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transferred. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin the u.s. and china escalate their tit for tat trade dispute the two economic titans the kids each other with another sixteen billion dollars in tally of course stands to lose the most we bring you a special report from one u.s. region bristling for tough times ahead also coming up donald trump denies any
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wrongdoing the day after being implicated in illegal hush money payments to former associates facing jail time will the president have a political price to pay. and preparing its citizens for the worst case scenario the you kid government starts additionality advice on what to do if britain crashes out of the european union without a deal. when a warm welcome to you i'm on the thought she the u.s. has slapped a twenty five percent tariff on sixteen billion dollars worth of imports from china this is a second round of targets in response to what the trumpet ministration calls beijing's unfair trade practices badging reacted swiftly with its own high tally of an over three hundred american targets and that means tough. times ahead for american
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regions that exports billions to products in china one of them is a city of. the brookings institution says no other metro area in the u.s. is being impacted more by the u.s. china trade. alexander from naaman visited the region and sent us this report. from handrails an alloy city in beijing and shanghai and his driver own two sister company in wichita that over a wide range of an aluminum however should have been strong decision it's becoming more and more difficult for the brothers to calculate their contracts a big impact for us we're dealing in about six months we're not. we didn't affect our market but we had to be very careful to project your project let's say in january and goes up thirty percent by march and your bid is not very good
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anymore from the current terror of taxes on imports and exports says karen page c.e.o. and president of kansas global one twenty five years she's been working to help local companies to improve their position in global markets now she has to deal with more and more businesses suffering from trauma treat. it we're hearing from companies that they may have to lay off people they can only absorb you know the head on their profit margins for so long and then they'll not be competitive competitive they can't south they can't sell they have to lay off. according to a recent analysis which should tell with its focus on aerospace manufacturing and agriculture it's more exposed to chinese terrorists than any older us metro area but it's not easy to find business people ready to talk about that some admit that they don't want to be seen to contradict president in this deeply conservative state. for now many manufacturers here say they're holding their own but with one
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in four dollars in which the us economy coming from exports to tariffs are expected to have a huge impact an estimated twenty thousand jobs are at stake and at the moment it's the farmers who are paying the biggest toll one of them is kid miller at third generation farmer he's been in the red for the last two years now he's afraid of losing china as the market drop despite the fact that he soybeans are doing just fine. her prices that we are receiving are and you are from a dollar to two dollars less than there was three months ago and it's cause enough for her real concern whether we're going to be able to get those prices back in the near future and we're we're definitely worried about the. worth of the income is going to come to the fore nevertheless keith miller still
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supports. his the first president fighting for you ask interests he says the farmer hopes that one can strike a deal with china and most of all miller hopes that this will happen. nesting in the us president donald trump has accused his former lawyer michael cohen of lying under pressure from prosecutors investigating campaign finance violations the white house is grappling with on the geishas the president has traded an illegal cover up to buy the silence of two women who claim to have affairs with them. in his guilty plea michael cohen who committed to violating campaign finance laws during the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election he said he was instructed by a candidate it understood to be tunneled trump to make payments to two women to finance their obligations they had extramarital affairs with trump in an interview on fox news trump tonight breaking the law or did they come out of the campaign
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didn't come out of the campaign they came for me and i did about it you know i put i don't know if you know but i thought we did. about the payments but they didn't come out of the campaign my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign because that could be a little dicey and the line out of the white house is clear as the president said we've stated many times he did nothing wrong there are no charges against him he did nothing wrong there are no charges against him in this he did nothing wrong there are no charges against him congress which will do as much authority is the executive branch at least on paper may see things differently impeachment becomes a possibility when there's evidence of what the u.s. constitution calls high crimes and misdemeanors but no make is a treading carefully prepared and i just don't think that engaging in speculation is the way to go and certainly i think impeachment talk is something that is not something we should be engaging in right now i don't think i've witnessed anything
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like that witness over the last year and. probably the american people haven't in modern times if there weren't people in our be a juror so you wouldn't expect. to would make a decision on impeachment do you hear what the house of representatives very that's because it's the house the votes to open an impeachment trial which then takes place in the senate republicans control both houses of congress that might be of some comfort to trump but by no means office total security. australia's embroider a leadership crisis that could topple prime minister malcolm turnbull a new prime minister would be australia's sixth in this in a decade turnbull has survived one leadership vote within his ruling liberal party this week and is now facing a second one on friday he described the challenge against him as an intelligent insurgency to move his conservative policy to the far right. the
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reality is that i am minority in the party room. supported by. others outside the parliament have sought to bully intimidate others into. making this chinese leadership that they're seeking. but obviously if people do want to. conduct an internal insurgency they're very hard to stop so we will have to let the democratic process play out. that was a street respond minister malcolm turnbull that we now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world protesters have marched in downtown nairobi kenya to demand the release of an opposition lawmaker in neighboring uganda which has just put out the call to free the wind a pop star turned lawmaker who opposes the long time ugandan president whine was
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charged with treason in a civilian court on thursday. after the children who crossed into bangladesh without parents were orphaned by violence in me and maher it was previously thought that they'd been simply separated from their living parents this new finding by the aid group save the children comes one year since me and my began forcibly expelling seven hundred thousand rohingya muslims. the leader of the so-called islamic state appears to have resurfaced after more than a year a recording from about darby has been released by the terrorist group the secretive i s leader has been reported killed or wounded several times city and the date of the latest recording have not been verified. turning out of the u.k. where the government will start advising people and businesses today on how to cope
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with any disruption if britain crashes out of the european union without the dean of britain's brits it minister dominic rob says he's still confident to reach an agreement with the e.u. but that the advice published today explains what the government will do if nor deal is released britain's exit from the block is due to take place in march next year. and the u.k.'s big city minister set out. plans in the event of a no deal on becks it here's a little what he had to say. we're stepping up the pace in intensity or negotiations and i'm confident the good deal is within all sides but remains our top priority. remains overriding priority and at the same thought naturally we've got to consider the alternative possibility but that doesn't match our ambition and pragmatism that we do not reach a deal let me be clear about this it is not what we want and it's not what we
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expect but we must be ready. so that was done in a robbery you can is a briggs but it's a joining me now is our correspondent could you logan in london he did for you what we learned today in terms of what the british government is planning if there is no deal gregg's it these twenty fine details documents. if you want them if you believe the opposite by so is this is largely because of the if you'll mess if you please go and but it's looking at the market by he measures that he citizens for years and financed and that's just say they won't give my sister but it is also the only illustrates how you know food it will be some measure of people might say overall it is sinking in now if you didn't expect it. now the ucas friends of mrs sounded confident that
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a deal will happen to what extent willis comments reassure the rest of britain that they will be in agreement. i think there's still a lot of doubt in the book in the sense you have to some of the industry men that's all see questions at the end you know what happens in my business what happened to train for a what will happen to costumes that range constraints off the eve it's written cash south east bloc it's a deal it's going to happen in parliament what's the what happens in health heads medicines as well nick rock today did reassure that there were these commitments made in the face he also said that it's to be a range it's basically the even if they're mostly it's for people all said day to day lots of great things quite so much as the east it is the needing to eat in a europe or here in the u.k. what is going to happen if there is no to zero it's not the government it's point we're still trying to get a sense of calm things don't bully possibilities that you've got it's very it's like it was even if it's not the. right kid you know going in london thank you very
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much. the former head of the brazilian football federation marty martin has been sentenced to four years in prison by a us judge the sentence follows his role in the global corruption scandal that dropped fee for the governing body of world football the eighty six year old marine was convicted of charges of accepting the grimes in exchange for handing out broadcast and marketing rights for major football tournament he was also a top official at fifa and was one of seven zero into twenty fifteen as part of an investigation by u.s. and swiss authorities marina was then extradited to the u.s. for prosecution. now it's being hailed as a giant leap forward for weather forecasting after sixteen years of intensive planning testing and construction a new satellite was sent into orbit last night to monitor when systems around the globe. began to begin. the satellite was launched from the
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european space agency's spaceport in french guy and up it's been named all of this after the keeper of the winds in greek my prodigy scientists hope the data collected will help more accurately predict extreme weather and climate change. you're watching the news coming up ahead. your coffee cup often ends up in a landfill because so far up on the screen has been too expensive to recycle but that may have been a solution inside. that story coming up with monica jones along with other business headlines after a short break you're watching the daily news coming to you live from but then remember has lots more on our website that's the dot com. and also you can follow
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us on twitter and facebook to me to have your company and to stay with you debbie news now monica jones believe it you shook it. good. good. good good good. good financial. move on. a little. more. earth. home to use of species. a whole lot more significant. given those are big changes and most start with small steps globally dia's tell stories of credence people and innovative projects around the world.


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