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nineteen sixty eight. the global will start september first all. this. if you try to impeach me the markets will crash two days after his black tuesday. as talk of removing him from office. and even. general. for the latest in washington also coming up in the u.k. government tries to reassure citizens and businesses in the event that britain
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crashes out of the european union with a deal it's calling the survival plan it's. good to have you with us to have his former aides have been convicted revelations are swirling about money paid to women over alleged affairs well now u.s. president trump is firing back at opponents who are calling for his impeachment trunked went on fox news to declare that he has not broken any campaign laws he attacked his own attorney general jeff sessions for failing to show loyalty and take control of investigations. here's what trump had to say in response to questions about his political future i'll tell you if i ever got a piece i think the market would crash i think everybody would be very poor.
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because without this thinking you would see it you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe in reverse you are let's go to washington know our bureau chief alexander phenomenas following another extraordinary development today alexander we heard trump there use the word impeachment which is quite extraordinary for a sitting president is he issuing a threat. well we have to say that that's something that many people here are talking about volunteer for impeachment however we have to say that for example the democratic leader or so far have been quite reluctant to put this impeachment topic on top of their actions there are in the minority in the hollis and in the senate so they would sneed to republican support and that is not one likely to happen at least for now they also see that their base is very enthusiastic to vote and they also fear that this
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thought that the president might be in political peril could small belies his own supporters and strife them to the polls so there is a lot of talking about impeachment bazza no actually at in this interview it comes on the heels of the plea deal by drugs former attorney michael cohen over a hush money allegedly paid in adult film star over an alleged extramarital affair listen to what trump had to say about michael koch. did you directions maybe he made the deal he made the deal and by the way he pled to two counts and on a crime which nobody understands i watched a number of shows sometimes you get some pretty good information by watching shows . those two counts are even a crime they were in campaign finance. cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations among other charges trump says that you know what we're talking about
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here is not a crime so what are we supposed to make of that all exam well the president is arguing that this payments were made with his own money but it doesn't exonerate team because the law is quite clear here. if you are on income paying the compay and it has to disclose any payments regardless the fact that they are paid from ad campaign account or private accounts and then we have to say that of course the president can argue that he made these pavement or the payments were made because he didn't one hundred wife to know about the alleged affair but that's quiet and realistic scenario because he was campaigning to dig down a u.s. president and of course today we've got attorney general jeff sessions. from pushing back saying that justice will not be influenced by white house politics now
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this after repeated attacks coming from the president so how significant is this. i think it is very significant as you said president trump has been very critical of his attorney general. on many different occasions but sessions was always quiet quiet he didn't respond and the public so now seeing him. you know he's response probably clissold strong feel forcefully responding to that president is quite remarkable and some republican senators already are thinking that he might be fired by the president after the midterm elections writes a correspondent alexander phenomenal the story for us in washington alexandra thank you. here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the democratic national committee in the u.s. says an attempted hack into woods voter database has been thwarted this comes two
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years after russian operatives hacked into democratic party computers during the presidential election campaign facilitating the release of tens of thousands of emails it's not known who was behind this latest hacking attempt australia is embroiled in a leadership crisis that could topple prime minister malcolm turnbull he has promised to quit if enough members of his and liberal party vote for a fresh leadership challenge on friday turn the ball has described the move against him as an internal insurgency to push his party further to the right. spain has deported over one hundred migrants from its north african territory they will tell the migrants were sent back to milwaukee after breaching the border fence earlier this week migrant shelters in say were to are currently at double their capacity human rights groups have criticized again for sending some migrants back before checking their asylum claim it's. a british aid worker has been temporarily
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released from jail in iran now doesn't mean that is our garri radcliffe had been sentenced to five years in jail convicted of plotting against the iranian government she has been given a three day reprieve to visit her family british authorities and supporters are pushing for her permanent release. keep calm and carry on that is the message from the u.k. government as time starts to run out for agreeing on a deal to withdraw from the european union no should britain crash out with no deal well the government has published guidelines for people and businesses on how to prepare for that but breaks it minister dominic rob says that he is still confident of reaching an agreement with the e.u. twenty five sets of guidelines for different industries were published today they'll be about fifty more by the end of september. the message is loud and clear don't panic britain's prime minister dominic robb emphasised the guidelines issued
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today emily a contingency plan for the event of a new deal something he said is unlikely and i'm confident that a good deal is within all sides that remains our top priority it remains an overriding priority. naturally we've got to consider the alternative possibility that the e.u. doesn't match our ambition and pragmatism that we'll reach a deal let me be clear about this it is not what we want and it's not what we expect but we must be ready to deal rob was at pains to stress that even if there is no deal there will not be chaos in britain's. but despite ongoing negotiations between the twenty seven even member states in the u.k. and no deal scenario could have wide reaching consequences without a trade agreement britain's relationship with the e.u. would be governed by the rules of the world trade association customs chance would be reintroduced which would lead in turn to massive queues along access roads to
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ports. w.t.f. rules do not cover and traffic however airplanes would not be permitted to fly from the u.k. into e.u. airspace and vice versa that would have a knock on effect disrupting the delivery of foodstuffs britain imports thirty percent of its produce from the e.u. u.k. supermarkets could feel the pinch rob was eager to allay fears of a food shortage critically important issue so let me assure you that contrary to one of the wall the claims you will still be able to enjoy b.l.t. off the backs it and there are no plans to deploy the army to maintain food supplies. health care services and the finance sector could also be hit british citizens living in the european union could lose access to their u.k. bank accounts should recognise that rob is sticking to his detriment mantra adamant that the u.k. is ready for bracks with or without
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a deal very much. all right let's pull in our correspondent bob of angel she joins us tonight from brussels good evening to you barbara you know i read that the european union had already put together its own documents on how to deal with a break sit no deal and now we're hearing that the brits are doing the same so what do you pose the makers make of this do they believe that britain is ready for a no brakes deal. at least britain is finally acknowledging that frex it is going to be highly complicated because in brussels so far as there was a general sentiment that the british side completely underestimated what breaks it means the complexity of the issue all these things that concern the supply not only of food but the whole supply chain of industrial production flights access to bank accounts this whole
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a complex and web of modern life is going to be torn apart forcefully if there is no deal and that is something that is a thought that it british the british government nobody really seem to entertain now finally they get into gear to make contingency or to say emergency plans and so brussels of course gets the feeling that yes they are looking at reality now and they might then and the next step may be ready to move again and it's hard to understand the reasoning isn't it if you've always said that a break that with the new deal is not an option then why would you even publish these guidelines to begin with but despite that you've got the u.k. breaks of secretary dominic rob saying he's optimistic that a deal will be reached from brussels perspective from where your city do you think this kind of optimism that we're hearing in london is well founded. optimism is
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certainly misplaced because from the e.u. perspective what needs to be needs to happen is that the british side needs to move again the reason may has put her latest proposal on the table before the summer and that's the so-called checkers paper something she cooked up with her cabinet in her country seat checkers and the e.u. side looked at it and said what she says about the friction is traffic customs union and a market for goods that is not palatable to us we can do that that is against our rules so it is waiting for further compromise or take britain taking a different tack however nothing is to be seen so really what they're doing when that meeting each other here and now and are continuing nolen a weekly basis is just running in circles and so optimism is misplaced at the moment. so what about the likelihood of a new deal. taking place i've seen in brussels. the
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problem with the no deal breaker brand is the timing and the timing works for it because the reason may has a constant conservative party conference in early october before that she can't make a move because the hard line breaks to use already out for battle against her if she survives the party conference then she has about six weeks maximum six weeks till the middle of the end of november to sort of kept negotiations in brussels going again make for the compromise and figure out an agreement that is a very very tight time frame almost impossible so the mall in the weeks race down to the end of november the more likely in no deal scenario is and i don't know if you're hungry barbara but you know mr rob do you sure britons that they would continue to enjoy their bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches no matter what would brussels brussels stand in the way of a good british b.l.t.
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sandwich even in the event of no deal. basically non bonds to brant to some of them are even assembled made in northern france and that won't happen you know any more after breakfast of course and if the brits don't mind a bit of wilted lettuce and some tomatoes then of course they will continue to have the tea because it will be stuck in trucks. and over however maybe for britain it's the best idea to go back to the good old british pork pie know that that might be the future off the united kingdom and we know rex it is all about nostalgia and the olden times my goodness but i don't know how hungry i am after that anyway thank you and blucher tea in brussels thank you barbara. or earlier this month scientist in siberia made a sensational find a moment i thought well that's between thirty and forty thousand years old now they've shown the discovery to the public for the first time it's the world's best
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preserved prehistoric baby horse. main organs were all kept intact as. the fall was found in a remote crater locals as the gateway to the underworld a maze. at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see a day. of. his creation. his friends on the mystical calm the gulf it a profession. what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades. of his moments in the life of a great fashion designer. says start september. w. .


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