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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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nineteen sixty eight. the global that starts september first dog. this is g.w. news live from berlin one of the most independent voices in u.s. politics senator john mccain has for one side a vietnam war hero one time presidential candidate mccain died overnight at the age of eighty one losing his battle against brain cancer his wife cindy saying this he passed the way he lived on his own terms. also on the program pope francis
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me sex abuse survivors during his trip to ireland in a major speech he vows to end clerical exploitation of children saying he shares the pain and shame caused by the abuse scandal but his critics say words aren't enough. and as the voters think it gets back on the right one of this season's title contenders suffers in a media set back my team losing out yesterday to a resurgent falls all the highlights of that game came coming up later in the program. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with tributes pouring in for us senator john mccain who died overnight at the age of eighty one mccain had been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer since july of last year on friday his family had announced he
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discontinued any further treatment after a long military and political career he passed away at his ranch in arizona surrounded by his wife and other family members. he was a towering figure in american politics john mccain has spent more than three decades in the u.s. congress looming large debates over war and peace and the moral direction of the nation i hope we can again will lie on you know we need to cooperate on the pennants on each other to learn how to trust each other again and by so doing better serve the people who elected us. he served in the vietnam war as a navy pilot on a bombing mission in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven you were shot down over her noise captured by the north vietnamese he suffered five and a half years of torture and confinement before its release his courage as a p.o.w. earned him bipartisan praises an american hero he was elected to the u.s.
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house in one thousand nine hundred two presenting arizona into the senate four years later beginning his long and influential a career in washington. in two thousand mccain launches first campaign for president but lost the republican primaries to george w. bush but eight years later at the age of seventy two mccain's name was on the republican ticket but he was defeated in a landslide by democrat barack obama. in his last years mccain became an outspoken critic of donald trump he gave a thumbs down vote to trump's repeal of obamacare earning the president's enduring wrath. in july two thousand and seventeen he was diagnosed with brain cancer which eventually forced him to withdraw from public life. john mccain will be remembered as a political maverick willing to stick to his convictions rather than tow the
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political line. and let's get more on this now from our washington correspondent costume phenomenon contributes to the great man pouring in give us a sense of how the u.s. is reacting to this huge loss. well the big news networks year in the united states reporting around the clock about the news of the death of john mccain since the news broke as you said lots of tributes to this unique politician pouring in one among many former president barack obama who defeated mccain in two thousand and eight in the presidential elections cain was his opponent but rock obama praised his courage and his service for the country said we were from different generations different worlds had many different opinions but we both agreed that we had to do a service for this country and many other people have also shared stories about
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mccain about his humor his rage and but also his decency and saw the human side of john mccain also isn't the focus of many people him and cost was the time mention of this loss how big a role mccain playing in u.s. politics john mccain was received in the last of the so-called lions of the senate those big figures like a ted kennedy may be on the democratic side politicians who didn't just show the party line who really follow their conscience and were able to reach out across the aisle and also work with the opposition or with the opposing party and so this is definitely unique someone like him will be missing here and just briefly mccain of course was president trump's fiercest critic how high is donald trump in
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reacting. donald trump sent out a short and rather unconvincing treed saying that his thoughts and prayers are with the family of john mccain but i think what was stick in people's mind is more how president from just a few days ago. the name of john mccain when he was presenting odd signing a defense bill that basically had john mccain's name on it and on the trump managed not to mention him at all and it just shows how petty the battle between the two have become and so people are not really looking for more quotes from from going to trump at this point the focus is on john mccain ok cost many thanks for that constant phenomenon reporting from washington we're going to catch up now with some of the other stories making news around the world italy's interior minister. is under investigation for his role in preventing migrants rescued. from disembarking
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sicily. and they allowed people to disembark after five days on board when albania and the vatican agreed to take in the migrants. in taiwan at least six people have been killed in thousands and that created from the homes of the days of heavy rain . flooding hit forty seven different areas in the country inundating houses and merging vehicles islands premier william live visited the area and apologised to angry residents on behalf of the government. but francis is due to celebrate an outdoor mass in dublin later today on the second day of his visit to ireland with more than half a million people expected to attend he's currently in the west of ireland where he will be leading the so-called angeles at the naacp shrine thousands of turned out for that event in the pouring rain. now the pope's visit has been overshadowed by
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the catholic church's sex abuse scandal in ireland thousands of abuse survivors are expected to hold a protest to coincide with the outdoor mass later today on saturday the pope vote valid rather to end the sexual exploitation of children by clerics though he failed to say how he wants to achieve that goal. dublin's main sports stadium also a concert venue used by world between rock bands but there was only one star of this show pope francis himself. despite the sex abuse scandal shaking the catholic church the pontiff still has huge public support. lined the streets to give the pope an enthusiastic welcome as he was driven to st mary's cathedral. inside the pope prayed for victims of clerical abuse in front of a light known as the candle of innocence he was forthright in condemning the
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churches to scrapes. of church authorities bishops religious leaders priests and others to adequately address these repugnant crimes which he has rightly to outrage. to she remains a source of pain and shame for the catholic community. i share in feeling that pain and shame. protestors in central dublin brandished baby shoes in solidarity with child victims of abuse. there is a great that is. really challenging. and challenging the corruption of the vatican says the pope has met eight irish survivors of abuse and the pontiff clearly still enjoys great personal popularity. a miracle for me to say i cannot be understood there's room for america and we hope
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for francis will arrange it for us because we're. the papal visit to ireland wraps up on sunday as many as half a million people will gather to his insane mass the park. be. these religious affairs correspondent martin got kim martin the pope as i mentioned valid yesterday to end the sexual exploitation of children by catholic clerics he was short on detail but is that something of a first step towards taking this whole issue a little bit more seriously there was a fairly positive reboard that was circulating yesterday about his conversation with would victims victims who are reported some very i mean at least one of those reports was very bus it event indicated that something was essentially the biplane it's not clear what. but that something was being worked out or the impression that the pope gave during this meeting was that something was about to happen you know
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nothing has been nothing has been announced but i think that it's something that everybody's looking forward to hearing obviously ok and you'll be keeping tabs on that for us of course what abuse survivors really want you've been telling us this in the past few weeks is for the catholic church to hand over these cases of sex abuse to the civilian authorities rather than try and deal with it internally. is the pope committed enough to dealing with this abuse scandal to go that extra mile shall we say well i mean you know it's very hard to speculative psychology in the sense that we don't know really what he said the pope things and i don't want to venture to actually speculate about that but what we can say is that very clearly there is a boat in these a papal office that understands the the public outcry understands the public impact of letting these issues going to fester in the background so clearly there
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is the political necessity and it's well understood the broom however is that the political constraints are also very very strong i mean this is a church that has actually cultivated a culture of essentially confabulations for the better part of the last three four centuries so what we've just seen in pennsylvania is that this is something that was going on for seventy years only in the state of pennsylvania with a myth. operation of cover up this are the people that have to be essentially brought out into the field and that means we need an internal political war in the vatican which is something that we don't see at all i mean what we see what happens in the outside just briefly when we've seen unexpectedly large protests in you know centering on this sex abuse scandal is the pressure going to grow on the i think the pressure has grown and i think that they interesting thing is that the public outcry from both sides of the atlantic and by the way we haven't heard anything from him lately from third world countries latin america africa etc were the cases pro they were just brutal but you know there was much less of
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a judicial system i think that the pressure has grown and i think that he is helping to push things along now the thing is we need a concrete or what the world seems to be expecting the public is a concrete step and i would point out that most of the revelations that this pope gives are you should drink you strip back from from this it so on they're playing to a journalist so i think that tonight we're going to hear something if not new what least sort of clarify a few words where he's at the bottom step there you have this on tenterhooks now martin martin gak on religious affairs cost on a many things and pleasure for. the new bundesliga season got underway this weekend and one of the title contenders is already facing a setback shall come up in a tough opening game against all spoke a club you may remember clearly on the rebound after barely avoided relegation last season. szoka have newcomers mark stuart sage and sunny sunday in the starting line
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up with a little effect both with the shop aside top set pieces would prove to be key in this match the arnold to join group one of the hopes. groups with acres of space and famine with no shot to many quits disco was having a hard time. after the break it got pretty turbulence a brutal attack obama time to start it first so yellow but then the video referee got involved and the decision was overturned but they got was from the sausage meat that is much easier i was more outraged the match came so close brooks took the. penalty shaka. equalize for the guests in the eighty fifth minute. with the game in time out of both sides of playing for the win but it was the mood to wait for the cue i know kinship with the winner i was the finish it was. i. think if we keep on going like this we've got
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a nerve racking season ahead but that's good for the fans it was a really intense game that in the end went out why and i don't think it was on this . season to shoot. if you have to be honest it was a tough game for the rest of your seats and i wouldn't want to be a video assistances for referee mistakes happen the important thing is how do you deal with it. you're watching. more from us at the top they have to stay focused if you can. be cohesive germany to german. police believe. why not learn with them online along mobile and sri sas c w e learning course speak.


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