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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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britain crashing out of the european union breaks it with no deal that outcome is not even supposed to be an option but it's looking more likely by the day well how bad could that be for britain we don't know but we do know the u.k. foreign secretary says no deal would be a mistake and those guidelines for everyone there being called survival plan i'm for golf in berlin this is the day. i'll be conscious about the deal because we haven't reached any agreement anything we have a duty as a responsible government to plan for everything. whether it's trade security aviation in you systems u.k. systems in europe i mean it really would pretty catastrophic ending all of these negotiations that we reached a deal let me be clear about this is not what we want and it's not what we expect
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but we must be ready. also coming up tonight more tit for tat tariffs between the u.s. and china and who is taking the hit ask the people in wichita kansas. but i have from companies that they may have to lay off people they can only have their or you know the head on their profit margins for so long and then. be competitive competitive they can't they can't sell to happily our folks. or we begin the day with preparations in britain for life after brags that this iconic british sign for nine hundred thirty nine which suddenly seems more relevant than ever in just a seven months britain is scheduled to officially leave the european union when the british approved brecht sit in a referendum two years ago lawmakers insisted that a divorce with no deal was out of the question for a minister to resume a spent months repeating her mantra breaks it means brags that when she's not doing
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that anymore today the u.k. government begin issuing guidelines for citizens and businesses on how to deal with an option that is not even supposed to be one a bricks it crashed britain's bragg's it minister dominique rob says that he is still confident in reaching an agreement with the e.u. but that the advise published today explains what will happen if no deal is reached which brings us back to that sign first used when the u.k. was bracing for war now no one is implying that he breaks it crash would be about wife and death the government insists that these new guidelines are meant to show that london is ready for any outcome but if you ask the brits to describe these new guidelines you'll hear the words survival plain. the message is loud and clear don't panic britain's breck's it minister dominic rob emphasized the guidelines issued today and the only a contingency plan for the event of
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a new deal something he said is unlikely and i'm confident that a good deal is within all sides that remains our top priority. there remains overriding priority. naturally we've got to consider the alternative possibility that the e.u. doesn't match our ambition and pragmatism that we do not reach a deal let me be clear about this it is not what we want and it's not what we expect but we must be ready which deal rob was a pains to stress that even if there is no deal there will not be chaos in britain's. but despite ongoing negotiations between the twenty seven even member states in the u.k. a new deal scenario could have wide reaching consequences without a trade agreement britain's relationship with the e.u. would be governed by the rules of the world trade association customs chance would be reintroduced which would lead in turn to massive queues along access roads to ports. w.t.f.
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the rules do not cover and traffic however airplanes would not be permitted to fly from the u.k. into e.u. airspace and vice versa that would have a knock on effect disrupting the delivery of food stuffs britain imports thirty percent of its produce from the e.u. u.k. supermarkets could feel the pinch rob was eager to allay fears of a food shortage critically important issue so let me assure you that contrary to one of the wall the claims you will still be able to enjoy b.l.t. off the bricks that and there are no plans to deploy the army to maintain food supply. health care services and the finance sector could also be hit british citizens living in the european union could lose access to their u.k. bank accounts should recognise that rob is sticking to his daniel tammet mantra adamant that the u.k. is ready for withdrawal without a deal that very much. all right let's pull in our correspondent barbara vague so
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she joins us tonight from brussels good evening to you barbara you know i read that the european union had already put together its own documents on how to deal with a break sit no deal and now we're hearing that the brits are doing the same so what do you jose makers make of this do they believe that britain is ready for a no brakes deal. at least britain is finally acknowledging that it is going to be highly complicated because in brussels so far there was a general sentiment that the british side completely underestimated what breaks it means the complexity of the issue all these things that concern the supply not only of food but the whole supply chain of industrial production flights access to bank accounts this whole a complex and web of modern life is going to be torn apart forcefully if there is
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no deal and that is something that is a thought that the british the british government nobody really seem to entertain now finally they get into gear to make contingency or to say emergency plans and so . of course gets the feeling that yes they are looking at reality now and they might then and the next step may be ready to move again and it's hard to understand the reasoning isn't it if you've always said that a break sit with the new deal is not an option why would you even publish these guidelines to begin with but despite that you've got the u.k. brits and secretary dominic robb saying he's optimistic that a deal will be reached from brussels perspective from where you're city do you think this kind of optimism that we're hearing in london is well founded. optimism is certainly misplaced because from the e.u. perspective what needs to be needs to happen is that the british side needs to move
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again the reason may has put her latest proposal on the table before the summer and that's the so-called checkers paper something she cooked up was her cabinet in her country seat checkers and. looked at it and said what she says about friction is traffic customs union and a market for goods that is not palatable to us we can do that that is against our rules so brussels is waiting for further compromises or to take britain taking a different tack however nothing is to be seen so really what they're doing when they're meeting each other he and now and negotiations are continuing nolen the weekly basis is just running in circles and so optimism is misplaced at the moment . so what about the likelihood of a new deal. taking place. seen in brussels. the problem with the no deal breaker brand is the timing and the timing works for it
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because tourism a has a constant conservative party conference in early october before that she can't make a move because the hard line breaks to use already out for battle against her if she survives the party conference then she has about six weeks next month six weeks to the middle and end of november to sort of kept negotiations in brussels going again make for the compromises and figure out an agreement that is a very very tight time frame almost impossible so the mall in the weeks race down to the end of november the more likely in no deal scenario is and i don't know if you're hungry barbara but you know mr rob do you sure britons that they would continue to enjoy their bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches no matter what would brussels brussels stand in the way of a good british being able to sandwich even in the event of the deal. basically not
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bought brant to some of them are even assembled made in northern france and that won't happen again any more often price it of course and if they have brits don't mind a bit of wilted lettuce and some tomatoes and then of course they will continue to have they be o.t. because it will be stuck in trucks. however maybe for britain it's the best idea to go back to the good old british pork pie know that that might be the future of the united kingdom and we know it is all about nostalgia and the times my goodness but i don't know how hungry i am anyway just say thank you and he in brussels thank you. well it happened exactly as expected the us has left more tariffs on chinese goods and china responded in kind of this is the second round of tariffs from the trumpet ministration a twenty five percent tariff on sixty billion dollars worth of imports china's
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latest tariffs are aimed at three hundred american broad. new negotiations couldn't prevent the latest turn of the screw so far the u.s. and china have each imposed import duties on goods worth around fifty billion u.s. dollars now american companies in china are getting on the easy to meet issue that our companies think about is the uncertainty that the conflict brings uncertainty isn't good for business it limits your ability to invest in new developments in a country that impacts your ability to hire new staff u.s. president trump is not just attacking the trade deficit with china he's also fired shots at beijing's industrial policies accusing the chinese government of paying high subsidies to companies in the tech sector like robotics and out official intelligence sectors hit by tariffs starting to hurt on both sides like at this market in beijing many have stopped ordering agricultural products from the. u.s. because they've become too expensive the new g.
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d's also affect items like turbines and chemicals china's retaliation targets included raw materials like coal and gas u.s. and china are two engines of the of the world economy if if if this trade will lead to and. you know slowdown will shut down i mean that could be disaster to the world despite strong resistance from within his own country trump is already threatening new sanctions on chinese goods with two hundred billion u.s. dollars taking effect as early as next month. what are the regions of the u.s. where manufacturing in farming depend on chinese demand these tariffs well their economic poison and nowhere is this tariff toxicity greater then in the city of wichita in the state of kansas the brookings institution says no other metro area in the u.s. is being impacted more by the u.s. china trade well alexander phenomena visited wichita.
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handrails and alloys. and rubber own to the companies in wichita that over a wide range of aluminum. over should have been strong decision it's becoming more and more difficult for the brothers to calculate their contracts the big impact for us we're still in about six months. if. we didn't affect our market but we have to be very careful not to project your project let's say in january and goes up thirty percent by march and your bid is not very good in the morning and heard the terror of taxes on imports and exports says karen page c.e.o. and president of kansas global for twenty five years she's been working to help local companies to improve their position in global markets now she has to deal with more and more businesses suffering from trauma treat. it wareham from
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companies that they may have to lay off people they can only absorb you know the head on their profit margins for so long and then they'll not be competitive competitive they can't south they can't sell they have to lay off. according to a recent analysis which should tell with its focus on aerospace manufacturing and agriculture us more exposed to chinese terrorists than any although us metro area but it's not easy to find business people ready to talk about that some of the meat off camera they don't want to be seen to contradict president in this deeply conservative state for now many manufacturers here say they're holding their own but with one in four dollars in which the us economy coming from exports to tariffs are expected to have a huge impact an estimated twenty thousand jobs are at stake and at the moment it's the farmers who are paying the biggest toll one of them is keith miller at third generation farmer. he's been in the red for the last three years now he's afraid of
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losing china as the market dropped despite the fact that he saw it being doing just fine. her prices that we are receiving are and you are from a dollar to two dollars less than there was three months ago and it's cause an oscar for her real concern whether we're going to be able to. get those prices back in the near future and or we're definitely worried about a word of the income is going to come to the fore nevertheless keith miller still supports. his the firth president fighting for you ask interests he's asked the farmer that trump can strike a deal with china and most of all hopes that this will happen. well the trade conflict with china is just one of many possible explosive devices
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in the us president trumps political minefield two days ago trumps former campaign manager was convicted on eight charges trump's former personal attorney michael cohen surrendered to the f.b.i. and admitted to several counts including bank fraud he also said under oath that trump and ordered him to commit a crime by using campaign funds to impact the outcome of the us presidential election well now the editors of time magazine have released the cover of their latest edition with the two words in deep the image shows the body of presidents from trying to swim in an oval office submerged in water after this week's black tuesday for trump the new time cover speaks to a white house administration inundated with crises some of them an existential threat to the presidency of donald trump. well trump is firing back at the accusation made by his former attorney yesterday on fox news's fox and friends he
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denied any wrongdoing but listen and pay attention to the word most sitting presidents would never allow it across their lips in public seventy six days away from the midterms hard to believe if the democrats take back power do you believe they will try to impeach you. you know i guess it says something like high crimes and all i don't i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job. i'll tell you what if i ever got a ph i think the market would crash i think everybody would be very poor. because without this thinkin you would see that you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe in reverse all right going to take the story out of washington our bureau chief alexander phenomenas on the story for us good evening to you alexandra we heard it drop there use the word impeachment extraordinary for a sitting president to do that is he issuing a threat here. well it sounds like a threat like
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a warning don't you know there are two that are wise you are going to pay the price and that is i would say i trump's usual strategy to tack to bully his critics his opponents to threaten them and to make up stories but this is also a message to the republican voters to his supporters and their hope to mobilize them to try if them to the polls by this prospect that the president may be in political peril and so he's sending this message saying them you have to vote for him for me in the midst term elections to prevent democratic party from taking over the house because if that happens that's really it's possible that we are a very likely that we are going to see impeachment proceedings starting then and i was there to do interview it comes on the heels of that plea deal by drones former
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attorney michael cohen over hush money. and adult film star over an alleged extramarital see or listen to what trump had to say about michael koch gee directions maybe many of the do he made the deals and by the way he played to two counts that are a crime which nobody understands i watched a number of shows sometimes you get some pretty good information by watching shows . those two cans are even a crime they were in campaign finance. a month ago when he pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations among other charges you got strong saying this is not a crime so what are we supposed to make of this. well the president is arguing that there is no crime because the payments were made to with his own money but that doesn't exonerate team because the rules or the law is quite clear here you have to disclose and the come pain expands. whether it's coming from
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a complaint fund or from a private account. and then there is attorney general jeff sessions he has watched bank it strong today saying that justice will not be influenced by politics know how significant is this. i think that this is very significant not the fact that once again criticized it criticize sessions but the fact that sessions this time hit back normally he would he wouldn't response to the president's criticism he would just continue work at the justice department so the fact that now he is pushing back it's very significant we have to remind ourselves that sessions was one of the earliest and most high profile supporters of president and he might be now in job for the there are some republicans already
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talking about that that that the president might fire sessions after that makes terms all right of course one always on a phenomenal list we've always denied in one should you know xander thank you very much. well despite the unprecedented challenges facing the european union and just think of bricks from the u.k. and migration in border control along the mediterranean the e.u. remains one of the world's most sought after clubs in fact countries are waiting in line just for the chance to apply for membership well that includes the former soviet republic of georgia germany's chancellor is visiting georgia and the country's president is presenting his case for joining the e.u. and nato but the west is reluctant to antagonize neighboring russia and today chancellor merkel rejected any fast track membership for georgia. well in the one
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visit calls for a more liberal georgian society have been growing louder tbilisi's l.g.b. ji community is spearheading a push back against hate crimes and reactionary politics. reports. this is the soundtrack for social change in georgia. tech no clubs like he'd b.b.c. are part of a movement pushing for l g b t rights and to ease the country's unusually strict drug laws there islands of freedom in a conservative post soviet society. club culture is growing very fast but. the years changed. to people whole. people like. strange. don't deserve to be part of this. change. trying to change the.
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dancing became political in may after armed georgian police raided two of to be lucy's most renowned clubs cafe gallery and looking for drug dealers in response to what many saw as the heavy handedness of authority hundreds took to the streets to protest the government and to fight for progressive values by down say. gay rights activists live on video needs that organizes the regular to be tea night at one of the clubs that was raided he says the community often faces abuse and violence in georgia and that's why they are a key group in the push for a more liberal society community as well as other groups have enjoyed the any is a safe space as a space where they can enjoy still a very quality freedom. well which is quite lacking outside of bus the
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and in those club scenes it's very conservative outsides and though the club raised the presenting this threat to the safe environments george appears to be at a crossroads between its past and its future but conservative forces including the georgian orthodox church are also very powerful in the country and in recent years several nationalist groups of appeared on the georgian political scene. is a musician and he's also the co-founder of the ultra nationalist movement georgian march which has rallied crowds against migrants and for what he calls traditional family values. the feels georgia is losing its national identity to western liberal values. we want to know why pushing towards why are we rushing towards darkness when we can see anything. saying georgia is european country is
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absurd this is the caucasus country. at the us that i'm. a candidate from georgia in march will be running in georgia's presidential elections in october but with different groups and generations pulling the country in different directions it will likely take much longer for georgia's future to take shape. well it is being hailed as a giant leap forward for weather forecasting after sixteen years of intensive planning a new satellite has been sent into orbit to monitor wind patterns around the globe . speaking tonight going to be a rocket carrying the satellite blasted off from the european space agency's space ford in french guiana it's been named. after the keeper of the winds in greek mythology scientists hope the data collected will help to more accurately predicted
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stream weather and climate change which. and back here on earth the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can write directly to me you see my handle right there bret goff t.v. and don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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his works in the goddess fortuna. the munster a and famous. beethoven ist bond twenty teams. get out of the. ira when i walk into another edition of euro max with me you're high. meghan lee from photos on high to an oasis for our lovers we're covering lots of ground on today's show here's a look at what's coming up. creative cuisine artist all of our other guests and the sister of opened up a pop up restaurant in iceland strong south.


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