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this is due to the news coming to you live from bombing high crimes dark shadow on the trunk presidency two of the president's kills an associates are looking at the possibility of linking genes. so much employer market boom pleads guilty to a hush money scheme to influence a two thousand and sixteen election and campaign manager for another ford is convicted of financial crimes what does this all mean for the white house also coming up. at the height of desperation along one of europe's most heavily
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fortified border has. vanished airdrie of sutil in africa one with migrants and refugees determined to get across. and the big business of high tech fun our reporter gets into the swing of things as the world's largest eventful computer and video games all because here in germany we look at what's pushing people's buttons this year. hello i'm on the thought she must have a warm welcome to you dramatic developments in the u.s. were to president trump's close associates have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty of criminal offenses the most potentially damaging to the president are the statements of market go and president trump's formal post annoyer. he pleaded
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guilty to multiple charges related to the two thousand and sixteen election campaign some charges stem from hush money scheme school and worked out with a former porn star and a former playboy playmate two women who claim they had a friend with donald trump here's what the deputy attorney general said. he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the two thousand and sixteen campaign and to the candidate and the campaign in addition mr cohen sought reimbursement for that money by submitting him for invoices to the candidates company which were untrue and faults they indicated that the reimbursement was for services rendered for the year two thousand and seventeen when in fact those invoices were a sham he provided no legal services for the year two thousand and seventeen and it
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was simply a means to obtain reimbursement for the odd lawful campaign contribution. and for more on the story i'm joined by political analyst tyson baka from the aspen institute in berlin and welcome tyson in fact the deputy attorney general went on to say that michael cohen would have to pay a heavy price for all of the violations that he's made but to what extent does a full manoir of a donald trump a close associate implicate the president himself let's let's be clear this is the fixer of donald trump for more than a decade he's basically like a surrogate son this guy knows where all the bodies are buried and what he's done is pled guilty to two charges where he said he made illicit payments hush money on behalf of a candidate that would directly affect the election that is a criminal claim and the candidate which was not stated by name but is clearly donald trump this is a big deal but he doesn't mention him by name does that make a difference not really i mean we know it's kind of like smoking causing cancer all
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the indications point to him his only association with a federal candidate was with donald trump so it is so you feel that donald trump is clearly implicated by michael. and guilty plea so what does it mean for donald trump any be indicted or impeached so there are two avenues here you mentioned and i've been impeached but in. indictment is unprecedented it's never happened prosecutors in the past justice department prosecutors have decided not to indict sitting presidents for criminal or civil acts and there's a lot of precedent for this under nixon under bill clinton etc so that's unlikely but not impossible impeachment that's a criminal process impeachment which is a political process is much more possible that something that will be adjudicated in congress and honestly the first test of this will be the midterm elections because if the democrats win let's say eighty seats that's going to be something that they're going to have a mandate to pursue ok now let's look at the other case the campaign of whom a campaign manager also donald trump a man of for the board one for to is another former trungpa still see it is
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a former campaign manager as i mentioned that he's being found guilty by a jury on a charge and the judge declared a mistrial on ten other counts and then a fourth was convicted of filing for tax returns in connection with millions of dollars lobbying for ukraine failing to this killings offshore bank accounts and two counts of bank for crimes came to light as part of an investigation into possible russian influence on the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election the president commented on the verdict after landing in charleston west virginia where he attended a rally let's take a listen. to parts of it was. there were a lot of different people are. very serious. as it is from me but i still feel you know they have. nothing to do with iraq or
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started feeling. so we're going to break. and to tyson bako from the aspen institute doesn't we can't defend a man for it but he didn't say anything about michael cohen what do you think that was the case qualitatively different cases the white house the president or feeling the white hot heat from the cohen plead guilty plea and he doesn't want to implicate himself he's already gone on record saying that he didn't know about the payments that is now proven to be false that's what cohen said under oath with paul metaphor he has a lot more play room he can say because a lot of these associations with the ukrainian government happened before the campaign he's not really going to be directly implicated so to the extent that he's trying to make his case in the court of public opinion it's a lot easier to do so dealing with my metaphor and looking at both these cases collectively how damaging the donald trump specially with the midterm elections
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coming up in november as you mentioned we're seeing the drip drip drip move between the investigation between the metaphor case between the the cohen case the noose is tightening around a culture of corruption that was involved in the campaign that's going to have political implications obviously in november in the elections but it could also have legal implications we could see more indictments coming down the road for people like roger stone even for don jr who tried to tyson baka from the aspen institute thank you very much for that assessment. we have some breaking news coming in a german wrested a suspected extremist and was thought to have been planning an attack in germany joining me now is a security expert fabienne. what you can tell us about this invest. well special forces today in the morning have arrested a thirty one year old russian citizen here in berlin germany authorities believe
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that he has planned a bigger terrorist attack somewhere in germany already in two thousand and sixteen this man apparently had big amounts of the highly explosive t. a.t.p. in his flat now the man called model met was not alone he had planned as a tech together with the second suspect called claim or be now this second man flew already in two thousand and seventeen to france because he probably was afraid that they could be arrested in germany and in france the second man was arrested already in april two thousand and seventeen and in the course of these french investigations on clean won't be more was found out on the burden suspect and that led to the arrest today. five been a funded mark thank you very much for that update. and of course we'll keep an eye on that story and bring you more details when they come in meanwhile let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world clashes have broken out
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in the indian controlled region of kashmir after indian security forces fired tear gas and protests as the mandans overshadowed celebrations for the muslim festival of the region has suffered decades of conflict as separatists fight for independence from india and closer ties to pakistan. facebook and twitter have removed hundreds of accounts this part of produce information campaign targeting hughes's the social media giants clean the accounts were part of warden edge a propaganda programs that originated in both russia and iran. hundreds of elderly koreans have said their final goodbyes to relatives at the end of rare reunion for families separated by the korean border the south koreans are heading home after a three day visit to the north to france really need to take place in three years. a powerful earthquake shook venezuela's northeastern coast and thoughts of the
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caribbean on tuesday the seven point three magnitude quake was the largest of the country in over a century but could so deep below the surface that its course only minor damage. as its only and more to close their ports to refugees and migrants crossing the mediterranean many are now desperately looking for other ways into europe one of europe's most heavily fortified land borders is one of their last resorts thousands have descended on a tiny strip of land in africa the border between morocco and the vanished territory of seawater but getting across is no easy feat a six metre high fence barricades kilometer long border a few weeks ago six hundred refugees and migrants managed to breach the barrier after clashes with police the ws all of a sudden it follows
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a group who spend years trying to reach europe and say they will never give up sirleaf and his friends have to make their way to the hide old carefully it's in the mountains of morocco near the border with seawater they say the police could show up at any time and destroy their camp the group have thousands of kilometers behind them now just a few hundred meters separate them from europe that and sealed his fence this man from guinea shows as deep cuts there from his attempts to storm the border for that . they have been travelling for two years since leaving guinea now they are stuck here with some fifty thousand others all hoping to make the journey from morocco to europe. some been waiting six months for this chance. it's his final hurdle.
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i still have many friends who have made it to europe so many have recently crossed the border we trust in god that we will also make it someday. on. the fence to stop them it's eight kilometers long and fitted with razor wire along with the territory of this is the only other border in africa on the other side is a. deal it's to secure this border but lately that hasn't always been possible. over six hundred migrants managed to storm the fence at the end of july the police are helpless and talk of unprecedented levels of violence makeshift flame throwers quicklime and grappling hooks are the migrants weapons of choice that i am we have put out those we are going to they were very well prepared and
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organized. but what small there was so violent that we could not get to the fence. i mean they threw acid at us and did all they could to prevent us from closing the holes that they had cut into the fans. up on at the. boss of a victory over the fence it's taken years for them to reach their destination. the temporary reception center in c.u. to is fit to burst they have to stay here for one year then they can continue on to spanish mainland only a few of them apply for asylum since hardly any of them have any chance of asylum in europe it's putting pressure on the city of eighty thousand people the number of arrivals is barely sustainable council representatives say the situation in seal to is becoming untenable. that you have to respect the food is it's not say again that the migrants are attacking off fence in this way we do not have the capacity to
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accommodate everyone here that would be impossible. that's another reason why tough border checks are part of everyday life in sale to as well as our traffic jams some twenty thousand people travel in an alt over the course of the day many moroccans make a living out of trading with the spanish and played. for alfonso crew sato and the guardian veal monitoring this border is a mammoth task six hundred employees work around the clock they use camera. to control the various sections of the fence and also the coastal area around the strait of gibraltar it's a well rehearsed team but it's reaching its limits. but it's stopping large groups of people is very complicated you need good cooperation between the moroccan authorities and our own. usually when both sides
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organize themselves well and everything goes well then we reach our goal. the young men in the mountains of morocco believe in strength in numbers saif and his friends are already planning their next attempt to storm the fence they're tired of the brutality of the hands of the police. they only find food at a nearby rubbish dump a soft drink a cucumber. amole potato life here is unbearable it in. morocco is teeming with police offices. all of my friends who left guinea with me made it to syria to see what am i supposed to do here i'll stay here until i can get in. their sense of desperation is what drives them
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for salif and his friends it's europe or nothing. now back to port a my do you ever thought of he now joins me in the studio and welcome on a very you know to or to raise some very difficult questions and not easy on says now you just got back what is the current situation would refugees and migrants from african countries trying to get on to spanish ten of the refugees on migrants that i met there in this region were in a very desperate situation and they fled for the most of the people there fled from guinea from a sub-saharan african country there they made some three thousand kilometers until they reached that border fence that is almost an invisibility right now and just a couple hundred meters away from that valley where they were hiding right now and they were fleeing from a lack of opportunities from corruption from what they say that they did not have a chance to get any higher education there and one story of the young men told me
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there was a particularly striking. his father just very recently the only household income they had in the family and that his mother eventually told him to leave the country try to make it to europe you know earn some money and help us survive if year because it was very difficult the situation the family felt theirself in and he really wanted to deliver on the promise he made and some of the people there were so desperate that they even said they would rather die than giving up right now or going back to their home. tree in fact we saw that sense of desperation you report as this white young men are all nothing now why anybody need seem to also going to travel but the time to stand what happened as ride well first of all the moral can lie brands reportedly have a lot of trouble there with the authorities with police they say that they would come every morning and destroy everything they find in their hide so by the time we arrived in that valley we were climbing down from a mountain we saw
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a large group of moral can police officers. you know walking up that valley trying to look for the hide old of the migrants and by the time we arrived we saw the destruction there so they were sleeping on cardboard boxes that were cut into pieces the remainder of their food poort in the bushes so apparently they're trying to make their life there as hard and complicated as possible and we eventually had to stop filming because one of the migrants of the police will be coming back right now ron so we literally have to leave the scene running as well because the authorities are not very happy media reporting from there as well and that this socialist led government of spain at the moment has a much more compassionate approach to once every few days in some of the other european countries given the scale and the numbers coming in do you think that will not stick well you know the so the socialist party has been in power in spain since june and it's quite
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a different approach that they're having there as you mentioned a rather welcoming approach towards refugees in stark contrast to italy who is close its borders wide now in stark contrast also to the eastern european countries but it's a minority government so it's kind of fragile by its nature first of all and then although spain is or the spaniards themselves are used to that kind of migrations they've been used to that for decades because of spain's a geographical location close to africa and the strait of gibraltar the question. certainly how much more migrations of the people there willing to accept especially now that spain has become the number one destination for african migrants the numbers have tripled since last year you know if you have to wait and see how that pans out all of a senate thank you very much for your reporting as venice talking to us about that story. to the skies over lower austria where it was sometimes difficult to actually feed the sky because of the world hot air ballooning championship one
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hundred and fifty balloons are involved in a week long event from thirty eight countries to go up twice a day and the pilots compete in various events like flying their craft kills us to certain targets or hunting a chase balloon and this is the first time to buy and invent has taken off in austria. but we're not in monaco would miss it susan the impact of this year's hot summer different kind of heats there on rita but first of all this news drought stricken farmers in germany will now receive state aid of three hundred forty million euros that is the result of a cabinet meeting today why was it necessary because it's been the hottest some lessons nine hundred seventy six and on top of that heat there was hardly any rainfall heat and drought have also been wreaking havoc around the world to see just how dry it is take a look at these pictures from the international space station with no clouds inside
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europe is parched and that means water shortages crop losses and wildfires wide areas of australia also stricken by drought the worst in decades promise are finding it hard to even keep the animals alive and they are also getting state aid the united states the states of the us california is also facing severe drought water supplies have been declining there for decades but this year the situation is especially grim and the result is that overall the return corn will be consumed than can be produced and reserves ready to and. so very dramatic and earlier i spoke to matching time professor of international food economics and rural development of the university in getting and i asked him whether this summer really has been so unusual yes it was very unusual especially when you look at. mulhern hemisphere and all the euro germany stations have recorded the august summer since the official recordings of weather data so yes
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this is an extreme case and it's very unusual when we compared with the pasta may not be so unusual when we compare it with what climate change deniers are predicting for the future not only the mean temperatures but also more frequent weather extremes such as the drop that we saw this year all right so their lives more i have to just in order to give us an idea i mean in terms of the economy how big is the damage that we see already can you put a price tag on that when the price tag is currently difficult because they are cultural harvests are not all in yet so we have heard in your contribution that in some regions of germany yields are you know below average by seventy percent but those are extreme pockets so the estimates of or germany and all that europe as a whole is that we maybe twenty percent below the long term average and that's of
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course a substantial. decline in comparison to what we usually have i mean what what would you say how many such samas can we handle before where we face the serious problems in terms of who is security. when we have a few of these years in a row then we will certainly have serious wood security problem but i'm much less concerned about what's driven the because people in germany are rich enough so that even if prices go up where they can afford enough food i'm much more worried about so the poor people in africa and so. we are hunger and already seen the year anyway even in an average year and will certainly go walk with. prices go up and unfortunately i mean we are complaining here about all or climate models are saying that the negative impact of climate change on
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a repulsor will be much more severe until regions of so hatred africa and in europe and that means the biggest. negative impact will be where people already were and that's something we need to take very seriously exactly because of course that means the next migration crisis is just waiting for us around the corner professor . of international economics in rural development at the university and getting and thank you so much. now watch something upbeat for you now it's game time this week in the german city of cologne with hundreds of thousands of gay men as a flocking to the world's largest event for computer and video games did all the bits dived into the crowd for us right into fourth night one of today's most popular games. live bang and you're inside the game not just on screen the recent may guide fortnight breaks with
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tradition rather than playing the survival game for games come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five million people in one year the community is why the game is so successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very well received in that kind of explode within the community. and these features are what players painful. to others have reached a point where they get paid for playing. hardcore gamers read the heart of games gone when it started ten years ago and they still are but each sport has brought them from the basement to the stage. live. if you like the mussulman pulled them on most but we used to be happy to get
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a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on the visit was a good go but you but you could believe it's the largest ever games come with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles on hard work to mobile products and console games. virtual reality is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theaters. alec's all say the first reality hasn't really picked up in sales and it may be more of an experience game than for you but home what's really driving the markets high as an expert. the older generation is the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow that means of course the supply of games for this target group is growing producer. of x.
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games for the mass market are often simple and don't require complicated skills like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices. gaming is only one of the reasons smart phones have made games accessible everywhere to everyone now new fears mean i've got some very important business to do here ok. well you're watching to tell the news coming to life from more coming up at the top of the hour be sure to join us again if you can .
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then some of the for that area of capital reveals its natural born charm. then comes to italy for the us the culture and the dog the florence just has so much to seen him do. in sixty minutes on g w. four. hundred sixty eight and the crime echoed around the. young people rebelled against the current generation. demanded nothing less than a home musar. like mill struggle of muslims the moods of those still. on the scenes the civil rights. peace movement women's movement planned for this period nineteen sixty eight
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a little start september first on two dollars. one of our enjoy another show on your hosted meghan lee from seoul desires to cooking for. peace we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. famous where one of the stars flocked to the shop of greek sandal maker contest these families senos. joined the disco world famous music.


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