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and the continent of africa the stories of how to build additional change makers taking their destinies into their not just. the w.c. series for. g.w. dot com recall. ira when i walk into another edition of your max with me your host making lee from photos on high to an oasis for our lovers we're covering lots of ground on today's show here's a look at what's coming up. creative a pretty scene artist all of our other guests and a sister of opened up a pop up restaurant in iceland strong sound dutch singer kovacs asked me for our
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usual voice and so-called direct thanks flying a photographer martin owes them captures northern germany's beauty in the photo. it's often said that children follow closely in their parents' footsteps and for siblings all of our las and victoria hear this it definitely seems to be the case their father was a ship's cook and he was an artist as well today all of for is also a world famous artist and victoria works as a chef in his studio here in berlin but their native iceland has called them back home for a temporary cola mary project the pop up restaurant a so we kitchen one o one or here the duo have combined their creative instincts to serve up icelandic dishes for the next three months.
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installations combined with fine dining. that's what served up at the assembly teachin one o one in the icelandic capital ricky. said let's look at this proper prestone there's a collaboration between siblings through ariel son and victoria and the us daughter she is the head chef and uses mainly authentic icelandic ingredients in her dishes . is the combine the experience of course of bringing all of us art in the studio their work here as you also can see and then the concept of the food from berlin colliding with icelandic seafood so one of the great things about this food is obviously that it's also about ecology sustainability and so it's a lot of the op that i'm interested in and involved with as well so there is a kind of i did object there's a connection here big jorja at least on her and her team are creating icelandic
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city chip after marinating lobster and cod in line juice spiced with chili pepper the dishes rounded off with oyster plant and icelandic strawberries cooking for me brings for example coming together it means family time it means a swell course. after training as a chef at a restaurant in reykjavik victoria ellie is daughter then worked in the u.s. and brazil. in twenty fifteen she opened her own restaurant in berlin called doctor and friend for two years then she switched to the kitchen in the studio over brother sun also in berlin. my favorite about how my sister victoria coach is it's of course very dicey because he doesn't overcook it so when you have a piece of cotton you. how cocky almost take it off it's nice when it's not overcooked and then i mean it's not wrong they said this just like
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a little fresh on the inside i love that. there's a clear division of labor between the siblings victoria is responsible for the menu like this dish of mackerel with garlic flowers on loveridge oil while her brother takes care of the decor. the glass in these lights was made using icelandic sand. in the same building visitors can see other works by all of your earlier sun including this glass brick it's called the classic brick and it is. as you can see a kind of a shape a break and when you stack this break you can make a surface and that is how it was done at the house. the harbor is a concert hall that's become a landmark in reykjavik all of her earlier sun design dudes colored glass for side . he's also well known for his the weather project which brought the blazing sun
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into london's tate modern in two thousand and three. in two thousand and eleven he created your rainbow panorama a glass walkway in or who's denmark in three years later he transformed denmark's louisiana museum of modern art into a riverbed or a fairly old son and his sister share lots of fun memories of their childhood in reykjavik their pop up restaurant is housed in the marshall house a former fish meal factory. live both long dreamed of operating a restaurant in this building which is now a cultural center. we try on my father. he was a cook on a fishing boat. a friend of ours labor has a restaurant in this room are ready. so it's just an idea we discussed we could do something here. for around three months. guests will be able to enjoy the siblings artistic and colin aren't creations in the u.s.
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so we kitchen one on one. if this goes well we might try it again next year so maybe in london i'm going to get fifty but it would also be fun to do it in other places like in a at is have about four in berlin the city is like the sibling second home so they can imagine opening a restaurant there maybe even one that will stick around for a while. from pop up restaurants to ancient roman ruins we move on now to a brief look at how their culture news making headlines starting with moonlight excursions in the eternal city more on that coming up at the top of today's express . those famous bonds of kara color can now be visited off to jump from now until october special guided night to us of the referee eighteen hundred year old archaeological complex of being off it. one of friends biggest and most well preserved mithraic temples
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which is normally not open to the public will also be open specially for these tourists. they ran until october second. turned seventeen on friday the frenchman is considered to be one of the pioneers of electronic music came out i was told name after the smash success of his album oxygen in the one nine hundred seventy six. single helped to bring the sound of synthesizers to the dance floor and turned the album into a milestone in the history of electronic music over the course of his career john is achieved sales of some painting million units world line.
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the tenth anniversary of computer and video game fit games khan is portraying cologne in the unites states does the banks of the line up based in color as part of the project lighted up around seven thousand new and sheets are being used to make prominent stops china's little frightened little this twenty six. all this week we've been presenting strong up and coming female vocalists who are bringing a breath of fresh air to the pop music scene while today is no different and our next report we're going to meet sharon kovacs whose music has reached number one on the charts in the netherlands now she's only twenty eight but her voice and raw lyrics have some comparing her to soul singers like amy winehouse kovacs brought out her first album in two thousand and fifteen to critical acclaim and now she's back with her latest record cheap smout so let's have a closer listen. when not enough.
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there's. no time to achieve. the new single better. contacts it's just two points with little in the way of instrumental accompaniment. and. i wanted to make a bit more raw because the first was about polish like the polish. and i am not really polish. something bad our. music is therapy back sings honestly about a difficult childhood and self down on the drawing destructive relationships. because you like in her song black spider. is seeing you again and. says you.
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see. it's just because. i'm always create like i difficult situations so music for me always was a way to express myself. something that was lying. because yeah i'll fly like a child like this was the only thing i could. sing others full name is sharon kovacs has come to listen to promote her new album. she grew up not knowing her biological father who didn't accept. people to recognize her talent but go back screwed up her courage make and performing on stage and studying music. it was clear right from the start. i always said
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i would like even if i was like the knives in it and my muse of course ever i was like what are you going to do later going to come get it so. everybody was like come on sarah be serious now it's like you know. oh the dream came true in twenty fourteen when she was discovered by producer. kind of like she sounded so often compared to i mean winehouse and show. people always wanted to compare things to describe it then that's fine but i hope you know after five fifty six years like somebody colliver you say well you
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sound like over. to get a transaction sounds confidence but it wasn't always that when i started her career the singer he johndroe for that became a trademark. i was shy i was scared i was didn't know what to expect i maybe i also covered myself a bit like they would like why should curity how i don't know and then when i started now with this album i was like. now i know it's not going well now and so now it's time to take it off and i have to show like i'm also much more confident and. yeah i feel much better than i did before and with a new self confidence confidence has also struck a new tone. but that will be a little thing out but. what encouraging won't live
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a more positive than what is seen in this album a little bit as a little bit of light it's not. just a little bit. it's still edgy that's kovacs. that. has a good beat all right time now to take a trip to the small greek island of hydra which is developed into a how to spot for artists and collectors in recent years no this is in part thanks to the wealthy and influential art collector doco from june to september his foundation organizes exhibitions an art of events on the island attracting buyers from all over europe while hydras residents have managed to maintain a quaint feeling on the island for years limiting the number of vehicles allowed as
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well as plastic furniture in some cases it's truly an island away says which has managed to keep mass tourism at bay. greek islands have retained their character and natural beauty as well as hydra. master ism isn't an issue here. still in summer hydra becomes a meeting place for the international scene gathering evidence and collectors flock to the island which turns into an exhibition space most of the action happens after dusk to avoid the heat of the day. due to outrun and i get my drift exudes a mysticism all its own and the artistic community has been hanging out here for years. the greek names have given unusual and eccentric performances here promises of god. the more eccentric the better. british visual artist david shrigley spent fifty hours filming goats pleasing to create his film loft
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a house now shown in a film a slaughterhouse on the line. with another artist who left his mark on the island was then it covered in. retrospect is some is in this house and wrote some of his best known poems and songs here like that on the wall and. the atmosphere of hydras also inspiring for german rising martin most about his stop his desk in france fit for a terrace on hydra to complete his latest work from. a. feeble phone book as if there is something really special about the silent. it's a unique example of an old urban organism that's been maintained and is in itself a work of art. is constructive. to the guilty is the floating work of. this brightly painted super yachts was designed by
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american artist jeff koons one of the most sought after contemporary conceptual artists. the vessel was commissioned by dock is to honor a multi-millionaire from cypress with crew. recreates the uncivil it's not just collection of kuhn's works and doing the summing his yacht also functions as a gallery on. every chair every picture every lamp could be a museum piece. my unfinished we had to be. brought to culture and because there's a book on this. show me what would you have to put people to catch. on to a couple sustainable tourism topknots contemporary arts. this mixture combined with the islands it did exciting tools writers and artists to hydra. maybe your home or
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apartment is in need of a creative interior design tip if so then we have just the solution you might want to try your hand and they do it yourself wire mesh lamp our resident d.i.y. hon and lead carefully walks us through the process so get out your pen and paper if you like to have a go at it on your own but don't worry if she goes too fast you can always see the video again on our youtube channel. creates its own kind of and today i'll show you how to make it. to give your hometown modern touch for that you need a floor lamp with a round lamp shade. by a mash two centimeters longer and wider than the lampshade. have.
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a spray can for much black paint. binding why oh. why cut his. clients. a box cutter. and take. let's go first cut off several pieces from the binding wire. and dismantle sheet. to measure the circumference of the line wind the wire around it don't forget to leave room for the overlaps. now tied you notice together with binding wire. using to cut away the top and bottom rows of the nut is.
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next to the outline shape with the craft now if you should end up with too much or rings left supplements you need to. make sure to remove field glue from the metal rings orange oil will help you there . now connect the rings to the wire mesh. use a pair of pliers to bend the ends of wire around the rings. once it's fixed repeat the process for the side to start by cutting the first open then remove the green binding. and finally. fix the body in place. now all that's left is to color you can spray and the color of a few choice i chose method like for this step i strongly advise you to work in
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a well ventilated place or even better i would toss the baby a really complex and. let the paint dry for a day. then you can reassemble the poets and one of them a stylish new blend with the y. emission i'm shade. recommends to use mesh with thin wire just like this one it's small flexible and easy to work with. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on homesick aeration will take you inside the most beautiful european
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homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out. on you tube. we take to the skies for our next report is where photographer martin els and shoot some of the most amazing land and water scapes now discovered his passion for photography only six years ago and since then he has brought out several books of his photographs the latest one came out last april in documents the baltic coast where we hear from the photographer now and why he prefers a bird's eye view. martin is an is an ardent aerial photography. he takes to the skies to capture stunning imagery of northern germany.
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for example of how the exit is centered. nineteen started out as a hobby photographer. now he's turned his passion into his profession. it's fabulous to be up here flying with the landscape below so tiny it's like a kind of quilt. of the colors we see from up here the baltic sea are truly impressive. but when you're down on the beach you can't experience all the different hues of the sea like emerald green or a deep shade of blue from here we have a fascinating view of it all we see the entire landscape as one stuff of the. mountain as the loves taking photos of germany's coasts today he'll be flying from
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the vast via heineken hafen to the baltic island off the mountain. pass taking shop it is from six hundred metres up in the air while flying at a speed of one hundred fifty kilometers is quite a challenge. and martin anderson is an absolute perfectionist. of. clowns but not too many and just on the horizon a light little dabs of white. well and you want to see to have a nice shade of blue that fades into green the landscape shouldn't be a barren one. virgine to green you want to get that around june and the position of the sun matters as well water photographs taken in the late afternoon or early morning can produce very harmonic images. sometimes you can also snap a perfect picture at noon. time there's one mall key to
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success pilots dennis had in mind has been working with martinez in for six years now. with all that feeds of info thing because the part of the major difference to regular flights is that martin is basically in charge he sits on the right side identifying the spots he wants to photograph no those are not in my side of view. so he gives me exact instructions on how to fly the plane how hard and how long to bank when to straighten out when to circle martin designs all that in mid-flight. over the years how do you has already spent three hundred hours together up in the air the mountain is taken more than eight hundred thousand pities he says he doesn't have a favorite kind of my teeth but he's got it during. i want to make a portrait series of new york because you could say the island is practically
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a part of germany has so many germans go there so i'd like to do that and maybe i'll manage it one day. until then martin as in book keeps soaring through the skies over northern germany. i or that it's time for us the so are out of here but just a reminder before we go don't forget to check out our website to see any of the reports again or follow us on facebook or instagram as always for me and the rest of the crew here aromatics thanks for tuning in once again tomorrow. next time on your own. fresh blossoms for the museum to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary your choice museum or not the florist andrius music is showcasing user installations combining flowers of furniture and crafts is artworks harmonized
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perfectly with the museum's other exhibits floral park tomorrow on your own facts.
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kickoff life. to him stopping. new players. a new coach. self come. back to tap into tons of top. chef on.
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lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so close the. last one. coming vestment bankers the carousel with never stopped everybody is wrong the wanted to ignore the reality of the whole thing might blow off. of a system that spun out of control. that will. cause. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . her first day of school in the jungle. first the clueless and. then doris granger moment arrives.
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join during a tank on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour on the range of ten returns home on. e.w. dot com tang's. six. we have a terrible problem with biofuels right now in this in that they're eating they're taking food. so i've made a prediction that about a century from now maybe two. we have a new industry that grows up that supplies carbon for industry. you can imagine making synthetic fuels out of carbon that you broke. with plants it will be in salt water goes to syria will be in the ocean and the reason
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is if it's on fresh water supplies of water it competes with food that is a perfectly possible scenario. the u.k. government has published guidelines on how to prepare if britain crashes out of the european union without a deal this although britain's brags that minister dominic rob says he is still confident of reaching an agreement with the e.u. the u.k. is due to leave the european union in march next year you have their rights.


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