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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin plans for a worst case scenario the u.k. government tries to reassure citizens and businesses in the event that britain crashes out of the european union without a deal by publishing practical guidelines should talks break down with brussels also coming up we talk to the captain of a german aid ship who is on trial in montana after landing two hundred thirty rescued migrants there and the rounding to the u.s. has china for a second time with tariffs beijing corresponds in kind with
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a trade war escalating who stands to lose the most we bring you a special report from one u.s. region bracing for tough times ahead. on little rock it's great to have you along everyone keep calm and carry on that seems to be the message from the u.k. government which has published guidelines for people and businesses on how to prepare if britain crashes out of the european union without a deal britain's brigs administered dominic rob says he is still confident of reaching an agreement with the e.u. but that the advice published today explains what will happen if no deal is reached . while britain is due to redraw from the block on march twenty ninth next year here's more of what rob had to say. we stepping up the pace and the intensity on
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negotiations and i'm confident that a good deal is within all sites that remains our top priority it remains overriding priority and at the same time naturally we've got to consider the alternative possibility that he doesn't match our ambition and pragmatism that we do not reach a deal let me be clear about this it is not what we want and it's not what we expect. all right to let's get reaction now i'd like to welcome here in the city here the deputy leader of the opposition free democrats in the german parliament mr alexander graf lamb star of a very warm welcome mr lamb do you believe the u.k. is ready for a no deal back that well i believe what happened today was a welcome sign of realism because the british government in the past has been pollyannish about the situation in the knowledge has now that dominic robb called pragmatism is now what's called for because there is a likelihood of no deal being reached i don't hope that it's going to be the case
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but we don't know it may well so i mean be right in your assessment do you still think there is a glimmer of hope and that a deal is within reach well i believe that if the u.k. finds a solution for the irish border and makes it position clear on whether it wants to stay in the customs union with the european union a deal can be reached but the red lines that the u.k. government has drawn are still there so no membership in the single market no membership in the customs union and that makes it exceedingly difficult what's so interesting to have you here with this is that you've spent more than a decade in the european parliament so you know all the ins and outs of the e.u. what downsides are you expecting for the european union should a no deal breaks it happen where the downside is that we said been here the chief negotiator of the e.u. has identified right away and that concerns people first and foremost their e.u. citizens living in the united kingdom who don't know what the future will look like they have british citizens living in the e.u.
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and germany and france and other countries who don't know exactly what their status is going to be so it's people first and foremost that we have to care about and the second thing is of course great britain is a very important partner in nato ally and we don't know how much bad blood is going to be created if a bad exit really comes to be read the reality that we're faced with and you mention people and those are who are going to be most affected on a personal note do you think the e.u. . really did its best how did it happen the way it handled these negotiations when i think that mr bundy has done an outstanding job he's been extremely patient i'm very happy that dominic rop now moves forward finally acknowledges reality his predecessor you know he wouldn't even come to brussels to negotiate and when he came and has been here sitting there with a stack of papers trying to advance things and davis didn't even have a pen with him or a job is trying a different approach i welcome that but i believe the e.u. on its side has really devoted resources hard thinking and also sort of
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a readiness for compromise in these negotiations i don't think one can blame brussels for the difficulties that we're faced with nonetheless there have been so many warnings issued should there be a no deal brags that credit cards no longer work playing at food shortages pharmacies needing to stockpile drugs. i mean is this all part of a fair mongan campaign a negotiation tactic no it's about regulation look medicines in the e.u. only need to go through one set of tests somewhere in the e.u. and then it's recognized everywhere that a medicine is safe however the u.k. leaving the e.u. means that it's medicines that it produces it's pharmaceutical companies they're no longer recognize and on the continent and on the same time we can't allow that because we want people to have the best medicines available solution needs to be found but and that's crucial the e.u. will not abandon its autonomy of decision making so when rob says as he did today
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well we should accept british standards we should accept british say testing procedures etc that is not going to happen brussels will not abandon its regulatory autonomy we would be looking for compromise but let's not forget it's not the e.u. who's leaving britain it's britain was leaving the e.u. so all the odds are actually stacked against the u.k. if i hear you explain it that way when you talk to your constituents is this an issue that weighs on them is this something that. they're thinking about you know they think about pensions they think about education they think about digitization and germany were a bit behind on that they think about the international situation with vladimir putin and mr elder one of mr trump that's what varies them bricks it is very far from my constituents minds in the rest of germany so in terms of a no deal breaks it it will have no effect on germany it will have an effect on our businesses because britain is an important business partner it will have an effect on people students who attend british universities for example i've come from a university town these are the ones who are going to be affected but by and large
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generally speaking the broader public in germany i feel whether or not you know of fuel a dramatic difference how do you see things evolve well i'm an optimist by nature and so i believe in having spent a couple of years in the e.u. indeed i know that deals are always reached at the very last minute and knowingness has been here and now having heard mr hop in his speech today i think there are two people who may be able to hammer out a deal so it's remain optimistic to come back and talk to us once there is a deal thank you so much for taking out to speak to us mr alexander graf lamb star of leader deputy leader of the opposition for a democrat in the chair and you went. now let's bring you up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. protesters have marched in downtown nairobi kenya to demand the release of an opposition lawmaker in neighboring uganda protesters put out the call to free bobby wine a pop star turned lawmaker who opposes
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a long time ugandan president one was charged with treason in a civilian court on thursday. german chancellor uncle americal has kicked off a three day tour of the caucasus region her first stop is the georgian capital tbilisi where she was welcomed by the prime minister georgia has aspirations of joining the european union and nato as protection against potential russian aggression but miracle indicated that membership was not a priority. spain has deported over one hundred migrants from its north african territory ceuta the migrants were sent back to morocco after breaching the border fence earlier this week migrant shelters in suits are currently doubled their capacity human rights groups have criticized spain for sending some migrants back before checking their asylum claims. and on a related theme in malta the trial of the captain of
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a german eight ship that rescued more than two hundred thirty migrants in the mediterranean resumed today only to be postponed for three weeks for procedural reasons back in june maltese authorities allowed the ship to dock but then impounded it and charged its captain klaus. with failing to properly register the vessel hash insists he's done nothing wrong and e.w. news caught up with him at his home in southern germany. klaus had a comfortable life in bavaria he has a nice house and runs a successful small business but did not want to be complacent so he became a captain aboard a search and rescue ship in the mediterranean and that is now why he is facing legal proceedings in malta. of course this is an unpleasant situation but i go to court with my head held high i have to say we didn't do anything wrong on the contrary we saved people's lives and i gladly take responsibility for this.
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at the end of june and his crew aboard the ship lifeline rescued more than two hundred thirty refugees after that their own odyssey began the lifeline was not allowed to dock anywhere and instead had to sail aimlessly for days it ended up in malta where the ship was impounded weisz was taken in for questioning by police the accusation the vessels papers were not in order to school it's very strange that we're not talking about saving people's lives right now but instead about the boat's registration which is supposedly not valid this would mean we could not sail under the dutch flag even though it very clearly states this on the certificate flag dutch home port amsterdam. at home in bavaria klaus peter uses his time between court appearances to keep in touch with his network of supporters. a lawyer you walking fella is
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providing legal advice. feller cannot comprehend that rescuers are being treated like criminals. this stuff that as a lawyer i thought well this case is very unusual a person who was rescued people at sea has been detained. for very dubious reasons in my view smith's. body shining. lives in an affluent town in one of germany's wealthiest regions the refugee dramas of the mediterranean seem far away although close gets a lot of sympathy here for his work he sometimes has difficult conversations. you're not this is what i experienced at an ice cream parlor a man made me ask him if he favored letting people drowned and then he said yes if he were the captain he would simply run over people in the sea. you can't reason
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with someone like that the thought of i thought of god. before his next court appearance class peter is working on a minibus that was donated for his team in malta the activists are now collecting donations for a new ship they do not want to wait until authorities release the lifeline together with captain if they want to head back to sea as soon as possible in order to save more people from drowning. with the going to sleep or kicking off this weekend there is a one german football club that has managed to slip under the radar when it comes to predicting potential contenders to byron munich's the world laver cruzan have gone about their offseason business quietly tying down young stars to new contracts and adding to their already talented roster. you know the good vibes in lay the coups are not understandably flowing ahead of the new bundesliga campaign they were
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unlucky to miss out on champions league football last season goal difference counting against them now coach heiko hellish wants his team to go one better than that. of course it was annoying that we were three goals away from fourth place or even five goals from third place but the table met allies and now we have to improve or sort of wants to see if a person. play the couzens exciting brand of swashbuckling attacking football looks set to continue. the club's exciting young guns lay on bailey. and uli in bronze have all penned new contracts while last season's bundesliga goalkeeper of the year lucas are dead ski as of right from frank for. the titan truffles my time in frankfurt was fantastic i made a lot of friends there i will miss frankfurt but now it's
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a new chapter and i think we can achieve a lot here here and i can this may be history. with the squad featuring a good mix of youth and experience it would be no surprise to see leverkusen dancing their way back into contention for a champions league spot by the end of the season. had of the u.s. open tennis starting next week the final section of the revamped new york venue has been opened in celebratory fashion the louis armstrong stadium now complete where there were a tractable roof was unveiled with the help of a traditional new orleans marching band the fourteen thousand seat stadium is dedicated to new orleans jazz musician armstrong who moved from new orleans to new york's queens neighborhood where the tennis grand slam is based and new york locals john and patrick mcenroe christened the opening with a friendly doubles match. you're watching to win use a cell of
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a lot more to tell you about including washington and beijing hit each other with a second round of terror will have a special will pour from one u.s. region bracing for a tough times ahead. ben facility is up next with that story and a whole lot more. earth . only true kinds of species. work so you can. see as much as on those are.


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