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the game. starts october first. this is due to abuse coming to you live from six hundred people evacuated from a wildfire close to the german capital the marines has taken hold of a wooded area around fifty kilometers southwest of the city efforts to control the fire are being hampered by world war two mentions veterans in the forest we have an update for you also coming up pope francis prepares to make the first visit to
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ireland in nearly forty years with more revelations of child sex abuse by priests rocking the church will the pontiff respond to growing pressure to cooperate with investigators. and ultra to have been drinking australian politics a new prime minister is sworn in the sixth through the balding duel in a decade scott morrison takes the opera vicious leadership tussle. class bundesliga football is back tonight the new season kicks off and buying taking on popham high but german football has a lot to prove after a disastrous world cup we look at the challenges ahead. how in a way a warm welcome to you i'm on that that shima around six hundred people have been evacuated from their homes as a wildfire. bridge is now the german capital the bliss is taking hold of
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a large wooded area around fifty kilometers southwest of the city ballin residents woke up to the smell of smoke this morning hundreds of firefighters are battling the blaze and they've managed to bring most of it under control when we get up to the scene but first this report. flames are ripping through this german forest the place has spread to an area the size of four hundred football fields since it started on thursday. hundreds of firefighters have been working throughout the night to contain the blaze and there's an added challenge the area is littered with old munitions that were buried in the forests during world war two. i have huge respect for the firefighters who are out there right now risking their lives we know there's i mean national lying around in the forest residents said there were already some explosions around six hundred villages had to be evacuated some had to
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spend the night in local shelters. my son was worried he said father come to me. and i live alone. i don't have a wife anymore. now i hope that nothing has happened to my house. one can be more done we can only thank the authorities for what they've done for us. everything is fine and those were. the mayor of one of the villages says the situation is unprecedented. and i think we've already had some big fires here in the region so we do have a little experience but we've never seen wildfires in this dimension where they almost enter villages and i've never seen an evacuation on this scale before nine and i was on a shop it's still not clear how the fire started but germany has been suffering under a heat away for weeks leaving many forests and fields extremely dry now the challenge
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is to get the flames under control authorities say it could take days. now one hunts brand is in the town of troy and brits and close to where the fires are raging and it seems this old admonition buried in the forest is making firefighters work much harder how dangerous is it for them. well yes indeed some of the residents that we've talked to talked about the fact that last night when the fires started and they were told to evacuate their homes that they heard explosions in the forest that are not far away from where their houses are everyone knows of course that there are these munitions lying around in the forests yet they were also to munitions factories close to this town since the thirty's and in addition to that there were thousands of russian troops stationed here soviet troops i should say during the time when this was still part of communist east germany and when they left they left behind also quite
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a large number of dumps of ammunition that one doesn't really know exactly where they are for the fire fighters that means that there condor really leave the roads through the forests that have been cleared of magicians that can really go into the forest to the places where the fires are actually raging to the source of the fire so that means that the helicopters that are being used to extinguish fire are particularly important because they can approach those faces from the top that can throw water on the fire from the top but the firefighters on the ground cannot go into those areas and what about the scale of this five guilty on a busy day and it does me how did not report. yes indeed it's the largest such fire that has ever been experienced in this region and the fact that it was felt all that was that it was noticeable in berlin fifty kilometers away from here is an indication of that they were people in berlin that were caught this morning and thought their house was on fire because it smelt of smoke so strongly meanwhile the
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fire house being controlled to the extent that one of the villages one of the three villages that were evacuated has been secured and the people from that village about three hundred of them are going to be able to return to their village sometime the soft unknown but there remain two other villages which are still in danger and the fire itself obviously continues to burn on them in an area of about four hundred four hundred text has the prime minister of this province of brandenburg province who was speaking to the media just a little while ago say that it will take days at least to really control the fire if it doesn't come if it doesn't get found again by winds which are expected to lead to the softer noon and hence you've been speaking to some of the people who have been evacuated what have they been telling come if it doesn't get found again by winds which are expected later the softer noon and dance you've been speaking to some of the people who have been evacuated what have they been telling you about
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the experience. well there were some people who have who are in fact in tears this morning still when we talked to them about their experience really scared that the house might end up being tall not that they would lose their homes they all talked about the fact that they had very little time actually to collect important belongings most important papers possibles and insurance certificate things like that but not really items of. value such as photographs and things like that they had to do all that behind so they're very anxious to get back to their homes to hope that and hoping that they will be protected that nothing will be destroyed but really they are very moved and at the same time very pleased or very grateful that there are so many of the neighbors and people here and trying briefs in the next great tome that are prepared to help them many people have in fact fallen shelter here with neighbors or with people in the town that just opened their homes that
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had to be evacuated that's right hans braun thank you very much for that update for francis is due to make the first papal trip to ireland in the early forty years this weekend he's expected to draw much smaller numbers and turned out to greet john paul the second decades ago as he struggles to reinvigorate confidence in the church damning new revelations about current and past sex abuse in the u.s. chile and australia have cording to question the leadership of bishops and cardinals accused off protecting predator priests the vatican is facing growing pressure from catholics to cooperate with criminal investigators. joining me now is religious affairs correspondent martin welcome martin this so much of outrage with these latest new revelations which have come out about child abuse and turned into priests what kind of reception do you think the pope is going to get an island i think there is a mixed reception understandably i mean there is a part of
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a population that is still very much committed a large part of the population that is still very much committed to the got the lead church a couple of churches still a massive presence through the country but at the very same time it's also true that partly i think because of the scandals of the sexual abuse revelations or last ten years or so there's been a pretty systematic abandonment of the catholic church and this is very much reflected in newspapers and sort of public opinion one can see that you know there is much more of a polarization resonating twenty nine when john paul visited ireland the situation the demographic the religious demographics of the country were quite different the expectation is of course on the pope to see if anything will be said concerning protocol and policies of the bout to go because there's a huge cordon growing cotton pressure on the catholic church to take concrete action we talked to in fact an activist who was working for an organization to end
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abuse by because i just take a listen to what he had to say fust the church is the largest global institution and i'm sad to sign one having been brought up a catholic that it is to use a business term it's the market leader in criminality in this particular area and i think pope francis is there for five years and it's time he did something concrete not just it's you need him out apologies. so we saw that martin i mean a call for action is what people want at the moment and if you see any action it's not known i mean there's been a change in tone so the letter that was you should only a couple of days ago by the pope's office by the pope himself refers to some of these episodes i mean sexual abuse no longer us just a sin but no less criminal actions which goes to say that there seems to be at least a gesture that something will be done in terms of national authorities at the very same time what he's true is that this pope has been occupying his position for now
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six years five almost six in there's been endless talk about both zero tolerance to farther abuses and of putting in place particular protocols and policies to deal not just with abuse but with the cover up one of the things that we saw coming out of the pennsylvania grand jury. report is a matter of fact over this five or six years this kind of crimes continue to take place until i didn't is traditionally a catholic there have been social changes there in contradiction to religious and traditions for example legalization of abortion which is one recognizing gay marriage so i don't seems to be at a crossroads how do you the pope's going to navigate this briefly if you cannot and i think this is this is sort of the situation for the catholic church pretty much everywhere which is that society has moved away and all of that would preserve some of the values that the catholic church instills on its communities at the very same
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time it has taken positions concerning divorce gay marriage artificial insemination sexual morality that stray from the church bus station it is no longer viable for the church simply to take the high road and say we just are we are or you know or without us for the church to remain relevant politically this pope knows very well that he has to actually come closer to the values that no communities express are in and it's a very good expression of this because the change has been so obvious one so radical right masinga thank you very much for those insights a pleasure. this article at some other stories making news around the one german chancellor angela merkel has landed in the armenian capital here live on a spot of a three day tour of the caucuses maggie was greeted at the airport by the armenian prime minister nicola pasha and she flew in after visiting georgia and will enter tour tomorrow with a stopover in eyes of by john. a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake has struck along peru's border with brazil the quake hit in the early hours of friday
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at a depth of more than six hundred kilometers there were no immediate reports of damage but social media users say tremors there felt across the country. a former guitarist for the u.s. rock band and lynette skinner and core writer of the hit song sweet home alabama has died he passed away in nashville tennessee at the age of sixty eight you've been battling cancer. and not just really aware too much this week in politics has come to an end with a prime minister ousted and a new once foreign in form of finance minister scott morrison won a ballot amongst the liberal party lawmakers after his predecessor malcolm turnbull decided not to contest australia's had half a dozen prime ministers in a decade did you leadership challenges within the two main political parties
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morrison says he aims to unite the party behind him. after just under three years in office malcolm turnbull took his leave ousted by his own party to imagine that a government would be rocked by this sort of dysmorphia to you and deliberate. insurgency is the best way to describe it. he was stabbed in the back full stout by an increasingly divided party grappling with poor polling results and desperate to extend its time in power however this latest political infighting is a new likely to alienate voters further. very much like now they're very frustrated i think you know i think it's six point is this now is eleven years i think there's been a good time to develop real policy and it's a bit of a shambles racially and it really shows that politicians for the. have to say you
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know distrustful people. but new prime minister scott morrison was keen to stress that he is that for his people. it's been a lot of talk this week. about who sought people on in this building. and what josh and i had to tell you. as the new generation of liberal leadership. is where on your side that's what matters will the new prime minister be able to win back voters trust after all morrison is a strange seventh prime minister in just a red decade. since two thousand and seven no leader has served out a full term. malcolm turnbull has said he will resign his seat in parliament that would force a byelection that could risk the government's one seat majority so turnbull's ousting may leave australia as governing coalition in a more precarious position than ever. not if some support the
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new one this league season kicks off tonight in germany in the opening match defending champions by munich will take on hoffenheim and jimmy's embarrassing early exit from the what has raised concerns over the competitiveness of the been this the but the player has appear ready to prove the doubters wrong. the new bundesliga season is upon us ready to treat fans to another glut of the motions. germany's shocking world cup campaign however is still fresh in focus as well as the poor performance of bundesliga clubs in europe paying competition last internationally german football is going through a blake period only but merely because stuart out they made the semifinals of the champions league last season and of march to six consecutive bundesliga titles with little competition under new coach nico because that's the champions expect their
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writing to continue. and it's six months. by now six times champions in a row who want to make sure that we have champions again for a seventh time but we also know that the others will not make it easy. to try everything to take the crown office gotten by instalments is dangerous the top a race can only be competitive if other clubs boost their spending but you do the fifty plus one rule investors can completely take over the bundesliga clubs massive transfer fees paid by sides in england spain or by french heavyweights paras such a man simply cannot be matched dawson to spend seventy three million euros on new players the most out of any bundesliga club after a turbulent twelve months there is hope of the revival is known as a. situation where a lot of questions have to be asked. but i'm a long way from saying that everything was bad. but of course we know that we have
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to raise our performances so that we can once again treat our fans to proper football. but. the point is lakers becoming a development and selling league as they go runners up shell has sold central defender to low care to pay its chief a thirty seven million euro's but they still want to challenge by and for the championship. hoffenheim also haven't invested heavily but their coach is upbeat in its final season of the club every team basically wants to be champion we're giving everything to have a successful season and then we'll see what comes at the end of the campaign a more exciting season that's what all german football fans are hoping for but there has been a supporter backlash as the bundesliga becomes increasingly commercialized yet without the increased cash flow the legal fall further behind its rivals it's a balancing act that the bundesliga must achieve in the upcoming season.
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scientists in siberia made a sensational find earlier this month a mummy find phone that's between thirty and forty thousand years ago and now they've shown not the discovery to the public for the first time it's there was best preserved prehistoric baby horse its hair mane and organs all kept intact by siberia's permafrost before it was found in a remote created known by locals as the gateway to the underworld. monica joins me now on business relations between germany and saudi arabia seem to have cooled monica yes rita that's because saudi arabia does not take kindly to being lectured on human rights that is by other nations canada recently plunged into a diplomatic spat with riyadh over the release of saudi activists from detention and germany stands to lose out on lucrative business contracts in the kingdom
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following criticism of riyadh's human rights record. saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon wants to modernize his country but he doesn't appear to take too well to criticism relations with germany of cooled off considerably since former german foreign minister sigma gabriele publicly expressed his thoughts on saudi foreign policy in nov twenty seventh teen referring to saudi arabia's foreign policy gabriele said europe has to give a united signal that we are no longer prepared to accept the adventurism which has spread there in recent months without saying anything. many german companies are now afraid that they'll lose business in saudi arabia in the gulf kingdom itself there's a sense of optimism the saudi government is implementing social reforms and there are large scale construction projects underway but nervousness is growing among german companies with concerns that saudi business tenders are not considering german firms up to now the oil rich desert monarchy has been an important trading
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partner in twenty seventeen germany exported goods worth more than six point five billion euro saudi arabia. for more on that we cross over to daniel cole pool he is me now he added that you know at the frankfurt study exchange i believe i mean obviously a lot of german companies are listed in frankfurt where you are obvious faked it and if so how. well there's always this question you know should you do business with a country where people still on fridays sometimes get beheaded where there is no you know freedom of press where women have very limited or rights or you know should you do or should you take care more of your business usually of the companies also you listed in the blue chip index that they care more about their business when you talk for example of the amount they're heavily invested in saudi arabia more than two thousand employees of the humans are even based there the
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saudis also like very much german machines and also metal that has them used by their industry even though you know many say that saudi arabia is very important we also have to keep in mind that the trade volume compared to other countries is not that big so many are also saying well if they don't if they cannot deal with criticism you know it's also not that important but here of course it is a country that you know germany would like to do even more business with you know right and down you know when you say the germans are more interested in taking care of business they're quite good at that because fishel figures out today show germany's governments from the national to the local level recorded a surplus of more than forty eight billion euros in the first half of this year that produced plus of two point nine percent and it is also the country's biggest surplus ever recorded in a half year and it's a very slight rise in spending the why difference between income and spend is
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likely to lead to new calls for increased public investment in things like schools and infrastructure and of course one of the most outspoken critics of germany surplus is u.s. president to donald trump a done deal in france is not the only one many are calling for more investment right. i. was always very upset about this surplus and yes many also inside here of germany are asking for more investment and they're also saying you know that we have this surplus because taxes here in germany are still compared to other countries very very high just this week we had this big discussion here in the country about schools in germany many schools mostly state run schools are in many cases in very very bad conditions i saw photos there they're really a local bad also in utah for example of our digital infrastructure compared to other countries you know also in asia germany is way behind there are still many
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areas here rural in the rural areas but also sometimes in big cities like frankfurt where you don't even have a good working four g. network it's a little bit investment wouldn't be too bad in frankfurt thank you so much. and talking of investment chinese investors have been very active in portugal in recent years but they didn't just acquire a stake in the country's economy they also gained political influence the european union is watching this development with mixed feelings on just trying to keep beijing's reach within bounds. deledio the rodeo likes the experience and touch in lisbon he looked after chinese investors in portugal. but. the chinese have helped a lot because they've brought important revenue streams into the country which of sold the national debt problem portugal was able to pay its debts straight off. from thirty years of stagnation the financial crisis had meant unemployment poverty
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and austerity portugal's ten million citizens were kept solvent by the european stability mechanism but the country was forced to privatized state owned companies . in china came along on a shopping spree many chinese state owned companies bought into port. iggy's insurance companies banks real estate and indirectly even into media as well. also into portugal's profitable state owned energy company and it b.s. to portugal e.d.p. . china three gold just bought up twenty percent of its seven years ago and now it wants to buy it up completely it's offering nine billion euros for. the chinese government is behind what are ostensibly business deals does that make portugal vulnerable to political blackmail you know how. they were already dependent but we've also got brazilians angolans other european countries
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here and not just china china found a welcoming climate in portugal. portugal was in my car for a long time so there was always a traditional connection and the biggest investments came during the crisis they were really important for us. and. the potential problem and is working on transparency regulations for certain foreign investments applied to the e.d.p. they would function like there's portugal first screams for chinese companies offer parallel to that lisbon informs the e.u. commission in brussels along with the other member states they then screen the chinese bid themselves and give their feedback portugal then has the final decision on whether the deal goes ahead or not. bidding for e.d.p. is still underway and it's still not clear how tight the new iraqi elations will be some countries want a minimum of outside interference including portugal hungary and greece.
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china now seems to have its own presence at the negotiating table along with the government heads of the european union. and he's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. six hundred people have been evacuated. it from a wildfire near berlin the blaze has taken hold off woodland to around fifty kilometers southwest of the city efforts to fight it being hampered by world war two munitions buried in the forest. and pope francis is preparing to this it ireland where sexual abuse of children by priests has rocked the church and damning new revelations in the united states chile and a strain of plunged to the church into a wider credibility crisis. you're watching d.w. news coming to you live from pullin my name is monica jones and of course you can always find more online on our website that is a g w dot com or you follow us on
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twitter and on facebook the hospital for you at the top of the next hour to get. more intrigue on international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week. president another one to blame for turkey's economic crisis should europe
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should germany pop up a man who's turned his country into an october saying long term find out on quadriga coming up shortly. next on d w. meets cruising. for any awesome returns to read. this is that. restaurant. where patrons can enjoy great food enough to skits around. your local. sixty minutes.
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they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the move. story of those people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. singh multimedia series food for god. d.w. dot com africa. alone a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of berlin of the focus this week is on turkey's financial crisis that many observers feel
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could spiral out of control the turkish lira has lost close to forty percent of its value against the dollar since the start of the year contagion is now the watch word the fear is that the turmoil in turkey could impact other economists but president wretched typepad one has in.


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