and these sandals are still around today. shoemaker fits every sandal personally he has many regular customers. my parents brought me here to buy my first pair of sandals later i brought my children every time where in absence we. seem to be vertical greek shoes hung made by someone who's been doing this for
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years using skills passed down from father to son. you can see that many famous people buy shoes here by wearing the sandals we absorb the culture. with take them back to paris with all reminders of her time in greece. greek sandals the perfect summer footwear since the days of antiquity. when i was a good time to let you in on this week's draw. we are still in the midst of summer now most of europe has been experiencing some of the hottest temperatures on record so we would like to know if you have any tips on how to survive the heat some of you have already sent in some ideas such as the mid con from pakistan who likes to take an outdoor bath with his son or mohammad nazi from morocco who likes to take a dip in the ocean but there's also an unconventional method to beat the heat detect let's go from germany likes to look at. photos right so thank you for
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sending in those photos keep them coming just go to our website for all the details and by doing so you qualify to win a euro max watch all right moving on now to a brief around up of other stories making headlines on the culture scene. rolling stones guitarist money good times conan to come pain to save the world's rhinos he various other artists designed and painted twenty one random schoolteachers that are now talking around the british capital would say he was inspired by various african flags and a real rhino named spike that he has adopted. my kids and i want everyone to be able to see that in future years and. three when i was a still terribly shocked the school shooters will be auctioned the christie's in october proceeds will go to the nonprofit wildlife organization tarski ronnie wood
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is a long time supporter and first time patron of the organization since one thousand nine hundred. games calm europe's biggest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment has kicked off income. over three hundred fifty thousand visitors are expected this year the trade fair is a highlight for both the makers of video games and the fans who get a chance to check out on. new games before they're available in the stores games column runs until the sichuan heat and. the deep find james bond's car in the movie go to his coming back past a monster has announced it will create a limited edition of twenty five cars which will cost some three million euros each the go thing the t.v. find will feature gadgets from the film and the famous revolving license plates but no seatbelts in any case the car would be street legal it's meant more as
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a collector's item. at seventy eight most people are well into retirement enjoying the fruits of their labors but songwriter and music producer george is doing just the opposite the so-called father of disco is still very much involved in the industry and even works as a d.j. at some venue's now over the course of his career were at a has written or produce songs for many of the big names in pop music including donna summer david bowie freddie mercury just to name a few and these chalked up three oscars and four grammys well we caught up with him at a performance in munich. in the early one nine hundred seventy s. donna summer was a shy young singer who performed the musicals. then while living in munich she met
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giorgio moroder. and. love to love you baby went to number two of us charts a number four in the u.k. even though the b.b.c. refused to play it. i wanted to do something really sexy so i never drank to go turn out that sexy sexy if you. don't know how to madonna's i was the one who came up with the line love to love you we went into the studio with me arabella house i started off playing a bit of guitar two three four five days later we thought how far can we go putting sex into this. pain playing and. marauders disco sound made in munich
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soon took the world by storm. for one night he returned to the city where he wants shot to fame. ever since twenty thirteen when electronic joe daft punk's paid tribute to him with the track george obama rhoda has been in demand as a d.j. all over the world my heart from norton the sexy new have five six or seven notes and they have to be just right. of course a longer song also has to be good to become a hit but then you have time to develop the melody. i think that in creating a song a short melody is really tough. and. i know who's that. winner giorgio moroder. of georgia has just come from hollywood where he received the film world's highest
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honor. of mine and i composed my first film small for midnight express that's really something it was your first soundtrack that wins the world's top award thank you. the chase the main theme for midnight express was some pulled dozens of times and that was just the beginning of the road and now has three oscars to his credit but he came from humble beginnings in south rolled my new kid who had a really normal childhood invited got dana went to school to school then i went to school in rather a so in northern italy and started to play the guitar. and i listen to a lot of english language music. not german or italian but mostly english. and i really liked paul anka songs diana.
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i think it was that song that convinced me to start working on his music business in the. giorgio moroder was born so it's really a nine hundred forty at the age of nineteen he left home inter jura for me as a basis to nightclubs and writing popular music. in munich a churned out one hits after another. he was also one of the first to record an album in which one track flowed into the next like the perfect mixtape he was always experimenting with the latest technology. a simpler anything with a synthesizer there are some effects that can sound in the longest stretches of a song should i put it slightly lame. yes. but i think the special synthesizer effect happening less and less the synthesizer is gradually being recognized as an instrument and it's a right yes but it isn't it's
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a cold instrument a technical instrument yes can sound a bit cooler than a violin and so the guy. americans in particular love to school sounds. giorgio moroder moved to hollywood and began producing music for films like flashdance scarface and top gun. he played everything by ear i'm a showered with success. a club in los angeles was even named after him you know. a life that's not easy to come by. but when he was and you're successful and have a great loving wife very loving son all that you could say but you've been lucky. if you're happy. that's my glucose.
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on the road it has sold millions of albums more than one hundred of his records went gold or platinum and he's won four grammy of his songs influenced an entire generation. so the man dubbed the father of disco still doesn't care much for johnson. he's in the middle east may still be elusive but here in berlin a restaurant created by an israeli and a palestinian gives hope for future relations at the k'naan restaurant in the trendy district of prince lower the owners demonstrate how peace and understanding can be reached through the stomach and it's all based on a family recipe for home. get a taste of the middle east in the heart of berlin in the city's plants our characters. houmous is served up five to chefs to promote international understanding. that's because all spin down the road is really and it is palestinian. but i'll both of them articulate what.
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the ongoing conflict between the israelis and the palestinians plays no role here in this kitchen there's dancing instead of fighting. between men met in berlin with their restaurants thank hopes to build bridges between their people so they called it kind of on its basically name from the old testimony of the land off hebrew i mean the father of all the. religions the jewish christian and muslims and. very all started this is the point where we're all united under one house and this is what we tried to create here and of course the food is from that time. and one tissue in particular is still enjoyed by people all over the middle east promised. this discourse spread made from
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chickpeas is a staple of middle eastern cuisine. these are curage and mixed with salt sugar lemon juice and to he. and voila there hummus is right. magical in this almost it's recipe that it's hundred years our my family recipe. that we use all the evidence that we need to use the best ingredients and when we combine it it's amazing does unite the world from the sky and change the world school was is better there is the same mix from the smoke war so. this is a powerful weapon. and. two chefs demonstrate the versatility of this dish every day for instance they make a home a spur from chick peas and lentils. but most of their guests
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love to eat hummus the traditional way preferably topped with a zest eleven garlic sauce. for palestinians and israelis alike the food served up here at the common restaurant is a taste of home this place is really very gentle like this really good like you'd like to call me. a little bit like i'm on the beach. beach and always been down firmly believe that one day there will be peace in the middle east. most of the time being hearing a watch it's not possible how much faith there is between. between the. both of the side in both of the sides and weak arming and proving that it's not about civil rights. these t.v. chefs are living proof that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. your ex is a very active on social media we have
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a facebook account which you can friend us on and we are also active on instagram where you can follow our follow our daily activities here's more on what you'll find there. europe at its best euro max brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacies our reporters are constantly on the lookout with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our joya max instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. on instagram. have you ever thought about what happens to renowned pieces of art if they get damaged in a move from one space to another while it happens more often than you would think the pieces are of course and short but often the artists will distance themselves from the work so they end up in a warehouse for damaged goods in the hopes of being a eventually being restored and put on display again. a minor defect
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but a total write off hard to think of his work is no longer immaculate and can't be restored the artist crossed out his signature he didn't want this work to be displayed in a museum anymore but the acts of art insurance firm is keeping it anyway. it's still clearly a work by one of the world's most famous artists and we can't destroy it for ethical reasons ishmael got me. on the. this warehouse in cologne is full of damaged but not so damaged that it should be discarded much of it still has significant value in terms of art history like this piece by the surrealist artist giorgio to kitty co which met a surreal end because of building work the up of a wrecking ball with too much momentum went through a wall into the living room of an art collector couple and i was decatur kohala on that wall going. to work so rough and damaged during transport like this huge
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beetle music by young. the great overturned the glass shattered the beatles fell off what now and what kind of close though we honestly could be restored but it would be a lot of work and a third of the surface would have to be removed to work on these parts and renew them. the insurance company examines about thirty damaged artworks pierre it usually decides to keep them because who knows whether it might make sense to restore them at a later date. because it's not always develops so does the artist what meanings as an artwork have suffered hard disk has the nature of an artwork changed this can have an impact on its future value an artist's value might also develop or restore as might develop new techniques to salvage damaged works that could remove scratches on large format photos like this one by peter lindbergh for example. at
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the moment it doesn't seem as if this work by swiss artist can ever be salvaged the idea was to reflect on our throw away society the work survived forty years before being damaged during transport is it to be thrown away a kind of course that can't be thrown away it's still a piece by ship building and bears witness to its time. damaged waiting for the day when it can be displayed once again. and finally every language has a word for happiness but what about the feeling you get when you're finished with dinner and you just want to sit around the table chatting with friends while english as you can see you need several words to describe that feeling but in other languages certain situations which bring about good feelings can be summed up in one word now for today's high five we've put together some examples so here are.
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the moments of happiness for which europeans have coined special words. the danes often rank close to the top of the global happiness index. the secret could be the good work life balance and to mark. the word all by its later denotes the sense of happiness about having a good job. and here working overtime is frowned upon. in ireland it's considered more of a relief when the working day is over. in gaelic it's called sickness screen it's the deep sense of satisfaction when a job is done scientists believe the feeling of happiness is actually triggered window for minas released in the brain.
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it's considered very impolite in spain if a waiter brings the bill as soon as the diners have finished eating spaniards love to take time over their meal. it's called soapy mesa sitting together and chatting after eating. it's a real institution in spain and can last much longer than the meal itself. the swedes love to be out in nature and are clearly early risers they called a sense of pleasure derived from. an early morning picnic good call time it means to enjoy the course of the birds at dawn for swedes a real moment of happiness. the. winter is long and dark in norway and the summer short and cool but norwegians are some of the happiest people on earth according to the global index. especially in
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the spring i think the sun is a bright light. to discover and then we are happy. and specially when they can combine it with the beer who took pills means to enjoy a beer outside during the first warm days of spring the norwegians know it's the small things in life that can make all the difference. that certainly is true and with that it is time to say go by want over gaza check us out on social media for more on the program or go to our website to see the reports again for me in the rest of the crew here at euro max as always thanks for watching with think and tomorrow. on the next edition of miramax the european elvis festival in back now high lots of rock n roll and classic cars this little german town was actually home to elvis presley in the late one nine hundred fifty s.
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what do you make us army you're a max reporter how we roll in some finds out about the big study coolest and walking still revered today on the trail of the king next time on your revenues. the by.
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the. law. of the. true same split. the because of the bad old trash it means the bad the hindmost class expensive on the
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back. more. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word i'm looking to go nico is in germany to the butcher the but. why. i know. it's simple on your mobile and free. music to learning course. german made easy. these creations are. just brand a mistake of a colonoscopy but. of the. look what do we really know about
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cement behind the dark sheets what motivates him how does he think and feel as if. in a nine hundred sixty eight and i'm crying and go to around the world. young people rebelled against their parents' generation. it was an absolute destiny full of stupidity and cliche because she they demanded nothing less than a home societal one maelstrom of conformity of filings with the be a moment for playing the role of my generation to watch the more every day. color documentary takes a look a lot of times those who were here members of. the first time had a feeling of being part of something. means of those events today.
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seems a simple way to. peace movement. during this period. nineteen sixty eight the global revolt starts september first g.w. . paul mann a forward who was a campaign manager for u.s. president donald trump has been found guilty of tax fraud a jury found a man a ford guilty of eight financial crimes a judge declared a mistrial on ten other counts the jury could not agree on the verdict is the first trial victory of a special counsel investigation into president trump's former associates. and president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen has reached a plea bargain with federal.


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