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tv   Doc Film - Song from the Forest  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2018 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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e.w. dot com for now though for me brian thomas and the entire news team thanks so much for being with us and rita will be with you again at the top of the hour so. these creatures and fix this for mystical sounds like a fed icon a fashion. look what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades of private moments in the life of a great fiction designer. kanaka feds start september ninth w. . see
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the so.
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see. sawing it when i used to record you in one spot just completely quiet see things you know animals come up to you for you having counters but they're the ones i think counter you you don't encounter them you're already there for lots of encounters with animals including with a girl about feeling good today this was a into column a beating awakenings well that is clearly the sad thing about four
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twenty twenty five feet away from me for half an hour for than anything to write just like a one company fucking up this elephant trailing i was like no undergrowth in there and in there i was and i was scared i would run away but i don't let michael phones around anything even though i know you're not supposed to run away i probably would have thought. sustained over half an hour without any kind of reaction saying got up and walked on slowly strange for. i remember him coming back to the person a long period of time. i saw james when i. was obsessive love was a. his interest in the culture of the place i could tell he found something i
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didn't know it would endure this is a whole lot of hats. of louis as a friend and. i just feel very very close to him and it's funny no matter how long where we don't see each other it's mediately always the same feeling we're right back where we're you know we don't there's no really of coins required ever in our friendship so. he was not like all of us there was we didn't quite know where we belong yet and we were not. you know we're kind of outsiders and always will be not trusting economic system the political system the social system even the infrastructure seeing how ridiculously greedy and self-centered people with power are being young and
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not wanting people telling you what to do not wanting parental authorities or police authorities or governments or. borders or territories or nationalism are you know. all right let's run. with david crosby and he does well that just. this couple of situation a most. remarkable example of not being in touch with the world was when i was in the force once for like three months and i came out i never radio back then but one of the bike i was working for the project here bought a boom box and i had a radio and he was sitting in front of my house which which was up in new baden and twiddling the knobs and he just happened to stop at the at the b.b.c. and it was like you know in english and so i simply heard it was the end of
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a news report and the sentence i heard was mr gorbachev was the president of the former soviet union. you know i didn't hear or know that there was a former soviet union i got into the force that was still the soviet union times what it is what it was like then he twirled the knobs again i'll go back go back but then i thought that when the news program was over it was something else like you know outlook or some stupid program like that in the. us so i didn't know i didn't hear from like another hour and then i and then i didn't refer to because it was something that happened already was a while ago so there wasn't like any news item about it and became clear to me that you know the soviet union didn't exist. i knew that i knew. i ask a man god will cut them became buckling out more i did not marketable companion good guy yeah i don't mind on one visit the number of police activity and elected then in the closing. but they were calling him why only one. but the money and did
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that will come i asked him a gamble talking about the bubble. they . could find i guess. and. the number. do. you mean i've been down that i've got to. buy my lawn wrong i'm not going about. that memory about. i didn't listen they're going to see this and. you know he loves you. yeah.
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publicly look. look look look look look look look older. than that but fluently london covered till you know about but you didn't know you were going to be a good guy didn't you look a little. cool down the aisle for. the bambi unsettling bits of music you hear the top it was about the people who live siteman because we were born on thing as being with the child and the love.
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for. us all the things we've done. now knows how much longer this kind of life are going up for the privileged to have been you know lived to be but but a part of my life in this world the to. help this is not the end of it. ha. ha ha. i. remember you thank you good to go this is thank you glenn thank. you for your beauty.
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i record a lot of flute news. there were a few players we had originally and. one by one they died and there's no more food it is really beautiful to hear it and i like it good that's how they play it would be like two in the morning i would get up and just wander around the camp or the village playing as we hear it in the distance when it sounds like a yodeling woman and it comes nearby and it goes in the distance again did every couple hours or two hours every night used to be like there was great. sound not to be heard again. the very contemplative music for me it helps me just right recent times i just like
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to sit and think to it in a think about different things to. when i'm playing this music and i sometimes i'm just listening to it so this is so very little. you know i love i love polyphony but i have their style of soliciting and this is the syrup in. felicity from the renaissance of this period in their field history when the europe was kind of waking up to the war the world was is futile so using being composed in this deep faith and in god and you know as a kind of a remote time in for the bike it was like a whole remote world also kind of in that was timeless. say and i think it's you know the bottom also seeking in a way serenity is spiritual serenity. the finn and i do get that from the forests they think is and i get that when they hear that by families as well. because
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there's something special that happens when they perform in these if it's a communal thing it's their role so. together they can create this beautiful thing that is creating the spirit of. the rehearsals except that they've always sung together since the whole community. given. you a sense of not just serenity but almost. transcendence of us . being with other. of the other things. thank.
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you. two floors of the form of the muddy. water. because both new and interesting after that. neither you or your mouth end up as a. whole lot of good you know how. one. going to going to.
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fly feel. it's really him and it's. was. about enough from the. floods i don't know if i'm going to back on the revenue. for. the few that i did but that he has the money flow if you don't get it for good for you for the floor may it's up the same coming into the force and i don't like to go off in the cabin because i just wanted to puncture just breaks my heart feel. it's the below and then back and
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effervescent i have guns and wire snares and then just now they're just wiping out the enemies. it's become an existential threat to the balcony. so they need an abundance of wildlife for their hunting the third to be viable flee and i've been warning them doubly ws for a few years none of that this place is being depleted and they haven't a clue. as far as i'm concerned responded at all adequately. i mean yes can comes in with good intentions but you've got to watch it so for you and good intentions. it's the black as a culture that allows the w.b. of the earth to have a choice gorillas and only then if it went back if they stopped working tomorrow there would be no where gorillas that you ation be finished definitely there'd have to be given something in return at least give them a good conservation i mean it is their land and it's wrong to think that this is
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some virgin untouched wilderness in eden you know untouched and touched by humans. as and when mike fay vision it's just wild nature sun this forest has been shaped by the back of the for generations you know that they have shaped this place there's the ecology here and now and but by they're hunting and they're exploiting it i mean they've affected have al it is now they've managed it in and as much as a farmer manages his craw for something like that they have managed this environment so it is their environment for. the. the
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. the. her.
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hard. for. me. the. one on one time. i was there.
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i'm with. you. on that gun that. i did not like to do on the c. thanks. to my father and certainly thought my my interest in music was a waste of time. because you know his his idea of good music was like you know as well as i know the kind of stuff they play in elevators that's kind of easy but
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listen. i was interested in classical music since i was a child and i wanted to be a composer and still i wish i had the the real talent or genius to be a composer because that's still what i would like to be more than anything but. i like to another from still connected with music i like you know the fact that i made so many records of such beautiful music that's just sort of disappearing you know and for me can still hear the music but i mean i got some great performances when they're just doing it for themselves in the role so into it flows from. my parents of course were supposed to me i mean who knows if. i didn't have that kind of support behind me to use it. for. five. you die those were all around his bed. and so i you know it was
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a. i'm nice bit of closure for me because my towards you know my father was accepting my my life in africa. and it was finally like you know he had accepted it on his deathbed. for you. i think not not you me and the you have a learning. i
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can't. find. it in that gymnasium. you know. a lot of them and it will. matter. as again. i'm only going to. go mom i'm. not going to go out and they all go in part long on.
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somebody was about. three months old and extremely ill and still. held in my arms all night and day was having like just diarrhea and just an incredibly high fever terrifying and i was putting one cloth on his head and then join cool them down and three times he stopped breathing. in the middle lot of promises them that night and told one shell and the world. just how to keep breathing and and by i just said i'd show him lots of ground lots of places this
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trip now going to america is a bit you know fulfilling that promise lank if i miss it i will find it has a lot of ink in the film and i'm about to dress or old but i feel for those who don't know will. if i get control boarding will come through every underground walk to a busy market for murder and or sean murphy i think i will buy two but i will push on them i do or you. soo fundamentally. this today will be. your number one i can't stop. a lowly hold. the. key.
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her home the home the. british it heated. oh oh oh cool. cool. again the. home it. was. come .
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five. days are now ha. ha ha. feel.
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so when people know you want. to be in the loop. about the read a lot about what all of them love michael but the room was. live and going to deal with it day one of the.
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week. the book oh i'm one of them and things which. will begin to fall out will they. call this woman the boy. movie. there were a lot we know about the enemy nobody delavan result but one and gullible call up several more done then the. obama my demand will be about midday and why didn't i belong in a mall go up a bit. and alone in a motel ever more dire than the be my to do with that i wanted my of my men to. demand it does so for my day by john and drove it to get more and more coming from the law good to get what they need them made then old a.
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summer's this is just part of a see a part of its broken off. at last is the long a seed pod in the world the species it comes from. and each one has one of those just going to run for will see it as a practice that sometimes you get them really long that. leave this for them as well and i use it musically and i know they don't use this for anything and that. i love the seeds here it's fantastic to have somebody here you know and for him to see some of this kind of experience here but also must be some mind blowing for him to see this for all the senate he's none for us for the told the reasons he's one pressed by like people people's behavior like we saw some guy down the street and he was like on the corner there and he's like combing his hair and then he was like doing a kind of dancing where you know you have to push the movement one arm and down the
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other and but he was also like a little crazy because he was also going into the garbage can and the trash can sniff it i mean he was doing and so some of it was really fascinating watching the guy. who. so much noise from the traffic. well you know there's nice things to go but it
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is it is a strange world when you're away from me and then you come back you realize how strange artificial it all is everything is marching in this kind of fake account of me everybody doing these tasks that really have no intrinsic importance to their lives you know it's just something they do to to to make a living it's not really connected to life. like it's not quite real or something. or you know part of me is here but part has it has not is not here it's like i'm holograph or something. and not a real person. in
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two thousand and six i got sick and i thought it was a malaria you know then the term had typhoid and swear words and i came back to the states and how for a break. i went to the national institutes of health and they did diagnosis and they found the bodies for hepatitis b. they said i have to take this to seven times the is something you can only get if you haven't yet. exactly as a comparison i don't have that as being. you know i don't want to do interferon if i'm living an active lifestyle and there's no guarantee that it doesn't it's going to do anything on its own like they say it can cure me it's not going to make my the hepatitis in the act of what i thought the health of this be was an actor more of you know for one moment it's all the other options to who couldn't when the you know they said will exert you know them with a decent income and you know you read about them but i just did sounds really scary it confounds to some extent the effects of hepatitis b.
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so in people who are calling fact and it becomes all the more complicated in terms of the potential effects an exacerbation of the you know chronic liver disease perhaps an acceleration of the of the changes in the liver that lead to cirrhosis and the potential perhaps from the a cancer. the . cutler. like to fully. let the simulate the feeling of love the love that. comes with the muffler to look.
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like a little boy. i love how you. live .
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alone let alone the. moment i want to. give the doctors for. me something to live. i want to tell you that this is one of my. hopes that i have that you want to look to accomplish was it was me insanity and watching my son playing with yeah that's going to need so it's you know it's something i always wanted i never really thought was was going to ever happen but you know you make big brother going to
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meet your kids right and that it's difficult i didn't lie but yeah you did go in if you know and certainly they. like to visit you over there sometimes. i'll talk to you about it before i don't try to encourage too much because i don't want to you know if something happens and i would feel responsible so it's like i'd leave it up to the person to make if you want something happens work if you've got some disease where you've had so many things that they've actually thought you were like your science experiments i mean they said if you have to washington they gave you all kinds of. this is interested in this look every time someone tells you they want to study you ok but i'm not a doctor told me he said just let me don't tell him i told us tell you this in coffins but they're very interested in liver.
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there's a man with a minimum. a lot more wobble would you follow my mom would have before my brother ali. and said you see i did live full day of my living. and dead to me but i'm also love building. all member of them you know i'm in love you will love a good man just a family mentioned by me no not being the only. one
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way to know and i know many don't count on them and do not give. in. no mumbled my nose at. mendo is someone being the one's own mom. have make the dove realize that it's sad song of that is it meant i love you as just a song i mean that was so long john man as you know you know when it's all done that song remains that my funny money not mine don't know my name by kenya mall morning i'm up for well more than the fortune one more no one will walk will know when to move money need to know something in the name in time and i was a lone wolf i soon going to let my study. to now come. to you.
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i woke up at four o'clock in the morning you know i sleep because i have this big pit partly because of. the school because i you know last year i made a huge debt to supply all the kids with. pills for school notebooks and. heading up because you know every day i have to get things from the mauritanian shop and it was a period. for like two months when i didn't make there wasn't even i didn't even make you know a dollar to know tourists or the tourist that came they didn't stop by us i couldn't sell a single cd nothing you know we're going to go back and i'm going to have very little . you know very little cash and then i'm going to have these people coming bothering me thinking i'm like whoa whoa whoa you know you know i hate when i say look i don't have any left you know the thing of course i have money and i'm loaded you know because i'm a white person and i just came back from america really where's your ten years i'm going to get for like
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a week and have people coming to my door people below by office coming and coming not believing anything i say thinking i'm i'm holding out on them that i. have this stuff that. i mean i can deal with the. but what's for me is depressing is the fact that. i don't think i have any kind of. source for financial help that's my biggest that's really makes me depressed because. i'm beginning to think that i can count how can i carry on living there. you know in my village. in this town i don't know how i can. look
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luck . now. look i was the one and then. one and then i'm up on one and then the morning undead local new on monday when the one. now dead ended i did them up i walk out one on monday. the touch.
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has. so. cuts. against this impasse need to stealing in boston our. fans from all over the world have descended on this small and german town hours and hours and hours. on record to list them and immediately call the display. the ultimate.
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inmate nine hundred sixty eight and i'll cry and go around the world. young people against their parents' generation give me hope wasn't honestly dusty fulla stupidity and. they demanded nothing less than a home society. one maelstrom of concern among let's. go to those missouri remember the. first time for the first time i had a feeling of the the palms of some of. the seeds of civil rights. peace movement and women's. lib. nineteen sixty eight. the global revolt starts september first do double. play.
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play. play play play . this is detail the news coming to you live from berlin a deadly knife attack on the outskirts of paris the attacker kills two people and leaves the nodded gravely injured authorities say the suspect has been shot dead by police so-called islamic state kim's responsibility but offers no proof we'll go live to paris.


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