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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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the future i really understand people who say they do want to stay here but they also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to teach them. how to start this city or start september second on g.w. . i wrote a welcome to another show with me your host making me from blossoming talent to no talent at all we've got a mix back on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. go west a german actress is making a name for herself on both sides of the atlantic. tone deaf why a hamburger a male choir hits all the wrong notes. and fragile our
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pascals society is a talented glass blower from luxembourg. often young girls dreams of becoming a hollywood actress remain just that dreams but for the ugandan bored actress a floor also a custom by her became a reality has not just conquered hollywood she's also landed a major role in germany's longest running t.v. crime series we caught up with her in berlin to talk about the various roles she's played so far. well you would be moved. as entertaining as that would be. strong because somebody has first ever hollywood role two years ago made her an instant hit with moviegoers she starred in the marvel comic book production captain america
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civil war but to her acting in the movie wasn't even such a big deal. for me she says so when i went into stand what kind of character i'm supposed to portray the event almost stop acting and just become that character be that human a comic figure or whatever i just do what i'm expected to do but it was super easy . after starring in captain america for all this was also cast for the black panther superhero flick which is set in the same fantasy world it came out earlier this year once again for almost plays i o. . i should decide enough that's the comic the character actually looks a bit like me when i see those pictures i always think yes it makes sense i got that role. in her role as io floor and serves as king charles bodyguard the king is the ability to transform himself into black panther. into the
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pit would suit him on the left and. in the movie black panther equipped with superpowers governs and protects the imaginary african kingdom of wakanda. yet not yet still be a keen. eye of the game. during the shooting far as consumers kong fu skills came in quite handy she really enjoyed making the movie. what i liked about being part of black tons that was the opportunity to work alongside so many people of color that was something really special. because when you watch the movie and pay attention to the looks and the research that's gone into the film and talked to people who watched it they'll tell you well i can really sense elements of my culture in the film. for the movie they cheer inspiration from a number of countries with the designs and i think lots of people are glad africa's being portrayed in such a positive light. for example that if. born in uganda
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because imber grew up in the german city of essen and a few years ago she moved to berlin with her husband and kids because i like berlin it's noisy but nice. fall study dancing and acting in the netherlands in two thousand and one when she was in her final year of university she landed her very first movie role and after that she went on to major european musicals like west side story cats and aida. in recent years she's also starred in a range of german t.v. productions like the crime series taught on. sister by and she is a dyna for jones has had seven appearances on tight art so far even though she's played a suspect a witness and a culprit the t.v. show is germany's longest running crime series and remains hugely popular to this day. twenty nineteen she'll be starring as
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a nina's schmidt's playing a tot or detective herself it's a role she's always wanted in a production she'll be solving a complicated crime mystery with the help of a new female colleague while dealing with a tense personal relationship because embassies this role is a step towards making german t.v. more diverse. there's still a loss of room for diversity so i look down the line they might cause someone with a veil a black person or an individual with a disability without the need to justify it simply because they're ordinary people who are part of our society i think there's only one. because some of the successes have boosted her confidence as an actress. she's looking forward to the future. i need to get to play a top ought to take to all that out because for foreign movie starring in marvel and d.c. productions these things just happened although i did were caught of course but now
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everything is changing rapidly and i'm being offered all these great roles so i'm up for all kinds of movies and playing a variety of different characters. like lending her voice to the lion king musical drama remake out in twenty nineteen watch out for flawless. moving on now to a brief look at other stories making headlines on the cultural scene starting with some furry friends who needed to weigh in at london zoo more on that coming up at the top of today for express. lendon suv held its annual weighing and measuring of its approximately nine hundred thousand animals not always an easy task. while the squirrel monkeys willingly cooperated. the first attempt to where the so much when tiger j.j. failed he simply tore the bait off the scale and ate it the data obtained from the
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measurement his fate into a digital system and shared with zoos around the world. is it a real rembrandt or not the cabinet in berlin is now showing around one hundred drawings all of which remained in the dutch masters workshop. by rembrandt himself but also by his many students from the very beginning their drawings were confused with those of the great artist. the students don't only cover the same topics as rembrandt but also used rembrandt's drawing style one cross or the human david or concrete i mean that's why the drawings of rembrandt students look similar to were exactly the same. till mid november visitors can make their own style comparisons.
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the static festival is currently taking place in santa cruz push to go for days the streets are decorated with living statues forty individuals and twenty one groups compete each evening in the categories creativity and originality impacts and immobility. the competition ends on saturday. the seventy men in our next report probably would never win a singing contest but that doesn't matter to them because they're attracting lots of attention anyway even though they're out of tune and have no real singing experience this men's choir performs in various locations in germany and they've developed a loyal following. and
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all mail quiet the phones on germany's cultic because. seventy men all singing out of cheer. we realize just how much we enjoy singing but we rarely find the time to get together. so one day i was cycling to work and called my friend climates. and i told him i have an idea let's start a quiet time and can make anything happen by the time i arrived at work he was already recruiting people on facebook twenty guys got in touch first practice session was magical i still can't believe it works for the lord's love us they can't believe it the worst thing that could happen is that it goes to our heads but we'll always stay true to ourselves driving them us over doesn't it's it. was it was. what these dense lacking talents they make up for with shit
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passion habits good kitchen quiet has even been invited to go film in shanghai's opera house gemini's most unconventional sing is that most of the phone done german t.v. . oh. oh . oh their repertoire includes famous hits they always give it their best and insist they're not to the british singing out of tune. just a bit. if you know when the concert will quiet founder says they run a tight operation. nobody speaks to this or disapprove of them i think the most important thing is that there's some discipline and that everyone knows that you come to understand
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everything works out all right so long as the two or three accuser times correctly and every singer knows what to do everything is great just on the left as margaret . the choir is always looking for fresh new talent it's been rumored one singer bribed his way in was a couple of muffins. while alcohol always moving on to an artist who specializes in blown glass now this technique isn't to that popular among female artisans because of the physical requirements but pascal from luxembourg has added it to her repertoire and is the only one doing it professionally in her country we meet up with her now. the ring seems to float. and it's a play of transparency and color. as art works confound the same
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serves. meant you can't get these floating elements in ceramics like in these objects you can't get them in metal or world or anything else because it's all the pick glass is the only material that lets you create these article illusions at. last floating within glass how is it done. only with lots of hard work as a visitor pascal styles luxemburg studio reveals. to make our glass sculpture within glass the artist makes the interior piece of floating part fast. i melt all the color together and then i can blow it then i can cover it with more
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glass glass so when the. intimate nine hundred ninety s. after she completed her training as a glassblower pascals our set up a studio in bad off and perfected her glass art it takes more than creative ideas and it requires teamwork and timing that made us that make this more now we've melted this together and i can gather more glass around it i remember i do that several times while that man has to start getting the other colors ready that will later go on top of it but they have a body and. i'm trying to but until i could to prepare the color for the exterior. turnus is heated to eleven hundred degrees celsius and it pascal sound transforms the glass into a viscous moldable glob that this temperature. it glows yellow once cooled it will be transparent plastic i'll buy that in freedom it's the mayor's glasses work either with a block made of wood or with newspaper soaked in water and folded the presents as
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a part of us it's easier to shake the glass with it the way you want it. in the block of course you always get the same shade of the form of the money you have made the most of by a manipulation of. what pascals are loves about how art is creating the desired shape during the short time the molten brass is malleable enough to work with she has to work fast and she has to have well practiced hands to maneuver the seemingly floating inside piece to the right position inside a shell of colored darts the moment demands the utmost concentration from her and her two coworkers. don't know so many so slim not but could you feel able to. go up to talk a little difficult to talk talk talk talk talk don't leave. me we hear that you know what. grass buying is
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a hard physically strenuous heart but not many women do it pascal style is the only female cast in luxemburg. come off if you step try it set my head there you need a lot of machines that cost a lot and you have lots of expenses as you have to work with at least one person or two and since it involves so much money and you have to have the funds to tide you over for a while when you start out you have to be prepared to get by on very little was one of michnik foolish. doesn't live from her sculptures alone she also makes objects for daily use like drinking glasses and lamps and she sells them through her company songsters. she also frequently designs new objects and works of art. this is. this is a sculpture for an exhibition in salt wiccan it's a scorpion. and here are the colors all natural and earth and the
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whole sculpture is in shades of brown and green because it's camouflage and they're all ground and polished. and i think. it's glass blowing on arch or craft class colors on one side she sees both as part of the creative process and one that fascinates and inspires her new each day to get it out that we had to put together if you could. that make the stream of the pure math just by turning out so many sculptors in objects i keep getting new ideas and they just keep developing this process is beautiful but it's never boring just. right to this if you don't like. europe at its best you're on max brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are
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constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our your maps instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow us on instagram. flowers spruce up any occasion but as the castle museum and more now in southern germany celebrates its twenty fifth birthday flowers are out shining the arch master florist andreas decorated the rooms with a labyrinth meant to take center stage we hear now how to make the perfect arrangement. satanic wanted to assume this requires total concentration that's challenging to create this installation without overdoing it or does the supreme. slow artist under a ghost new suit he is creating
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a senior flowers inside more now castle museum they harmonize perfectly with the paintings of flowers on display you see his collected fresh clover fronds and grasses for the installation spirit if that's the challenge is getting everything to look like a field of flowers that's kind of floating in the wind and that they don't just hang off to one side but look good together in a neat i thought was all if i decide to hang in. his aim is to make the colors and shapes of the real flowers and the floral paintings combine to form a single piece of art. this i thought transforms the room when you have actual flowers here and. the flowers beautiful scents through the museum muses plans to create a sea of blossoms in a different room in the museum to match the paintings of red flowers sure. many of us are going to be just me here was important to me to have really bright colors bits to match the painting in the bag and the others as well.
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i'm curious how long these flowers will keep in these hot summer temperatures and with a stone museum am with the owners who. will go on to design more new floral installations until november. and what is five months as a florist it's a real treat being free to pick whichever far as i want and not having to meet any specific requirements so what i can really say is thanks. his final artwork for no a bouquet of wild bright flowers is going to match the old floral paintings on display. here to any of it well there's a piece by capri on a mentor nearby and one by yes lenski and a second one by him. the painter gabriella mentor was fascinated by the beauty of nature. this is him it's all a matter of interpretation i'd never try imitating any of these works is of your
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conduct in the. middle of all this andreas muses spooky which is john passes blooms and will it's like an offender piece of our. time now for something to eat and for today's cats were heading to northern italy where nearly every chef has the local dumplings and is all unary d.n.a. we learn now from a chef anton visa how to make three different cockpits. fifty two you know italy's northern those towns mines at the foot of the alps and songs to roll the perfect place to enjoy life coaching. the family run hotel is in the heart of stone this is where head chef on tolling views are pretty traditional italian and regional dishes like three stick on a daily to really see or to rotate in three of. the. dumplings
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used to be the farmer's main meal today they are a speciality date. you need stale white bread for the dumplings stephanie barnhart the hotel housekeeper pick some up every day from the local baker. the photographer at the bakery it's cut into small chunks this is day old white bread the basis for our traditional dumplings and. that's a really and trio with ravioli and two kinds of dumplings. one is a cheese dump like to make it anton these are needs day old bread milk cheese eggs childs and green onions first he saw it taste the green onions in butter. and some milk. the milk is only warm slightly and then poured over the chunks of day old bread. soaks up loose warm milk just.
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add the cheese. eggs. and then season to taste and lastly some flour to bind the dough together. mix well. it's tough to say how to make the optimal dough because it depends how hard the bread is. the dough simply has to stick together. this is what the ideal dough looks like this well it is the olive thing. then but the dough sit for thirty minutes to absorb the flavors that's not what now for the spinach dumplings will name launched spinach onions and garlic butter eggs not make much milk and flour well made. and of course lots of cubes of the day old bread the spinach dumplings are made the same way as the cheese ones and the girl was also left to rest.
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afterwords it's time to shake the dumplings and turn makes the cheese ones until robles and blows the spinach ones into balls. which were not common you could also form the spinach dough into articles the shapes the only difference the dirt is always the same. length of dumplings simmer and salted water for fifteen minutes. though it's time to make the shots up or ravioli should look like american guy pamphlets i will swabian or italian ravioli the difference is just that here you use rye file because ryan was the file that the farmers generally with the. as they can tell the shapes. the pasta dole is filled with blanche to spend it and for a cottage cheese then the ravioli is also placed gently into simmering water there's lots of ravioli need to cook for three to five min. it's. just enough time to do shelf the spinach and cheese dumplings then the ravioli and season the two
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roly in trio with grated parmesan cheese and brown butter in this dish may be high in calories but it's also big on taste. some of even you can he did in summer as well as winter this dumplings filled with tiny cheeses hazelton and the spinach dumplings was the vegetable thing to me and says the delicate dr you will see something with a bottle and parmesan is an all round great taste. that's a really and truly over has been on the menu at hotels for more than three decades it's a dish that's loved by locals and tourists alike the taste to roll to remember. all right and before we go we want to let you in on the winner of this week's draw and now we have asked you to send us and photos giving us your ideas on how to beat the summer heat well get teco super from are shows like the co-op with ice cream leslie escobar nic cave armando perez soto from colombia hangs out with
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a cold drink jeanette's a bottle from malta likes to go swimming and orlando from argentina imagines surfing waves but the winning picture comes from god no where eugene and his friends like to cool off together in the winning pour so congratulations eugene you have won yourself a euro max watch and with that it's time to say good bye from all of us here at euro max thanks for tuning in to see again for the highlight show. next time on your own max the highlights show a street theater company brings you the puppets to life in the netherlands. for a strong car swims comparable regularly. and elvis presley friends in germany paid tribute to their and. forgot. all this banter more next time on your own backside like.
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and interactive gem and free listing w. in maine nine hundred sixty eight m l crying and go to around the world. young people against the current generation of the make up wasn't on salute and dusty fulla stupidity until . they demanded nothing less than a home society. one maelstrom of chancellor gun violence. goes around the world remember the. first time for the first time i had a feeling of the farm something. seeds of civil rights. peace movement. a. nineteen sixty eight. the global revolt starts september first on d.w.p. .
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this is d.w. news live from berlin with the catholic church facing fresh outrage of the child sex abuse of pope francis arrives in. the pontiff has promised to address the issue but will that be enough to satisfy calls for justice. also on the program a mediterranean moment for south america with two million venezuelans on the move united nations says the region's vibration crisis is starting to resemble what happened in europe back in twenty fifteen u.w. news has been following one family's fate.


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