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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2018 7:00am-7:02am CEST

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what remains of those claims to the. seeds of civil rights. peace movement women's planet earth is here. nine hundred sixty. starts at timber first two double. u.s. republican senator john mccain has died after a battle with cancer the eighty one year old was a decorated vietnam war veteran and political maverick who won the republican nomination for president in two thousand and eight mccain had recently chosen to discontinue treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer on twitter president trump shared his quote deepest sympathies and respect with mccain's family. pope francis has kept up day one of his trip to ireland with
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a speech to texas of thousands of supporters at dublin's croke park his visit to the country has been overshadowed by an ongoing sexual abuse scandal within the catholic church earlier in the day francis met with survivors of clerical and institutional abuse he said he shared the pain and shame of the catholic church for failing to adequately address the scandal. italy has allowed one hundred fifty migrants who'd been stranded for days on a rescue ship and katon yet to disembark interior minister matteo salvini said albania and ireland would take some forty five migrants while the rest would be housed by italy's catholic church sicilian prosecutors have placed salvini under investigation for initially refusing to allow the migrants off the ship.
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as of last monday greece is independent of international aid funding but less no more aid packages and fewer fiscal requirements but the last eight years have been rough for greece and brought drastic austerity many greeks lost their jobs and their homes average income has fallen by a third but taxes remain high and now some of very skeptical about the future like this silversmith. personally for me in the coming years i don't see any hope everything looks bleak to me. the greek crisis brought me and thousands of people in my position to a low point in business women weren't interested in buying our clothes and as a result my manufacturing company closed we latest out of this.


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