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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CEST

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we are so clever the elite controls the rich but it's one. of investment bankers comfort carousel with the first on everybody's wrong to want you to leave nor the reality that they might blow up in the face of a system that spawned you know the control. of the world and the everything the crunch the vestment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. secret planet of the. i want to welcome to another fun filled show from dancing in the streets to singing sad songs we've got a packed program in store here's a look at what's coming up. loving him tender fans in the german town of but
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now time celebrate their king of rock n roll. trumps in advance a good fishing on first back is an age old tradition on belgium's north sea coast and icy delight a japanese ice cream specialty can now be enjoyed in currently. it's been over forty one years since the king of rock n roll elvis presley passed away from cardiac arrest but his fans remain loyal to his music and his style on both sides of the atlantic and one place where that loyalty takes shape every year is in the german town of bad now haim where elvis was stationed while in the u.s. army well there for the past seventeen years the festival has taken place wholly dedicated to the king they're all next reporter hayley rawlinson traveled there and got all shook up by the activities. the rock n roll
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era ushered in by over us presley swiftly took the world by storm and still captivates fans today what's behind this everlasting fascination with the keep. growing up in cleveland ohio near the rock n roll hall of fame and i've heard elvis was the king of rock n roll since the time i was a kid but i didn't know he lived in germany and in fact i didn't know he lived in this tiny german town which now hosts the european elvis possible each year drawing fans from all over the world i had to find out what it was all about. in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight at the height of his musical career elvis presley was drafted into the u.s. army and stationed in freetown you're frankfurt west germany the nearby town of bad now high became his home for a year and a half it's an experience the town and his neighbors haven't forgotten see the descendants of those very neighbors and by the rest of the world to their home for the seventeenth european elvis constable let's see if they can keep the spirit of elvis and rock'n'roll. the festival is full of the king's spirit everywhere you
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turn there are nine hundred fifty s. cars fashion and music with plenty of dancing all inspired by the king of rock n roll. so why are people still loyal to elvis after all these years. rock n roll is great you can get dressed up and dance that's fun. oh regime all over oh rouche pull out my great man great singer great entertainer with us. through the looking for. she makes my day also doesn't really think what i really like is that his music is so important to the people here that's wonderful because it keeps him alive. most of the musicians are not elvis impersonators but they do count him as a major inspiration like the silver rockets from the netherlands. elite . and or. winner darlene love who once shared the stage with elvis himself.
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that. all this actually leads up to the elvis party. but first we need to practice if you dance moves. the easy to. follow. story get we saw you dancing and really loved it and we were hoping that you wouldn't mind teaching us a little bit of her face thank you no we thought ok we're through it. that was the estimate and nico has been dancing for nine years so they've got the moves. is based on the triple step. of the track. but i don't know if it'll be so easy for me and said.
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thank you for loads of great thank you so much for the love it was no mary was very and it wasn't as easy as you made it look but i think we tried today and so and we had a lot of fun doing it so thank you thank you so much for. the party is hopping and we're ready to let the music take control and trust and dance moves of our own . leg. it's the second day of the festival and elvis fans are back at it for more fun. in this car is a lot like the king's famous pink cadillac he was known to start his car in traffic to sign autographs earning him the name elvis the traffic obstacle. and it's not the only time elvis caused a stir here hotel manager tom must say. as the king and his entourage were kicked out of this room at the hotel.
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the main reason was that they. newspapers blow them off when it's smoked they put it down under the other door was thought it was funny remember the old ladies were on all day and oh no it's was burning your hotel owner said it's sorry but now it's enough. fans can stay in the perfectly preserved room for about one hundred fifty euros a night. normally the. very friendly happy funny from crying yesterday we had a woman that kissed the bat really really. the room is designed to accommodate vanity which all this was also known for. it seems like the king really need a lot of mirrors to fix his hair because there are about six mirrors in the street and we counted. nearly every spot in bad now hein holds
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memories of elvis visitors can follow in his footsteps on a tour led by a local expert one stop is at his house a goodish class of fourteen where he met the love of his life for senate at a party they later married and had a child together. back in the center of town the party rages on with no sign of slowing down. but now i make technically a lot of men and oversee the hunger burning but what i actually found was that the residents here are really proud of elvis' time here so it makes for the perfect for anything anyone thinking that rock'n'roll spirit that helping spirit a lot. all right moving on now to
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a brief look at other stories making headlines on the cultural scene starting with the famous british actor who may or may not be the next james bond let's find out how he likes his martinis more coming up on that in today's express. british actor idris elba celebrated the premiere of yasi his directorial debut in london on the cheese day the film follows a young gangster from kingston jamaica who joins london is jamaican can you see in the nineteen eighties alba also used the opportunity in london to dispel rumors that he could be the next james bond. but it would take most of his stuff i'd actually like to i mean the family seven. meanwhile it's also a message that danny boyle won't be directing the twenty fifth bones picture after all he quit due to creative differences but never say never they might all change
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their minds. right now hundred fifty teens from thirty eight comes. the championship runs until august twenty fifth. hundreds day swedish princess is still had her first day at school six year old is still arrived in the company of her parents crown princess victoria and prince daniel through meet her classmates mr l. is the first member of the royal family to attend the campus of manila a private school our new york and ireland in central stockholm its unique educational concept emphasizes francis and creativity. riding horses and fishing for shrimp are two activities which don't seem to go together but when you visit the belgian town of asa doing checa they get the locals
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will tell you otherwise a fisherman here on the north sea coast practice the ancient art of gathering shrimp with baskets on horseback it's. a tradition that dates back to at least the sixteenth century well this technique is now just a relic from the past but it's also a big tourist draw we were on hand to find out why the belgians insist on keeping this traditional life. this might just look like a busy day on the beach but it so much more preparations are underway for a centuries old practice that's been inscribed on the unesco intangible cultural heritage left namely belgian shrimp fishing on the walls back. to fishermen and attach nets to their. views and pull them from the sea bringing in shrimp and crab certainly not your usual method for catching delectable seafood. although my
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father told me this. is a man's hobby being on the beach with the horses are enjoyed a lot. between april and september the whole spectrum fisherman trolled the belgian coast several times a week and. when you're fishing on a boat you have nobody to talk to. you still you heard the engine but. now i count every time i talk to my horse is that my best friends. love them or friends i mean . i prefer a horse. today it's mainly tourists who was keeping the five hundred year tradition and. absolutely you know. it's so much fun to watch the horses plodding through the city
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. it's great for the kids to see and for grown ups too it's really cool. that the shrimp fishermen usually spend three hours riding their forces through the scene afterwards the catch is sorted on the beach to fish on jellyfish that end up in the nets tossed back into the sea much to the delight of the cedar. something. then take the catch back to their farms where they cook them for tourists to sample. the next day then back out again trolling the sea along the belgian community or didn't care to walk through. and sting on the subject of culling merry delicacies summer is the time for ice cream and here in berlin you certainly have your choice of ice cream cafes including ones from japan the tens on lab is the first of its kind in germany and it specializes
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in shaved ice with unusual flavors but you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets if you want to enjoy this exotic ice cream so was it worth the extra cost what we had now to the ten's and lab to find out. this japanese specialty starts out with ice shaved off a large block of events up as a category japanese ice cream the meaning of the thames and nab the name of the berlin ice cream parlor gives a hint of things to common. ten posts humans own eyes. so humid ten means heaven means mountain so it's a mountain in heaven the ice cream in the bowl is shaped like a mountain and customers who eat our ice cream feel like they're on a heavenly mountain. and judging by the customer's faces it does look tasty.
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he has a very yummy tasty mini doesn't is not that sweet very flavorful a lot like raspberries and lemon but not as dense as. a source or syrup topping makes the ice cream even more having me with flavors like my sock and avocado or the fruit mango in roxbury but doesn't come cheap a portion costs from seven to nine year olds. in the us and there we use only organic ingredients. hundred zero we cook up syrup and condensed milk fresh every day. for a look there are as many of our ingredients come from kyoto in japan. so the price is higher than for a scoop of italian ice cream. pies but our portions are pretty big.
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and in the afternoon one order after another goes out ya know your she keeps on turning the crank that's a muscle building. and how is your home. big when i looked in the mirror i saw my arm was twice as thick as usual. so she's in good shape to keep brylin supplied with mountains japanese ice cream and. just one way to cool off and now is a good time to let you in on this week's draw now since most of europe is experiencing some of the hottest temperatures on record we would like to know if you have any tips on how to survive the heat northern europe isn't really used to hot summer days like this so maybe you have some tips from your part of the world now some of you have already sent us and some photos with your ideas so keep them coming just go to our website for all the details and by doing so you qualify to
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win a euro max watch are moving on now to a sneak peak into someone's home below bode and for today's deluxe we are headed to the take ends a region in southern germany where an interior designer and her husband converted a dilapidated building into a dream home now they have overcome certain building restrictions since the structure was listed under monument protection but their patience and their efforts seem to have paid off. it. is the bavarian word for an extra little house next to the main farmhouse it was generally used by the older generation this particular one stands on an estate that once belonged to take the abbey. even though it's a protected historical site it was in very poor condition when sabina tuscany and her husband stumbled across it in two thousand and six. so it's
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a business although the owner of the house was actually hoping it would collapse but the antiquities office said if it did he wouldn't be allowed to build anything else here says mr jay said we couldn't build anything else on the spot if it collapsed. it took a great deal of effort and money out of their own pockets to restore and convert the house the annex with the wooden facade used to be a hen house. has a straightforward floor plan and typically upper bavarian style. the couple documented the difficult restoration work in photos the double scaffolding for instance it was needed to keep the house from falling down and then does invasions it man in these pictures you can see how terribly rotten the timber
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was. in the council house probably because someone had covered it with insulation at some time. is a living from the wood couldn't breathe under it. today the house is a cozy place to relax sabina tuscany is a photographer an interior designer she furnished the to hoist a. she found a light blue china shelves in a corner here a relic of times past. she got other pieces from empty can flee markets. the kitchen bath and living room or on the ground floor. there are cozy knocks and crannies everywhere like this fireside bench. the bedroom is on the second floor despite the four small windows it's amazingly bright and friendly. typical of the take in a region is the historical folk art. this painting depicts adam and eve under the
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tree of knowledge an age old subject on an age old door. two of the windows in the bedroom are the oldest cities of these are the two windows facing east. if they still have their nets lazing and these little i instruct i put that to brace it a little when the wind was. throughout the house the original glass is intact just as there isn't any new glass in the windows this kind eyes cluster. another narrow stairway leads up to the guest room under the roof. when children come to visit sabina likes to show them how the trap door works it's a rather unusual mechanism. is it their mission is and is a mechanism used to close this trap door is a fantastic designing it hangs down here and runs across this we'll. give you just this is a counterweight is this wonderful barbell. so getting up in the morning and opening
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the trap door involves a bit of work. and the bit of work involved in renovating the two hundred so has been amply rewarded with a historical residence in one of germany's most popular vacation areas by lake. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail the interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home decoration we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribed and don't miss out. on you tube.
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and finally take a look at an up and coming of french singer and guitarist laura now when she takes the stage or makes music videos she likes to roleplay transform. her normally shy and to mean are into a kind of warrior woman projecting a strong female character and her music also reflects her north african roots which she inherited from her mother's side. has been gaining attention in music calls throughout europe and we hear more from her now about her musical inspirations. was. mesmerizing tunes by long. who needs a little more than her brilliant singing voice and guitar to in thrall audiences.
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the in the video to or song no one or far away the french singer explores a vast a wintry landscape playing a strong amazon like character. he gave me strength like wearing a kind of super ham mosque. superhero although it would probably be more accurate to say i felt like a warrior or wild amazon look stands for a strong female figure from fox. but being a strong individual also means knowing one's weaknesses. no one cone knows her fears and confronts them in her music feeling even entire opera houses. the. third is. the twenty seven year old wears lots of black mask like i make up when she performs. her amazon like image helps her
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comeback stage fright. why don't i wish they're gonna think i'm actually really shy it's a playing this role helps overcome that says so. should you can. build. her song for our friends who are cold described birds migrating north it's a metaphor for her mother who's jewish ancestors were driven out of spain morocco and then algeria before finally settling in northeastern france. and. beyond the call feels a deep connection to north africa. now it is right not on merit it may have a close relationship with my mother and grandmother they're both very big hearted women it's a typically north african will meet comes when i say i feel africa in my body i
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mean less and so much more. to me when i write songs i feel the travel is the force migrations and everything that my ancestors had to enjoy that was afghans are now our own things it's in her d.n.a. that she still feels cold even in mild temperatures and always needs to wrap up in warm clothing still she has no desire to move to north africa she feels quite at home in a city of no see. to move to say i know this town like the back of my hand i've got friends him my family and my hangouts i love living here because especially if you don't see.
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your cones musical career is only just beginning but with her spellbinding born son charming manner her future looks bright. and when that is time to say goodbye well don't forget to check us out on facebook or go to our website to see the reports again if you want as always thanks for tuning in we're seeing and tomorrow. to edition of your a max. in iceland's capital hey kiev ache aesthetic and every kurian enjoyment combined in a very special way. that pop up restaurants find world famous artist for any s. on it's a partnership with his sister victoria any of those responsible for the delicacies made with icelandic ingredients creative cookery next time on your.
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an abandoned construction site in istanbul. this is where zaineb does do know one sliver. she and her neighbors were driven out by the state for two years they've been homeless waiting in vain for the apartments promised to them. construction crisis in turkey who will help the victims. in thirty minutes d.w. .
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moving the fun beethoven. his works god is for to know. the maestro and intrigue. of unfinished bombs twenty two. we make up over three quarters of africa that hundred thirty five we all are the sum of some of the some of. the want to shape. the continent's future it's harder to enjoy youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge of. a muse alice. unsub. is a call to take it up to this con. side but.
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the people have put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on the demi. moore. frank food. international gateway to the best connections also road and rail. located in the heart of europe connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers triallists services . biala guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from.
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this is due to all the news coming to light from both of them the u.s. and china escalate their tit for tat trade dispute the two economic ties is the kissing each other with another sixteen billion dollars in top its course stands to lose the most giving you a special report from one u.s. region interesting for tough times ahead also coming up don't try.


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