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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2018 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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determined to do something here for the next generation. being barmen series of global three thousand on t w. w news long from bringing a massive turnout in i learned. long applause for the pontiff following his speech to a huge crowd in the country's largest stadium just after he needs survivors of clerical sexual abuse also coming up. italian prosecutors investigates the country's interior minister they say materials holding his refusal to allow migrants to leave
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the ship to italian ports could be illegal and abuse of power but he says the migrants will soon be free to go. and attention football fans of that is back in full swing after a long summer break the german top flight is once again. the ground stop action to bring you what you need to know about the match do you want. money glad you could join us france's has been given a warm welcome from supporters in dublin during the first papal trip to ireland in nearly forty years a once staunchly catholic country has been in raged by a series of sexual abuse scandals and cover ups carried out by the clergy itself but there was none of that to be seen as a positive delivered a speech to tens of thousands of faithful. dublin's main sports
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stadium also a concert venue used by world between rock bands but there was only one star of this show pope francis himself. despite the sex abuse scandal shaking the catholic church the pontiff still has huge public support. lined the streets to give the pope an enthusiastic welcome as he was driven to st mary's cathedral. inside the pope prayed for victims of clerical abuse in front of a light known as the can live innocence he was forthright in condemning the churches to scrape. failure of church authorities bishops religious leaders priests and others to adequately address these repugnant crimes which he has rightly to outrage jews. too she said it remains a source of pain and shame for the catholic community and.
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i share in feeling that pain and shame. of protesters in central dublin brandished baby shoes in solidarity with child victims of abuse. there is a great that is being. really challenging behavior the corruption of the vatican says the pope is met eight irish survivors of abuse and the pontiff clearly still enjoys great personal popularity. that would like a miracle for me to say i cannot be on search. for a miracle and we hope for francis will arrange a farce because we're dealing. the papal visit to ireland wraps up on sunday as many as half a million people will cavity and say mass park. be . as have opened an inquiry into italy's interior minister matteo salvini
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over his refusal to allow more than one hundred rescued migrants to disembark from a coast guard ship they've been stuck for ten days in the syrian port city of qahtani and salvini originally said the migrants would not be allowed to leave until other european nations agreed to take them in but on saturday evening he announced they would disembark in the coming hours and joining us now from rome is journalist philip will and philip it's good to see you so is this the first time in its city that a politician will be investigated for his role in forbidding migrants to enter the country. for this specific crime i don't take care. ever be another similar case clearly the phenomenon of mass migration across the mediterranean is relatively new the last four or five years. and it's only new book less government staying in power
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not much more than two months that is taking this very hard look that has led to a standoff and the. people being cooped up on board the ship for a total of ten days since they were first rescued. and philip the fact that the migrants are allowed to leave the boat just after the prosecutors announced be investigation can we read a link into that. it's difficult to say clearly the government has been working to find a solution for these migrants because it was about our singing for them to have them. confined on that a small boat in such a large number and there were demonstrations in the port by people who. they considered that they had human rights of the violated they should be allowed to shore so they were trying to find a solution they went saddle to blackmail their european union net partner that is
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into taking them but they have found an alternative as the region it seems maybe it will take some time and will take some and the others will be looked after by the italian catholic church so they were trying to solve the problems as quickly as they could by coincidence they managed to do it just as the investigation comes to a head into the conduct of the interior minister and what should we expect going forward do we expect anything to happen to solve any at this point it will be interesting to see i think it's unlikely. that now that the yet and migrants are being allowed off the boat. that things will come to have an outright clash between the judiciary and the executive mr as some of the neighbors said talking to supporters in at
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a rally in the north of italy in the sea and he said that he had this floor to sixty million italians had and it was very indignant at the magistrates taking action against him had the yeah process will have to go through a special court for a ministerial crimes and would have to prosecute part of its lee and the government doesn't guarantee so i think it's likely to fizzle out but it's typical of the say how it will develop in practice. phillip well and joining us from rome thank you. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world russian opposition leader alexina vallone has been released by police after being detained outside his home his spokeswoman said he was later taken to a hospital to treat a suspected broken finger avani has called for nationwide rallies in early september to protest the government's plans to raise the retirement age.
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romania has confirmed an outbreak of deadly african swine fever the country's largest big breeding farm officials say all one hundred forty thousand animals will be called at the farm complex in the south and county of brian mania has reported hundreds of recent outbreaks in the region. the u.s. says it's slashing more than two hundred million dollars in aid pledged to the palestinian territories the money was meant to fund health and education projects but washington says the reason for the funding cut is the masses control of the gaza strip washington considers hamas a terrorist group but. a fire to resort hotel in north eastern china has killed at least nine hundred people and injured more than twenty the blaze broke out in the city of harbin before dawn and firefighters rescued scores of guests at the hotel. granger refugees in bangladesh have been
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marking one year since the start of the nan ma on the crackdown that forced them to leave their homes protesters marched through the courts is bizarre region where hundreds of thousands are living in makeshift towns here in ma says it's ready to take back the refugees but there's been little progress in resolving the crisis the muslim minority will hinge i demanding equal rights with others in myanmar. the crackdown began after. carried out coordinated attacks on some thirty police stations and that killed a dozen offices we look now at what happened next. a never ending line of refugees streaming across the border from me amar to bangladesh. that they fled after security forces launched a brutal offensive against them last august.
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soldiers looted and torched their homes they raved tortured and killed thousands of or injure. people. across the border in bangladesh the refugees have settled in sprawling camps. as they've tried to settle in here the stories of unimaginable horrors have emerged. soldiers came into every house and shot at us. and they looked me up in my house and then set fire to it i have burns like this. i got pulled over and was all over my body. conditions in the camps the cramped and squalid the huts here a flimsy and built on hilly sandy ground prone to landslides. third world where
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this year's monsoon brought more misery for the ranger. fled here with her five children after her husband was killed when the military stormed their village. two of her previous shacks in the camp were destroyed by water she is now hoping for a sturdy a shelter and then i had to sell my pulse is all and even rice for this month i had to sell to build the house my relatives told me to make the house strong even if i were to go hungry. aid agencies have warned against an outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera and diphtheria that mr kim out would rather bad life here then go home he didn't even if we have to sleep in a trench it's better than being back. but they're not meant to stay here in january and bangladesh agreed to repatriate the ranger within two years.
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and ma has started building transit camps to house the return knees. but the un has said conditions are not yet right and so far barely a handful of ranger have returned. german chancellor angela merkel has been in azerbaijan on the third day of a visit to the region the countries they're hoping for improve ties with the european union and nato for germany and it is key as a by john is a major producer of natural gas and a pipeline now being built could pump it to europe and reduce reliance on russia but that could be complicated by as a as a by john's human rights record and it's a dispute with neighboring i mean you. was the german chancellor was welcomed by an azerbaijani honor guard but president ilham aliyev didn't welcome everyone americans delegation parliamentarian ah but viler a member of merkel's party was not allowed into the country he had visited the
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disputed region of the gorno car a box he was quickly replaced by another going to start member johann vida for despite the snow medical defended her visit she said it wouldn't be possible to resolve conflict without talks mentioned wastes. we had a frank discussion about human rights and we didn't agree on every issue but i argued for a strong civil society and that's has to include an open secular society and tired of one side was as are part john could help germany become less dependent on russian energy but who is currently building a pipeline to supply natural gas to europe via turkey god always said there are no problems whatsoever we will finish the pipeline on time so that we can make a large contribution to europe's energy security germany hopes the southern gas core door is expanding but who could eventually help deliver gas to be the caspian
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sea to europe for example from thirty minute stand but other countries in the region would have to agree including russia. the bundesliga is back in action after a long summer break and v.w. is just the place to go for the best coverage of the german topflight match day one was full of thrills and spills so far so don't forget to stay tuned because coming up right after the break is our show the bundesliga with my colleague pub no four in the u.s. . and formula one returns after the mid-season break and despite tricky conditions in belgium lewis hamilton was rather has the right where he left off the championship leader had his work cut out for him as heavy rain flooded the track but again he showed his quality clocking the fastest lap of the day hamilton will be joined at the front of the grid by ferrari sebastian vettel who was over half a second slower than his rival. and here's
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you thousands have turned out in iran's largest stadium to hear pope francis speak the first papal visit in four decades has been overshadowed by a sexual abuse scandal francis met with abuse survivors. this is due to abuse live from brain thank you very much for watching my name is peter king money to see you soon and you. know. i. am not proud and i will not succeed in defining i shall not succeed in taking people off the streets because we are tired of the stick trying to show. taking the stand. was that matters. made. every journey begins with the first step and every
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language but the first word i don't think of the koch.


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