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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin a shop escalation in the u.s. and china us trade disputes the two it could only join hands hit each other with another sixteen billion dollars in town of course towns to use most to bring you a special report from one u.s. region brings in for tough times ahead also coming up preparing its citizens for the worst case scenario the u.k. government starts dishing out advice on what to do in britain crashes out of the european union without a deal between general brussels and things. and this is the soundtrack for social
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change in georgia. the capital club's in tbilisi on the forefront of the push to get the conservative posts of the country do you listen up and embrace the liberal values. of the warm welcome to you i'm on the thought she the u.s. has slapped a twenty five percent tariff on sixteen billion dollars worth of imports from china this is a second round of targets in response to want to trump accords beijing's on fred trade practices china reacted swiftly with its own high tariffs on over three hundred american products and that means tough times ahead for american region.
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that export billions in tax to china one of them is a city of rich the brookings institution says no other metro area in the u.s. is being impacted more by the u.s. china trade. xander phenomenon visited the area and sent us this report. from handrails an alloy. junk food and his driver own two sister company in wichita over a wide range of heel and aluminum however should have been strong decision it's becoming more and more difficult for the brothers to calculate their contracts a big impact for us we're still in about six months we're not. we didn't affect our market but we have to be very careful not to project your project let's say in january and then goes up thirty percent by march in your bid is not very good anymore and it's going to hurt the terror of taxes on imports and exports says
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karen page c.e.o. and president of kansas global for twenty five years she's been working to help local companies to improve their position in global markets now she has to deal with more and more businesses suffering from. it we're hearing from companies that they may have to lay off people they can only absorb you know the head on their profit margins for so long and then they'll not be competitive competitive they can't self they can't sell they have to lay off. according to a recent analysis wichita with its focus on aerospace manufacturing and agriculture it's more exposed to chinese terrorists than any all the us metro area but it's not easy to find business people ready to talk about that some admit that they don't want to be seen to contradict president in this deeply conservative state for now many manufacturers. here say they're holding their own but with one in four dollars
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in which this economy coming from exports to tariffs are expected to have a huge impact an estimated twenty thousand jobs are at stake and at the moment it's the farmers who are paying the biggest toll one of them is keith miller at third generation farmer he's been in the red for the last two years now he's afraid of losing china as the market dropped despite the fact that he saw it beings are doing just fine. current prices that we are receiving are anywhere from a dollar to two dollars less than there was three months ago and it's causing. her real concern whether we're going to be able to get those prices back in the near future and we're we're definitely worried about the worth of the income is going to come to the fore nevertheless keith miller still supports. his
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the first president fighting for you asked interests he says the farmer hopes that one can strike a deal with china and most of all hopes that this will happen soon. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world protesters have marched in central ny ruby kenya to demand the release of an opposition lawmaker in neighboring uganda protesters put up the coup to feed bobby wine a pop star turned politician who opposes uganda's long term president you're very much of a me mommy wine was charged with treason in a civilian court on thursday. after reading the children who crossed into buying a dish without parents were often by violence in myanmar it was previously thought that they had simply been separated from their living parents this new finding by the aid group save the children comes one year since may and ma began forcibly expelling some seven hundred thousand during muslims. a man with
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a psychiatric problem says fatally stabbed his mother and sister in a paris suburb and seriously reduce the third person french officials say the thirty six year old man was shot dead by police after the attack islamic state swiftly claimed responsibility but provided no evidence of a link to the knife man. the u.k. government will start advising people and businesses today on how to cope with any disruption if britain crashes out of the european union without a deal britain's drags it minister dominic rob says he's still confident of reaching an agreement with the e.u. but that the advice published today explains what the government will do if no deal is reached and britain's exit from the block is due to take place in march next year all. this on get a perspective from the heart of the european union brussels correspondent barbara stand by bob rabbit expressed optimism a deal will still be respected in the u.k.
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and the e.u. from brussels perspective do you think that optimism is well founded. it's a question whether the britain is still able to move it can be able to move to make further compromises and at the moment that doesn't look very good at all rob comes to brussels now every week from day to day he really wants to be present here he wants to give the impression that he is do everything to push things forward bot they have reached a stalemate as we know and the question at the core of the problems at the moment is still the northern irish border no hard border between our land and northern ireland and there is simply no movement on that question and so michel barnier here in brussels and the two negotiators these talk so if there's not a for the signal from london they can talk as much as they want just turning in circles so how likely is
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a nor decent scene in busses. it's a question of timing and the timing is really against the reason may the british prime minister as she has her party conference the conservative party conference in october if she's through revives that if the heart breaks a cheers are not going to push her out of office during that period of time then maybe she'll have bit more of the way to make further compromises in the right direction of the european union if not it becomes more and more likely because as the weeks race away until october until november that seems to be more or less the latest date to reach an agreement. the odds that there might be a very hard cliff edge fracture or exit or no deal bret's it as dominic dropped today explain to his citizens and a lot of things a robin what is that he assured britons that they would continue to enjoy the bacon
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lettuce and tomato sandwiches no matter what would brussels stand in the way of the british b.l.t. sandwich in the event of no deal. might in a way because if the border controls then the lead is coming from spain and that's built the trucks because they might be stuck there for three days so how about. some elven the ingredients written might have to sort of look to what it has looked through its own means its own agriculture and sort of modify somehow so how about a corned beef and cabbage sandwich something like that might actually be in the pipeline and there will be changes for britain and dominick is just trying to tell his citizens that rather carefully at the moment that panic might be rising of the next months. in brussels it was a pleasure to talk to you. turn into a stream which is embroiled in
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a leadership crisis that could topple prime minister malcolm turnbull a new prime minister would be australia's sixth in less than a decade turnbull has survived one leadership vote within his duelling liberal party this week and could now face a second one on friday and he described the challenge against him as an internal insurgency to move his conservative party to the far right. the reality is that i minority in the party room. supported by. the parliament have sought to. bully intimidate others into. making this trying leadership that this. but obviously if people do want to. conduct an internal insurgency they're very hard to stop so we will have to let the democratic process play out. that has
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a stream is from mr malcolm turnbull german chancellor angela merkel begins a trip to three former subject republics today georgia armenia and azerbaijan they all have been caught up in ethnic conflicts in territorial disputes security issues will be on macas agenda as well as political and economic ties georgia's keen to join the european union and nato for protection from its much larger neighbor russia. america's first stop will be in the georgian capital tbilisi earlier this year demonstrations in the city expose deep divisions in society thousands took to the streets in protest after police raided several night clubs searching for drugs the city's beauty community spearheaded the push back calling for a more liberal society. this is the soundtrack for social change in georgia. techno clubs like he. part of
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a movement pushing for the rights and to ease the country's unusually strict drug laws there islands of freedom in a conservative post soviet society. club culture is growing very fast but. the years changed. to people. people like. strange. don't deserve to be part of the. change. to change. dancing became political in may after armed georgian police raided two of to be most renowned clubs coffee gallery and looking for drug dealers in response to what many saw as the heavy handedness of. hundreds took to the streets to protest the
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government and to fight for progressive values by down say. gay rights activists live on video need to organize the regular night at one of the clubs that was raided he says the community often faces abuse and violence in georgia and that's why they are a key group in the push for a more liberal society community as well as other groups have enjoyed by. c.n. use a safe space as a space where they can enjoy solitary to equality freedom. which is quite outside of. those club scenes it's very conservative outside and though the club rates for presenting this threat to the safe environment georgia appears to be at a crossroads between its past and its future but conservative forces including the georgian orthodox church are also very powerful in the country and in recent years
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several nationalist groups of appeared on the georgian political scene. i. mean he is a musician and he's also the co-founder of the ultra nationalist movement georgian march which has rallied crowds against migrants and for what she calls traditional family values that she feels georgia is losing its national identity to western liberal values. we want to push into war why are we rushing towards darkness when we can't see anything. saying georgia is european country is absurd this is the caucasus country. at the. a candidate from georgia in march will be running in georgia's presidential elections in october but with different groups and generations pulling the country in different directions it will likely take much longer for georgia's future to
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take shape. coming up ahead your coffee cup often ends up in a landfill because so far. has been difficult to recycle but they may have a solution inside. this instance could have a story for you shortly. often fighting for the case taking seriously in the world of what appears this coming out women strong.


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